Windows 7 launching tomorrow - who's in?

Unless you've been living under a rock, you're probably well aware that Windows 7 will be officially released tomorrow, Oct. 22. For you new folks out there (and we know you're there), we've been using Windows 7 since the first beta was released in January, and it's played quite nicely with Windows Mobile. So, no worries there. No get to upgrading!

Phil Nickinson

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  • Already rolling out the RTM to all my pc's (4), sadly there's no real integration with WM 6.5 apart from syncing. Guess we have to wait for WM 8 for that :)
  • I've been running Pro for a few weeks now, thanks to my College's Academic Alliance. You need an "I already have it" option. Haha :D
  • Cant you people at WMExperts make a proper bloody poll ever its so BLOODY annoying - becaus EVERY one is going to fit into those categories ... gosh this is the second time u have dont this!!!!!!!
  • I just installed Windows 7 on my new Note/Netbook Aspire 1410 and have been running on my Wind U100--loves it. I used Vista for like 5 mins but nearly threw up. Microsoft did good with W7--optimized for smaller, older computers.
  • I been running it since mid-August, thanks to MSDNAA at my university.
  • I have been running the beta since January, and the Release Candidate since June on my 4 year old Toshiba Satellite. It really is slick! smooth even on old hardware. Definitely recommend getting it.
  • Have been using the RTM from my MSDN subscription on all my computers. This is the best OS to date, and I hope they put this much attention into WM7
  • I've been running for over 4 months now at work and on 3 different systems at home. Windows 7 is the real deal; reliable, crash-proof and easy to use. Visit our site to learn more about the Win 7 launch and get tips for upgrading your systems!