Windows Insiders will be able to upgrade to Windows 10 RTM for free

Head of Windows Insiders Gabriel Aul has confirmed on Twitter that all members in the program using the Windows 10 Technical Preview (or the Insider Preview as it is now called) will be able to upgrade to the RTM build of Windows 10 for free.

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There isn't a mention as to when Windows will go RTM (Release to manufacturing), although it has been suggested that we'll see the build released to OEM vendors sometime in the month of June, allowing machines with the new OS to be available in time for the back to school season.

Source: Twitter (Gabe Aul)

Thanks Sachinmeet, Nicholas and Adam!

Harish Jonnalagadda
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  • No wonder, it's coming from you! :P
  • I had windows 10 on my lappy earlier and now I opted out...will I still get RTM copy?? Cus I'm still an insider ryt?
  • Can't upgrade what's not there.
  • It is not that important. You have win 7 or 8.1 right? Then you can get it for free.
  • Well thats not known for sure. Initially it seemed true, but when ppl have parsed the wording there are a number of parts that could limit or invalidate the supposed 'freeness' of the 7/8/8.1 to 10 for free offer. I'm not sure about 7 (because everyone liked it) but MS would be nuts if they didn't give every 8/8.1 owner a free upgrade to 10.
  • No, it is really known for sure, considering they have said so many many times. If you own a valid key to windows 7/8/8.1 you will have a year to redeem a copy of windows 10 for free.
  • even Pirated copys  get it free
  • pirated copies can get it but they will still get the invalid key messages and will have the same issues they had before.
  • Gabe clarified pirate users do not get it free.   Pirates of XP (and others) need to join the Windows Insider then they get it free.
  • @Geo - wrong!
  • Where do you hear such rubbish. If you have it from a reliable source please share it with us. This is the real thing: If you have a pirated copy or a copy which is activated through KMS or other acivators you will be able to sign up for the upgrade and upgrade....but then you will get a watermark telling you the version of Windows 10, and it's an evaluation copy. You CAN NOT ACTIVATE a pirated copy. Your Windows 8.1 or Windows 7 key will be validated through the upgrade and stored in Windows Store. If it fails you will get the watemark, and even if you find an app that will remove the watermark your copy will remain unactivated. You must have a legit key for either Windows 7 or 8.1 in order to complete the upgrade with activation. There will be NO key for Windows 10 released through the upgrade. If you after the uppgrade want to do a clean install, there will be a RTM iso available to do that. BUT you will not be prompted to put in a key. It will be activated through Windows Store.
  • It's actually been advertized by MS. 7/8/8.1 users get it free.
  • There are 2 versions Windows 10 and Windows Phone 10 , you must be from the future.
  • From a marketing perspective, it's one Windows that can scale to the desktop, TV, tablet, phone and IoT. But for the purposes of the article: This applies to Windows 10 for desktops, tablets and laptops. (Phone is irrelevant seeing as it always receives OS updates at no additional cost).
  • There's likely to be a lot more than two versions, for a start you forgot about the IoT platform. Then there is the whole Pro/Enterprise/"With Bing" varients as well which I assume MS will continue.
  • Those are not versions however those are SKU's -- very different. The PC build, the phone build, and the xbox build. Same OS just different modules (much more complicated than that but to simplify) they share the same kernel, the kernel adapts, and the Windows team just develops the different parts of the OS for each build. The IoT is a different OS, same kernel but it doesn't get User Mode from Windows NT, it is Executive>Kernel Mode> Hardware. but all of these systems will be running the Windows NT kernel :) that's the real MVP lol
  • Thats exactly what i said lol i wrote the first part about the SKU in reply to anthony when he wrote about "Pro, enterprise edition, With Bing"
  • oooh... I like that one. It's more polite than asking someone if they've been living under a rock.... Or a cave :-D
  • ... and IoT
    ... and win10 for xbox
    So I guess that makes 4 right there.
  • Totally.!! I had windows Vista on my laptop before upgrading to windows 10 and was worried that when RTM comes out I would be stuck with Vista again. Thank god for this. :D
  • Why would you thank "god" for this? Thank Microsoft instead :)
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  • Actually a couple comments up he called someone a noob. May not be a big deal at all, but it's still derogatory. Doesn't really befit a true humanitarian.
  • I think he even did not post his 1st reply as derogatory remark.
    Pity on the person who got offended by a comment in good humor and started this.
  • When it's completely unrelated to the subject matter in a tech thread, it is crass, inappropriate, and is merely preaching a viewpoint while using the thread as a soapbox.
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  • I usually say "Thank Fuck". I actually hate it when people say TGIF (Thank God It's Friday), when it should be TFIF (Thank Fuck It's Friday) :P
  • How did you get 10 on vista?
  • I had to install windows 7 Pro first as a trial then upgraded to 10. :) ..
  • Nope you'll be back to Vista.  He just clarified that question exactly:
    You'll have to be upgrading from a system with a valid license for 7 or 8.x
  • Oh damn. That's too bad.!! But I will find a work around. Lol. But I pity the two people above squandering around on a comment that is more or less useless now. :P ..
  • They will rush to release for the school season and just continue to make It better and better
  • Win10 can run freely in Lumia 525
  • Lol this for desktops this is not for phone
  • However, I strongly belive phone users, insider or not, will get the update for their phone for free also.. :-)
  • It is free anyway for 8/8.1 anyway, for the first year.
  • It's free for 7 and 8.1 only. If you still have Win 8 you have to upgrade to 8.1 first.
  • Yes but I think much later then the rtm for desktops
  • Damn thats sounds cool!
  • RTM means permanent licensed version?
  • RTM means release to manufacturing. In short: Yes :)
  • So is it free to everyone? Anyone can download tech preview now and upgrade to licensed version for free?
  • Yes. But w10 is free for the most people any way the first year of its release. ---
    This is important for tp users because they don't have to rollback to a w7/8 to get w10.
  • It is not free - the upgrade from a previous version makes it free in the first year. This also seems to include Win10Technical Preview on top of Win 7 8 and 8.1
  • Yes, it is free. Unless for some reason you'd wait for 12 months before upgrading. And why would you?
  • No, it will not bring a free lifetime license. As MS has already said, Windows 10 will come in an Office 365 like subscription model and this refers it to being free for the first year; after which people will be asked to subscribe. I am sure permanent licenses will still exist, but they will mostly be for OEMs, enterprises etc.
  • When did they say that? I remember there were rumors of that, but MS never said that they were. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Microsoft has NEVER said you will need to subscribe to Windows.
  • No. Once you upgrade, you can keep it forever. There is no subscription fee after first year.
  • There is no such comment made my MS. Don't confuse people.
  • Umm, they told in January the exact opposite, that W10 won't be a subscription model year after it's launch and you can read it here And I surfed around the net to see if what you're claiming is true, all I found is that they still don't know what kind of payment they'll use
  • What are you talking about? This has been clarified noumerous times! 1) If you upgrade your Win7, Win8, Win8.1 from predicted RTM date (let's say...) July 2015 to July 2016 than you get a full licence with unlimited upgrades for the expected lifetime of the PC you installed it on (typical OEM license). It's FOREVER. But NOT tranferable to another PC. This was only an option for BOXED versions of Windows and you needed to unlicence your old PC before transfering the license to the new PC. 2) If you are a cheapscape pirate you WILL GET upgraded to FULL Win10, but your copy will still report that you DON'T HAVE a legit license. This will have no additional effect on the functionallity of your Windows. This is mostly to protect users from scam PC builders. If you are an enthousiast that (still) builds your own desktop rig and willingly install win10 without a license, then you are in a rapidly decreasing minority and MS won't bother with you. You know you don't have a license and that's that. 3) After the free upgrade offer ends, almost every PC will be a laptop/tablet and these already come with Windows (with the non-transferable OEM license) so there really won't be anyone to buy boxed copies. 4) If you are a company then, well, you are not, so stop worrying. :)
  • Doesn't make sense. They have clearly said Windows 10 will be the last major version of windows with incremental updates going forward.
    Now, if I install Windows 10 on my PC for free, will I get Windows for free with updates the rest of my life? What does expected lifetime of a PC mean? I can keep upgrading parts and keep my PC up to date forever.
    Won't this apply to almost everyone? Who will even pay for Windows anymore? Another option is, everyone gets Windows 10 for free, forever,but to get updates after the first year, you have to pay/subscribe?
  • OEMs pay for Windows. And even for them the cost will gradually get lower and lower. In the times we live, Android and ChromeOS is free and the App Store is where you make tha money. Additionally, MS is now a hardware vendor, like Apple, and similarly the upgrades come for free.
  • Yes, current projections seem to indicate that's the direction Microsoft is headed. Make it available for "free" to the end user, get them using Microsoft products, services, etc., make money that way. After all, Microsoft still profits from OEM licenses, enterprise deals, Office 365, ad revenue, app store revenue (Yes, it's pitiful now, but once millions of users are suddenly running a shiny new copy of Windows 10...), etc. As such, it makes sense for Microsoft to go at it this way. Get users to love Windows, and they'll be happier to use it in a cooperate environment (Where the real $$$ is). Yes, it's true Microsoft has been considering a subscription model, and it is true they have stated this is their "last OS." But they have NOT stated anywhere that a user will be required to purchase a subscription to continue using Windows. And quite to the contrary, they very clearly stated that upgrading within the first year would score you a valid, retail copy of a license, good for the lifetime of the OS. It seems they're adopting an Apple-like model, which technically has been on OS X 10 for years, with smaller, annual .1 incremental updates. In recent years, these small updates have been made at no additional cost to the user. That is the direction Microsoft is (seemingly) headed.
  • 1. Yes you will get the updates for FREE forever (until your PC reaches its end)
    2. Expected life time for a PC means the estimated life of the PC, for example: Your PC has an estimated life of 5yrs, if u bought it on 2005 then theyd expect that on 2010 either it will be unusable or will still work but estimated life is just an estimation (u dont say) of the device.
    3. You can upgrade and keep parts forever (but i doubt that you and your device will last forever) and yes it applies to everyone
    4. People who will buy a new PC will pay for it, only those who upgrade will get it for free (for the first year of release of course)
  • Merely installing Windows 10 Insider Preview and getting it updated to RTM version of Windows 10 won't do any good, as you'll still need a valid license of Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 to get it activated. Once you get your Windows 10 copy activated within the first 12 months of RTM release, you'll be getting the updates as they come. But you format your PC, change the core hardwares like Motherboard or CPU after that 12 months, you will loose the opportunity of the free upgrade. That's what the expected lifetime of a PC means. 
  • Right now the key on my system is the generic Windows TP key. When RTM comes along, won't MS ask us to enter the Win 7/8/8.1 key that we have, to at least have some idea of who is running a valid copy and who isn't ?
  • Merely installing Windows 10 Insider Preview and getting it updated to RTM version of Windows 10 won't do any good, as you'll still need a valid license of Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 to get it activated. Once you get your Windows 10 copy activated within the first 12 months of RTM release, you'll be getting the updates as they come. But you format your PC, change the core hardwares like Motherboard or CPU after that 12 months, you will loose the opportunity of the free upgrade. That's what the expected lifetime of a PC means.
  • Yes, it applies to almost everyone. But very very few actually do that
  • When you buy a new device with Windows, you are indirectly paying for a new license for Windows.  The OEMs pay Microsoft for Windows.  If you can keep your existing machines running for the rest of your life, then you will get updates.  Of course, there will be new features over time that would require new hardware for you to take advantage of, Windows Hello being an example of one coming to Windows 10 that you would likely need to buy a new machine to use.
  • If you are part of the tech preview / insider programe Gabe said in a message from twitter it's Free for ever for sticking with it.
  • So this has become the new "go to" trolling point
  • No. They said its free to upgrade for the first year, to encourage enterprises to upgrade and ttyl encourage early adoption. Microsoft's new strategy relies on everyone having windows 10. After the first year, people will have to buy it like everyone else.
  • The free for the first year doesn't really impact enterprises.  Most corporations have upgrade rights in their service agreements with Microsoft called Software Assurance (not just for Windows).  So, they can upgrade for "free" to Windows 10 at any point, assuming they continue to pay their annual contracts.  Microsoft did trademark the Windows 365 brand.  This is probably where they would use the brand, replacing the Software Assurance brand.  However, it wouldn't be anything necessarily new.  it will be interesting to see if or how they use the Windows 365, but I don't expect to see them use it for consumers.  Windows 10 should remain free for consumers.
  • Just stop it with this BS. Not only have they never stated that would be the case. But, at build they stated just the oppisit. More over it would be entirely illegal to switch someone from a permanent license to a subscription without telling them first.  
  • You're so full of shit and like 3 months behind on news.  
  • They never said that.  In fact, they said the exact opposite.  Stop spreading false information.  If you don't upgrade from Windows 7/8 within the first year, there will be a cost to upgrade.  They haven't said what that cost will be.  However, they have never said that Windows will be subscription based.  They are obviously charging subscriptions for Office, XBox memberships, Music, etc, but those are services on top of Windows. That is where they will be making their money off of Windows.
  • You might wanna provide a link to a claim like that. I believe I've seen MS even say just the opposite.
  • I'm not sure where you saw/read that. I think you are misinterpreting "in the first year".
  • Look Gabe has said it's free to technical preview// Insider His Twitter message said FREE FREE.
  • Just gimme the freakin statement by Microsoft now.
  • To make sure its fit for purpose and not another vista lol
  • And what if it was fresh install?
  • I just wonder, Why did the mention RTM version instead of full version/final version/licensed version.???
  • RTM is a full version. There are 2 "full licensed versions" OEM and RTM. Typically OEM is what companies like Dell buy so they can load the OS on the computer, RTM is what consumers buy for upgrading or loading a new OS.
  • Thanks. Makes sense.
  • It's free for 7 and 8.1 only. If you still have Win 8 you have to upgrade to 8.1 first, and it is only free for 1 year.
  • Where do you get your information? Like with a link, not an interpretation. From my understanding, it is a gratis upgrade as long as you complete the upgrade within the first 12 months of release. I don't think that the upgrade "expires" after 12 months of installation. If you have some verifiable information that says otherwise, I'd be interested in reading it.
  • I think this makes sense. Insiders will always have beta builds, ahead of everybody. You can't really update to a stable version of the OS and stop there. Automatic updates on insider builds are always ON. I'm sure that there will be a way to break updates, but not in the broad sense of stuff.
  • Free upgrade does not mean permanent license
  • Yeah it kind of does.
  • Can't wait to get it!
  • Does that mean MS is giving everyone in the program a free license? That does not sound correct.  
  • Even I'm Confused. Can anyone confirm this?
  • W10 is free for those with w7/8 the first year. Users with the tp are loyal users so they would always update any way to w10.
  • So a person on xp, who is an insider gets the genuine windows 10 for free!?
  • That's how I understand it
  • From what I know, RTM version of Windows will not recieve the updates after RTM. Hence, your stuck with it. I am pretty sure, that a ton of stability updates will rollout after RTM. Basically, no one will get a true free copy of Windows 10, but for anyone who's upgrading its free.
  • WHAT!? they did the same thing with win7 when win8 came out. if you bought a computer with win7 within a certain period you got win8 discounted or free when it was rtm and um i received and STILL receive updates. I want to say I previewed win8 but then again it could've been win8.1 that was previewed i dont remember but I have a valid copy with key and all
  • As long as the current copy of winows 8 is original, your windows 10 ready.
  • What you say has no logic what so ever. So you say MS wont give updates to TP users once they update to RTM. And MS now gives updates to current pirate users because they dont wont to end up with countless numbers of security vulnerable and PC-s all over the world because it would be bad for them in the why would they prevent RTM users to update system? No logic.
  • Logic is Microsoft is loosing money with Pirates, very simple FACT and quite LOGICAL. If you had read into this properly you would have know this already. This had been discussed and clarified on WindowsWeekly. Microsoft wont give Windows copys for free. 
  • What makes you think RTM won't get any updates?
  • I had tried windows 8 RTM and it didn't get the later updates.
  • That's complete bull. Everyone who's eligible for an upgrade (7,8,8.1, 10 TP) will get it for FREE if they perform the upgrade within the first year after release and will get LIFETIME UPDATES for it. Stop being dumb and start reading you idiot
  • How can you get Lifetime updates, when you loose Hardware compatibility after few years. Utter Bull. They have already said that upgrading an already non-genuine copy doesnt make the windows 10 copy genuine. READ THIS Mongrel <>
  • That's specific to pirate copies, NOT legit licensed copies.
  • There was never a question on the upgradability of genuine windows 7 to 8.1 copies. Its merely about the pirates copies and RTM copy.
  • @DeanO993.... Think you better stop as your just digging a bigger tomb for yourself. By your logic no one will get updates lol. RTM Windows will get updates, however it most likely depend on whether you have a valid license key or not. In regards to the TP build, alot of people will be using the same license key, so what may happen is to validate their TP build updated to RTM they will need to use their Win7, 8.x key.
  • Who told you that you can VALIDATE a RTM copy? Its RTM, not for consumers. Where do you people come up with this stuff. I do agree that the insider will get beta builds of upcoming updates, but they wont be the stable general release builds. 
  • Right here, The term "release to manufacturing", also known as "going gold", is a term used when a software product is ready to be delivered or provided to the customer. This build may be digitally signed, allowing the end user to verify the integrity and authenticity of the software purchase. A copy of the RTM build known as the "gold master" or GM is sent for mass duplication. RTM precedes general availability (GA), when the product is released to the public.   Now quit being a dope/Troll and shut your mouth.
  • It's best not to insult people, in general. I particularly wouldn't insult someone's intellect in a post where you mean "lose" and type "loose".
  • You are completely wrong and Gabe Aul clarified this very point very recently. You get to RTM with Upgrades FOREVER. Additionally you can opt-in to remain on the FAST (or SLOW) ring and continue getting updated earlier than the general population. The RINGS after RTM will be: 1) FAST (early and buggy code) 2) SLOW (not so early and not so buggy code) 3) RTM* or something (the version that the general population will be on) 4) Business ring with delayed updates (the admin gets to choose for HOW LONG he can delay an update. However he cannot delay updates forever) 5) Mission critical systems (medical, NASA, powerplants etc systems that may or may not even be connected to the internet and can choose not to ever be updated)  
  • Well apparently you don't know what you're talking about then. RTM does not mean you stop getting updates.
  • This is more than likely a quote that will be taken out of context, much like Terry Myerson's quote about upgrading Windows 7 / 8 pirated versions for free. I would be fairly certain that this means that anyone who has the last insider build of Windows 10 before RTM can upgrade it to Windows 10 RTM without charge (if they have had a licenced version of Windows 7 / 8.x with a valid licence key). You won't need to downgrade to Windows 7 / 8.x to get to the Win 10 RTM build You won't need to pay for Windows 10 RTM (as long as your previous product licence code is valid)    
  • Free software yes. Not free activation. It will only activate if you have genuine key of previous install I think. Otherwise even though you have a RTM copy, in a month it will not boot at all without activation.
  • Great :) Now they just need to fix the stability and touch UI issues.
  • I don't get it, What is the difference between the free version of windows 10 between insiders and the casual users?
  • I believe that the casual is as an upgrade from Win 7 or 8. Whereas some of the tech preview guys may have it on a fresh build or even on some old xp machines. The question now though is will they only get one licence per account or a licence per machine they have it installed on at the time of release? If they buy a new machine after release, will they have to buy a new copy or can they transfer an existing???
  • Why would they? A new machine comes probably with Windows 8.1 or 10. 8.1 can be upgraded for free to 10 and of course you can always jump back into the Insiders Program for whatever comes after Windows 10.
  • In short, less data to be downloaded as they already have the win10tp. There is no difference. I could be wrong, though.
  • No that sounds right, probably a patch or 2 plus a reg edit to make the license valid as RTM.
  • Oh yeah!
  • That was expectable but still good to know it for sure ;)
  • I thought we knew this anyway... As far as I know, Windows 10 is a free upgrade for the first year, regardless of whether you're a preview user or not.
  • Yea same, everyone gets windows 10 free...preview users come under as everyone
  • Exactly. I'm not getting what's the big news all of a sudden?
  • Some of them are befuddled, as they aren't sure if users on xp running the windows 10 TP will get the license for free. Or users who have straightaway installed windows 10 on their new Pcs or Laptops, which apparently did NOT come with windows 7 or 8.
  • Free upgrade. Not free activation. There has to be a catch. Otherwise why would anyone want to buy Windows today or even use pirated copy? Just jump on TP now, become legit. Won't work.
  • Dude, lay it to rest. You keep saying this without anything to back it up whatsoever. Under US Law, which Microsoft is bound by and where a lot of copies are being downloaded for use, they can't say "free upgrade" if the upgrade does not come with an activation. It would be considered fraud. They aren't saying "get a free download." They say "free upgrade". That means activation. However, Gabe cleared this up with an additional tweet to further explain:
    You'll have to be upgrading from a system with a valid license for 7 or 8.x
    That means you can't slap 10TP on a machine and get the free upgrade without a valid 7/8.x already. 
  • What's the difference, and I thought MS said windows 10 will be a free upgrade for existing 8.1, 8 and 7 users ? So what's the difference between the final build and the RTM build ?
  • i believe RTM basically is a stable enough version for manufactors to install and ship. my experience though with every new computer I buy is I basically dont use it the first day since its updating like crazy. the free upgrade i assume would be up to date of when you upgrade none or barely any updates needed
  • It is just to make sure that insider build can be updated to the final rtm build without rolling back
  • RTM is the final build. Not sure where all this FUD is coming from in this thread.
  • Upgrade in place instead of a clean install as with Windows 8 preview, is the $199 question. I have it running on a few different hardware setups, so hopefully it is per machine.
  • I am trying to redownload Windows 10 preview but the links are so slow? Could be due to this announcement?
  • Its always been slow for me
  • I am also trying to download the new Visual Studio , the same thing , slow slow sloww!
  • Ok, this is really confusing. Since you do't really need Windows to install Win 10 TC, does it mean, you will just get a full release license for reistering as an Insider? I'm currently running Win 10 as a second system on my Macbook Air via Boot Camp. Can I just install the TC on any other computer and have it upgraded to RTM?
  • You do need the Insider Preview installed. You won't just be able to download an ISO I think
  • Well, sure, but you can download the ISO of Insider Preview. I think it's still available, or am I missing something here?
  • that is a really confusing statement. does that mean anyone can download the insider preview before Windows 10 is becoming RTM and will therefore get a free license? that would be mean that Windows will (theoretically) be free for anyone and not only for users with Windows 7 and 8
  • Exactly!! If say someone has built a custom pc and installs the technical preview, does that mean he will be given a free license?
  • well they did say even pirated versions get win10 for free too
  • They also added that it'll continue to be a pirated version of windows 10.
  • Oh so that's who Gabriel Aul is. I go smh when I receive an email from him with an intro "Hello Insider" or something like that... So this mean I get Win 10 RTM for free! Yey! :)
  • Still hoping to upgrade from my Windows XP? Can't wipe the hard drive.... Can't upgrade Windows 7, because I will lose my TV (windows media player). Dual boot can you hear me!
  • Just install it over without formatting. Any files in your user folder will be moved to a Windows.old folder and you can just move them back afterward.
  • Some software that I don't have to reinstall is my problem.
  • Get back to the current day man. You are stuck in the past with XP. One day it'll crash on you and you'll lose XP anyway
  • So this means you can literally just install windows tp on a machine without an OS and get Windows 10 final for free.
    What the fuck happened this is really cool but this isn't the Microsoft I know lol its kinda freaking me out lmao instinct is here telling me something is really wrong I feel molested ahaha
  • Yeah, right?
  • Given the fact that win 8/8.1 was free with Bing(no fees from OEMs),this was expected.
  • Ur mum was expected
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  • Damn right I am. Say hi to her for me :3 ill say hi to urns hahaa
  • Well, think about what MS are trying to do...... Get us all on to Windows 10 asap. Then we buy office 365 subscriptions and they make money. Seems like a good deal to me and of course they have to compete with Apple whose OS has been free for ages.
  • Or not even that. Buy some apps and you make them money
  • Also the insider program will continue after RTM, so those who stay in the insider program after RTM will get new features before they are released to the public.
  • everyone here should realize that windows 10 will stop being a product that you buy, thats why mort people are being upgraded. most probably everyone will be getting it for free. but maybe we will be paying a monthly subscription to hold on our dear win10 :) just like office 365.
  • I don't see them charging a subscription they would lose customers I sure as hell won't pay. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • So if someone doesn't have any Windows license (no 7, 8, 8.1 etc), signs up as an Insider and installs preview OS, will he/she also get Windows 10 RTM for free? Or am I speculating too much?
  • I guess if you're an insider and have windows 10 , it's enough to upgrade to RTM version
  • why are people surprise dby this news. it was always this way. This is not even news.
  • Wasn't this given from the start?
  • Everyone can upgrade for free - the question is do Insiders get the "ad-free" version or the same "free" ad based version as all others?
  • Maybe Gabe Aul can comment on the rumour that Edge won't ship with the first version of Windows 10. It is said to only come in a furture update (maybe at end of the year).
  • Link, please?
  • Russian leak by WZor.   BTW: Here is the 10108 change log:
  • Thanks. That is bad, real bad. :(
  • Seems faster
  • Ok .... Now ... Windows 10 is already free for Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 users (albeit within the first year after it's released). So it's already clear for those who upgrade from 7, 8, and 8.1 to 10 TP will certainly get 10 for free. The things which not clear here are, is it also free for those who install it from scratch, both in real devices (PCs/laptops) and VM? Is it also free for thos who upgrade from pirated 7, 8, and 8.1? Just me and my curiosity ... :3
  • So I can buy no-OS computer for cheaper price now, install TP, and then got upgraded for free
  • No news here.
  • How much would you have to pay if you didnt join the insiders preview but did want to join the rtm version?
  • Depends. Are you on 7 or higher? Then nothing as you will be able to upgrade for free. Are you on a version lower then 7? Then it is not yet released how much it will cost
  • The confusion displayed in these comments is comical.
  • free as if they are giving a genuine license ????
  • I haven't heard anything definite but I think they may be offering Windows 10 for free (including updates) for the first year and offering a subscription for updates after that. Most big software companies have gone to that already. The software continues to operate just fine without the 'maintenance agreement' but no more improvements or bug fixes.
  • No, they clearly stated this thousands of times already dude! It will be free and get updates forever. Learn to read
  • Would we get the Upgrade or the Full version?
  • I think an upgrade like to a newer build you get right now when you upgrade inside windows 10
  • Hmm... Good insight. If only from Windows 8.1 or as a Standalone one.
  • The only reason this is a worthy news story is if you installed the Windows 10 preview on an XP or Vista machine, and can get Windows 10 free now? Doesn't effect me, but this would be big news for those that never upgraded because of coat.
  • Why would you want to? I will be opting for a clean install. I hope people that don't have MSDN will have the same option.
  • I don't know what's the need to get excited when they already mentioned that Windows 10 will be a free upgrade for everyone!!
  • What's the difference between Win 10 and Win 10 RTM?
  • RTM = Release To Manufacturer It's an early release so Manufacturers and Developers can prepare apps and machines to run on the soon to be released update.
  • This isn't anything new....
  • So, once I upgrade, will my current windows 8.1 license be linked to the Windows 10 version and if my, for example, hard drive dies and I purchase a new hard drive, will I be able to reinstall windows 10 for free OR reinstall windows 8.1 and reupgrade to Windows 10 OR I am screwed? I am so confused
  • Stay tuned for more info from MSFT!
  • I expected more help but thanks for the reply, I appreciate that.
  • Well seeing that the Windows 10 update is supposed to be FREE for everyone, why is this a surprise?
  • I didn't understand if I'll be able to upgrade a definitely version of w10 starting by installing tech preview on a no-os machine...there's no mention about this, and if this will be true, it would mean that all all pirate pc can upgrade to an official license of newest os by windows....and it would be awesome!
  • Why pirate when one could get the tech preview now. I say all pirates should do a clean erase and install the tech preview so they could upgrade for free
  • So we are looking at least one more build before RTM? No offense but windows doesn't seem polished just yet, modern apps still barely launch, and the store isn't unified just yet. Maybe they might release more builds before consumers get their hands on it
  • You could install the W10 preview on a machine without any OS on it at all, so this means you can legitimise such an installation. Otherwise you'd have to rollback to W7/8/8.1 or pay for a new license. As for a free upgrade to W10 within a year, as I understand it, you will get a permanent license. They already had something similar with W8. You got a discounted price for W8 Pro (was it $40?) and after the deadline you had to pay a full price.
  • I can't wait! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Does that include Phone insiders too?
  • Does this mean "free Windows 10" or "get the RTM build as you get the other builds"
  • All a moot point isn't it since poeple with Win 7, 8 or 8.1 get Win 10 for free anyway. Oh wait, from what we're all seeing the whole world will get it for free aren't they?
  •   Stop saying that you have to subscribe for W10 after its first year. And please stop being confused because EVERYONE can get a legit, valid windows 10 final by installing w10tp and upgrade it to w10RTM. Windows is no more a product. It's such a home for things. MS make money from 365 subscription, store revenue, ads and more.  The free upgrade on the first year release is PURE marketing. MS want 100% of windows users to be on 10 as soon as possible.   
  • Well put. The thread should be closed with this as the end comment. MS has said nothing about what it will be after one year. It's just marketing to get people to switch. For all we know it could always be free.
  • Hope the boxed version Will be available soon after release! Because I'm building a new PC ready for W10 and beyond:) AMD class R9 39x graphic's, Intel i5 Broadwell CPU enz.
  • Big non sense. Microsoft should make its O/S free of charge years ago (like Android is). Now the time has passed. They won't get anything out of this.
  • I love to have physical copies of the media I like best.   So I am curious as to whether or not I will be able to buy discounted retail physical media of Windows 10.   I bought multiple copies of Windows 7 and Windows 8 when it was heavily discounted just before release.   I am hoping to do the same with Windows 10. My fall back position is having the ability to download an ISO and do a clean install.    I have zero intention of doing a upgrade in place for my current main computer.
  • With regards to media, I completely agree. Movies Music etc. I always buy physical. But now because games are virtually all DRM'd to the hilt, there's no real point in buying a box (except of course on console).
  • All it said is that you can "upgrade" to RTM for free, not get a license. It will likely still expire. You should still need a 7/8/8.1 license.
  • Maybe it's time to sign up for a few more insiders so I can have keyes to use later down the line whe I build new pcs?
  • i would like to see windows called ""WINDOWS INFINITY" and i have saved it in my avatar pick on this post as we are sticking with 10 why not re name it to something more fitting oh you have my permission to use it as it was yours to start with :P
  • Wow, now I'll download the insider preview!
  • We all already knew that we were going to be able to upgrade to Windows 10 for free if we already had a valid Windows 7 or 8.1 license.  The point here is not the "free" part but the the fact that you will be able to upgrade directly from the Insider Preview to the RTM, rather than having to uninstall the preview and then upgrade to the Windows 10 RTM from Windows 7 or 8.1.  Basically, he's saying that you can upgrade from beta/RC to RTM directly.
  • When  Microsoft OEM partners get the Windows 10- RTM version they test it on the new models they intend to sell Windows 10 on. They normally have to tell Mirosoff to rework the code to get it to run right on their computer devices they want to sell in the market place. The RTM copy is the frame work of the Operating System a Microsoft OEM partner uses to put on their devices. the final version is the one people get when thay buy it from the Computer retailer store ect. I think Windows tech preview 10 insiders will be the last ones to be Windows 10 testors. The question is will Microsoft tech preview preview insiders have muchj chance to change anythig after Windows 10 does RTM?
  • Does anyone know for sure If we will be able to do a fresh clean install of windows 10 when it goes RTM?, rather than an upgrade. As a fresh clean install is preferable to upgrade.
  • hopefully the rtm will be released to windows insiders trough a special link they send us in an email to download the iso 
  • Which version of Windows 10 will the windows insiders get - home or pro??
  • thanks a lot microsoft. as i am from india original windows OS was always so expensive for me. but i used the preview copies from win 7 to win 10 and now u given a fentastic opertuinty for me to continue to use original windows.
  • I had a technical preview copy in Virtual Box that I had installed with the generic key. Having nothing to lose now that I have upgraded all of my computers to Windows 10, I thought I would try and upgrade the preview in virtual box to the full version. Not only did it install and activate it is also the PRO version. So that confirms that then!