Windows Phone 8 SDK Preview comes in hot September 12

One of the missing components in the Windows Phone 8 developer story thus far has been the SDK. Aside from a leak back in July, there hasn't been any news regarding its official availability or state of completion. Well until now, that is.

Windows Marketplace Sr. Director Todd Brix just hit publish on a blog post this morning that outlines Windows Phone 8 SDK Preview bits that will be made available to a limited set of folks -- specifically developers with existing apps in the Marketplace. The rest of us will have to wait until the "full SDK" is available later this year when Windows Phone 8 goes gold.

As soon as the preview lands, WPCentral will get you the bits. Stay tuned!

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In June we provided an early look at some developer features of Windows Phone 8, promising to share the Software Development Kit (SDK) in late summer. Select partners and developers have already seen early builds of the new SDK, helping to test the new toolset and get started on Windows Phone 8 apps.Today I’m happy to announce that the time has come to make the near-final kit available to more developers through the Windows Phone 8 SDK Preview Program. Next Wednesday I’ll share detailed instructions on how current Windows Phone developers with published apps can apply. But I do want to set your expectations that program access will be limited.The full Windows Phone 8 SDK will be made publicly available later this year when we unveil Windows Phone 8. Until then, we believe this program offers more published developers a way to explore the SDK and get started on the next wave of amazing Windows Phone apps.Look for more details Wednesday, September 12.Finally, if you watched Nokia unveil its new Windows Phone 8 handsets in New York City today—the Lumia 820 and 920—you probably saw the on-stage demo of some new Windows Phone 8 camera APIs and a feature we call Lenses. Watch for additional info about how you can create your own Lenses in the coming weeks.

Rafael Rivera
  • Will there be a 7.8 SDK as well? I assume developers will need new APIs to implement the new tile sizes in 7.8.
  • I'd imagine this is part of the Windows Phone 8 SDK. But good question!
  • Probably like a 1MB update since that's the only new WP7.8 feature.
  • Yeah, the biggest part I don't like is they will only release the Preview to select devs; those that have pulished apps.  Not a good way to promote early development.
  • Nice... Hope they can steal thunder from Apple!
  • I think it will be a seperate package just like the 7.1.1 update for windows phone devices with 256 Mb ram since wp8 has a different kernel. It would be much easy for them to just provide the extra api in an update package than include it in the main wp8 SDK.
  • Yeah, the part that bothers me is that it is only select developers. The odds of me seeing the preview SDK are next to none. We have put the time and money in to this platform. Throw us a bone here.  They titillated us at the Summit announcing a lot for WP8 and gave us nothing but our pipe dreams as to what we could try to build and no means to fully accomplish it.  
  • We'll get it for you!
  • Thank you Rafael :)
  • Thanks. You guys always pull through for us.
  • Thanks. You guys always pull through for us.
  • This is incredibly disappointing that this will be limited.  I decided only to develop for Windows Phone because I believe Microsoft is headed in the right direction, but this is frustrating for them to do this.  It isn't likely I'll even have a chance at getting in on this preview.  I really hope I made the right choice to develop for them...
  • Doesn't limited access contradict Joe B.'s statement, "Finally, we’re working to create a program that gives registered enthusiasts early access to updates prior to broad availability—a little gift to our biggest fans and supporters." I feel like my gift has been snatched from my hands just as I began to unwrap it. :-(
  • I feel a little disappointed to see that many software houses received the sdk (all that Nokia exclusives), leaving other developers watching...I can accept Microsoft Apps developed internally to show and promote wp8 capabilities, or some great game title ports, but NOT others...I feel discriminated.
  • Anyway, the later dev community will receive the SDK, the later Markeplace will be attractive for wp8 new owners ;)