Windows Mobile at the new Windows Store

There's been a good amount of speculation over what exactly will go into Microsoft's upcoming retail stores — and, rightfully, there's been a bit of laughter over the reported strategy of not actually selling anything. Then there's the report that Microsoft plans to set up shop right next to Apple stores in a few cities.

Gizmodo just scored a leak from the design company that reportedly is bringing all this together:

Essentially, Microsoft is taking the best elements from the Apple Store, Sony Style and other "flagship" stores. The main focuses are going to be Windows 7, Xbox, PCTV (Windows Media Center) Surface and Windows Mobile, revolving around this concept customer they call "Emily," who's basically a younger version of your mom, since they make all the buying decisions.

And, above, we see the concept for the Windows phones display. Nothing earth-shattering there. We're all used to seeing phones lined up like that in carrier stores. (And try not to read too much into the original Dash being shows as the Dash 3, m'kay?)

Hit up the Giz post for all the other deets. Including having birthday parties at the store.

Phil Nickinson

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  • Is that Windows Mobile 7?
  • Is that the Samsung Omnia, HTC Touch (actually the HTC Diamond2) and the HTC Snap 2 (actually the v. 1) Why are they highlighting the old version, without the proper names?
    It's called a factchecker people.
  • So let me get this straight: Microsoft, a company whose latest quarterly revenues just reported fell 17% plans to lease store front space, presumably in well traveled and expensive locations, because their target consumers aren't getting the right information from OTA, print, web, and existing retail sources. At least it may be worth the trip down to the store (can you really call it a store?) if you can get free technical support at the Answer Bar. (Can I lug my Vista desktop down there?) Sounds like this is a concept that needs more conceptualizing (and a stiff drink) if a bullet point is that you can have birthday parties there.
  • I was waiting for windows mobile for a quite long time at my place. Now I finally got.