Windows 10 Mobile jumps to 14% of all Windows phone devices

Windows 10 Mobile accounts now for 14 percent of all Windows phone devices on the market according to the latest AdDuplex Report for August. The number is a significant increase from 11 percent in June and doubled its previous monthly growth of 0.5 percent to one percent.

Nonetheless, without a firm number of active devices month to month it's hard to know if the increased rate is due to wider adoption of new Windows 10 Mobile handsets, 8.1 phones being updated to Windows 10 Mobile, or just 8.1 users leaving the market (very likely).

Putting aside the well-known overall low market share of Windows phone compared to Android and iOS the increased ratio of Windows 10 Mobile is useful for developers who want to target devices using the Universal Windows Platform (UWP). Some companies have put off or downplayed the need for a Windows 10 Mobile app e.g. WhatsApp due to the large 8.1 install base. That number is still in favor for 8.1 at 77.3 percent of all devices, but Windows 10 Mobile appears to have the momentum in growth.

Microsoft is not expected to push for Windows 10 Mobile until 2017 with the release of Redstone 2 and presumably new, high-end hardware. For the foreseeable future, however, it will be a slow grind for fans of Windows phone.

Mobile Anniversary Update sees broad adoption

Perhaps more interestingly, over half of all Windows 10 Mobile handsets – 52.4 percent – are already on the Mobile Anniversary Update with 41.3 percent still on the 1511 build from last year.

The Anniversary Update (aka Redstone 1) only came out last week as an official update and just yesterday for carrier-supported devices. That rate of uptake suggests many users are likely on the Insider program and are early-adopters putting the final bits on their phone a few weeks ago.

The alternative analysis (or correlating one) is that Microsoft is more aggressive with the updates letting existing Windows 10 Mobile phones update with little interference. Indeed, it was only a one-week wait between non-carrier phones getting the update and carrier-branded ones receiving it. That ability for OS updates contrasts starkly with Android, who just received Android 7.0 aka Nougat this week. Most carrier-branded and non-Nexus devices may not see that Android update for six months showing how Microsoft falls nicely in between Apple and Google for new OS builds.

Reception of the Anniversary Update for Mobile has mostly been positive from users, especially when compared to the initial 1511 release last year.

About AdDuplex

The numbers from AdDuplex are collected through their in-app advertising that is prevalent in over 5,000 apps in the Windows Store. That data serves as an important metric within the Windows Phone ecosystem. The full AdDuplex report for August will be posted on their blog at on Thursday (August 25).

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Now if only they'll just fix Cortana. The last update broke her. She has been mute ever since. No voice can be heard. Just her text responses to every thing that I ask. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yeah, that was in the known issues for last build, its really frustrating
  • You're on RS2, right?
  • 14905.1. My 640 has actually been handling Windows 10 pretty smoothly up until now. It sucks because this is my work phone and I use it to make voice phone calls without having to look at the phone. But now it defeats the purpose because I have to check to see if the right number is being called. Hopefully a new build will drop soon Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • So yeah, it's RS2. Don't put fast ring builds on your phone, if you want it to be stable...
  • I'm quite aware of that...... but like I said it works just fine with the exception of that one little bug. The 1520 is another story. That one is going back to 8.1 Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I still think we need more Windows 10 phones. I mean the whole Windows 10 mobile story is about Lumia 550, 650, 950 and XL. When Windows Phone 8 (even 7.0/7.5) was launched we had plenty devices to choose from. And most people can't afford 950/XL so they choose between 550 and 650 which are not some kind of upgrades to 70% of 8.1 phones.
  • Microsoft is retreating in the low and medium-end hardware, though. Their new strategy is all about business and flagships, much like the HP Elite X3. As a Lumia 640 user myself, I find it worrying because the little sucess they had with Windows Phone was precisely with people on a budget trying to get a low-end device that performes rather well, which most low-end Androids do not. The best selling Lumias are the 500's, not the 900's.
  • At the microsoft store the Lumia 659 ain't available past 3 weeks and they don't have any clue how is one going to buy a win10 mobile ! ( I cant buy myself no upgrade from 720 yet !!! )
  • Unfortunately for Microsoft, low end Android's perform remarkably well these days - and they undercut Lumia's on price too...
  • Not based on my personal experience, they do not. To get a decent Android device, you'd have to spend about 200-250 euros around here in Portugal. I can get Lumias with equal if not better specs for about half that price. Even the carriers here know this, as they only ship up to series 700, Lumia 800 and 900 are nowhere to be found as there is virtually no demand for phones in that price range running Windows. Kill the low-end, you'll kill the few users that support your product today.
  • Orphaning 70% of an already low current user base, yet again, isn't the best way to make anyone happy, except those who wanted to see the end of WP. Ya gotta wonder.
  • Totally agree, plus the fact that no carriers are carrying either the 550 or 650 really. And don't count cricket, as they are not a major carrier.
  • They're coming... think it was 17+(?) devices in the works/releasing from 12 (?) OEMs now actively working on 10 mobile. Can't remember the exact figure, but positive news to garter market interest and developer carrot... Search for OEM on here and I'll sure the recent article will come up.
  • Basically, all those phones have already been released and have already flopped. Most were not widely released. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • This is not just about 1st party devices. When the Surface Phone and RS2 arrive in 2017, things will probably change. OEMs that spread across Android world would reconsider W10M because of the union in the OS and the possibilities that can be achieved from it. Msft has already got 10+ OEMs that make W10M devices even with the 1% market share, that is something to note. It is not just about now but where this is headed.
  • I see many rumours brought up like that, but no facts. Has the Surface Phone actually been confirmed to be in development or it's just wishful thinking? What is it, exactly? A top of the line x86 phone to run desktop apps? Now that  even Intel is giving up on its mobile Atom x chips to make custom ARM chips? Even the HP Elite will run on ARM and support x86 compatibility only through it's cloud service, Workspace, i.e. x86 apps running remotely on HP servers. What feature will the "Surface Phone" have to make consumers drop their high-end Android and iPhones?
  • Msft will be discontinuing Lumia branding for its phone business to give way for the upcoming Surface line variants. Surface has always surprised the world without any pre announcements, it continues to do the same for the phone. I hear that it may sport SD 830 hope some innovation would tilt heads of tech enthusiasts.
  • The Surface Phone has never been about x86 on a phone. That's ludicrous and would never sell. No one wants a 2 lb toaster-oven with 4 hrs of battery life for a phone. It will be a very high-end true phone (read Snapdragon 830 w/ 4+ GB of RAM) most likely with more powerful, multi-windowing Continuum capabilities most likely utilizing virtualization and Azure services to run Win32 apps when in Continuum mode.
  • MS killed it's Azure RemoteApp platform so that wont happen.
  • 14% of the 1% is a lot of people lol
  • That depends. Even you wouldn't like to count that number from one.
  • But that's just it... Microsoft hasn't "launched" Windows 10 Mobile. That is, they are purposely keeping a low profile with it, effectively only offering it to insiders and fans. You never see any advertising and in-store promotion for a reason. They will not do so until the OS has reached a degree of maturity and semi-parity in that regard with the competition. Redstone 2 is supposedly the target for reaching that objective. And that's when we will see a Surface Phone and hopefully one or two other new MSFT hardware offerings. In the meantime, MSFT is trying to leave some "oxygen" in the market for other OEMs to establish themselves. Hopefully HP does well with the x3 and we see the Alcatel phone show up soon. It would be great if we could eventually get the Viao Phone Biz here too. And, of course, who wouldn't love to see Lenovo release a Moto Z running Windows 10? Perhaps bundled with a lapdock of some sort fashioned after the Yoga laptop. If they see HP making hay with enterprises, it might just happen.
  • Yes, and while people are right to say that Windows 8.0 and 8.1 were both touted as finally the Windows Phone OS to help MS gain mobile marketshare, Microsoft has been consistent since before the 10.0 launch that the RS2 update would be the Windows 10 version for mobile. As you pointed out, they're basically staying out of mobile right now with a focus on building up the backend services and ecosystem functionality for an effective launch in or near spring of 2017. Those include UWP, Office 365, OneDrive, XBox, and likely Windows Server 2016 admin tools.
  • Lumia 520 had a very strong image and it seems till now. Time for a change cause It's getting tooooo old!
  • So sad that it's 14% of less than 1% of global market share :-(
  • Yeah, I'm not even sure why so many people are staying on 8/8.1. It was nice but I like it so much better now. Also, yes 1% market share but we are talking installed or user base here aren't we? Those are different things. If I sold 1 million of something one quarter and had no competitors, I have 100% market share for that quarter. If I then sold 1 million the next quarter, but you came along and sold 1 million of your similar product, then we would each have 50% market share. However since I have 2 million total sold so far and you have 1 million, my installed base is larger. I'm not saying Windows mobile has a larger installed base than anyone btw, just trying to explain what I think that 1% means. It's of the market share, not install/user base.
  • Actually, it's less than 1% global market share and continuing it's downward trend... :-(
  • I think your number is off and you are conflating shipping numbers with installed users running one form or another of Windows phone (8.1 or 10). Globally, it is around 2-3 percent, not that it is much better, but I keep seeing people cite 0.6% (shipping) and mixing that up with installed user base (all quarters).
  • Your speculative guestimates are incorrect.  As of 2016-Q1, it was .7%  Comparitively, during 2015-Q1 it was 2.5%
  • So using that logic, iOS must have 50% installed userbase and Android 300% or so (installed user base market share at +/- 4x sales market share). /s Disclaimer: I know the above isn't true. It cannot be. But I don't get it. I know what you're saying, that sales don't correlate exactly to how many users are actually using it, but is WM unique in that the installed user base market share is 4x sales market share?
  • It can be confusing -- try a Google search if you're stuck, try a simple term like 'windows phone global market share'.
  • I don't think I understand... But I am thinking that 1% market share can be equal to 2-3% User base, depending on the rate of growth of the entire market.
  • You're overthinking it.  Maybe just consider it as extremely insignificant and call it a day.
  • If you are interested in mathematics, put some hypothetical numbers in an Excel spreadsheet and have at it! While it is true that reported market share is sales, it still somewhat reflects user base market share. If nothing else, it is the user base market share of tomorrow. There are limited ways this can be changed significantly. One is if users of say WP keep their phones a lot longer than iPhone or Android users. Another way is if sales for one OS suddenly plummet, leaving a larger user base share (carried over from existing users) than sales. Or, if a lot of users are switching platforms. Even assuming any or all of these are true, it would have to be huge to make a significan effect. This is why I do not get this reasoning and Daniel's. Is WP's user base really 3 - 4 times higher than sales? Remember, these are percentages, not hard numbers. How can 0.6% sales market and 3% user base market share be reconciled? Are you adding the percentages together from the last several quarters? What about iOS and Android? Is their user base share 3 - 4 times higher than their sales market share? Of course not! It is impossible! You cannot have more than 100%! That said, if user base really was at like 5% not long ago and sales the last couple quarters are <1%, user base share will quickly follow.
  • It's like Windows Phone is the new PalmPilot :-(
  • @tgp, your analysis on the math is perfect. The explanation that reconciles the disparate numbers is that users of a brand are not monolithic, but have behaviors that fall into a bell curve. So some users (across all brands) only buy phones every several years, where some buy every few months.This means that when you get down to small numbers of users, the rate of change of that % is likely quite small. So if Windows Phone sales are at .6%, but a year ago Windows Phone had something like 5% market share, then the number of users will eventually fall assymptotically toward .6%, but the rate at which it gets there is uncertain. It is driven by all factors you raised and that some users (not unique to Windows Phone) just don't buy a new phone very often, so they will be slow to change, even if they eventually leave the platform for Android or iOS. It is very easy to believe that 5% of all smartphone users has only fallen down to 2, even with current sales of monthly smartphones only being .6%.
  • @GraniteStateColin, OK thanks. I of course agree with my analysis! ;-) I've moved on a bit since learning "1 + 1 = 2" in 1st grade. I understand sales vs. real world users, bell curves, etc. I still have an issue with saying that user base market share is 2 - 3%. Where does that number come from? Are there real actual data metrics it's pulled from? Is it a guess? I don't think Windows Phone sales have ever been much above 3% in its entire history. I find it hard to believe that it's still anywhere close to that after several quarters of around 1% or lower. That 2 - 3% number seems quite optomistic. Unless there is data to back it up, I'd guess it is closer to hopeful dreaming than an objective analysis. Ha, not that long ago people here were saying that user base hard numbers were 70 million, and that was about the time that lifetime sales had just hit 100 million after 5 years on the market. It raises suspicion that optimism is more common than realism.
  • @tgp, fair points. I don't know independently, but I assume Daniel has a good read on this and I trust his analysis. I would agree that if global adoption peaked at 3%, then it would be hard to believe that it's still at 2 today, but I think the global peak was higher than that. I think US Windows Phone share got up to about 5%. There were multiple countries in Europe where Windows Phone was north of 10%. I also believe Windows Phone was #2 in Russia, below Android (above iPhone). With those figures as a peak, it's certainly possible that we're still clinging to 2% - 3% total worldwide smartphone usage.
  • I don't know independently, but I assume Daniel has a good read on this and I trust his analysis.
    I trust him too, but at the same time it would be good if those giving out those numbers could verify them in some way. So far all I've seen are numbers that look like they're pulled out of wishful thoughts.
    I think US Windows Phone share got up to about 5%.
     I found an article from IDC that seems to be about a year old. It had a couple charts showing Q2 data for the last several years. The highest it shows is 3.4%
  • @tgp, sorry, you're probably right. I'm just shooting these off from memory, which is admittedly a piss-poor way to handle statistics. Could it be that US was 3.4%, higher in several countries, lower in a few, but with a global average of ~5%? I believe that the US adoption rate was actually lower than the global average, because much of the growth was attributed to Nokia loyalty and carrier relationships which had already been completely lost in the US when they started making Windows Phones. This was one of the reasons Elop reasoned it was smart to go with Windows Phone -- Microsoft brand would help regain US marketshare for Nokia. Unfortunately, while Nokia did regain some US marketshare, it was not very much.
  • Some people are like me, waiting (im)patiently for TMobile to approve the firmware update necessary to get wifi calling to work on their L640's as 10 devices.  If I didn't need wifi calling I'd have switched long ago via Windows Insider.  If it wasn't a work provided phone I'd have probably just gotten their current Alcatel as a solution.
  • As a fellow TMobile customer, don't hold your breath. You have a much better chance of getting work to pay for an Alcatel phone than seeing any support for your 640 from TMo. Offer to pay part of the cost of the new if that will grease the skids.
  • It is kind of sad. Having been on board since 7 I can safely say there is only one to blame: MS. Every time they fix something something else goes haywire. I've lost count of how many times I've had to hard reset my 930 to get some app working again since the annivesaryupdate. Besides the design has really taken a dive. Especially the ui on the xbone is horrendous with submenus right and left. Ive never come across something so counterintuitive. Its a console for crying out loud. Not a pc with a mouse and keyboard!
  • I started out with the very first HP WindowsCE PocketPC -- a clamshell device.  Stayed with them through whatever it was called in that long stretch until 7, watched the mobility market pass on by.  Got tired of waiting.
  • I hear you. Games with gold used to be on the start up screen. Now I have no idea where it's at. Sometimes I question their marketing strategies. Really release a newer slim console and then give mixed messages that they're not going to sell that version anymore. Waiting until a couple of weeks to deliver two other versions leaving people hanging high and dry when they could have been making money selling more consoles during that time. Who the heck is in charge? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I wish i could upgrade my 640 to windows 10 again but lack of fifa 15 keeps me on 8.1. Unless Fifa 17 is launched on windows platform I don't think I'll make the upgrade
  • Thanks mate. I'll definitely give it a shot. Although the gameplay looks crappy this year but still I'd try it out :)
  • Good job, MSFT!
  • We definitely do need more choice. Only problem is, those of us that are on the platform already know full well that if this OS is to be showcased with a new, entry/mid level device, it needs a little more polish. Microsoft cannot afford to put out a device for general availability and stumble. We Insiders are doing our part so hopefully early next year we will see the results. It can become too late however if they decide our share is simply too small to bother with. With all the resources being put into it (Elite X3, Insiders/Redstone 2) though I don't feel that will happen anytime soon in spite of the monthly article from other sites that Windows phone is dead.
  • I'm with you on this. I'm sure Microsoft are holding off advertising until they have a really compelling thing to advertise. I just hope the mid and low end aren't forgotten. I've grown to really like my Lumia 550 and I really hope there'll be something suitable I can replace it with in a year or two (or more) when it needs replacing.
  • We need more and more apps now
  • My son handed my phone back to me after he couldn't start Kid's Corner...   :-(
  • Please either retweet me (cr_buck on Twitter) or add your own tweet to @donasarkar on Twitter about this. Also like as many of the complaints as you can on Feedback Hub about this. I can't give my daughter my phone any more because Apps Corner corrupts my phone, to the point of requiring a factory reset, and they haven't fixed. My whole family used this and now we are stuck. Microsoft said they had low usage but I am seeing a fair number of complaints on Feedback Hub. Lets make more and vote they add this back. It was a unique feature that stood out on Windows Phone(Mobile) that stood out they killed.
  • All my friends with lo end devices are ditching their lumias because w10 bad performance compared to 8.1
  • W10M minimum requirement just got up to 1Gb of RAM but that's not too bad compared to Android's performance with the same. BTW W10M is still in the work of perfecting, Android did not get much attention until Gingerbread was released.
  • As a data analyst, I appreciate that you pointed out that we can't know from these figures if the numerator went up or the denominator went down.
  • If we read these numbers alongside the ever decreasing marketshare and sales numbers, I think it's almost an absolute certainty that the growth of WP10 is indeed due to WP8.1 users leaving the platform and nothing else.
  • Will only accelerate. Let's say for example consumers / companies that use Skype (I suppose there are some). Would they get new phone from company that betrayed their expectation of long term support. Unlikely.
  • Good job,,,,,,,,
  • Too bad we've dropped to .6% of the mobile phone market That's less than 1%. These numbers don't mean jack.....Thanks for driving our market adoption into the ground microsoft.....
  • Still waiting for Samsung ATIV SE to be upgraded. I'll probably die before this happens!
  • I still use WP7 haha man I love those old devices. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android (LG V10 or Nexus 5x)
  • Is the real people hub still functional?
  • Thanks for hanging in there!
  • What's the difference if Windows Phone / Windows 10 mobile has only 1-3% of the gobal marketshare ? Dont mean to be downer but, when you do no promotion or anything else on a OS, how do you expect it to grow any bit... 100% Microsoft's fault..... This is another great product that Microsoft completely screwed up by poor marketing... They make great sofware but, if it's not marketed right, it will fail.
  • There is no difference. Windows phone hit rock bottom a few quarters ago, which is why it's not interesting discussing market share anymore unless there is a sudden upturn, which no one expects. Now people report on 0.6% that or 2.1% in Spain, and it's really kind of pointless if you factor in the margin of error. It's basically dead, which is why the only place for Microsoft to go is up.
  • Plenty of people know about windows mobile and have tried it but it's simply not up to the competition and I don't mean just the app gap... I had one since 7 came out and eventually was convinced by Microsoft to change to Android. I still use W10M for my business phone as I only need it to take basic pictures, email, phone and sync with one drive... it does this fairy well most of the time except multiple call handling is still a nightmare, this is Microsofts market.... my 1520 was the best, 950 XL was a waste of money but I use it now as the 1520 screen broke and I'm not paying for another windows phone until the software is worth the money. I use samsung S7 now as my personal phone which is a nice little phone, superior camera and plenty of apps. Windows if you need it for business, Android or iPhone for everything else. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Should have got the build right be killing off all most all 8.1 phone. my 925 would mad a sweet daily driver for me just right in the hand
  • Wow, 14%! Does that mean 500 or 600 phones are now using WM10?
  • Very helpful and insightful.
  • And in what way does your article prove useful to those few of us WM users still hanging on for dear life other than to highlight MS failure in this endeavor? Who will be left by the time RS2 is released?
  • me and dan and mark and richard and so on.. you see, we have an exclusive party here
  • And in what way does your article prove useful to those few of us WM users still hanging on for dear life...
    That was not the point of my article nor its intention so I fail to see the point you are making. It's a news report with no agenda except putting out the data and adding some analysis. Your comment adds no value to the conversation, it's just snark hence my comment. I have high expectations for some of you in comments. Add to the conversation, debate, bring up points, it's what makes this place more interesting. Anyone can make a statement, it's harder to make a point.
  • Me :P :D
  • Speaking of Nougat. I'm disappointed that my Nexus 5, with a very capable Snapdragon 800 SOC, will not get Nougat. I'm glad that my Lumia 1520 with the same Snapdragon 800 SOC is getting Windows 10 Mobile AU and more. I am however, EXTREMELY disappointed that my HTC One M8 for Windows, with an even more powerful Snapdragon 801 SOC is officially abandoned by HTC, to be stuck on Windows Phone 8.1 forever and a day or two. Fortunately, I have the official TH2 Insider releases so the struggle isn't as real. You win some, you lose some, no matter the OS.
  • I too am disappointed that the M8 isn't supported. I liked that phone. The 950 will hold me over just fine until 2017 though.
  • The 950 is an excellent phone and should last even longer, software and hardware wise, than our older Windows phones, that is, a couple of years.
  • The 950 is okay. I don't mind using it. I typically buy a new Windows phone yearly. I flipped a coin to decide on my purchase.of the 950. The review on WC had me on the fence. Hated it out if the box, but now it's fine. What I meant by " hold me over until 2017" was in hope of Microsoft releasing a high end phone in 2017. I'm holding off on the Hp for now.
  • Good thing about these phones you can flash any ROM. Android Nougat for Nexus 5 is released unofficially. Check XDA. 
  • So 14% of a 0.6% Market share? Yikes. From a numbers standpoint, it isn't hard to see why Devs take their products elsewhere.
  • MS should allow the x20 devices to install windows 10 at the owners risk. This Will give a good boost to the numbers.
  • There's Insider program for that
  • When will it be available for the HTC ONE M8?
  • Install windows insider and get the release preview. Works well for me, YMMV. I'm due for an upgrade in November, but if I don't see a few positive signs for win10 apps, I will be forced to switch to another OS.
  • Also, how can you get the insiders' preview on the 928?
  • Install windows insider app and choose any insider as you,slow and release build..
  • We saw wide range of WP from Nokia. If Nokia was alive with LUMIA & by introducing decent range of W10M models the scenario would have been different. Nokia the name the trust the love everyone had.    
  • Low-cost Android devices were cutting into Nokia's share. Once people had converted from dumbphones to smartphones Nokia's leverage was quickly waning. Even HTC can't compete against the hordes of Chinese manufacturers. Nokia phones peaked in 2014. Things may have been better, but comparatively they would still be in dire straits.
  • Let us see where USA will take Microsoft Mobile... The rest of the world is treated unfairly... I use bing search on daily basis and I'm sure Microsoft Rewards will never be available in my country.
  • Fantastic.  That means Microsoft is only disabling Skype on 86% of their Windows-based phones!
  • There is no Surface Phone folks, wish you all would stop with the nonsense. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Ok "doghouseriley". We'll source you in our next article. Seems legit.
  • I remember how was against 950 cause Surface Phone was "coming soon" in H1 2016. This was in late 2015 and now 2016 is ending.
  • 2016 and they can't make a decent phone that will appeal to the masses. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Well, I'm sure Windows 10 mobile instalments would rise if MS actually made it available for people to upgrade to. It still doesn't show up as an update on my L1520 (unlocked, international).
    If you can only install W10M by downloading an update manager app, which is only available by following a link in some obscure MS blog, you can't expect many people to switch from 8.1 to 10.
    It's almost as if MS doesn't want us to use W10M yet....
  • I have a 640 Xl that i bought June 2015, which is an 8.1 device. The day i got the phone i installed the insiders app and used the Windows 10 fast ring, till the AU update last weekish. ATM i'm taking a break from the insiders, :ie Redstone 2 and enjoing the AU build 14393.67 version 1607. Going back on the insider Redstone 2 soon and this time i want to contribute more on bugs and new features. I beleave in Windows 10 so much, that i will be using my main PC and Phone on the fast insiders rings.      
  • Anyone care to bet this is more due to people with older devices are jumping ship to Android or iOS?
  • I have high confidence that Windows Mobile will be very popular again once iOS Bridge is finished, this is as hard for Microsoft as for Apple and Google to make a 2 in 1. iPad Pro is not as good as Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book and Chrome Pixel tablet is not good at all, needs a lot of work ahead to compete with Microsoft.  On Microsoft's side they have a huge task ahead and bring iOS libraries to work well on Windows Mobile. None of these companies has it easy to acomplish their goals (Apple and Google to make 2 in 1, Microsoft to get better mobile app support) but after few years I'm sure all of these companies including Microsoft will achieve their goals to get better ecosystems for their customers.
  • i love cortana but im now on a s7 edge bacause here maps and now the last straw with paypal leaving is too much, ill be back if the app gap is sorted but for me to many missing apps are now a issue i never felt on 8.1 mobile, you tube is needed as metro tube and tube cast dont seen to work reliably any more, bank app, wireless pay, here maps, gestures speakerphone on/off, google maps , paypal, vodaphone app, are only just a few i now have that have and are missing from mobile 10, and it feels like developers are leaving now. Thats not to mention the gulf in games apps, but windows mobile 8.1 was by far the best os on mobile and id say 10 is also prefered to android even just the way things are orginised but apps matter and even microsoft cant built its gestures into the os 10 after a year says it all really.
  • Pretty sad. darkest hour I am losing hope and fear Android is my future to be. :( Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Nice
  • Love windows 10
  • Yeah. Going back to android. I was on wp7, 8 and 10. What a hot buggy mess. Every day I'm reminded of this while driving. Audible app mutes. "Message from X, read it or ignore it?" - "read it" - silence, silence, silence - Audible resumes. Leave the car, phone is left in silence with vibrate until I go in and change it by hand. Iris scanner slower than keypad entry, iris scanner activating and staying when plugging in a charger. It's just... Bad. And I wanted to believe, but you have fooled med three times now. The shame is on me.
  • Too bad. No issues on my end with Redstone 1(AU). Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • That 0.5 shift towards Win10 could be because I finally retired my HTC 8x.
  • Only 14℅ of 1% can run up apps , no good for a developer, very few users download uwp apps from their win10 PC.... :(
  • 14% from about 3% word share... There will be about 0.5% in global market (if use optimistic 5% windows phones share in global market)
  • Well this is the point, W10M less stable then 8.1. That is the reason people stay with it. W10M have tons of problems after W10M AU, I have to do the factory rest ... WTF! And also M$ put tons of Apps to Android and iOS ... NOTHING TO DO with W10M ! Then once again ... if M$ give W10M better shut it down !!!
  • After W10M AU ... The outlook onscreen notification GONE !!! So SAD !!!!