Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update not arriving today, but a cumulative update is expected

It looks as though Microsoft is still not satisfied with the progress made with the Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update. Windows Insider head Dona Sarkar has posted in response to a tweet that the Anniversary Update for mobile won't happen today.

Over the weekend, we reported that Microsoft was tentatively scheduling the update for today, August 9th for open-market devices and barring any setbacks a release to carrier-branded phones a week later on August 16th. However, we also noted that things could change if bugs or issues were not sorted and that seems to be the case.

Cumulative Update for Patch Tuesday

Nonetheless, Windows 10 Mobile users not on the Insider program may still get a cumulative update. New internal documentation about today's moved update was forwarded to us and reveals some further information.

An excerpt from the Microsoft email pointed out that the "Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update…is expected to release in the coming weeks." And that as soon as testing has been finished "a release date for Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update will be set."

Nonetheless "an update will be released for all Windows 10 Mobile devices on August 9th, 2016."

No further details about the update for August 9th were detailed, but Windows 10 Mobile build 10586.545 was batted around by our sources as well as @CoreInsiderProg, who reported the release as "the next Patch Tuesday build."

Although Windows 10 PCs for consumers were updated to the Anniversary Build (14393) Current Branch for Business (CBB) is still on 10586.494 meaning it and non-Insider mobile devices would be the candidates for yet another cumulative update. Also, phones not expected to go forward with the Anniversary Update (no longer supported) will stay on the 10586 branch with continued updates where necessary.

While it is disappointing to hear that the Anniversary Update is not coming today for Mobile Microsoft evidently still has work left to complete on the release. A "few weeks" is not that long, but it does start to test the patience of Insiders who expected the update sooner than later. Hopefully, we'll hear more from Microsoft in the coming days with another Insider release to hold people over.

Daniel Rubino

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