Windows 10 'Patch Tuesday' updates for March now rolling out

Windows 10 Cloud Wallpaper
Windows 10 Cloud Wallpaper (Image credit: Microsoft)

Insiders aren't the only ones in for an update today: Microsoft has also started rolling out its monthly Patch Tuesday updates for March. As with previous Patch Tuesday releases, today's patches include a number of bug fixes and security updates for Windows 10. For those on the Fall Creators Update, the March Patch Tuesday update is rolling out as KB4088776 (opens in new tab) and shifts the build number up to 16299.309. Here's a look at what's new:

What's new

  • Addresses issue where Internet Explorer stops working when using F12-based developer tools.
  • Addresses issue with printing XML documents with Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge.
  • Updates legacy Document Mode cell visibility in Internet Explorer.
  • Addresses issue with pinch and zoom gestures on some hardware in Internet Explorer.
  • Addresses issue where Internet Explorer is unresponsive in certain scenarios when a Browser Helper Object is installed.
  • Addresses issue to prevent media and other applications from becoming unresponsive or failing when upgrading graphics drivers.
  • Addresses issue where customers receive "Check your account, you don't own this content" errors when attempting to play or install owned content. This issue can also result in customers getting kicked out of a game in the middle of play.
  • Addresses issue where, after installing KB4056892,KB4073291, KB4058258, KB4077675, or KB4074588 on a server, you may not be able to access SMB shared files in directory junction points or volume mount points hosted on that server. The error is "ERROR_INVALID_REPARSE_DATA". As a result, editing some group policies using GPMC or AGPM 4.0 may fail with the error "The data present in the reparse point buffer is invalid. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80071128)".
  • Addresses issue where an AD FS server issue causes the WID AD FS database to become unusable after a restart. This might prevent the AD FS service from starting.
  • Addresses issue where, after installing KB4090913, the Mixed Reality Portal may fail to initialize. This results in an "SXXXXXXX-X" error or a "We couldn't download the Windows Mixed Reality Software" message may appear after the software is successfully downloaded.
  • Lifts the Anti-Virus (AV) compatibility check to expand the number of Windows 10 devices that are offered cumulative Windows security updates. This includes cumulative Spectre and Meltdown protections for 32-Bit (x86) and 64-Bit (x64) versions of Windows, except the KB4078130 update that was offered to disable mitigation against Spectre Variant 2.
  • Addresses issue that only affects some versions of antivirus software and only applies to computers on which the antivirus ISV updated the ALLOW REGKEY.
  • Security updates to Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Scripting Engine, Windows Desktop Bridge, Windows Kernel, Windows Shell, Windows MSXML, Device Guard, Windows Hyper-V, Windows Installer, and the Microsoft Scripting Engine.

Patch Tuesday updates are also rolling out for other supported versions of Windows, including Windows 7, Windows 8, and older Windows 10 releases. For more, you can check out the release notes for each version at Microsoft's support site (opens in new tab). Otherwise, the patches should be available via Windows Update now.

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  • Mobile too?
  • you mean android?
  • I don't think so, still not getting it!
    Also this article didn't mention mobile OS.
  • It didn't, hence the question I suspect. If it had been mentioned already in the article then asking would be a bit pointless, right?
  • not yet but should be later today 15254.311/15063.936
  • Nice. Here's hoping that Edge bug where the page opens zoomed out and unresponsive has been finally squashed, and we can view PDFs in Edge again.
  • OK folks, so many people had the previous cumulative update fail to install. Repeatedly. Also, it broke WMR so many others will have skipped it. If this is you then note that MS have rolled out Delta patches this time (just the changes since last time) and the usual cumulative version is not showing in Windows Update (yet?). If you have skipped the previous cumulative update, then the new Delta update will not show in Windows Update either as it can't work for you. So, manually download the new cumulative update version of this KB from Microsoft and apply that. This time, it should install correctly. I do hope it doesn't break WMR, I assume MS's full consumer facing department (he's called Geoff I think) was all over that...
  • Yeah, I had the problem, the previous cumulative patch failed for me, and my PC is still trying to get that one. I'll try downloading this one manually. 
  • OK, but remember your PC is still trying to install the broken patch from your Windows Update cache (I hid mine with the usual MS utility to get rid of the annoyance). You may need to make it fail to install again by rebooting via the Windows Update button before installing the new one. You may then need to disconnect the internet before it tries to redownload the failed patch whilst you're already trying to install the new one or something. You know how Windows can be if you give it an opportunity.
  • Yeah, I had to be quick after a failed reboot to run the manually downloaded patch. In all it was easier than I expected but I hope it doesn't happen again. Thanks mate!
  • I always install updates from mscatalog.
    ✅ Reliable + 💯% working
  • Maybe instead of putting "What's New" it should go under "fixes/improvements." Non of that stuff is new
  • Maybe they're planning to release RS4 for public next month. Have some Patience 😊 !
  • Geeh.. the lack of W10M update is a slap in the face. Considering the last update busted reading PDF files in Edge in unforgivable. I shouldn't lose a feature during the life of a Mobile. Poor Form Microsoft. 
  • 15254.313 is rolling out