Windows 10 Xbox app updated with LFG, Clubs and more

Alongside the big holiday update for the Xbox One, the various Xbox apps on other platforms, including Windows 10 PC and Mobile, have been updated with new features as well. Now rolling out, the update for Windows 10 brings the ability for users to participate in group chats, view their clubs and more.

Not only can you now take part in chats with other members of clubs you belong to, but you can also find and join new clubs as well. Looking for Group (LFG) on also makes it easy to quickly set up LFG posts for upcoming events and join other groups from your PC or Windows Phone. Of course, there are other minor tweaks to check out as well, such as the new Gamescore leaderboard enhancements.

For much more, be sure to check out our post on everything you need to know about the new features in todays holiday update.

Download the Xbox app for WIndows 10 (opens in new tab)

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • I was expecting party chat included in the mobile version :(
  • Mobile has this but PC does not. The change log does not state the update and there is no update for PC. The Xbox BETA app has these features only. So technically, PC does not yet have this unless you specifically use the BETA app.
  • Xbox (beta)
  • What's the difference between Xbox regular and beta app?
  • Beta gets features first, before they're finished.
  • Version number? I got it for Mobile but it seems it's not here for PC yet. Weird!
  • trump pass
  • The PC app was also updated for me yesterday morning.
  • Crash festival on both W10M and W10 (but not on iOS/Android??)! Do you have the same?
    (Open Achivements, choose any game, choose any Achivement -->  Kaboom! (on both phone and PC)
  • Not seeing the update on PC. Still at 19.22.xxxxx even after an uninstall/reinstall.
  • For people who have the Xbox app on Windows 10 Mobile, what's the current version? This Xbox Support page is listing inconsistent current version information even between regions.