Windows Camera on Window 10 Mobile picks up support for Lenses

If you're a big fan of lenses in the Windows Phone 8.1 Camera app and lamented their absence from Windows 10 Mobile, today is your lucky day. An update pushed out to the Windows Camera app on Windows 10 Mobile has heralded the return of the feature to Microsoft's latest mobile OS. To access lenses, you can tap the ellipses menu in the bottom right of your screen in the Camera app. From there, tap "Lenses" and you're good to go.


For those unfamiliar with the feature, lenses in the Camera app essentially act as plugins for other photo apps. For example, after you take a photo, you can then send it out to a compatible app, such as 6tag or Bing Vision, through the lenses menu. If you're pumped for the return of lenses, you can pick up the update from the Windows Store at the link below.

Download Windows Camera from the Windows Store

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