Windows Camera on PC now lets you pause video recordings

Microsoft has updated the Windows Camera app on Windows 10 PCs, adding the ability to pause your video recordings. As you record, you can now hit the pause button on the right side of the app's screen.

Posting on Reddit, a Microsoft employee said that the update would come over to mobile users soon.

You guys asked for this a little while back, both here (like /u/baconboi did on /r/windowsphone) and in the Feedback app, so I'm glad to be announcing this. Now, the update hasn't gone out to Phone quite yet, but the feature will come over soon. Actually, if you're anything like me, you use the camera on your phone more (or at least want more advanced features there) vs. the webcam on your desktop, so I understand completely.

The employee also said that the company is working on a couple of other feature requests they've received though he didn't offer any details. The Windows Camera team is also making an effort to add support for as many webcams as possible, including older web cameras without up-to-date drivers from their manufacturers.

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Source: Reddit

Joseph Keller