Windows Camera on Windows 10 Mobile will recognize your face

The latest incarnation of Windows Camera on the Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview has with it a nifty addition for the selfie aficionado. It will now recognize your face when using the front facing camera.

The stock Lumia Camera app in Windows Phone 8.1 doesn't do this but when you fire it up in Windows Camera you'll see a big yellow box outlining your mug.

It's going to be more important to some, than others, but it's another example of how Microsoft is steadily refining its apps, services and its OS. The latest build of the Windows 10 Mobile preview is easily the best yet (we'd hope that newer builds are better than older ones, right?) and little features like this certainly don't hurt.

To try it yourselves you'll need to grab the Windows Camera app from Store (Beta) on your Windows 10 Mobile device. For more on the latest build be sure to check out our hands-on at the link below.

Windows Camera

This image just isn't suitable for the front page. So it was buried here. We don't take good selfies. Or any selfies, really.

Thanks to everyone who tipped us!

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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