Windows Phone Accessory Review: Amzer Shellster Case

Amzer Shellster ShellCase with Holster for the Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone

There's a new case for your Nokia Lumia 900 over at the Windows Phone Central Accessory Store. It's the Amzer Shellster ShellCase with holster. The Shellster is a two piece case for your Lumia 900 consisting of a hard shell case and belt clip holster.  The key feature on the holster is the rotating belt clip that can be propped open to serve as a case stand.

The challenge with any case for the Lumia 900 is that the Windows Phone works so well without a case.  The 900 fits nicely in the hand, is solidly built and just looks good naked.  The Shellster does a nice job complimenting the Lumia 900 by offering a belt carry option and a bit of added protection with the shell case.  Overall, the Amzer Shellster isn't a bad option to consider.

There is the case itself that is made of a firm rubbery material that encases your Lumia 900. The back side is a pebbled pattern that gives the case a bit of a grip. It wraps nicely around the sides of the Lumia 900 and leaves the ends exposed. Cut outs expose all the side buttons on the Lumia 900 and there is a cutout for the camera and light that also exposes the chrome accents around the camera.

Amzer Shellster

The encased Lumia 900 slides into the belt clip holster and rides securely on your hip. The clip rotates 180 degrees and can be propped open to double as a stand. The shell case can slide into the holster with the 900's screen facing out or inwards. The inside of the holster portion is lined with felt to help protect the screen.

Shellster propped up

As far as fit and feel is concerned, the Shellster case fits snug as a bug in a rug on your Lumia 900. So snug that it's really tough to remove the case. I have no concerns that the Shellster case will slip off the Lumia 900.

Amzer Shellster

The case carries nicely in the holster and while it does add a little bulk to the Lumia 900, it's not overly noticeable. My only nit with the shell is that the cutouts for the buttons may be a little too deep for some. Still, across the board, the Amzer Shellster Case is a nice choice if you are looking for a holster/shell combo. If you're not a fan of holster carry, the shell will add a decent level of protection for pocket carry.

You can find the Amzer Shellster ShellCase and Holster here at the WPCentral Accessory Store. It is currently running $14.95.

George Ponder

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