Windows Camera on Windows 10 Mobile will recognize your face

The latest incarnation of Windows Camera on the Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview has with it a nifty addition for the selfie aficionado. It will now recognize your face when using the front facing camera.

The stock Lumia Camera app in Windows Phone 8.1 doesn't do this but when you fire it up in Windows Camera you'll see a big yellow box outlining your mug.

It's going to be more important to some, than others, but it's another example of how Microsoft is steadily refining its apps, services and its OS. The latest build of the Windows 10 Mobile preview is easily the best yet (we'd hope that newer builds are better than older ones, right?) and little features like this certainly don't hurt.

To try it yourselves you'll need to grab the Windows Camera app from Store (Beta) on your Windows 10 Mobile device. For more on the latest build be sure to check out our hands-on at the link below.

Windows Camera

This image just isn't suitable for the front page. So it was buried here. We don't take good selfies. Or any selfies, really.

Thanks to everyone who tipped us!

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  • Nice!
  • Finally gave up on the preview this morning. My Lumia920 downloaded the lastest update successfully but somehow just kept on failing to install. It starts with the spinning gears and ends with a sad face smiley :( then it repeats again and again and again. Restored it to 8.1 again and guess I'll wait till it gets released. Feel sad but no option.
  • yes the same thing happens to me on my L920. In Syrian Republic.  so is it an issue with L920 or any other Insiders Have these Proplem ?? 
  • Same here on my L920. Downgraded to 8.1
  • I don't have problem to install latest preview on my L920.
  • Given that the 920 and 820 are stable mates of the same gen handsets, you might not be missing anything. Since this update, compared to the last build, is absolutely awful. Even after soft reset, no better still after hard reset. May now try install of 8.1 and then w10 again. From the last build which was very stable, this current build has returned disappearing keyboards, flashing from action centre when pulled down. Cortana won't with at all, and apps won't update. It's a real mess. Now to start sifting through and sending feedback... Of which their will be alot. Felt very positive about last build, but can't understand why it falls so short on my device!
  • The 925 is closer to the 920 than the 820 is, and it's working like a dream on mine.
  • All is good for me and my 920, installed just fine, works like a charm, aside from Cortana not speaking ))
  • oh man, instead of playing with your Lumia smartphone and Win10 Mobile you should grab AK/RPG and kick the shit out of ISIS assholes. Can you do it for us please?
  • The Kurds and the Syrian Government are way ahead of that. Truth be told unfortunately Turkey is allowing ISIS to easily cross into Syria furthering the destabilization of the country. God bless for those in Syria. Grab some Nokia's and barrel drop them. The won't survive :D Posted via the Windows Central App on my Lumia 640 XL
  • it's good to hear that.
  • Had same issue with my 735. There is solution hidden deep into our forums. If you flash back using WPRT and then try on a fresh 8.1.X build, Windows Insider will download perfectly fine and install too. What doesn't work with some phones is SD card. If you remove SD card (I know for 920 it won't be the case anyway) - it will work.
  • No issue here on my 920, 1020, 930, 520/521 and 635. Had this happen though to my 1520, but going back to 8.1 and to the latest update worked out much better.
  • I was playing FIFA yesterday and pointed the camera to the players running on the field. It recognized their faces
  • I don't quite understand the point of this. I know what my face looks like.
  • Face recognition can be used to assist auto-selfies, which sounds odd now that I typed it.
  • Which Lumia Selfie can do for a while (with the rear shooter). It's just implementing numerous camera apps into one. Not that it's a bad thing.
  • It's a very good thing! It was about time :P
  • I'd love to see the Lumia Refocus app's capabilities added to the standard camera app.
  • how do I install windows camera. the store beta says its installed but when I look for the recent installs it doesn't show up at all
  • It might be simply the camera app in the list which is the default camera
  • Or give crooked cops access to your device. I'm sticking with my pin.
  • But I have face recognition on my HTC8X running windowsphone 8.1. Any difference?
  • That does sound odd, especially if it only uses the FFC, but it would be nice to unlock your phone with it. Which apparently is not an option yet?
  • May be it focuses automatically on face. But in previous version we weren't able to focus.
    Edit: Just a wild guess :P
  • I don't know of any Lumia which can focus its front cameras. I thought they were all fixed focus.
  • You know there's going to be new phones running this stuff, right?
  • And you know some people use rear camera, right?
  • Well it's a more safe and secure login that password and finger print.
  • Maybe its just a glimpse of Windows Hello on Windows 10 Mobile....
  • Face recognition is used for auto focus.
  • It's to remind you of how unconditional a mothers love is ;)
  • If you smell what the Microsoft is Cooking.....;)
  • they want to France us!
  • Let me lay the smacketh down on you Jabroni
  • Nice selfie
  • Only ours?? With Back Camera??
  • +"Cortana, why girls always turn me down?"
    -"Let me see... I can see why"
  • Lol
  • hahahaha.. xD
  • A question I'd never ask since I'm happily married with a wonderful baby boy. But hey, if you're shallow enough to ask questions like that, who am I to stop you!
  • Touchy touchy! Must be a requirement to work at WC...
  • Lol!
  • Pedo alert
  • "Hey Chief...maybe you should put the helmet back on."
  • Time to catch creepy ghosts in the dark behind you.
  • lol well said
  • This reminded me the old years, when I used to use picasa on windows XP to organize my pictures... it was pretty scary to find weird faces hidding in the corners of the photos every now and then
  • Lol that poster in the background
  • Victoria Justice I think
  • That selfie was good though. Better than what I take, lol.
  • Facial recognition to unlock the phone coming soon?
  • One can hope. Windows Hello !
  • Windows Hello you mean? It must be in works.
  • Maybe, but not with existing hardware. A single camera can easily be fooled by an image of your face.
  • an IR camera could do it
  • Did they rename the old Lumia camera app as windows camera? Because I sure as hell don't like the sound of windows camera. Might as well stick with 'camera' only. But cool. All these new features are watering my mouth.
  • Microsoft might be rebranding Lumia Camera to Windows Camera. In Windows 10 Mobile Build 10149 if you search for Lumia Camera in the Store Beta, you would get the Windows Camera instead.
  • Windows Camera is the new stock camera app.
  • Recognize your face means any face or all the faces or mobile owner's face? Which one will be highlighted with yellow box? A bit confused here..
  • Any face. As long as it looks like a face. Even if its not a face.
  • Something point and shoot cameras have had for a while
  • I only have one face. I'm not sure how I can test anything else.
  • Invite some friends over? Just a thought.
  • A lot of work for very little reward. My friends have lives, and jobs, and families to spend their Sundays with!
  • Try this on football fans ,on Tv
  • I think this is more accurately called Facial Detection. "Recognition" connotes awareness of *who* is in front of the camera, not just that there is a face there.
  • Did I read a mention of Windows Hello or have I started imagining stuff?
  • It's coming my friend
  • Windows Hello isn't just seeing your face in front of a camera. It uses special hardware.
  • Saw this news days ago
  • Yeah it was on WMPU
  • "We don't take good selfies"? Daniel might concur... lol.
  • I guess it can take the shot when you wink, or tell you if someone is not fitting the frame? tag faces automatically?
  • My 720 doesn't support this on 8.0 but on 10 even my front camera supports this
  • This is new my friend , came with this build
  • Is 'cause some Lumias have this since 8.0 (Lumia 1020, I think)
  • The store on Mobile looks good, and that selfie looks even better.
  • I don't understand the use really? Is this different than the focus boxes on faces when shooting normal pictures?
  • Same, but on FFC.
  • Ok so the only news is that now the front camera does this too.
  • Yup, that's it.
  • So many new features!!! I hope Microsoft is not going to release What's new list while releasing Windows 10 mobile... otherwise....
  • When we can expect hdr options?
  • There is only already, rich capture
  • Lol, I guess this is to auto assist those using them annoying self sticks?
    Also Windows Camera lol? Seriously Microsoft?
    What's wrong with just calling it "Camera" and be done with it. Just like they shorten xbox video to "video", xbox music to "music". As it makes it feel more normal:
    "Hey, Cortana"
    "Launch Camera" As opposed to: "Hey, Cortana" "Launch Windows Camera".
  • I agree
  • Saying launch camera still works the same you know.
  • The app is still listed as Camera in app list.. At least try yourselves before making an un-necessary stupid comment ...
  • I guess this app will later be be use for security. Blackberry Z10 is using that for unlocking and should it happen with Windows Phone devices.
  • This is the first build I'm using in my Lumia 830. But yesterday was the first time I use the Lumia Camera app with the build and the performance was so bad! Taking a lot to open, crashing many times, sometimes even when I shot one picture. Someone else is facing this also?
  • Um it's already in Lumia Camera o believe in WP 8.1.
  • Insiders preview is for users feedback to Microsoft . Still unfinished, and Flagship unreleased. So if you're not Inputting your feedback directly to Microsoft, you're defeating the purpose. How many of you are ready to purchase the Windows 10 Mobile Flagship device when released? I know I am, and I just got the branded Microsoft phone called Microsoft Lumia 640 . Lumia 635 will keep this phone as a collectors item and use for a dedicated connection to my Xbox one smart glass app
  • Is it an updated face recognition or its kinda face lock feature?
  • Getting ready for Iris scanning. Maybe a facial recognition system at some point,that's why they really came up with the How Old website. I don't know,just wishful thinking?
  • This is all good and dandy for the selfy obsessed, My concern with windows phone is will it work for log in so i can ditch my password and use facial recognition as there has been no mention of a finger print scanner for any premium model. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • This image just isn't suitable for the front page. So it was buried here. We don't take good selfies. Or any selfies, really. XD
  • Wish it could sort pictures by faces, like if I take a photo of my daughter, place that picture in her folder. If there are alot of faces put those in position folder. Would be nice way to sorry images.
  • I'd rather they didn't.
  • Selfie lol but it should use to unlock the phone.
  • Lol that selfie face! Love it X-D
  • The Microsoft Camera app is the only one that I can get to record video oon my 1520 running this build. The Lumia Camera app freezes each time the record button is pressed.
  • I like the feature on Android but could use some work. Great for it to come to Windows. Posted via the Windows Central App on my Lumia 640 XL
  • The problem is almost every Lumia front facing camera only 1.2mp.
  • I love my Lumia 630⁉ Hakuna matata....
  • Windows Phone has been freakishly good at this. I've been photographing my CD covers before selling them on, and I was amazed at the faces the camera was picking out. Some really abstract ones with overlaid textures and cut-up art really surprised me, but it would also pick up Ghostface Killah's face on the cover of Supreme Clientele:    That's pretty weird, considering his face is obscured by the mic and his hand, he's wearing sunglasses, and his hat is both cutting off and altering the shape of his face. I've had quite a lot like this. I've gone through hundreds of photos this way, and so far it hasn't falsely selected a face even once. If it's a drawing, the software knows not to pick it up, and yet broken graphics with some element of a photo among the layers still works.
  • It works with the main camera too, by the way, and not only with the front facing one
  • This Windows Camera app sucks on my 1520.. It has lines going through the photos and camera while taking a photo. It lags bigtime and is slow for some reason even after multiple resets. Anyone else have this problem?
  • Lame... I thought they were actually talking about recognizing my pers