Windows 10 Mobile grabs private notifications for the Lock Screen

If you are using Windows 10 Mobile build 10149 through the Insider program, there are plenty of improvements around. We have a hands-on video coming up this afternoon including whether or not you should install. For now, we want to highlight this new and exciting feature: private notifications.

Starting with build 10149 you can now optionally choose to hide the details of your notifications on your Lock Screen. For example, you can enable this option for text messages. Assuming your phone is PIN protected, when a user swipes down to the Notification Center all they see is 'Messaging' but the details will say 'Private.' Once the phone is unlocked, however, this now displays the message to the appropriate user.

Windows 10 Mobile private notifications

Users have this option available to them for all apps that have notifications.

Moreover, yes, you can see 'LED' mentioned in the Notifications and Actions area although there is no toggle yet evident. Instead, the generic 'notification' toggle turns this on or off. Certainly LED alerts are a thing for Windows 10 Mobile, although it may require newer hardware to have that enabled.

Once again, this type of privacy feature is not new as Android has had this ability for a while now. However, it is yet another small refinement in Windows 10 Mobile that brings it up to speed.

Stay tuned for more as we go through Windows 10 Mobile build 10149.

Via: Windows Mania; Thanks, Afonso, for the tip

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • I thought the 735 had an LED for notifications.  Has anyone tested this on a 735?
  • This is an unsupported and unverified rumor. No one has demonstrated that the hardware is there, connected and able to be enabled. Edit: I stand corrected, see below.
  • this ^
  • Lumia 930 has a LED?????????
  • Yes. Lumia 730, 735 and 930 have a LED. Microsoft will be active soon. I have a Lumia 735 and see LED notification at Notifications + Actions on build 10149.
  • What about the Lumia Icon ?
  • What about the HTC 8x?
  •  YES!
  • Does anyone know if that includes the Lumia Icon? It is almost the exact same as the 930, so I would think it would. Thanks!
  • Thank you for that link. My number one request would be LED notifications so I don't have to keep checking my phone. And.....l have a 930 so this function would be awesome.
  • This is my Lumia 735: And Lumia 930: (Build 10149)
  • My Lumia 930 does not have the LED option...
  • Can you just make a video so that we can know that LED's are working
  • Nice!
  • Whenever my 925 turns off due to low battery and I connect a charger, only the Windows button LED blinks. Which means light for touch buttons is not tied together internally. They can easily use that as a notification LED. Keep dreaming though ;)
  • I suggested this very thing a long time ago when it was first shown in the L925 advert. Its a feature I missed from my Palm Pre/Pre+.
  • It's a feature that still is there with BlackBerry
  • My L1520's windows key LED blinks when charging it after its drained out of battery. So I cant see why it needs to have new hardware to enable this feature.
  • Yeah i hope they just enable it. I can see "LED" also in my 1520
  • Hey denial why it is taking lot for hands on video???
  • Because it's a big update with a lot of new features. And making videos in general takes time.
  • The Blu Win HD LTE has a led light as well. So far it only works for charging (green when fully charged, Red when charging)
  • There is a new build For PC out build 10154 but not available to insiders. Can someone please tell me where Zac get that build?
  • Torrent probably
  • finally LED notifications are coming ... Android had it for ages ... 
  • What's so special about LED notifications...Glance kinda makes LED notifications a bit redundant, I'd say
  • @awsomsauce
    It also is an annoyance blinking all the time. Especially if you have it on at night in the bedroom the damn thing disrupting your sleep. It reminds me of my work phone with the annoying blinking light if you don't clear your messages. :)
    Hopefully there is turn off button... Lol! :)
  • Glance isn't on all handsets, and tiny static icons limited in number to five is hardly the answer. That's why LED Notifications have been one of the most popular requestson the Uservoice site for years now, it's only taken them four years to get around to it. Besides, with a multicolour LED, if done correctly, the User could set custom colours for certain Apps, or Contacts. And if people don't like LED, just turn the option off and stick with Glance. All most people want is the option they prefer.  
  • I get that, but you won't have an unlimited number of colors to pick from on a multi-led. Glance far surpasses anything an LED would do
  • True, and BlackBerry mastered notifications years ago. Glad wp is catching up, though seem to remember it on winmo devices like the xda IIi...
    Does anyone know of this update brings openvpn support?
  • Does it?
  • ಠ_ಠ Yeah, I know...Eons ago!!! (If I can be more schmaltzy).
  • There is a new build For PC out build 10154. Can someone please tell me where Zac get that build?
  • Great to see privacy features being added.
  • Does anyone else have an issue with notifications still showing in the action center when the "show notifications in action center when phone is locked" is set to Off?  This is a pretty big privacy bug, but I guess this manual setting of notifications as private is a workaround.
  • what if the phone is not PIN protected?  will the toast notification say private if the phone is locked, say if you have your phone on the table in front of friends sitting there..
  • Assuming the behavior does not change in future builds, it always says 'Private' on the lock screen, PIN locked or not. It only reveals the full message when the lock screen is disabled. Banner notifications come in as 'Private' too.
  • Daniel rubino. The man that brings the truth and crushes' dreams. ( let us live in ignorant bliss some times ) ok ?
  • I kid I kid
  • My device isn't PIN locked currently and it's showing the notification even when set to private. I'll have a play around with the toggles to see if a reset of the request works...
  • wow, that's excellent. I love it.  so subtle but so useful.  when i had an iphone like 3 years ago, i'd have the toast notifications only say text message.  then with windows phone i had no choice but to show the whole message.  so now this will be the best of both worlds, where it will only show the message in the toast if my phone is being used (which only happens in my hand obviously)
  • If you have to give your phone to some to make calls for example, use apps corner and just add the dialer and nothing else.
  • I think this is one of the best Build ever seen..
    My L 730 Works really Superb except some minor bugs..
    Hope M.S will continue Rocking like this and provide us frequent updates every two weeks..
    And Private Notifications are one of best and much needed thing Included in this build..
  • they should also provide the developer an api to edit that "private" message with a more suitable one. this way, apps like whatsapp could have "x sent you a message" on lockscreen and the real message on the unlocked phone. wouldnt it be nice? and given that we can control if we want private notifications or not, we wont deppend on the developers for a half of this functionality, because if the developers are slow, we will still have the "Private" think until future updates.
  • You can already do that with WhatsApp.
  • from my knowledge you cant. if you set whatsapp to not show your message in the toast, the message will be hidden no matter the state of the phone (locked/unlocked).
  • LED works?
  • I cant update to wm10, error code 80096010, what does it mean this error code,
  • I'm getting the same problem my Icon.
  • Hoping the flash will eventually be able to blink if a call or a notification comes in.
  • I would prefer the Windows symbol to flash on my 930.
  • Cool cool cool. Everytime I see a new feature, it's like MS read my mind. Good job Microsoft. Get those fine tune functionality coming.
  • I have collected approx. 3 dozens of useful features that were missing from WP 8.0 and WP 8.1 at 8.0 RTM (2012 Q4) and 8.1 first beta (2014 Q2). LED notifications and private notifications were among them. I am also quite confident at least a couple thousand WP pissed owners had their own similar lists back in that time. So MSFT really dont need much creativity when on the Friday morning team meeting they have to decide what features should the developers in the basement start working on. MSFT should only need enough brain capacity to realize they just need to open their bing site and query for WP missing features or WP whislist or sg similar. All the rest has already been done by the thousands of their users.
  • Of course, imagining rich functionality is a no brainer. All they need to do is look at competitive platforms and more importantly anyone who has actually used a smartphone realizes the needs of more functionality. It's just that MS has been lazy bums for almost a decade now and it is refreshing to see them actually making a developing effort(real effort) in mobile space.
  • Nice feature! All and all I am pleased with the build. So far from what I can tell though, not ready for daily driver.
  • why not?
  • Numerous app crashes, including Cortana. Keyboard has a bad problem with disappearing, but not all the time. Feels extremly sluggish at times. Keep in mind I am on a 920 without a SIM in it, just wifi, so results may vary.
  • Thanks for the tip. Still holding off, waiting for RTM.
  • I too am using a 920, now my secondary daily driver. Works great with this new build, except the first few minutes were a hassle with all those messages that prevented apps from opening: "check the Store for updates" or something like that (it's a known issue). Also, I had a problem with correcting the system language. Mine was reset to Norwegian region and language and it never managed to save the language change I made. Apparently, it is fine if you add a new language and set it as the new default, but you cannot change the current language into a new one, which was very confusing. But yeah, it worked out fine in the end, once I figured that one out. Still though, one app, the Alarm app, still shows the app name in Norwegian for some unknown reason. Lol. (Lumia 920 Scandinavian CV unlocked phone). And, what people should be aware of is that ... a reboot or two will work out the first few errors. Also, you will get Spartan replaced with Microsoft Edge after a reboot (or two). This sure isn't an RTM release, but they are getting there soon. This one feels like a really polished beta version. At this rate, well .. if you ask me, personally, I think they might have their first early, "untested release candidate" with debug code ready by July 29th, in parallel with the Windows 10 RTM build. That build will probably feel like a really rough and unoptimised version of the Windows 8.1 Developer Preview.
  • Well, I can't peak for 10149 yet but 10136 made my Alarm Clock stop functioning.  Luckily I woke up and made it to work on time, but it's a lot of little unreliable things like that.   That being said 10149 feels way more stable and reliable, especialy Edge.  However if you click on a Facebook notificaiton email link you still can't log into it goes to a corrupted login screen.   So there is stuff like that which is just annoying.  Or not every message appearing in Messeaging until you close the conversation and re-open it.   Or the notifactions pane not wanting to come down.   I think it's passable as a daily driver now.  But don't depend on it. 
  • Android + iOS = Windows 10 mobile
  • This statement seems good and bad at the same time!
  • With Live tiles , its more on the Good side.
  • Its taking all the great features from each platform and matching to MSFT's OS to create a great windows experience
  • The reason why I came WP from android. Best of both worlds.
  • Actualy u need a new phone to use an LED
  • 730, 735 and 930 have harware LEDs built in - see
  • Nice to hear that..Atleast my one device is fut proof...
  • How about 1520?
  • 1520 has glance screen, which imo is way better and tells more things than a simple cheapo LED blinking.
  • That is good. What also really would be usefull in this regard is a default setting for all the notification settings. Everytime everything is ticked rather than me being able to say - when a new app pops a notification in dont vibrate - keep it private and dont make a sound. noooo.. i always have to wait for the first time they come up with a notification
  • good point! but i THINK that some builds of w10m also supported some notification settings for some apps that didnt need to first send a notification.
  • It'll become more meaningful If they provide App Lock for all Social networking apps, photos & video app
  • Agreed
  • Agreed to
  • +730
  • This is important.
  • New features??.. Always welcome ..
  • Private Notifications :- All I love....
    Hope my Lumia 1320 has hidden LED in place of sensors ,magically making my phone to support it
  • Come on. The only wp with LED is the 8X and its not supported yet in the builds. Still waiting..
  • Not true. LG Lancet and BLU devices have battery charging LEDs too.
  • But still you see my point. We are down 4 builds on windows 10 mobile and its just the Lumias getting all the goodies right now. Microsoft is playing for the home team Daniel. Really want more support for other phones like the 8X and the Blus. Not complaining. Just sayin.
  • Lumia 930,730 and 735 have LEDs.
  • I mean it's the very first phone to start it. You see my point. It's nearly ironic
  • App locker should be there MSFT is now on the correct path which laid them towards golden future where windows is dominating in market.
  • Getting gooder and gooder
  • *better and better ;)
  • Nice! Subtle but very useful feature. LED is very much welcome. So this means new phones will come with LED notifications which is nice. I hope they expand that LED functionality like assigning what color to specific app nor type of app. Example: I want Skype to have Cyan LED, Xbox have Green LED and Social type apps (Facebook,Twitter, Instagram,etc.) will have Blue LED.
  • That's going a bit far...
  • Going a bit far is exactly what WP needs right now. They need to get ahead of the game in order to make their devices more appealing. How awesome would it be for an android or apple user to say "I wish my phone did that"??
  • 100% agree. In order to get the reps to actually sell, we need a couple big wow features and MANY little ones, just like those aXross listed.
  • Android do that.
  • This needs to be suggested at uservoice! Just write it and give us the link to vote it! :D
  • Actually, my NEC e616V, one of those early 3G phones from 2004 had a feature where you could assign a blinking blue LED, or another selection of predefined colors, for people who called you. So, you had the custom ringtone and a certain color show up for a specific person. Unfortunately I think they only had 3 colors to choose from. You sure knew who was calling if you enabled that, if you were able to learn the pattern of combining a color and a custom ringtone with a caller. In Sweden, the phone was only sold with the carrier Three. I have a feeling it might have been available in UK, Hong Kong and other places as well, where Three maintain networks. See the blue LED there, at the bottom? Here is the image: I found the image on a web search, it's not mine. I do still have the phone but who knows where, in what random drawer ... :)
  • Wonder to see so much "News" app notif. in the pics, I hardly get any notif. from that app.
  • What build is Slow Ring currently on?
  • I think 10080
  • I wish there was a quick way to enable this while using the phone, for when you hand over the phone to someone else. Maybe a "Guest Mode" that has a Quick Actions toggle. And you could customize it to disable all notifications or just make them private, among other things. If this isn't already in the feedback app and someone wants to submit it then go ahead, because I don't have the mobile preview installed.
  • I do believe its called kids corner. But several "users" and the ability to switch between them should be incremented by Microsoft. That would be awesome!
  • Yeah, apps corner and kids corner. Of course, Microsoft isn't all that good at doing ads like, say.. Apple .. is. They should be more aggressive in their advertisement about these things.
  • I've tried Kid's Corner and App Corner. I haven't done much with them, though, because they don't really work as guest accounts when all of the messages and apps info is still there, at least as I remember. App Corner is also a hassle to start and exit. A true guest account that's just a swipe away from the lock screen would be great, though. Plus sometimes I just want to quickly turn off notifications when I'm showing someone something.
  • There's actually something called apps corner in WP8.1. I use it a lot. You can include any app you want and I think that notifications are private.
  • With windows 10 I want people hub integration back where I can retweet and reply as it was there on,windows phone 8. Currently the twitter app has people hub integration but it would be nice if they bring back that html 5 integration which was very awesome.
  • Where is the Retweet & Reply option in People hub integration? It opens the twitter app to do so. Pls tell..
  • That's what I want it back. Or was there in windows phone 8 amber and black version.
  • Hey guys, how do you turn off glance screen in this build? I can't find the glance screensetting, but it is surely on. And what about downloading keyboard languages, it always says attention required.
  • It's about damn time. This is a win for infidelity!
  • XD
  • Also they added a feature where it you tap the WiFi toggle in the notification centre it just turns it off or on. If you want to go to WiFi settings then you have to tap and hold on the WiFi toggle for a few seconds. Same goes for Bluetooth and I think a few other toggles have it too. Nice and handy feature
  • That was already in the previous build
  • Ah yes it was indeed. Still, I waited for thus feature
  • Yes, this is cool. Thats the reason why i dont use noti's on my lockscreen.
  • Daniel, has the Lumia Icon been added to the list that can receive the Win10 preview? I check constantly for updates but to no avail, nothing updates.
  • Have you installed and configured the Windows Insider app?
  • I had the last build installed on my Icon, but it was no good for a Daily driver, so I went back to 8.1 for now. Maybe I'll try the next build. So yes, you can install this build on an Icon.
  • Is hotspot working in 10149, can somebody check? in 10136 did not.
  • it works fm also and pedometer
  • Hey ... my 930 hotspot not working, keep getting :  Connection not shared ...  Is there some other setting to be activated??
  • I thought for a second, it has the feature like my n9
  • getting better and feels the OS is for the People.
    Hope my Lumia 640 has a hidden LED tooo :P
  • What about being able to change/ edit phone number titles (mobile 1, mobile 2, work etc) to our own titles, e.g. Instead of saving your friends wife's number on its own you can just save it under the husbands name and change ' mobile 2' to wife.
  • I hope they use the Windows button for LED notifications
  • Maybe I'm missing something but what happen if (in the first image) you turn all but "notifications" off? No banner. No notification center thing. No vibrate. No sound.   ??  
  • Windows Phone 8 did not support sdcard,but phones had sdcard slot,considering support for it in the future.Similar might be the case for LED.
  • Battery life is getting more horrible with each incremental build. My 1520 is draining from 100% to 10% in less than 3 hours with standard usage
  • Still catching up. A well. I love wp anyway ^^
  • Does the Lumia 1520 also supports led notification? It has the same specs of Lumia 930
  • I don't think there is any proof the Lumia 930 has a notification light....
  • I am on this build and for the life of me can't find this setting, any help?
  • same here no such options exists on L1520 on this build
  • Every capacitive button is an LED my lumia 925s windows capacitive button works like LED light when yhe battery is very low
  • Ok so this is a great feature but am I the only one who is in love with the new music app?!?!?!?!?!?!?
  • Any one ? User Lumia 525
  • Its what they waaaaaaaaaaant, that's what they want... ;p
  • Led could be enabled for devices with a capacitive key, that glows
  • One particular part of the news sounds hideous.".....including Whether or not,you should install it." It refers to build 10149? So the video may discourage to install the build?
  • I've sometimes liked seeing the banner notification briefly or the short text on the notifications screen without unlocking the phone. Just being lazy in those situations. But I can see why this is better. Now if WP only allowed better unlocking options, that would be great. Like that thing I've seen some Androids do with the pattern to unlock.
  • That's easier to visually snag though. I know my friend's pattern without even trying to. 
  • The LED alert in Notifications and Actions area was present since very first build on my NOKIA Lumia 720, I asked question about it on 8th May to Gabriel Aul on twitter but no reply yet. Here's the link to that tweet :
  • So waiting on hands on video of this update since my phone refuses to update with error like 5200059 something.
  • Sounds like a cool feature. Unfortunately, I've been unsuccessful at installation of W10 mobile.
  • Try a factory reset or the softare recovery tool first.  I had one build that wouldn't go for me until I did that.  
  • Odd, I don't have those options on my Messaging settings but I think I remember seeing it earlier.  Were they just removed in the update from today?
  • nice feature to have.  I like seeing texts on the glance screen.  Maybe i would use it when i am work because i leave my phone on my desk in view of many people. 
  • Cheaters everywhere rejoice... lol
  • So awesome to see how Windows 10 Mobile is shaping up so nicely. I can't wait to update my Lumia 1520 and get a new flagship this fall!!
  • I think this is a neat feature. Good! LED notification is something I'd like to be able to use with my current phone. Would be near to have the windows button flash
  • maybe led can use the buttons on phones with start, back and search button like the 920
  • Nokia Lumia 1020 has a LED notification if am i right.  
  • Wait so MSN News now support notification? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Want to see hands on video. After watching that I'm going to decide whether i should install it on my daily main driver or not. Waiting for the video. Ps this feature is very neat and cool :)
  • Hello Daniel ... What happended with the "We have a hands-on video coming up this afternoon including whether or not you should install."  you promised in this article.. Should i still be waiting for it?
  • I second this"Still Waiting" for the hands on video????? Getting tired.
  • After updating my L830 I have gone through all the apps.. That time photos hub was working nicely.. Then I have gone through all the settings options..some changes also made.. Now photos tile/app not responding while selecting it.. Any solution??
  • Anybody having issues reinstalling apps like Facebook? Getting error code 0x80073D05.
    Lumia 1520
  • I'm waiting for which of the three OSes will implement locks and pins at a system level that can be applied to any individual app.  Android has third party apps that allow you to do this, with ads, with the whole thing toggleable with a button press, which is about as close as we get out of all the OSes, so far. That it can be done via 3rd party app, but isn't baked into the OS is a bit strange.  Would love to see it at the system level on every platform though. Then, when I hand my phone over to people for whatever reason, I don't have to worry about the more nosy among them poking around stuff. :D
  • I wish that the notifications would show up on the physical lock screen rather than notification center kinda like IOS
  • Build 10149 working great on Lumia 820
  • Any one
  • Any one there ?
  • Why not enable this feature by flashing the Windows softkey? No LED required for devices that have "physical" softkeys such as the 920 and 1520.
  • Build 10149? Think I'm still stuck on 10080 on my 930 :-(
  • Hey Daniel Rubino!
    Where is the hands on video for this build. You promised in this article that you will be uploading a hands on video. Should I still be waiting for it?
  • Is it not yet afternoon at windows central ?
  • Can we download this update on 10136 using data connection?
  • when i update BUILD 10149 in my lumia 520 thts show an error code which is 8024201f. what can i do, it cant resolve it. many of time i restart my mobile bt cant install it
  • I ain't saying this shit on messaging settings. Anyone seeing this?
  • Hope the privacy option can be set to different contacts, rather than just set to everyone by default
  • Hey I realised that a video continues to play even when Edge os in the background. Does that mean the current phones actually have the processing power to run 2 apps simultaneously? If so, does that mean that split screen will be feasible in future builds?
  • No hands on video. You guys suck now.
  • This now looks like the whole Windows 10 for desktop. I think schools who are teaching Windows at school should include Windows 10 for Phone.
  • not sure whats goin on here but all the latest news are kind of half true. These options are not available on my lumia 1520 no hard reset or any trick works. as well no glance exists so previous posts sounds as well a bit ridicioulus. i'm almost sure we are not all on same page. there is again some disorder in ms side and it makes all these news and posts useless info. in case u need proof u can mail me for screens , so we all shoul read these with reserve about whats real and whts not
  • Hi Daniel, on 10586.11, is it possible to set "Keep notifications private on the lock screen" as default for all apps and all newly installed apps?