Windows Phone 7.8 features detailed by Microsoft Italy

Details of features included in Windows Phone 7.8 have been revealed on Facebook, according to a post by Microsoft Italy. While Microsoft has released Windows Phone 8, the company's next update for customers with legacy hardware is still on the horizon, and we're unsure what's included. So what has been mentioned by Microsoft Italy?

What we do know already is the new home screen will definitely be available for Windows Phone 7.x devices. More tiles available on the home screen with larger ones being able to be configured. A greater choice of accent colours will be implemented to provide more customisation opportunities for consumers. But that's pretty much it, officially anyway.

We don't believe the employee was in the right to reveal what was published, but we're sure glad it was put live on the social network (translated):

The upgrade to 7.8 will be available for versions 7.0 and 7.5 shortly after the marketing of the devices Windows Phone 8. Among the features there is the new Start screen, the sharing of the calendar using the function Club and access to key services and content Microsoft, including Xbox Music Store library that can be enjoyed by Zune and Xbox SmartGlass.

The above quote was posted in response to a question that was published on the Microsoft Facebook page. It was quickly removed, but before it was Plaffo managed to grab a screenshot.

The translation above mentions 'Club', which is believed to be the new Rooms functionality that's included in Windows Phone 8. As well as this, both Xbox Music and SmartGlass are both stated to be on the feature list for Windows Phone 7.8.

We'll be waiting for Microsoft to announce the next update for those with legacy hardware, but should these features be included in the release it will make for a more useful upgrade. This will keep heads held high with the requirement to purchase a new handset not being present for a few more features.

via: KnowYourMobile, Plaffo; thanks, Jeremynelson1987, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
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