Windows Phone and the coming of ‘Cortana’ to take on Apple’s Siri

Come this April, Microsoft is expected to unveil Windows Phone 8.1 at their Build conference in San Francisco. That OS refresh will be announced on the 18 month anniversary of 8.0, putting Microsoft on the dot for their planned release cycle, one that is expected to be accelerated to 12 months next time around i.e. ‘Threshold’.

One of the anticipated features of 8.1 is codenamed ‘Cortana’, its namesake taken from the AI assistant from the popular gaming franchise Halo. ‘Cortana’ is expected to replace (or augment) the current Bing TellMe service found on Windows Phone 8.0. Recently, MSFTNerd, who claims to be in the know about certain Microsoft plans, has made some interesting assertions about ‘Cortana’.

The Halo voice comes to Windows Phone?

In a brief post on his Tumblr account, MSFTNerd states the following:

“Cortana will be voiced by Jen Taylor & will launch first in beta on Lumia this April for US developers. The service will expand to the Bing app for iPhone in the US market this fall. The underlying technology will be extended to American Xbox One & Windows users in 2015 with Threshold. Availability in additional English-speaking territories will be spread out over 2015 & 2016.”

We’ve been digging around for some information regarding ‘Cortana’ and from various sources, we now know that some of this may be wishful thinking.

Specifically, the name. While just about everyone wants Microsoft to call their new voice assistant Cortana – even the folks at Microsoft – as usual these things are not that simple. For one, Halo is developed by 343 Industries, which is owned by Microsoft but still operates as its own company in many ways. So while taking the name of an AI character from a video game an appropriating it for a voice tool for a phone seems like a no-brainer from a geek perspective, the reality of it is it’s not that easy due to licensing and even business considerations.

Microsoft TellMe

That’s not to say Microsoft is not considering it – they certainly are – it’s just not clear yet if they can pull it off. There is some precedent though, including the re-branding of Microsoft’s project ‘Surface’ to ‘PixelSense’, allowing Microsoft to adopt that name for their tablet line. The difference there, however, was Microsoft Surface at the time was not a widespread consumer product, making disambiguation more straightforward (instead, Microsoft Surface was sold as an end-to-end product directly to large firms).

Unfortunately, we have not been able to confirm that Jen Taylor, the voice of the AI in Halo, will be doing the vocal sound for the ‘Cortana’ project on Windows Phone. In fact, there is a problem here to consider, as brought to our attention by one of our sources:  “…programmed voices have to be able to pronounce almost anything and getting a human voice recorded that would sound like the game version when all dialog is set might not pan out.”

To put it another way, if Taylor is the voice for the Windows Phone program, it’s not well known throughout the ranks just yet, nor is it in current builds. So if true, it's a very recent decision that hasn't been executed yet. We'll follow up as we collect more information on the matter.

The good news is ‘Cortana’ is set to go into private beta testing with family members at Microsoft, so long as they sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). This suggests that the project is ready-enough for external testing, and it bodes well for April’s reveal at Build 2014.

In terms of porting ‘Cortana’ to the iPhone and Xbox, while this sounds like a good idea, according to people familiar with the matter this has not yet begun. So the decision may have been made at an executive level, but currently there are no builds yet floating around. Indeed, ‘Threshold’ is still more ideas than a reality at this point with features not yet committed to by the development teams. But it should be clear that ‘Cortana’ is an ambitious project by Microsoft, one that they would naturally extend to their other services and platforms.


Superintendent Halo Windows Phone

The Superintendent from Halo 3: ODST is similiar to what the UI for "Cortana" might look like.

What does ‘Cortana’ look like? We’ve heard one description, a little bit dated but still accurate, put it thusly:

"...a little blue circle in the top left of this Cortana UI that slightly bounces as it listens/works in the background. And it responds depending on if it was successful or not. So if it can't find anything the blue circle turns into a sad face. It reminds me a bit of the Superintendent from Halo 3: ODST.”

Another person familiar with Microsoft’s ‘Cortana’ plans put it this way:

“The personality of Cortana is currently represented by a circle graphic that expresses what it's doing (searching, identifying music ala the current Bing music listener built into Windows Phone, etc.) by various animations like spinning, flipping, etc.  …more animations [have] come in over time, and the color is based on your theme color.”

In terms of functionality, we previously described ‘Cortana’ being very Siri-like:

“This Cortana magic will be found throughout the OS and work contextually. For example, let's say I send you an SMS that says like "Want to get dinner tomorrow in Seattle?" You'll see parts of that text message underlined. Click that and you'll be able to instantly enter the info into your calendar with some of those fields already populated. So it would fill "Seattle" as the location, if I had said a time it will already have the time there.”

It is rather “sci-fi / Halo-ish” in terms of looks, but it’s not clear that it will actually be called Cortana nor use Jen Taylor’s voice.

Coming soon

Hope springs eternal though and Microsoft is well aware of the demand to associate Windows Phone with their Halo franchise. However, we’ll have to wait and see exactly what Redmond can pull off come this April. ‘Cortana’, whatever it may be called, should be one of many new features coming to Windows Phone 8.1, giving Microsoft a new edge with their burgeoning OS.

And we can’t wait.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • OMG❕ Can't wait❕❕❕❕
    One thing I really would like to see is Cortana being able initially respond to commands by voice only. IOW, if my phone is in my pocket I can simply say "Cortana, play Stairway to heaven" and "she" will wakeup, and answer me, instantly.. I don't want to have to press a single button or every have to touch the device... I was thinking about this the other day,, but guess what, coincidentally my buddy updated his Maxx to KitKat, and he was doing this exact same thing today... He set his phone about 5 feet away with it locked, and said something like "Google Play" and it answered him back..
    I'm gonna be really disappointed if Cortana can't do this..
  • ^This
  • You can wait Rodney.
  • I'm gonna have to.. :-\:-\:-\
  • Awesome to say the least. If this was even possible people would riot to WP lol!
  • I don't even care if Jen Taylor is going to voice It or not. Just call it Cortana for gods sake! Also Siri was also recorded by a human so why would that be a problem with Jen Taylor and Cortana?
  • If Jen Taylor can't do it, I'm sure MS can get either Fran Dresher (The Nanny) or Rosanne Barr to do it. They haven't dont much lately and either would certainly draw attention to the feature.
  • I hope you're being sarcastic. 
  • Yes indeed! I couldn't imagine anyone worse except maybe Henry Kissinger, Tom Waits or Kimi Raikkonen.
  • Kimi would be awesome, lol
  • Here's how that would go with "Kimi Cortana": Cortana - Find the best route home. "Just leave me alone. I know what I'm doing".
  • And then your HERE-Maps powered car would take you home in a record time, without breaking speed limits, avoiding traffic jams and manouvering the like a Pro, *
    but that all wold cost you extra (which you would not notice because your car is already hilariously expen$ive)
  • I'd have Arnold Scwarzenegger doing the voices! Arghhh!
  • I have to be honest, I think I'd rather have Fran then Cortana. Not that I think Cortana is bad!
  • Siri inc started human voice recording back in 2005. And finished it in about 4-5 years.
    Where as Microsoft started the project back in 2013.
  • Try 2003 for Microsoft with the PocketPC.  I'm sure there are earlier instances of MS's use of devices with voice command but a 5 second search is all I'm willing to give in stating facts.
  • Apple doesn't use the voice data from Siri. They didn't consider it high enough quality. They licensed the voice (and the high quality voices in Mac OS X) from Nuance.  Doesn't anyone around here know of such a thing as search engines????!
  • You'll have to, unless you have a time machine❕❕❕❕
  • Will have to wait. Reveal WP8.1 in April...updates to phones months later...that's My guess.
  • September.
  • That is very optimistic! ;);) We have waited much longer in the past for updates. I hear there are some still waiting on 7.8?!
  • So, anyone can shout "Google Play" near a Kitkat phone and get someone busted in a classroom, courtroom, silent study area of library? :o
  • LOL, lets do that at the Superbowl over the speaker system
  • I'm gonna try that.
  • Really? With the phone locked? I find that hard to believe, surely it would destroy the battery if the phone was constantly listening for commands.
  • First off @rockstarzzz not anyone can shout Google Play and make it do stuff. The new Motorola devices have a feature built in called touchless control that you train to listen for YOUR voice. However someone who can make themselves sound similar may have luck getting it to cooperate. Also @Dare2Blink the new Motorola phones are built off of Motorola's X8 architecture which uses 8 cores for different functionality one of those cores is specifically dedicated to natural language processing meaning the device can use little to no battery while that core waits for you to talk to it. It's actually pretty nifty if you wanted to look into it. However I can't imagine Cortana doing anything similar to this unless some of the new devices came with a processor that had functionality similar to Motorola's X8 architecture.
  • Another Android Lover nudging poking his nose over here.Well one for you too.Even if there came a Droid with 16 cores and 6 gigs of Ram, still it would fucking lag and be less in comparision with 1520 having Quad Core and 2 gb Ram.So BITCH PLEASE again!
  • Seriously, the man gives objectively good information and you have to go and slam him? I am assuming you want less people to respect this site, so you troll for comments like this to make sure no one else wants to switch over to WP. 
  • Huh?I am commenting in favour of WP are you blind or what?I am a WP fan since i bought my 520.What i am trying to say is if u love Android so much then go and boast of it on ANDROID related site.Why are these fools messing around this site when they know it is a WP site.And i want people to switch to WP.From what it seems to me is u are probably another Droid fanboy.
  • Lets let it go now... There's newer post to argue on.. Lol❕❕
  • Man. Stunning that a mobile operating system with 4% market share could have such a-hole trolls. The guy was trying to inject some factual information into a discussion previously dominated by conjecture.  BTW...the Moto X with this architecture and always listeining running routinely pulls 24 hours of battery life.
  • thanks of the info
  • Android is a horribly inefficient OS. That's obvious by the specs required to get it functional compared to iOS and Windows Phone. The iPhone 5S is just dual core with 1GB of RAM, and it bests most benchmarks.  Half of Windows Phone 8 devices only have 512MB of RAM.  You know that right now Windows Phones have screens that are always on called "glance" and that you can double-tap the screen to wake it up, this with minimal battery drain. Listening for changes in volume at the register of human voice is probably already built into most phones due to the requirements of background noise reduction.  One of those so-called "cores" is probably just a common DSP.
  • It would on WP hardware, not on the phones that are built for it.
  • you need dedicated low power hardware for that. WP phones dont come with it yet, only android.
  • It's similar to the light sensor being active with glance screen on our lumias..
  • yes an always on, dedicated low power chip that processes sound and listens for the keys words is similar to a light sensor /s
  • Who says there's only one way to make this work❔.. Is Motorola's way the only way possible❔... You sound a little closed minded.. And, yes WP doesn't have this kind of hardware, but that's besides the point.. That's like someone saying that they want a 2k screen, and you saying "but the OS doesn't support that yet""" Umm, OK.. Pointless... It's called updates to software, and hardware which is the whole freeking point.... Wow❕
  • You want to point us to your CV that shows you have the education and the job experience to know that it's so vastly different?
  • qualcomm has this feature already in the 1520's quadcore chip. Just isnt implemented  
  • It's "ok google", I tried it with a nexus 5 on a display. But imagine what would happen if all android devices get this, hahaha, and be in the streets and say OK Google, call mom. Hahahaha
  • You don't even have to say "OK Google" to activate it. It's nowhere near as smart or as accurate or advanced as this guy would like to think. Try saying "bouquet doodle" or "snow day bugle".  Google Now is not Siri, no matter how much Android users want it to be. 
  • Sure dude..u can say "Cortana I wanna pee" and cortana will pee for you.....Wow
  • LOLZ!Right in the FACE!
  • Firstly just FYI, the phrase used for Google Now is "Okay, Google." So for example you can say "Okay, Google. Search Windows Phone Central". Plus, Google Now isn't a full fledged personal assistant. Mainly it only conducts web searches.  Google Now has been widely criticized for chewing up battery as the microphone has to always be on. Mind you I agree it would be a great feature. I doubt very much MS will do this. As much as they are brave with the initial concepts of Windows Phone, I've noticed Microsoft play it safe on a lot of new features. Mostly copying iOS. So expect another hold-down-start-button activation. P.s. In my personal opinion, I would love to access Cortana from the search button. At the moment the search button is my second most underused button (Back button is highly used, start button I barely ever use at all) so if you pressed the search button and it took you to the normal Bing page, then it turned the microphone on and you were able to start talking to it but you also didn't have to. So a sort of Google Now method, but only within the search environment. And perhaps have more information displayed like appointments so that the search screen is not a complete personal assistant. Anyone following my thinking? lol...  
  • Google Now is a lot more than a way to do voice web searches. Just because it doesn't have an artificial persoanlity Like Siri or Cortana, it doesn't mean it's any less of a personal asssitant. You can ask questions and it will speak back to you, you can tell it to set a reminder by time or location. You can ask for directions and it will provide them. You can tell it to play a song, and it will play. It keeps tracks of what you say and search for and present you with related "cards" (almost kind of creepy -- for ie. you Search for "Lone Survivor" on your computer, look on your phone and you have start times and distance/travel time to the nearest movie theater). It keeps track of your favorite sports teams or whatever subjects you'd like to keep up with, it translates and plenty more. While I'm not pro-Google, I must admit that it's quite powerful and amazes me at times. I'm an HTC One owner (only until WP comes with a device to win me back). I have a feeling MSFT's Cortana will fall short as they're still playing "catch up" with they've been doing for some time now. As for the "always listen" mode of the Moto X, my co-worker has to say "OK Google Now" to activate the always listen mode versus just saying "OK Google" when Google now is up and running.
  • Ahh, my apologies.. I'm going off what my friends have said who own a nexus 5. Must be a different command for different devices perhaps? On the nexus 5 it's definitely "Okay google". I've seen it in person.
  • Honestly, if Microsoft doesn't do an out of the world job with WP 8.1, a lot of people will be disappointed
  • Count me in
  • I hope it doesn't end up like that paper clip assistant in windows XP "it looks like you're writing a letter"
  • Clippy was around long before XP...;)
  • I think he meant Office XP...
  • lolol! Nostalgia . . .
  • The RvB Sarge mod was sooo much better: Keep writing dirtbag!
  • Well, count me out, as they've already done that with their current inception of wp. Did you LOOK at a competitors UI recently? Looks like the 90ies trapped in phone...
  • UI is one thing, albeit a huge thing. The other huge, and more important issue to most people, is the support for the OS. Just about EVERY service or device (that supports mobile OS') supports iOS and Android whereas I would guess 1% of those peripheral devices support WP
  • That is yes and no.  For the most part the only thing i am missing is 'all the games'  Though the games i do have more than keep me busy so that is a non issue for me.   Bank apps?  What for when i can pop into desktop mode and view all 3 of my banking sites and do all the functions any 'app' would do, and more since i am logged into the full website and not an 'app'.  Would i like an app? maybe, it does take up space, memory for no reason.  Now productivity apps that have no equivalent in the internet world is certainly what i like.  Though i have all those on my Win8 phone now, like office. Since i have switched I have not looked at my phone and went darn, i have to trade it in because this feature is needed and it doesnt have it.  Other than games which is highly subjective imo, my device has not slowed me, it has helped me tons (office a major one).
  • Well if you go by the constant flow of tears, and threats of, "if MS doesn't do ____, I'm getting the next android!" that you get here alone then it shouldn't matter. Despite the "disapointment, tears, and bratty bullcrap their numbers are increasing.
  • I already am. In a word, WP8 is stale. It is not evolving as quickly as Android so I've gone to the darkside and have seen the light. There are quicker updates, and much better keyboard choices on Android....options of either default, Swype or SwiftKey for Android....both of which are not available on WP8. MS-Outlook works fine on Android and other powerhouse applications like MS-Office aren't really usable on any small device so what does WP8 truly offer right now? I'll wait and see what WP8.1 holds, but I don't think I'll be back until WP9....if it ever comes.
  • Ok bye! Nice knowing you. *sarcasm*
  • LOL....and they need one of those "Like" features. Love the sarcasm! 
  • You've already seen the "light" so what are you still doing here!
  • He is drawn to darkness...
  • I really like your comment. Thank you. Seriously. You made me chuckle. So much more.....well just so much more clever as compared to all the haters and their whining. We all have opinions and while they whine I respect their opinions....which is something they obviously don't. And yes darkness is appealing. it's like being bad.....and bad is always so much more fun than being good.
  • Lumia black... Is very dark
    I hope WP gets all the features we want, but in a uniquely WP way. (including cortana with Jen taylor's voice in a NATURAL, non-siri robot voice!)
  • Fully understand you. I'm starting to lose patience as well. If we get iPhones at work I will switch.
  • IPhones hahaha lol talk about stale. Are you serious telling me that you find ios7 more interesting than wp8?
  • "IPhones hahaha lol" shows, you are in your teens. Busted! ;)
  • Teen or not, he has a point. Even Apple realizes that so they tried to make a refresh with iOS7 - still stale.
  • iPhone 6 will have OIS...and that implementation is the BEST-EVER
  • To each his own...
  • You must be completely out of touch with the news if you think wp8 is stale. Updates every few months is hardly slow. Besides the fact that the past few updates have been, as everybody already knows, about enabling new hardware and the real fun begins with 8.1. Moving to android because of keyboard options is ridiculous since the keyboard on wp8 is excellent. Especially ridiculous when you have to deal with your phone slowing down as it gets full ( or even before if you have a Samsung), malware and horrible UI.
  • Really @Dare2Blink? Malware? I've owned an Android device since day 1 and I've never had an issue. The only way to get malware is by pirating paid applications, and if that's how you got it you deserve it in my opinion.
  • Or you know, by downloading apps directly from the store. While this has been cleaned up immensely, and I don't know if it's still an issue, your vector being the 'only' way is wildly innaccurate.
  • I've never had issues either so thank you. Oh, the issues I did have were with Lumia's restarting themselves for no reason. Oh and three 920s that got the "spinning wheels of death" with the one WP8 update that came out while the 920 was a the flagship device. Oh, and having to get 3rd party apps for mainstream tools for so long because developers had the "wait and see" attitude about WP8. Oh wait, we were talking about Android malware...sorry. My bad  :)
  • I've had, by downloading apps straight from the Play Store.
  • That's Bad News. ;)
  • There is this new airpush ads,and uninstalling system apps
  • Uh, Google has used Android's Remote Application Removal feature quite a few times for apps with malware embedded in the Play Store.   You can search for that term and find Google's own blogs talking about having to use it, and you can find articles about it being used as recently as December 2013.  Google has no vetting process for apps. You pay your money and upload your app. They don't even check to make sure if the app is functional. There's lots of 1 and 2 star apps where the reviews all say "crashes" and "won't load" etc. Google is basically the ONLY one who doesn't vet their apps. Microsoft doesn't vet for content like Apple does, but they do make sure that it runs on the hardware that it claims. 
  • I'll play with my new non-WP phone for a while, but I'll keep an eye out for 8.1. The real fun was supposed to start with 8.0, but that was quite disappointing in the end. Well, I'll wait, see, and judge then.
  • One of the plusses of WP when switching from all apple mobile devices was the predictive text features. And I love office on WP
  • Now you're going to get it, the fanboys are now frothing at the mouth.
  • Everyone is already dissapointed in Windows Phone 8. There's nothing Microsoft can do to make us hate 8.1 more than 8.
  • Don't bet on it. I seem to remember many saying that WP8 was to be the savior over WP7 and nothing could be done to make people hate it more than WP7. That hasn't gone so well either now has it?
  • And yet WP8 is now growing faster YoY compared to iOS and Android, and in fact has overtaken iOS in some markets so contrary to what you want to believe, it's doing OK.
  • Compare price point to price point, how well are the "over $600" -devices selling now versus the competition in comparison to one year ago. WP as a whole is still growing which is good for everyone, I believe.
  • Sad to say, same here
  • Yes
  • Have high hopes for this!!!
  • I have high hopes! I love my Lumia 920, just as I did my HTC Titan, and just as I will my next windows phone. Personally, and it is a matter of taste and/or personal perception to each and every user, I don't want what everyone else has. I like the fact that my windows phone is as unique as I am. For myself, I have all the apps I need or can use. My phone is FULL, and there are plenty of apps that I dont ever use for any reason, but I do have all that I need. If I download anything else, its just to see how it works, or a game I want to try, most of which get deleted once I realize they're not being played. I'm not really big on the games myself, but I play on the bus to pass time. Mostly, I browse the web for news from sites like WP Central, and spend my time reading up on the latest devices and happenings in the WP World. No complaints about my phone's performance in that category either!! Works great, and gets awesome reception and speed! Even though LTE isn't in my town yet. Now that is something id like to see!! Enjoy!!
  • Good it will be US only for the first years. cant believe an english or european citizen could speak english with that voice control
  • Come on man this is bullshit, if Microsoft is going to dissapoint with Windows Phone 8.1 then i'm leaving this ecosystem! They are way too slow and they are going to lose many more costomers, watch my word. I'm not going to Google, i hate them. Apple is the way i'm heading, they know exactly what costumers want and this year is the year they are going to release a bigger iPhone and it will sell like hotcakes.   Credo.
  • Bon voyage!
  • The cake is a lie!
  • If Apple knows exactly what customers want, then why are they changing the size of their phone yet again?  Or are you saying that Apple hasn't known what people want previously but now they think they do?
  • Microsoft is going to fail if they keep trying to outdo Apple. They need to innovate and suit trying to compete with Apple.
  • This goes beyond Siri, but more on the later.
  • is later now..lets hear it!!! :)
  • Yeah but sadly regardless of all the cool new things Cortana might do that Siri does not currently do, Apple will eventually release the same features later and all the sheep will claim that Apple "innovated" it first!!  Lol.
  • Ironinc in that it has been claimed that Bill Gates stole the Windows concept from a tiny company called Apple and became the world's largest PC OS and Office Suite provider. I guess payback is a b*&ch and now Apple is stealing from Bill Gates and was for a bit the world's largest cell phone provider until they too stopped innovating.
  • Anyone who knows anything about the birth of the pointer-driven GUI knows it came from Xerox before Apple so pipe down.
  • Yes we do...but I didn't say fact...I said "it has been claimed". So pipe down....and read thoroughly before commenting
  • Saying "it has been claimed" doesn't change the fact that Apple stole it from Xerox.
  • Why can't microsoft develop Cortana for Non-English Languages as well?? They should've started this right from the beginning of the cortana development.. i can't imagine it being so hard in other languages if they can do it in english.. If not that, they can atleast try and make it more usable for non-native english speakers such as those found in India & Elsewhere... I've seen Car manufacturers like Ford optimize their Sync Voice Control System for Indian Accents.. if they can do it, MS sure can??
  • Try to sound more American.
    Not being racist just trying to find a workaround for you :)
  • Sync voice control is a Microsoft product.
  • I Know!! That makes it all the more strange.. If they can deliver a working feature in a car (Granted, it is very limited in scope and functionality compared to a smartphone voice activated assistant) they can surely spend some effort and money into making cortana usable and relevant across the world.. not just the US. with offices around the world and a g;obal workforce, it wont even be hard for them to test the system out on various languages internally in the company itself without having to release a beta.    
  • I'd rather wish that Cortana would understand ANY "English":
    en-au, en-ca, en-eg, en-hk, en-in, en-ie, en-nz, en-sa, en-sg, en-za, en-gb, en-us
    Chinese speaking English *(or Nigerian) might be too much to ask before Windows 11
  • MS/Nokia develops a smartwatch with a holo-projector to display Cortana.
  • I hope they keep the codename and go with Cortana. So hawt.
  • I really hope they don't. For us who haven't played Halo (and there are millions), Cortana sounds like gibberish.
  • But for those of us that have played Halo (and there are millions) it's the greatest Voice AI name ever. Even if you haven't, Cortana does sound like a cool AI name.
  • GLaDOS will always be the best Voice AI, also her name is cool.
  • An average consumer (and there are millions) doesn't know what Siri stands for, so it has as much meaning as Cortana to non-Halo consumers
  • What /does/ Siri stand for?
  • The name Siri is Norwegian, meaning "beautiful woman who leads you to victory", and comes from the intended name for the original developer's first child.
  • I would wager more people know what cortana is from halo than what it means in norwegian.
  • ammarmalik really sounds like gibberish. :)
  • OMG you made me LOL, thanks :-D didn't pay any attention to his nickname
  • Ammar Malik. His name. Not gibberish.
  • It might be his name, still gibberish, though.
  • He'll think twice before insulting names lol
  • two Slayers arguing? This might not end up SpeciAbP'y well...
  • I'm one of the millions who have not played Halo but I still find Cortana great.
  • Same here. Now I want to play & know all about the franchise.
  • + XBox#
  • Wicked hawt
  • I'll be disappointed if this is US only for an entire year...
  • Count me second... Hopefully people all around the world will be able to enjoy full "Cortana-experience"!
  • That would be a great way to push WP market share. A USA only service for the least successful world market..
  • Its not even that. If this app really is (would be) in beta form, then why not try to get the highest possible number of beta users? Leave TellMe there as the default and allow users to use this app. Surely more usage, and therefor usage data, could be nothing but good for a product like this.
  • Stop talking sense... MS doesn't like it... unless it involves USA
  • Read the article again. It WILL be US for a looooong time.
  • Yes, an entire year. Read my post again.
  • can't read it again...
    crying too much to see it
    resetting my Wphone to en-us ...ASAP (before April 2nd)
  • It's like everything, big US companies seem to think they're the only important market.... 
  • Non us country cannot enjoy the "cortarna" services for a single period? Why just push this out for the entire world ? It is kind of stupid thinking .
  • Guess who's not surprised but still disappointed on these f&*ck US only. The coolest thing to come to WP and guess what? More than the half of total WP users will not play with it.
  • Damn I want to apologize and say you are right but this is AMERICA!
    Maybe you'll get "Corinna or Lupe" the Spanish version of CORTANA!
  • 2016 for a maybe. Hard To be exited when your not living in U.S.
  • I live here  and I'm not excited....netiher are all those Apple and Android minions. All that comes to mind about this is Meh...too late...Apple was first
  • ...but works like it's still beta.
  • You must know a lot of people to make that kind of claim. Siri is a gimmick, so if Apple was first to that, who cares?
  • Seriously mate not enough hugs as a kid? We get it you are over it, you have moved to android, so go already...
  • You must really be a megalomaniac to actually think you speak for "all those Apple and Android minions"!
  • Lloyd, stop it man, you're getting boring. We got it, you don't want anything to do with WP. Move on, nothing to see here.
  • You have to stop dwindling on her 'first', let it go, look forward and live happily.
  • Waiting. It's what we do.   WP8
  • Sad but true. Siri debuted to the consumer in 2011 . "cortana" 2015?.......
  • Hmmm...only for Lumia? Sigh.
  • Read the article.
    The 'Lumia exclusive' part is from the leaker that WPC is debunking.
  • Thank you for the clarification! Easy for me to miss as I was skimming the article.
  • This is for Windows Phone 8.1 It'll be baked into the OS
  • Thank you
  • And the API comes into the WP 9, right?
  • Problem with MSFT is that they don't share the software with the world. It bugs me all the time
  • You declare world wrong than :P If you declare US as Worl than MSFT is just doing fine
  • I just want whatever-it-is for my 810.  (The lack of an "official" GDR3/Black release makes me feel very uncertain.)
  • No one has said, or even intimated that I'm aware of, that the 810 will not get GDR3.  Black may never come.  Or it may.  Depending on Nokia and/or T-mob.  If you want update 3, just install it.  Here on WPC there is an article detailing the ~3 steps it takes to make it happen...
  • Yes, I'm aware (and have done) the workaround using a developer account for installing GDR3.  I would hardly call that an official release.  (I believe they even call it a "developer preview".)  Nokia's official update status page, that lists the Black update for the 810 as "Not available", certainly suggests to me that I'm out of luck.
  • That could mean that it's never coming and you're out of luck.  Or it could mean that testing hasn't started yet.  Or could mean that they are unsure.  Or it could be that Nokia built it but T-Mobile doesn't care to ever test.  No one really knows.  It's all speculation at this point.  And the gdr3 you get from the beta program is newer than released builds on other phones so while not official, I don't know why that would concern you.  Especially on your potentially no longer supported device...
  • Yes, Black is listed as "not available" for the 810. But that is not to say that it won't be available at all. It will probably be made available together with the 8.1. It's a similar situation with GDR2 which was not available for some 8X/8S phones but will be made available together with GDR3 for those same phones.
  • Its coming, just waiting on carrier approval...
  • Look again.  The 810 is the (only) one that says "Not available", not "Waiting for approval".
  • It will probably be made available with 8.1. They could have skipped Black now but include it in a later update (8.1) so T-Mobile could save on testing cost for what probably are a few users of 810. The carriers unfortunately make the ultimate decision what updates to push.
  • Isn't Siri voiced by an actress?
  • A voice-over artist:
  • That's what I'm saying. If Apple could do it with Siri, why can't MS do it with "Cortana"?
  • You have to understand too that Siris voice was recorded something like 6 years before it was revealed and no telling how long Apple was working on it before that. If Microsoft gets it done in a couple years then that's quite an accomplishment compared to Apple.
  • Apple did not originate Siri. It was developed by an independent company called Siri, Inc. Back then, Siri announced they would also make the app available not only for iPhones but also BB and Android devices. But Apple bought them in 2010 so all work on the app for BB and Android stopped.
  • You are correct. My point was, and should have been more clear, Siri was years in the making. It wasn't just overnight and poof, there is Siri. People are complaining that Microsoft is too slow.... But WP is a toddler OS and still has alot of growing to be on par with the likes of iPhone and Android. Just boils down to people being overly impatient. Reminds me of children at Toys R Us.
  • Seriously? I will have to wait 2 years to get it? That's really REALLY awfull.
  • You think Siri was created faster than that? Research it and see if its really as awful as you think that it might take Microsoft 2 years.
  • Seriously as a regular customer (not a techie or anything) I don't care how much apple took I care that right now apple customers have it for years and we are waiting 2 more years to get smth like it. MS built a great OS for phones but the development is slow its like watching your own kid grow.
  • I hope they will drop the codename and move to Bing. Bing is way more easly than Cortana.
  • What? Way more easily what? Either way, I disagree. Bing is a fine brand, but it is still #2 to google and it will be thought of as a knockoff of google now, even if that isn't the case. Cortana or the future name will be a brand new brand and leave people intrigued.
  • This ^
  • #2 to Google?
    Try #3 (at best) behind Yahoo.
  • Yahoo... Which uses Bing for Search... smh...
  • Wrong #1 Google, #2 Bing and #3 Yahoo.
  • Yahoo uses Bing, tanglewood.
  • Grammar skills + 2 points
  • I bet AT&T removes Cortana from the build when they realize it competes with their own future, half-baked U-verse voice assistant app. ;)
  • Sounds great but I sure hope this isn't US only at launch...
  • Hopefully they'll be able to call it Cortana, but even if not I still hope they can get Jen to do the voice.
  • Hope all lumia will get it, no limitation, i mean 512mb RAM still can enjoy it too.
  • ½ GB devices might have trouble with the full face Cortana emulation...Don't expect THIS until WP 9
  • Brace yourself my "Grand-Son" you'll have Cortana in your phone !
  • LOL
  • He he he
  • Needs to be out soon, for all MS products.
    Google Now for desktops is in beta.
  • And who gives a shit...??
  • Obviously not short sighted morons like you.
  • Agreed
  • i really don't get how people get excited about something like this. do you guys REALLY talk to your phone? i dont need such useless things (at least for me its useless) and dont want to look stupid. and ive never seen anyone talking to his phone, and if i do, i'd think he's a weirdo
  • Well for one, voice to text while driving...
  • I talk to my console. I mean times change and people change. If we stayed complacent, technology would never progress
  • Lol, I do all the time. I use a Bluetooth ear piece. I do it while driving to call or text.
  • Have you ever had dirty hands and needed to answer the phone, or maybe call someone to ask advice and can't take the time to wash your hands? Ever have your hands otherwise occupied such that holding a phone isn't convenient? Get in a situation like that and voice control becomes useful.
  • How would u press go button? Lel
  • I use text dialling and text sms replies all the time when driving. Just because you don't use a feature doesn't mean the rest of us don't.
  • Okay, your arguments seem pretty solid. Convinced.
  • Hmmm...I think that's what phones are for...talking?! (circuit switched or Skype)
    Maybe you play games, use apps, SMS, MMS, chat, update facebook, browse net,
    make funny comments that maybe only one gets...
  • Daniel, it will be US only/exclusive for a time?? MS didn't realize that US is where the minority of their user base is???
  • The real question is, why do people not realize how important it is for MS (and most companies) to cater to the US?
  • And why is the US so important? I'm from Australia but I think Europe would be more important/relevant bcoz it has a much bigger user base n MS could glean a shitloat of user data from that user base.
  • Have you all forgotten that Microsoft is a US based company and are no different than any other company in the world...they all release whatever it is locally and expand from is only begins at home!
  • Only dumb companies do that !
  • Then every company is dumb...I don't see any other companies from outside the US releasing anything in the US first...a Mercedes will hit the streets of Germany before it does here...
  • Nokia with WP-phone?
    (just don't twist that knife, please?)
  • I really really wish they keep the Cortana name. And you can vote here!
  • The superintendent would still be cool if they couldn't achieve Cortana, seeing as the superintendent is already like a Halo Siri
  • Here is the thing. If Cortana is SIRI like then WHO THE HECK cares. Way back they had said they do not want it to be another SIRI and that they want it to be advanced beyond that. Thats what WP needs. Having another SIRI like which catches up with market instead of taking the lead is just not good enough.   Edited: I just saw the comment by Daniel "This goes beyond Siri, but more on the later.". If true then GREAT!
  • This is promising. Hopefully existing hardware will get all of the new features. Either way by then it will be time for a new phone anyways.
  • Ooooh, I hope this delivers on all the promise that it entails. The cortana name holds positives over "bing" for me; gamers will automatically get the reference, and for non-gamers it has no pre concieved negative connotations. It doesn't evoke the fanboy hatred that using microsoft/bing would for a start... Jen Taylor would be a huge bonus (call me Chief!). I just hope it works as well as MS want it to!
  • If the army of lawyers can't handle the issue with the name they should all be fired. MS owns the damn franchise how can this be hard?
  • it will be release in ios and android first:)
  • Dat trolling. Even when it comes out on ios it won't be a core feature of the OS.
  • I'm guessing it won't arrive in India till at least 2016. My 920 will most probably be dead and gone by then. Oh, well.
  • Will Cortana support third-party apps such as Cal and HTC Weather? I would love it if I could set those two apps as default, so that when I get the aforementioned SMS message I could insert it right into Cal!
  • Windows 8.1 has an area in the settings for "default" apps. You can set alternate mail and calendar applications to handle such tasks. I'd imagine Windows Phone 8.1 would strive to mirror these tiny OS additions. On a side note thanks for supporting Cal! Philippe is a hell of a dev. ;)
  • All those updates take too long.. 2015 and stuff.. Omg, look at Google, they move in seconds.. MS just don't get it.. Oh and region based would be awesome, you know, accept more languages, I speak Dutch, so that will supported in 2018, when I have nothing MS anymore since they move so slow. I only miss a Xbox one, I'm a true fan, but the pace.. Frastrating....
  • Microsoft released three GDR updates in the last year. Google released three Android 4.x patches, which are equivalent feature wise to the GDR improvements.
  • OMG
  • sounds really good so far. but not good enough to me. i hope MS is aware that there is a world outsid the US. especially for windows phone users ... looking forward to seeing 'Cortana' in other main languages such as german, french, spanish, ... etc they have the voice recognition software and algorithms (kinect etc)... now please give it also to not US-users. i know its not that easy to get all the content providers on board for doing awesome stuff with cortana. but standard OS-based stuff could be a nice first step for every wp-user outside the US. i hope they come along with some official information very soon ;) can't wait to see wp8.1 at build^^
  • Kinect voice commands doesn't work fully outside US and hardly has any support for non english...
  • okay. maybe. but still they have had support for voice recognition in some other services like bing translator or even tellme...
  • 2016 just seem ridiculous when a big part of WP users are outside US. Why MS is so lazy?
  • Why are so many WP users so stupid?
  • LOL!!!
  • Nobody uses SIRI anymore
    Why do msft focuses on this too much, I say focus on the overall OS!! The voice command on my 1520 is not enough for my daily needs, I don't even use it that much
  • They are adding other stuff, not just Cortana.
  • Its supposed to be more than Siri.
  • you do realize MS is not only one group of developers, do you ?
  • I've been hearing about for a while when the hell we gonna see something.
  • It takes a while to work on it, be patient.
  • I would sell my soul to everything MS if they got Jen Taylor and kept the name. -That is all.
  • Deal:)
  • This ^
  • They should program the Superintendent UI to give the middle finger if they install Chrome or iTunes on a Windows PC...or at least a snide remark, "not sure if you should install spyware (Chrome)."
  • lol
  • Ha ha ha
  • I want Cortana to support Dhivehi language as well ;)
  • Is wp8.1 expected to be released in 2015?
  • 2014. In a few months.
    You could just... read.
  • Ohh... Sorry. It only says that they will talk about it in April. This spring. And as ms is incredible slow, I would not have been surprised if it took until 2015.
  • This is probably the most excited I've been for a Windows Phone update. I CAN'T WAIT!
  • I feel like these update just take too long
  • Feelings are for women.
  • Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems that Cortana is coming to WP8.1 ONLY in America. Other English territories don't get it till 2015 or 2016. Does that include the UK? Or did I misunderstand what I read?
  • I never said that.
  • You should better update the article then. People are running mad in the comment section.
  • People should read before commenting.
  • Come on Sam... a simple "We can neither confirm nor decline if Cortana will be US exclusive." Would shut those mouths. But given the fact that this is msftnerd we are talking about, no this wont be US exclusive.
  • I still laugh when I think about the recent 2013 commercials comparing iPads (with Siri talking) to the Surface tablet features.  Hopefully we will see some similar Cortana marketing when it's finally released! 
  • Well, let's see how long it will take AT&T to let actual users have this update... My guess is not within this year :) But this is definitely an upgrade I am willing to get rid of the ATT SW version for...
  • Why region lock it? :S Let Cortana stumble around different languages if the users want her to do so. I understand that it's a work in progress and English is, for the time being, the only supported language but c'mon... I'm in Croatia and, of course, my Windows Phone doesn't understand Croatian (neither does Bing Translator, for that matter). But I can at least use voice commands, launch apps, record voice notes, etc. It can even launch native apps, it understands well enough. For example, I say "Open Glazba+Video" (that is, Music+Video), using an "American accent" and it actually launches freaking Music app with no problems whatsoever. It can't read texts sent in Croatian, of course (it can, but it sounds creepy, not to mention skipping over all letters with diacritis), but at least it's somewhat functional.   Microsoft should release Cortana to all who wish to use her, regardless of region. She would probably be next to useless 90% of the time but hey, sometimes, late at night, I like to fire up voice search on my Lumia, saying all kinds of stupid things in Croatian, and then I listen to it trying to interpret it in English. The end result is hilarious and almost always very dirty. ;) Let us play with her.   And then, later, add more languages and expand the official support. I doubt it would hog the servers too much.
  • Cortana is a HUGE marketing angle for Microsoft. XBox One tie in is going to be awesome. Especially if Cortana recognizes you through Kinect when you fire up your XB1 and everything is synched.
  • Not only do I want it to sound like Cortana, but it needs to sound like crazy rampant Halo 4 Cortana... So fricken hot.
  • What I really need is multitasking features on my Lumia 1520 the screen is big and beautiful just to do one thing at a time i really hope 8.1 brings snap feature.
  • As a WP7 launch user it is hard to get excited for this. It will take forever to arrive and most likely MS will cave and they won't call it Cortana. Just like they caved on Metro and SKyDrive branding.
  • Now that we're talking about SkyDrive, when is the name change happening Daniel?
  • Why is that lead image considered acceptable? It's so horribly objectifying. Why is she so massively sexualised?! It wouldn't happen if it were a male character. Coke on, it's 2014 now, let's move forward from these 1950s attitudes.
  • ... That's Cortana from Halo, grandpa
  • While I'm not going to take the "over sexualized" angle, I will say iCNET's picture of Cortana for this story yesterday was a bit more my speed.
  • "It's 2014 now, let's move forward from these 1950's attitudes." Interesting, that would be my exact response to your statement.
  • You are why the rest of us can't enjoy an AI with boobs
  • coke on man.
  • Keep calm and coke on 
  • It's a game character they are usually more or less stereotyped; women are sexy, men are handsome.
  • Every day, I see where Microsoft has so many chances to be the most incredible company on the planet - to change their clunky "beige box" image IBM handed them in the 20th century and become something new and thrilling, rather than just another "Me too", "It's sort of an iPad-type product", or "Wouldn't-it-be-cool-if-we-tried" company. But every day, I find myself gravitating back towards other companies' solutions. I dislike Android, it looks too scattered and ridiculous. Apple and iOS started to feel stale and limited. Blackberry is on its death bed. Sailfish, Tizen, and Firefox are too little too late. I want so badly for Microsoft to wake up, dig into their cash flows, hire some innovative genuine people, listen to them, and most importantly act quickly on their ideas. I'm a patient guy. 99.8% of the world isn't. They want full feature parity 10 months ago. They want brag-worthy innovation back in Q3 of '13. They want complete support and across the board first class support from launch day. My fiance's mother's Microsoft Sync in her 2013 Lincoln doesn't even play nice with WP8. The Windows 8.1 application for Windows Phone is clunky and I find myself using File Explorer to navigate my phone like it's 2004 on my Motorola ROKR again. Microsoft: Wake up, please. I love your ideas, and your legacy as a powerhouse tech company. I'm proud to be part of the 4% that believes in your mobile solution, but it's getting harder to do so every time I see people accomplishing more, faster, with less effort, on other companies' products.
  • Ditto...
  • Well said. I also love Windows Phone and most of Microsofts products but the line "too little, too late" applies to Microsoft so directly it's sad. They have these great ideas and it just takes them too long to get them on the market or when they do make it to the marked its only a fraction of what they showed they were capable of.
  • Huh. I'm suddenly much, much less excited about this.
  • the most important thing it needs to be available world wide they need to expand voice into more languages  
  • I hope not only us... I hope Canada too!!! Or I will force my regional settings to states.. The old 7.0 trick for features
  • Fortunately, you guys don't really understand trademarks. Microsoft owns the Cortana trademark, so they could easily use it in any of their products. They would only have to adjust the registration to expand the goods and services on which it can be used. However, there may still be other reasons they don't use it.
  • I hope will be not only for US, this planning is terrible. Microsoft is still too much slow in development of new features. In Europe Windows Phone has 10% market share and MS is planning to distribute such feature when!?!? 2016? iOS and Android has this features since years damn!!
  • I couldn't care less what it's called, so long as it comes to UK SOON.
  • Can't believe people will jump ship if the name isn't Cortana... can they say the WP UI is stale??? And it looks/feels like the 90' much has android and iOS drastically changed their UI in the last two updates?
    Ugh...people are so impatient these days.
    I really like my WP...and to be perfectly happy with it as is. Every feature added since I hot my WP8 has been icing on the cake for me.
  • Hey chef, curious, how long you been on or following windows phone?
  • Will all current phones be able to upgrade to WP8.1?
  • I believe so; even the 7.x ones.
  • Man I should've kept my focus:)
  • ALL 8.0 => 8.1 (with hardware limited features. One can't "grow" new hardware)
  • Beta announced in April?.... All right.....
  • April 2nd 2014 WP 8.1, etc...
  • Damn...cant wait
  • I've been waiting for more info on this and really hoped it would be in the 8.1 update world-wide. Makes me sad that's not gonna happen. The current system has never supported Swedish sadly, which is a big setback for us here. Too many of the "core" features are unavailable in Sweden (Bing music search, Bing Locals or what its called as an example). Come on! As one of the first WP users in Sweden and probably the most loyal and dedicated WP fan, I'm feeling left out in the cold. Probably together with a lot of other countries. TLDR; Our country is left out from more and more core features, probably yours as well if your not living in the US.
  • Not sure you read our article. I didn't confirm/deny anything availability.
  • Try to deny any of these:
    English only (even in W9)
    Features/UI depend also on the OS (Modern UI, RT, WP, XB1)
    Will be much better in W9
    - - -
    These you might deny
    Uses Jen's voice from Halo 4
    Uses Cortana animatronics from Halo 4
    Will be used in commercials promoting Halo 5
    [very wide grin]   
  • First time I've seen a TLDR on WPCentral.
  • Sorry if this was asked before: Anything about the rest of the world - the non-english-speaking? Everything I read was about English or the U.S.
  • I can't wait, too. But the idea that Microsoft will announce this feature, only to be released to the public over a year later sounds absurd! Correct me, if I'm wrong, please.
  • I'm not a fan of those voice command things (never liked Siri and the Android solution doesn't bother me either). But I have to admit a natural language user interface like Cortana would be hella sweet!
  • Cortana ahhhh yeahhhh!!!!!!
  • I really hope they keep the "Cortana" name... even if it becomes a sub-brand of Bing.  Simply keeping it as "Bing" would make it less exciting IMO.  "Cortana" already has a great online reputation and has gathered a lot of excitement.  It would totally be worth the investment to license the name especially when they already own the Halo franchise so people are familiar with it and would be welcomed into the Microsoft family.  Even if they want to keep it with Bing, they can say "Bing powered by Cortana" or something like that lol.
  • They'd probably say "Cortana, powered by Bing"
  • OMG!! Cortana is HOT!! :-)
  • Sadly, this will not be available for my Lumia 810. I'm not even getting Black.
  • I would love for Cortona to sound like Jen Taylor... but I would be just as happy if I could change the voice to British English instead of American English without it affecting other regional settings. I mean seriously, why do those need to be linked at all?
  • So, 2016, other english speaking countries will start to see this feature... What does that mean, 2018 for other countries? I f'ing HATE that they just won't roll out these features worldwide just because we don't speak english natively. That doesn't mean we don't want it or can't use it.   
  • It doesn't have to "take on" Siri or google now IMHO. It only has to be very good at what it is designed to be. If it can just do that, its a win. If not it'll be the joke of the month.
  • Nice post! :)
  • When I first heard about this months ago I said lose the goofy name. Unfortunately I see it's still floating around.
  • I can already see one potential problem with the last idea in the article: spelling. As much as it'd be nice to live in a world where people know the difference between their "where" and "were"s, I can imagine Cortana having a difficult time time trying to decipher things such as text language and butchering of the English to the point that they'll complain how the functionality doesn't work for them as advertised because they spelt "town" as "twn". Talking of which Cortana would seem even more impressive if it new which town you were referring to.
  • Microsoft is taking too long on this. Okay so they announce it in April and it ships when? August? September? They have this habbit of talking about things way too early and by the time its released it doesn't have the same level of appeal. Meanwhile Apple already has had Siri on the market for a while. If Microsoft really wants that second place spot in market share, they're not only going to have to keep up but move faster than the competition.
  • She needs to be called Cortana. No if's and/or buts. It just makes so much sense. It's a name that has been synonymous with "artificial intelligence" for years. And marketing wise, Cortana sounds more intelligent than Siri right off the bat. She's Cortana for crying out loud. Make it happen Microsoft. I just want to add that the Halo universe, and everything in it, is completely owned by Microsoft. Microsoft themselves created 343 industries so that they could take over game development when Bungie (original creators of Halo) left. This whole "licensing" thing doesn't make sense at all.
  • They could call it Red Queen too! :D
  • will wp 8.1 get a developer preview too??
  • Does this mean everyone in the US can get this in April with the Preview for Developers workaround?
  • None of these chicks speak my language so I don't care.
  • Can't fight apple with currently available apps and games , but why not speech ?
    Nice thinking Microsoft , I'm thrilled .
  • Just....please Microsoft...please
  • Just don't give it a long drawn out enterprise name like System Center Configuration Manager Cumulative Update 2.
  • "SCCMCU, remind me to rename you to MPU"...
  • Customer Oriented Responsive Tangible Analytic Neural Assistant
  • Yet again focussing on releasing it to the US market first and then other English countries sometime in the following 12-24 months? That's ridiculous!! What a joke, also no mention of the countries where WP is making some traction either, so what about Italian & German, Spanish for Latin America where they are actually selling these devices rather than the US which has the least market share of almost any country in the world where it is released. I am a big Windows Phone fan, but if they keep blowing off the rest of the world and ignore the lack of feature parity for other countries then they are never going to catch up. Using Bing is a much better experience in the US than it is anywhere else in the world and for that reason I still have to use Google to search for a lot of local content. The timeframes they are giving here don't instill much confidence about them focussing on that any time soon.
  • Agree 100%
  • US only for a year?? Only Microsoft. Maybe they should look at where WP is gaining traction.
  • I mean ... Siri sucks... How is Microsoft going to pull something better in such short time if they haven't started. I'm waiting for notifications thats what I want
  • Everything takes so long to come for WP. I hope wp 8.1 is worth the wait.
  • Does Microsoft realize that US isn't the only place where people speak English... Why can't they, for once, just bring stuff out in other countries too. :/
  • +millions non us wp english users
  • Microsoft confirms 'Virtual Assistant' in works. Will have AI and can have many avatars both male and female.
  • If they could sample as many different voices of cortana pronunciations as possible and hear them on youtube
  • To The Bing app for iPhone ???
    Wtf! Why should the ancient system getting this?
    This is for the modern, not for the old and senile which still using the so completely out of date and utterly boring phone thingy from the fruit's....
  • I think this idea just rings of gimmickry and will not actually have much use beyond some basic steps that a couple of taps would do anyway. Don't understand the excitement at all. I would prefer the effort and resources to be directed elsewhere. The office paperclip is exactly where it will end up.
  • What about those of us who don't want their phones to be an extension of some game that they have no interest in? I can understand the gamers ejaculating into their onesies about pretending they're in a real game but it's not exactly a serious image for the brand. Cortana sounds like Cortina anyway, an old British Ford model.
  • If Cortana hasn't came out for whole world in two years, i will change OS with no regrets.
  • That Cortana girl... on the screen here... is she pregnant?
  • Optical delusion.
  • If microsoft can pull off to support cortana for more languages than Siri or Google voice they've got something. Otherwise cortana is no more than a "me too".
  • I know it takes time and a lot of work to get features like this working properly. But let's be honest, as good as WP is, it's still behind the other 2 overall. And people aren't going to leave their current OS in their masses till WP does everything their old phone does and more.
  • Why the Fu8k cortana is nak3d?And why cortana is projected as a women if it is gonan looks like a smiley? Why?
    Don't make our hopes high!
  • I don't like talking to my devices in public. I do love a chat with my Xbox One, in my living rooms' privacy.
  • I know what you're going to do with Cortana in your living room :-P
  • I like using my phone for games, apps, chatting, texting, facebook glancing, web browsing
    occational TALKING
  • What about the non-Lumia devices? Will the 8x and others be receiving cortana in the developer preview app in April?
  • Yes u will
  • Cortana...
  • I'm pretty sure this isn't some cherry on top gimmick to get people to switch to windows phone. If they're as serious as it sounds like they are with AI, "Cortana" will literally become as important to Microsoft as Windows and Office. It will be baked in to every Microsoft device/service going forward. Microsoft has been working on AI for years now. Bing is a natural extension of this. The richer that Bing gets, the more robust the AI will be. I think the reason we haven't heard a peep about this (besides the several hints from Ballmer) is because they want to get this perfect. They're using Apple's old model and Apple seems to be switching to Microsoft's old model. It will naturally be English first because Microsoft is an American company, but they're not ignorant. They know huge chunks of the market lie overseas so I'm sure they won't be twidling their thumbs to get it to as many language markets as possible. I'm so excited for //BUILD/ that I might explode. I think things will be much clearer on April 2nd.
  • I don't think Cortana should go to WP and iPhone. In my opinion it should be exclusive for WP and other MS products/service
  • I don't think Cortana should go to WP Android and iPhone. In my opinion it should be exclusive for WP and other MS products/service Me2  
  • I couldn't agree more with you I can't believe they are considering iPhone or android
  • I hope this Cortana feature means the system wide voice dictation will come as dedicated button on the keyboard. This missing feature is what keeps me swapping my SIM between my phones.
  • Lets hope that she appears as herself,
    Not like the circle faces.
  • If it's coming to Windows 8 too that would explain why they haven't updated Speech Recognition..
  • The Halo IP is owned by Microsoft Studios. 343 was created by Microsoft to develop projects based on that IP. If there are any licensing issues they should be with Microsoft Studios, not 343
  • They gotta keep the name Cortana. If not for the obvious reasons, then at least from a marketing standpoint. U can have commercials with MasterChief running around killing aliens assisted by commentary from Cortana. Have a scenario where Cortana gets him out of some shit and then tie that in with WP. Boom. Increased market share
  • Why catch up with Siri when Google's own voice offering is far far superior?????
  • I don't care if Jen Taylor sounds like Cortana when used for this voice assistant, I just think her voice would be perfect for the feature.
  • My best friend's step-sister makes $72/hour on the laptop. She has been without work for 9 months but last month her pay was $13514 just working on the laptop for a few hours. Here's the site to read more  w­w­w.w­o­r­k­s­7­7­.c­o­m  
  • WTH would they port cortana to iPhone ???? It should be a Microsoft only thing like siri is an apple only thing
  • 2016???????? Is this an effing joke?? Do we have to wait till 2016? Man, MSFT may shove it up their ***. First they want to release it in the US? As if other countries don't exist? And that too for iOS? Man, what a bunch of BS. This is too much to bear. This ruined my day. Thank you MSFT.
  • notification center...
  • what really needs to happen is for nokia to stop the exclusiveness and sell wp8.1 phones on all carriers  
  • @Xenophos Completely agree, Microsoft have set their sights low if their trying to catch up with Siri. As leading edge high tech company (or at least they were) they should be look at GoogleNow, and frankly beyond. 
  • they should really just keep cortana on the windows phone for the first 4 months and see if that will help out the sells of the windows phone.
  • Dictated my last message using siri 
  • Why the heck would Microsoft make this feature available for iPhone?  Don't they want any unique cool features to draw in the customers to winphone?  If you give everything to iPhone and Android users you're not giving anybody a reason to buy winphone.
  • dose support persian language ? for our asian people