Windows Community Toolkit 6 arrives with ARM64 support, new controls, and more

Windows Community Toolkit 6.0
Windows Community Toolkit 6.0 (Image credit: Microsoft)

Developers, say hello to new controls, XAML Islands, ARM64 support, and more.

What you need to know

  • Windows Community Toolkit version 6.0 is now out for developers.
  • This update brings ARM64 support, new controls and helpers, and more.
  • Developers can check out Windows Community Toolkit 6.0 on GitHub now.

Microsoft today announced the release of Windows Community Toolkit 6.0. The latest update to the open-source toolkit for developers packs several additions, including ARM64 support, new controls, and XAML Islands improvements.

The major highlight of this release is that developers can now target ARM64 with Windows Community Toolkit. This opens up development potential for Windows 10 on ARM PCs, including the new Surface Pro X, which just launched this month.

You'll also get access to a new eye dropper control to add a new mode of color selection to your apps. Version 6.0 includes a preview of XAML Graph Controls as well, allowing developers to tap into the Microsoft Graph for creating "rich data and user connected experiences."

If you want to take a deeper dive into all of what's new, you can check out Microsoft's blog post or the full release notes. Otherwise, developers can get started with Windows Community Toolkit 6.0 at GitHub now.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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