Hands on with the Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update

The Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update has just started its official rollout to eligible Windows 10 Mobile handsets, meaning now is a great time to go hands on and showcase all of the major changes, features and improvements you can expect to see in the newly available update. We've thrown together a near 20 minute walkthrough of all of the most noteworthy changes!

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update for Windows phones has just started rolling out right now, so if you're device doesn't see it yet don't worry, as the update is likely still propagating. If your handset is already running Windows 10 Mobile, you should automatically receive this update soon. If not, then you may need to update via the Upgrade Advisor if your handset is eligible.

Now that the Anniversary Update is rolling out on Mobile handsets officially, Microsoft can begin focusing on Redstone 2 builds for mobile insiders, exciting stuff. In the meantime however, let us know what your favorite new Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update features are in the comments area below!

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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