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Windows 10 OneDrive universal app coming in Q4 2015, according to new roadmap

Microsoft has big plans for its OneDrive cloud service, and this week they showed off a roadmap of upcoming features and improvements as part of its Ignite IT conference in Chicago. One of those additions is the planned launch of a universal OneDrive app for Windows 10 sometime in the fourth quarter of 2015.

OneDrive roadmap

That means Microsoft plans to launch the OneDrive universal app sometime after Windows 10 reaches its RTM stage, which is expected this summer. The roadmap also says the app will include support for read-only offline files.

In the current quarter, Microsoft plans to add a new PDF experience for its Android and iOS OneDrive apps. In the third quarter, Microsoft will release a preview version of its next-generation sync client for PC and Mac users, and that will become generally available in the fourth quarter.

There are a number of new OneDrive features that are in the works but don't have a release timeframe yet. They include support for offline mobile folders and editing, along with PDF annotation support for iOS and Android users.

Source: Richard Hay (Twitter)

  • Plz release win 10 for phones bfore July... Or give some updates for win 8.1
  • There is a release scheduled in this week only.
  • He's talking about the final os
  • Are u talking about the OneDrive app for WP 8.1 ?   
  • It's not likely
  • Gdr2?
  • Yes.. gdr2 for 830..
  • The 830 is not a phone?
  • Windows 10 for phone is not close to being ready for consumer release, and it's pointless for Microsoft to spend time, money and resources on creating significant updates for 8.1 whilst they're working on Windows 10. GDR2 had minor changes and the effort involved in rolling it out means it's likely to only be rolled out as part of Windows 10, if at all. Microsoft have not specified any release date, and so they have no set deadline to work to. When it is ready, it will be ready.
  • You have to wait till September Or you just sign to the preview , I guess It won't be so buggy like this , like when 8.1 first , it wasn't buggy
  • 8.1 preview and wp10 preview are entirely different. 8.1 was ready when you downloaded them. It was a consumer preview whereas windows 10 mobile is not even close. Though the major development of the OS is almost complete it isn't bug free at all
  • I'm guessing OneDrive app will be ready for Windows 10 Phone launch party in October with the old Snapdragon 810....what I meant is the Snapdragon 820 is in the Note 5 this October so I'm little disappointed MS using old hardware with brand new OS and apps (aka OneDrive etc)
  • NO news on GDR2??
  • NO news on GDR2!!! Also, this is about OneDrive, not the Windows Phone OS.
  • you should add a captcha that forces you to type what the topic of the article before adding a comment.
  • Dont you see that they always find a way
  • +1 xP
  • Lol
  • Comment of the day!
  • Make him apologize for reading and clicking on your site and still daring to ask an off topic question!
  • O Wow! You'll make me apologize?
  • Back off, this is Windows Central after all....crappy facebook central..
  • Why are you on Facebook central then?
  • So hopefully this means that Smart Files are coming back to Windows 10 after they took them away and give us selective sync instead (à la Dropbox)
  • I sure hope so. Smart files made OneDrive in 8.1 awesome
  • All that it would take to fix the 'usability' issues and confusion would be to change the fonts of the offline files to be lighter and italic. 
  • Smart files sucks... it would be better if Microsoft developed something better. I don't understand this "smart files was great" no it wasn't. and Microsoft already said they would change how OneDrive syncs, but it's obvious by the timeline that it will not be soon... I can always say how Windows 10 is not even an official release so if you needed crappy smart files well, there is still windows 8 (I don't know if Windows 7 client has them)
  • It would be better if Microsoft developed something better
    Like what? Just because you didn't like it means it sucked. If Microsoft decided to removed them was because it caused confusion not because they weren't 'great' — that's your opinion, not a fact. Second of all, this roadmap does actually prove what OneDrive blog announced in January…
    We do recognize that some of our best customers are using the Windows 10 Technical Preview and this is where we’re actively doing the work to converge to one sync engine and as a result, no longer have the separate engine for placeholders. There are important capabilities that we need to bring to Windows 10 – some will make it into the first release – including shared folders and support for the consumer and business service. However, others will come in updates that follow later in the calendar year – most notably the core capabilities of placeholders that are both reliable and comprehensible. Source:
  • No placeholders/smart files = shit. I will not upgrade to win 10 until they bring back that essential feature
  • What was wrong with them?  It's a fantastic thing for limited storage devices or not needing to wait hours for a sync of large libraries to occur.  It just took a little longer to open the file if it wasn't cached locally. I had multiple devices each feeding in their own local versions but all devices had access to the same files without taking up additional storage. Now that's not possible.  The only people I knew that it bothered couldn't get over the fact that all their files were synced not local.  It seemed to be a mental resistance to the idea and an old way of thinking more than anything.   The biggest problem would be if you expected the files to be there in ofline mode.   But if you're offline you can't get to them either way.  
  • My back key is making very much problem in windows 10 for phone what shud I do? It sometimes doesn't work
  • You should post your question to the forums!
  • What palmujukka said. Forums please.
  • Man, in the future I hope MS makes it's feature set release times Universal across platforms..
    I understand why iDroid gets features first (market share), but it's ridiculous to not support your own platform with top priority... Granted the W10 app will most definitely be better, but it would be nice if it was better first.... If anything for marketing reasons.
  • I must agree with you. It is rather disrespectful to yourself and loyal supporters receive updates and services after everyone else.
  • Microsoft is doing good enough for his mobile OS, market share of Windows phone will raise up to 8-10% in 2016, you will see
  • Boy, I hope you're right... That would be big time... But, I'm mainly speaking for W10 as a whole on this one.
  • Not only as a whole but as a philosphy. Windows should always be first. Heck it'll even serve as marketing. I remember Tech sites raving about Office Lens but it was for Windows Phone only. Then when MS made it available for everyone, they already knew what it was and were familiar with it. A potential headline along the lines of , "MS releases awesome OneDrive app, ios/Android to follow".  
  • And how do you want them to make Universal apps if Windows 10 hasn't even been released. I mean, do you even use logic when you type a comment? or maybe you have been paying attention too much to news on tv about cops and shootings and all that it fried your brain? Android gets feature because it's not a preview OS that will change how things work. do you think you can develop a Windows 10 app and run it on Windows 8? just look at Audible, they removed it because they know they have to move forward. but please next time use logic, and understand not everyone wants to use a unfinished buggy OS (especially on phones) just to be able to use the cool office apps and mail app and other universal apps that are part of this Microsoft vision. so again, how do you want Microsoft to develop and release Windows 10 apps if a small percent of people will use it? and why do you want Microsoft to develop apps for Windows 8 if it's a "dying" platform since Windows 10 is free for phones and desktop and tablets. do you think that even makes sense? waste resources and time giving Windows 8 features that will not matter when 10 is released? again, use your brain nexttime and understand. if Microsoft is "reseting" their vision once again, with this one platform and one store and all. they have to wait for the final OS to be launched to really give frecuent and new features to consumers. just look at Flagship phones, they haven't even been released because why? there is no windows 10 yet. and Windows 10 is the future, is the same case, you can't release real apps, real updates or flagship phones if Windows 10 is not being released until July - November (phones and desktops). Microsoft have a top priority and is called Windows 10. I thought it was clear? you know how many windows 10 users will it have at lunch for desktop and when it's released for phones? (especially being free) so you can't expect any top priority for Windows 8. not anymore.
  • WE ARE TALKING ABOUT THE FUTURE, AND W10❗ Nobody expects this now, and nobody is talking about W8... SMDH. Are you replying on the right thread❓
    What are YOU talking about❓ Anyways,,,
    Dude, I'm warning you... Never reply to any of my comments again... Any further communication from you I will consider harassment, and you will be reported... I suggest when you see my user name you ignore it... Starting now.
  • Here I thought Windows 10 will have OneDrive integrated within the OS, no app needed. This is great news.
  • It will.. It's gonna be the same as it is now, except the app will be universal... The TP still has OneDrive built in just like W8.
  • I think the word you need to get familiar with is System App. actually because this new universal system app wont be out yet the current plan for Windows 10 is to have Onedrive integrated into the File Explorer. So yes, it is now, more than ever, very integrated lol I mean the cloud icon is always on my taskbar its a system service. Not sure what you mean?
  • Just make it better than dropbox and I'll use it...
  • Backwards compatible with Windows 8.1/RT? I guess not according to Gabe's recent tweet. Not good news for users that don't upgrade to Windows 10 and want the new universal apps.
  • The normal OneDrive app will be left behind on 8.1 and will almost certainly still work. But the idea of Universal apps is core to Windows 10 - if you don't upgrade, you can't expect many new features like this to come your way. That said, Microsoft might create a way, but I'm sure they'd rather use any time, money and resources on Windows 10.
  • Windows phone ?
  • OneDrive on Windows 10 preview for PC's have been a complete step backwards, and unusable.. Missing all key features like on-line only folders. I'm glad they're bringing this universal apps just hope it has all the features from Windows 8.1 with the addition of adding shared folder support.
  • iOS and Android first that is the only thing I can read on this slide.
  • Same here, the only mention of Windows 10 is the universal app coming in Q4 2015.
  • You read right, because that is exactly the one basic, important message.
  • "Read only offline files" Seems interesting ....
  • Popular snake game comes to WP on may 14
  • What is "expiration of anonymous shares"?   Does that mean you won't be able to share using a public link (one that doesn't require the intended user of the file to have a Onedrive account) anymore?
  • Or does this mean that you can set anonymous shares up to expire after a time or after a access count... take a guess
  • There is alot of IOS and android words in here ....
  • Would anyone be able to tell me what are "read-only offline files" in more details? files offline as in not synced on the laptop, or offline as in downloaded to the device for offline viewing? I really enjoy Windows 8.1, but I also appreciate changes coming with Windows 10, but OneDrive is what will prevent me from upgrading my Surface Pro as soon as W10 becomes available (I'll probably upgrade with the free offer but not straight away) - I have almost 200GB of files in OneDrive, and i can't and don't want to sync everything to my Surface Pro That said, i'll upgrade my non-touch laptop (currently running W10 IP) as soon as the upgrade is available/continue to use and provide feeback with Windows Insider
  • I have a win8 tablet and when I check "Access all my OneDrive files offline" they never become offline. Also, after I select few items and press Make offline, this shows up >>THE AVAILABILITY STATUS COULDN'T BE CHANGED. We couldn't apply your changes at this time. Please try again later
  • It seems Win10 for phones will not land on our existing phones until Q1 2016.
  • Rome isn't built in a day
  • in the state it is in you don't want it near your phone until them .... a bunch of the new features are tied to new hardware too so you'll want to buy a new phone anyways 
  • One drive crashes on windows 10 non stop for me
  • that would make sense 
  • It seems that MS is pushing us to abandon the WP platform. Okay Dear Ms., the message is received loud and clear, I just change my lumia and I'll make sure you don't use and advise whatever your product. Dear Ms. have created the best mobile OS, but with your abusive commercial policy to your clients, you're destroying. SHAME MS even a child would understand some things, if you want to make money you have to believe in your products and make them unique and do not develop and make things better for competition. To never again MS.
  • This is the kind of crap that makes me quesiton the focus and management within Microsoft. We're talking a summer release for Windows 10. However, we're going to get an incomplete OS. Then we're talking a fall release for phones, because Microsoft decided to release the OS before it was finsihed for all device. We've also got an unannounced launch date for the Xbox One, because Microsoft is again not getting things done before they announce a launch date. Now, we're hearing a fall or winter launch for OneDrive becuase it's so rushed and disjointed. Hearing how much of Windows 10 is delayed past the summer launch makes me think Microsoft's in over its head a bit. They shouldn't have promised a summer release. I'm already mad I have to wait until the 3-year mark to upgrade from a phone I wanted to replace a year ago. I don't care that much abotu the Xbox One or OneDrive updates, but it's obnoxious that Microsoft is calling this a summer launch with major features and OS releases not coming until months later. Shoot, it's allegeldy 2 months from launch, and not a peep from the Xbox Music group.
  • when you say "question" imply that you are not so sure whether management is good in this company. but you dont need to question: just look at the facts and consider history. no need to question. it is a FACT that MS is not a good company. this is a company that has always had lofty ideas and has always failed at the exectution. this is precisely why MS is in the predicament that it's in right now. why did the mobile sector pass MS by? why did MS find itself too late to the game? why did PCs take a million years to catch up to apple in terms of quality and esthetics of industrial design and in screen resolution? why does this company change camera app every few months? how does this company tout universal apps to developers and yet can't release them along with wondows 10 this "summer" ? day it's a new OS, another day is a new kernel, another day it's one OS for all devices, to be released in summer, then it became staggered after windows 10 desktop, then universal apps in Q4.....there's always an excuse to sit and wait for that elusive nirvana...
  • And it will SUCK.  The version that is on WP8 is EXCELLENT.  You can see files/folders shared with you by other people.  That's something that's NONEXISTENT on either the Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 versions.  Microsoft is going backwards.
  • Microsoft 1 step forward and 2 steps back.  No offline OneDrive stub files/folders on the roadmap as far as I can tell.    Zune: "Let's take a really amazing application that defined the Metro style and take out every single feature!" 
    OneDrive: "Let's take Live Mesh's unique ability to browse every connected computer's files and remove it without offering a replacement!  OK!  One feature down, now let's strip out the ability to browse files that are only online. Perfect! Now we have none of the great features Dropbox has but all of its drawbacks!" Microsoft is the only tech company I know of where every year their flagship products have less features than the year before.  And shockingly... less market share too. 
  • Mobile-first = iOS-first, Android-first, WP-later
  • That road map is bad news
  • They fucked it up in w10 PC and added a hamburger to the phone version, I love how it works with my 8.1 desk syncing my office and files and having it available when I want, but on w10 its an all or nothing approach, I just don't get it, can't we keep both options? I don't have a decent connection everywhere I go, I can't have it downloading everything all the time without even needing it
  • think about it, they wouldnt need a universal app sooner than q4 2015 because windows 10 phones is only coming in q4 2015. I hope its not that late but.... sigh. JUST GIVE ME MY WINDOWS 10 FLAGSHIP ALREADY.
  • Didn't Gabe say that the OneDrive is integrated into Windows 10 (Pc/Tablet) and won't become a universal app because of that?
  • That's what I thought too.  However, I think OneDrive will still be updatable (kind of like how they can update individual settings).  They are integrated into the OS but still updatable.  But yeah, I'm confused what they mean on this roadmap and also why it's not more of a priority.
  • If Windows 10 does launch in July, this would qualify for: #wtf
  • Hope they'll come up with offline sync support for shared folders sooner:/
  • This!
  • This is the #1 feature for me. I'm forced to stick with DropBox until shared folder syncing is part of OneDrive. MS prevously said this was coming soon (with Windows 10?), but I don't see it on the list above. I hope this has not changed and is not on the list only because they figure the features they did list are more exciting to more people.
  • I thought they wanted to integrate it directly into the system? No?
  • >> Microsoft plans to add a new PDF experience for its Android and iOS OneDrive apps... I sure as hell hope they plan to add a new PDF experience to OneDrive for the web because using WordOnline to open up PDF files is not cutting it.  Sure it works on a standard word file, but when you have large PDF's like Construction drawings with paper sizes of 36x48, it doesnt word.  I saw a fourm on MS's website and hundreds of people complaining about this, but nothing has been done to fix it for months and months now.   I just don't understand how shit gets out the door with huge issues like this.  The developers in that dept need to be fired, their boss needs to be fired, the bosses boss needs to be fired, as does the QA team who obviously did a poor job at testing.
  • this is the worst thing about being a windows phone user: you just wait and wait and wait....and then wait some more. one day they decide not to perfect an existing OS because they are starting from a new kernel.... another day they decide not to update because they are working on windows day, they say windows phone will come n the summer. then they say it's behind desktop in development so will come after....what's next?
  • I just have to laugh at the predictable responses here. This is what MS gets for being so open about plans and progress. They try to include the public, hoping you guys would be glad to be part of it, contribute constructively, and also understand the process. Instead, people continue to react to everything as if Win 10 wasn't still in development and completely ignoring facts surrounding news such as iOS and Android getting some updated OneDrive apps. Guess what? This isn't a case of MS playing favorites, but if your unwilling to see past your own assumption, its tough to see it.
  • I see updated sync client incoming, I am simultaneously worried and excited about that.
  • I see everything is for android and iOS! What and when its for windows phone?
  • year later... perhaps that should read Q 4 2016??