Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update rolling out August 16th for carriers, 9th for open market

Microsoft is gearing up for the Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update and while it didn't co-launch with the PC and Xbox One updates it is not far behind at all. Earlier this week, a now deleted tweet from Microsoft's official Lumia India Twitter account claimed August 9th for the update.

Although Twitter can be unreliable for such information (and that tweet is now gone), I can confirm that the August 9 date is accurate. Nevertheless, there is more nuance required.

Tuesday, August 9th is the planned release date for the Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update for open-market Windows 10 Mobile devices e.g. unlocked Lumias and presumably Coship, NuAns, Acer, and more.

The previously mentioned nuance is for mobile operator branded phones sold through carriers e.g. Lumia 950 on AT&T and Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL on T-Mobile. These phones are planned for a Tuesday, August 16th release one week later.

The reason for the one-week separation is to give carriers some extra time for testing "features and enhancements" from the update, which is typical. Considering most Windows 10 Mobile devices are open-market these days the majority of phones should get the Anniversary Update around August 9.

Of course, both dates are subject to change should any last minute problems be discovered before general release. Nonetheless, Microsoft is not expecting any delays at this point and both times as of today seem to be a lock.

While many open-market Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL phones have already grabbed the 16236 firmware announced in July the AT&T Lumia 950 has yet to receive it. If I had to guess, AT&T would co-release both the new firmware and the Anniversary Update as a package on Tuesday, August 16. However, we'll just have to wait and see. That firmware delivers double-tap to wake, fixes for Wi-Fi and improvements to the PureView camera.

As far as the final build that will be pushed it could 14393.10. While that build is not yet released for Insiders a recent changelog for the PC variant did mention a fix specifically for mobile:

  • Addressed issues that cause high battery drain when a Windows 10 Mobile device is idle or the screen is off.

That modification implies that an update is yet to come. Otherwise, Microsoft could just ship 14393.5, which is the latest release for all Insider rings.

We also have some late information that suggests 14393.67 could be the final build pushed fo the Anniversary Update.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • YOO HOO !!!! :D Looking to get a L950XL.. I wanted to know how the battery life is now with 10586.494 and the new 14393.5 (Latest FW of course). Could any current user give his/her thoughts overall too - Performance and all. Thanks. :)
  • I use mine fairly heavy for work in a 13 hour shift and I generally have around 45% remaining.
  • Wow my 950 lasts only 5 hours when I'm at work
  • Huh.... I don't have anything turned off either. Have a band2 that is always connected and I use my data connection instead of the WiFi. I would say about 18 hours before I crash at its about 25% still.
  • I too had came prob with mine done a simple trick. Just turn off mobile data when using WiFi notice the difference..
  • Yeah, mine too... it was better brfore the double-tap firmware just with the X.5 build...
  • Do some bloody work then
  • Haha the funny thing is I only use my Camera, Calculator & Outlook for work and it only lasts 5-6 hours
  • I had the same problem with my 950XL, but there was a simple trick to fix it.  I went to the MS store and they gave me a new one. Actually I think it might've been the battery but they didn't have any way to test the battery in the store which I thought was really weird, but since I'm a good customer they gave me a straight up exchange and the new one easily lasts all day.
  • Then you are not working. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I run my own warehouse, between taking pictures of things to do inventory management, using my calculator, and outlook to email employees, my phone only lasts 5-6 hours.
  • I have run into the same problem with my Lumia 950. I think it is an issue with how Windows 10 handles apps in the background. For example, you open the camera app, take some photos, and then back out of the app and press the power button to put the phone to sleep. But if you wake your phone back up and hold the back button to pull up all the task manager and apps that are still live in the background, the photos app will show. It is the live photo app and other system level apps like it that i think cause the intense battery drain on my device. If I remember to hold the back button and fully close all these "suspended" applications, my battery drain is more normal. My guess is, the camera app is designed to continue running to process any images that you have taken, and if you leave it in a "suspended state" it continues to run at its full capacity in the background to process those images, but when it is finished processing, continues to use system resources and power in the background, not aware that it has completed processing and "enhancing" the photos taken and keeps chugging along like an extremely obese battery vampire. This is just what I speculate is going on. If anyone has any evidence or thoughts to refute this opinion, please do so. I'm merely speaking on my experience, and though i haven't done any real testing, it is the only thing I can think of that explains my percieved sense of battery drain with my device.
  • It's possible what you said is true but not entirely. W10M has been engineered in a way that apps are partly saved in memory so that they resume really fast when you want them to. So if you wanna take quick photos every 2-3 minutes - Leave the app as it is.
    If it's like every hour or so - then completely close the app by long pressing the back button (not double tapping like u said :) ) Also, those having poor battery life should really check out their background apps and turn off unwanted ones. Also check the PRIVACY area under settings. There are apps that use camera, location, etc for no reason.
  • Good points Abhi! I didn't realize how details the battery and background apps section is. I'll try to use it next time to identify the true main culprit. Also, I didn't realize how many apps I allow to run in the background. Currently, almost all of my apps are allowed to run in the background, which doesn't make sense for a couple of them. Also, I forgot to mention my Lumia 950 (not the XL version) is also with AT&T, so no new firmware update yet. Hoping for a bit of a battery improvement with the newer firmware and the anniversary update when they get pushed out for me in a week.
  • That's really good to know.. :D
    So its a BUY !!! Yeahh !
  • Y'all have to consider one other thing, your distance to a transmitter/receiver of your network too, the nearest to it the less it searches for stronger reception, therefore less battery used up.
  • There seems to be an issue with some web elements. One certain site always makes the phone run hot and drains battery like crazy. And no, it's not an adult video streaming site =P
  • those dont drain, much
    ive done extensive research
  • No shame.
  • I consider myself rather heavy user and I don't see any issues. Battery lasts around 1,5 days, performance is great, no lag or any other problems for me, backgroud apps are working fine and I do not see spinning wheel to many times. App gap does not exist for me as I have all apps I need (it is about 5 of tose by the way). Great experience, great phone...
  • Great to know that @melhiore !! Thanks. :)
  • It is far more stable and responsive than latest threshold build.
  • Far more stable? Far less stable? You obviously meant to type a different four letter word... (the above comment has been edited now)
  • Far MORE im sure ;)
  • Haha
  • For my L1520 it is almost 30% jump from 10586.494 to 14393.5 (Release Preview). Details here
  • I have 950 ,not XL but I've seen improvements in my battery
  • Ooh really? How long does your battery go for now? This 950 XL info is impressive to me but I'll love to have a piece of that on the 950.
  • For me my battery lasts 22 hours there about but before I've tweaked it alot for maximum battery cause I do alot on phone,before Redstone it was like 18
  • Awesome !! :D
  • Performance is not a problem, though my battery doesn't seem as awesome as others report. Granted, I'm only a week into owning the phone, so it may settle in and improve over time. I think there's a lot of indexing that goes on at the beginning. Still, if I use mine pretty hard, I'm down to 15% at day's end. The bright side is the quick charge will get you back to 50% in no time. It seems about like what you would get out of any modern flagship phone.
  • What you've said is correct. Any new OS will do 'something' in the background for a few days. It's just designed that way to not trouble people IF it was done all at once.
    It'll settle down for sure. :)
  • Yea I don't get that great battery life either. Might do a hard reset after anniversary update, especially if there actually will be a slightly newer build than current fast one. Anyhow, I've strategically placed qi pads at home and work. My battery rarely gets below 30% anymore
  • I have the 950, first week battery life was hopeless but then I realised how much use tweaking looks and installed apps. Now I am in normal use pattern battery easy lasts all day
  • Battery life dramatically improved on my 930 when I changed between those two builds last week. Not to mention now you can select the last 6 hours to show battery app usage which is very handy to see what is using your battery and then you can stop apps that are running in the background that don't need to be.
  • Good news. I've had a 710. An Omnia. A 920, and now a 930. I've never had battery life last more than 5 hours with heavy use. My 930 currently lasts 3 hours tops with constant use.......
  • Wait for the Elite E3. Then, compare.
  • X3
  • I was at some conventions with lots of people. When the events ended, my Lumia 950XL, in battery saving mode, was the only device still alive with a solid 35% battery remaining.
  • Hope they fix the issue of the build not being functional on the BLU Win JR LTE X130e.
  • Yes
  • yeeaaahhh...9th aug man...!! authorities ar authorities!!
  • So how would a T-Mobile branded prepaid Lumia 640 get this update? It was purchased from Walmart but T-Mobile branded. Would T-Mobile push out an update for this phone or would I have to use insider? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Good question.  And I'm going to be of absolutely no help to you.  Just wanted to say, good question.
  • Still not had the FW update for the 950 XL - Unlocked & UK
  • Welcome to the club!
  • Same here
  • Have you tried the recovery tool? 
  • Glad it's getting released soon. I've been really impressed with the anniversary update both on desktop and mobile. I think this frequent incremental windows as a service model is really paying off, a little at a time it's getting super polished and stable!
  • I agree Kaymd.
    All my devices are running sweet, just my 950 on AT&T drains battery fast, can't wait for AU to fix this issue.
    I remember when WP 8.1 came out and 1020 was draining fast, so I know it will get fixed and battery life will be great.
  • Yup.. :)
  • Yes, as I have 14393.5 on my AT&T Branded 950, battery does drain fast, so hopefully the AU update will be 14393.10 to rectify: Addressed issues that cause high battery drain when a Windows 10 Mobile device is idle or the screen is off. Then getting the updated 16236 firmware, and I will be pleased...
  • I hope the new version is able to hold itself to Android and iOS! If things are getting better my new phone in 2017 might be a windows phone! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • From an Operating System standpoint it is just as good if not better than both Android and iOS. The only problem you might run into depending on the types of apps you use is the app store. If you want to play Pokémon Go or use Snapchat and/or other popular apps then you will run into issues but if you just need your phone to be productive and intuitive then Windows rocks. I'm sure the app situation won't be a problem in the near future as Microsoft is doing a great job increasing Windows 10 market share which will drive app development. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I agree with most parts of your comment, except that Microsoft doing a great job in increasing marketshare (on desktop) is going to increase app development. As a developer I find Universal Apps as a not at all appealing framework to build on as it offers very limited access to a machine's full potential. Unfortunately Windows Mobile is in limbo right now. I guess Microsoft will release a Surface Phone sometime near Christmas or next year and that'll be about it. Switching to Apple-like flagship-only business model, while it will increase their support for that specific phone it will probably alienate the people that grew into loving the multiple flavours of Nokia's offering. One could only hope that third parties will build great phones to entice new users (or bring back old but alienated ones).
  • I'm just a consumer and not a developer, so could you say more about what's limiting about UWP/UWA? I'm very curious since I know little about the developer side of things.
  • I doubt UWP is limiting developers.
  • Yeahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!
    Thanks Dan....
  • Yayyy!! Unlocked 950 here, can't wait anymore. Too much excited for Panorama mode in Windows Camera :P
  • Pano is so good, it was almost worth the wait. They really nailed it in my opinion.
  • We miss the surround sound recording as well. Can we expect it Daniel?
  • Upvote upvote upvote.
    From what i hear, L930's Surround sound recording capability has been ruined because of W10M. Is it true ?
  • My sound is screwed. For me videos are 2 channel and left channel is 30db lower than the right (basically inaudible) Only discovered this problem last week on my lumia 930. From what I have read so far it is possible 1 or more of my secondary mics may not work. Needs more investigation.
  • You're correct. Only the mics ok the back of the phone function, in stereo.
  • Heh.. I've been hoping for a capable panorama solution for a while now, but now that its here I haven't had an opportunity to really test it.
  • Hi dan. Since 14393.5 is considered the anniversary update, i still don't have panorama on my L950 XL
  • App rings exist too. Some apps are only Fast Ring at the moment.
  • Thanks dan!
  • Try setting your phone to US region and then follow the app download link from the WC article (search for 'panorama' in the WC app). That is how I got it. Previously my phone was on UK region. And yes you have to be on fast ring :)
  • Windows 10 Apps, interface, functionality, everything is coming in good. But iOS-ish elements are sneaking into windows (panorama interface in updated camera app). Apps ported from iOS. (eg: Instagram). Im not saying im against that. But shouldn't Windows 10 Be unique ?. Windows 8.1 Was unique. What are they doing ?. Is time a factor ? Are they pushing too hard to get somewhere ? I believe such a big company has enough resources to maintain Windows 10 Mobile unique and stand out from others. I appreciate whatever effort they are putting in.
  • I don't know why double comments are getting posted from the app. :( Sorry
  • Based on your comment, I'm assuming that you're saying MS is to be blamed for the uprising of iOS ports? No, that is wrong. The developers are the one that chose not to asopt W10M's UI. Instagram, FB, Messenger are all ported from iOS via OSMeta, Facebook's own porting tool, instead of MS's Project Islandwood. That is why these apps looks way too much like iOS because devs choose to make them that way, not MS
  • Why are you assuming that I am blaming Microsoft ? I am not blaming anyone. (Sorry if that comment looks like so. English is not my first language) I was more like why can't developers make proper windows 10 apps from ground up