The Windows Phone action game I, Gladiator is this week's myAppFree Deal

I, Gladiator is an action adventure Windows Phone game that has you playing the role of Rufus, a pawn that is caught in the middle of two warring Roman gods. To escape the clutches of the gods and regain control of his fate, Rufus must battle his way from the bottom of the gladiator hierarchy in a series of increasingly difficult tournaments.

I, Gladiator normally runs $2.99 but for the next twenty-four hours, through the myAppFree deal, you can pick the Windows Phone game up for free. Available for low-memory Windows Phones, the graphics look good, gaming controls are gesture based and in just tinkering with I, Gladiator for a short time the game comes across as an entertaining way to pass the time.

I, Gladiator

Key features for I, Gladiator include:

  • Cross-platform support (iOS, Android and Windows Phone)
  • 80 levels of game play
  • More than 100 historically accurate weapons and armor to unlock
  • Comic-like graphics complete with the "Ouch", "POW!" and other expletives
  • Interactive environments with fire pits, hungry lions and more

Along with the 80 level campaign/storyline, I, Gladiator has a multiplayer mode where you can battle your friends over a local network or seek out others to battle online. The gesture based controls do take a little time to get used to but is a nice touch and gives combat a little easier flow.

I, Gladiator

The game is a little on the bloody side but you can dial the violence down in the settings if the need arises.

Just a quick note about installation. After the initial install for I, Gladiator you will have an additional 400MB of data to download once you launch the game. I did find that the second download had difficulty installing over Wi-Fi but installed without a hitch over cellular data (all be it a lengthy install). When the dust settles and all is said and done, I, Gladiator takes up 2.02GB of storage.

I, Gladiator

I, Gladiator normally runs $2.99 in the Windows Phone Store and through the myAppFree campaign, you can pick it up free over the next twenty-four hours. It may take a little time to install but in the end, I, Gladiator is an appealing Windows Phone combat game.

Please note that the myAppFree deal is already active in the Windows Phone Store but may take a little while to show up in the myAppFree Windows Phone app.

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