Windows 11 might improve performance, but don't believe the leaked benchmarks

Windows 11 Dan Lowres Iphone
Windows 11 Dan Lowres Iphone (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

Update: Upon further review, it appears the benchmark results presented in the video are inaccurate. The tests performed on Windows 10 were done with the "Recommended" performance mode, while the Windows 11 tests were done on "High Performance." This explains the disparity in scores. While it appears there might be performance improvements coming with Windows 11, the benchmarks in this article are not an accurate representation of that. The original story has been updated to reflect these changes.

In case you didn't want to wait for Microsoft to unveil it on June 24, here's the scoop: Windows 11 is out in the wild via a leaked build. One Youtuber, Ben Anonymous, has performed benchmarks comparing Windows 10 and Windows 11, but a disparity in performance modes makes the data a wash in regards to any perceived improvements.

It's a rather long video that goes into the nitty-gritty on a whole bunch of items, ranging from 3DMark and Geekbench 5 results to basic boot speed comparisons. However, it later came out that the Windows 10 tests were performed in the "Recommended" performance mode while Windows 11 was in "High Performance" mode. That makes any comparison virtually worthless, but the tests are still interesting because they're some of the first we've seen with Windows 11.

Here are some of the highlights.

Windows 11 Pro Build 21996.1 booted 18.75% faster than Windows 10 Pro Build 19043 (13 seconds versus 16 seconds).

Windows 10 got a 3DMark score of 6,872 at 4.8GHz, hitting 92 degrees celsius on the CPU while reaching 76 degrees celsius on the GPU. Windows 11 got a score of 7,613 at 4.9 GHz. It hit 99 degrees celsius on the CPU, 78 degrees celsius on the GPU.

CrystalDiskMark, which measures SSD speed, gave these results:

  • Windows 10: Read speed of 2,930 MB/s, write speed of 3,189 MB/s
  • Windows 11: Read speed of 3,448 MB/s, write speed of 3,336 MB/s

And here's what BenAnonymous got during his Geekbench 5 testing:

  • Windows 10 managed a single-core score of 1,138, a multi-core score of 6,284, at 4.8GHz at 97 degrees celsius on its CPU
  • Windows 11 boasts a single-core score of 1,251, a multi-core score of 7,444, at 4.9GHz at 93 degrees celsius on its CPU

While comparisons based on this video can't be done because of the performance mode disparity, it still appears we'll see some improvements with Windows 11. Hot Hardware recently performed some comparison benchmarks that allude to this. However, it's worth noting that all of these tests are being done on a leaked build, and we don't know how old it is. In other words, take anything you see out of this build with a massive grain of salt.

For more Windows 11 coverage, check out our roundup of all its new content, from its startup sound to wallpapers, and be sure to give our hands-on examination of the OS a look.

Robert Carnevale

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  • Actually there are two new widget components on Windows. One is in preview in the new Edge browser, and the other is News and Interests. The old widget platform in Windows 7 was built on Internet Explorer's engine.
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  • original idea for live tiles is to deliver like widget functionality with minimum battery consumption.
  • I think this guy has the same leaked version that everyone else does.
  • It's been confirmed md5 hash check was done between the "leak" and the one that was sent out to insiders accidently a few weeks ago. It's the same version the file name has changed slightly for some but it'd the same data.
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  • Isn't Windows 11 using the latest Windows 10 insiders version? which would mean: Windows *10* to get a performance boost. Until now there is nothing indicating that Windows 11 internals is nothing more than the same Windows 10 plus extra programs like: one for a start menu, a program to simulate rounded corners, etc. The same leaked build is used justify why is deserves a next major version, but at the same time ignore the negative parts saying that is an early build. Well, it is MS.. never underestimate their capacity to deliver buggy software and bad hardware. Many articles praising Windows 11 based on a leaked build are just ruining the unannounced versions of Windows, it has become "Windows 11 is a lot more" vs "Is just Windows 10 + skin" 😅
  • Windows improving performance on existing hardware.
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