Windows Insider Program gets its own community-focused podcast

Windows 10 Wallpaper
Windows 10 Wallpaper (Image credit: Microsoft)

Windows Insiders were treated to a pair of new builds today, but tucked away in that announcement was another for the larger Insider community. In an effort to keep Insiders updated on the goings-on of the overall community, Insider chief Dona Sarkar announced the inaugural episode of the official Windows Insider podcast.

For its first episode, the podcast features Sarkar and host Thomas "Tomcat" Trombley talking about the Insiders for Good program. From the description:

On this inaugural episode, host Thomas "Tomcat" Trombley explores how Insiders for Good helps people transform their passion for tech into their superpower. Dona Sarkar, Head of the Windows Insider Program and overall Renaissance woman, teaches us how to use technology for the betterment of humanity. Then hear from one of the 25 winners of the first Insiders for Good Fellowship about how he puts power into the hands of the people of Nigeria (solar power, that is).

Curiously, this episode is actually dated March 28, but was only announced along with the release of today's builds. It's not clear how often episodes might air, but they should offer an interesting look at what's going on with the Windows Insider community going forward. To listen, you can head to the podcast website or tune in below.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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