New Windows Central App update delivers more reliable Live Tiles, stability

Hot on the heels of yesterday's feature update to the Windows Central app comes a quick bug-fixing one. Build 37 should be rolling out to the Store now and with it comes some significant (we hope) stability fixes for those with lower memory devices.

Update: For some users still experiencing issues, we encourage you to uninstall the app and reinstall this new version as that seems to fix some crashes that we have not documented.

Update 2: We're pushing a hot-fix (build 38) for when a phone is in Airplane Mode and it crashes. It should be live soon.

Here is what you can look for in the latest release.

Windows Central App Build 37 (1.1.37) 38 1.1.38

  • Live Tile works for real
  • Fixed crashing issue related to database access
  • Fixed crashing issues in comments
  • Fixed large font on Live Tile for non-HDPI devices
  • Fixed app crashing in Airplane Mode/No data connection scenario

While we have noted similar fixes in the past, Daniel Gary and his team have worked diligently to find some persistent errors that caused Live Tile instability (e.g. they stop working) and general application crashing. While we can't guarantee anything, we're feeling very confident that this update will solve a lot of problems for some users.

As always, if you do encounter some bugs or crashing, please report it to our Windows Central UserVoice page so we can try to reproduce the scenario on our end.

Likewise, if you find this build to be stable, and it fixes your issues we always encourage you to leave a review in the Store (or revise a previous review if you had problems that were fixed). Store ratings and reviews greatly help our app's visibility in the Store so if you want to thank us, that is the best way!

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Daniel Rubino

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