Windows Phone Accessory Review: Amzer Hubble Bubble Case

The Amzer Hubble Bubble case for your Nokia Lumia 900 is an interesting little case. The design of the Hubble Bubble is a skin case that wraps around your Lumia 900 that fits the Windows Phone rather nicely. Much like the Amzer Shellster ShellCase, the Hubble Bubble fits snugly with no loosey-goosey feel about it. The dimpled pattern on the back and firm fit does make it stand out from other shell cases.

Making the Hubble Bubble a decent choice to consider if your in the market for a simple shell case for your Nokia Lumia 900.

The back of the Hubble Bubble is hard plastic with a semi-soft, dimpled backing.  Softer plastic framing wraps around the Lumia 900 and combined with the firmness of the backing, the Hubble Bubble stays in place nicely. There are cut outs for your headphone jack, micro-USB port, speaker and camera.  The buttons are concealed by rubber extensions that activate the Lumia's buttons nicely.

The Lumia pops into place nicely and overlaps the sides just enough to stay in place without any looseness noted. There isn't much play in the sides of the case and the fit is snug enough that removing the case can be a little challenging. You just have to work the corners of the phone on one side out and the case then pops off.

Amzer Hubble Bubble Case

The gel skin case wraps around your Lumia 900 with the back side of the Hubble Bubble sporting a dimpled (like a golf ball) pattern to give the case a bit of grippability. The dimpled backing is a little slick but soft enough giving you a nice surface to grab hold of.

Amzer Hubble Bubble

Bulk wise, any case outside the gel skins will add bulk to the Lumia 900. The Hubble Bubble ads no more bulk than say the Case Mate Pop. It's noticeable but not overbearing.

Amzer Hubble Bubble

Where the rubber meets the road, the Amzer Hubble Bubble is a nice case for your Lumia 900. It will offer a decent level of protection and comes across fairly durable.  I am a little concerned that the seams where the rubber pieces comes together may wear but after a couple of weeks of use, the case showed no sign of wear. 

The Amzer Hubble Bubble comes in black, purple and white. The cases are currently not available through the Windows Phone Central Accessory Store (we do have the Shellster and Skin cases from Amzer) but you can grab them here at Amzer's website.  The Hubble Bubble cases are running $14.95.

George Ponder

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