Windows Phone app Elemental Breaker headed to Windows 8

Elemental Breaker from DCT is a Windows Phone exclusive game and will soon be headed to Windows 8. The breakout styled game was released just a short time ago on the Marketplace and out of 71 reviews, the game is averaging four out of five stars. A rating we won't argue with.

Elemental Breaker is a multi-level two times over type game. That is you have three level packs that contain nine sub-levels. The first level pack comes pre-loaded with the initial install and level packs two and three can be downloaded at your leisure.

The main menu for Elemental Breaker has options to play the game, view the "How-to" tutorial, access the settings, view the developer's information, and view your power-up/bonus balls (sixteen all together) that can be earned during game play. Settings are few and cover vibration on/off and sound levels.

The object of Elemental Breaker is very breakout oriented. You are given a playing field with a series of blocks that you have to smash into smithereens with your ball. The playing field is framed and you can play off this framing. From there, game play starts to drift away from the traditional breakout styled game. As you progress through the levels, the framing creates walls and barriers that you will need to navigate around to get to the blocks.

The platform in which you keep the ball in play is not static, that is you can place it anywhere on the playing field by swiping your finger in the area you want it. Tap the screen to make the platform disappear or simply swipe another area to move it. As you bust the blocks, bonus items are released and you collect them with your platform. The bonus items will drift around and slowly fade away so you'll need to act quick.

Bonus items, and there's sixteen of them, range from dual platforms, double the score, mega ball (smashes blocks quicker) and a death ball (need to avoid this one).

As you play the game, you earn bonus time that can be used to slow down your ball (purple indicator at the top center of the playing screen). Double tap the screen and your ball will travel at a snail's pace for however many seconds are displayed. This comes in handy when you need to move the ball in the direction of that last block.

After playing Elemental Breaker for the past hour or so, it comes across as a very fun time waster. Graphics are nice, game play challenging enough to keep you interested and the pricing just right. We won't argue with the four star rating the game has in the Marketplace and if anything, it may be a little on the low side.

Elemental Breaker is a free game that you can find here at the Windows Phone Marketplace and keep a watch out for the Windows 8 version in the coming months.

Via: wp7forum

George Ponder

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