Windows Phone App Studio picks up new update, reveals over 20,000 apps have been published

Remember Microsoft’s Windows Phone App Studio that is currently in beta? It’s the killer program that allows you to unlock your phone and create basic apps using a web tool. That web tool is powerful enough to let novice users and developers create simple apps. More experience developers might use it to quickly create a prototype of an app. It launched way back in early August of last year, but has seen a few updates since. Today we’re looking at another update to App Studio, so let’s check out what’s new and different this round.

Since its launch last August, over 350,000 developers of varying skill levels have worked with Windows Phone App Studio. The result? Over 300,000 projects have been created using App Studio and 20,000 of those have been published into the Windows Phone Store. Congrats to the App Studio team and the thousands of developers who have put it to use.

Today the App Studio team is announcing a few new changes to the program and web tool. Here’s what’s new:

  • A redesigned UI
  • A touch-enabled UI
  • A rebuilt emulator
  • JPG to PNG image conversion
  • Full-screen image rotation
  • More fluid integration of sections and data sources
  • Better structure, readability and performance of source code
  • Source code is now MVVM based
  • New app templates for businesses
  • Ability to generate full Microsoft Visual Studio Project

This is a pretty substantial update for Windows Phone App Studio. The redesigned UI is looking really nice. The App Studio team has reworked and streamlined the workflow based on which actions have been used the most.

We’re also realign digging the touch-enabled UI. We loaded up Windows Phone App Studio on our Lumia 2520 and had no problems navigating the interface using the touch screen. The rebuilt emulator is another welcomed addition. It now supports dynamic text updates, which results you being able to see changes made on the fly.

Head on over to Windows Phone App Studio and try out the changes for yourself!

Source: Windows Phone Developer Blog

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Sam Sabri
  • Looks quite better now !! 
  • Awesome, this is proving to be a great tool for beginners, just starting to learn their way around Windows Phone app development. Great job, Microsoft!
  • Looks awesome... nice job Microsoft...
  • Excellent. This is a very good alternative for those that are still using a 32 bit system and can't get their hands on the SDK or the Windows Phone VS.
  • "We’re also realign digging the touch-enabled UI."   Oops spell check put the wrong word in there Sam. =)
  • Good work
  • We don't need MORE apps. We need QUALITY apps. I don't need 10 different Google+ browsers (all named Google+) in the app store that are just web containers for the site. I'd rather have an official Google+ app, etc. This is the problem. Quantity is the focus over quality. It's great that any Joe Blow can create an app and publish it, but it will probably suck becuase he/she isn't a real developer and I'd rather have official apps with functionality.
  • It is intended for everyone. A beginner can use it as guide and a tutorial. And a more experience dev can use it to make a quick app and make changes at a later time.
  • Wow you sound like you know fact, or maybe factoids and personal opinion based on your own self needs. Instead you don't see or get the whole picture or vision here. If only Google would allow us developers to create those Google apps you speak of. Im all for all the Joe Blows that want yo get into development of mobile apps, especially for WP8. What really sucks is end users like yourself, immature and self centered. In fact, I could care less if any of my own apps was downloaded by a person, such as yourself, ignorant of the platform and the growing market. Of course if you want Google+ I'm sure Android would be the better platform for you.
  • ALL I can say, Chris, is: Cool story, bro.
  • First off you start off say WP blows cause we don't have this app or that, then you say we have too many apps. Which is it?!?
  • Both, genius. We have too many crap apps and we're missing some of the really good, official apps. Is that somehow not clear? I also didn't say WP blows. You're the only one who said that.
  • Gravage, I have over 20k downloads and income in the bank. Until you can live a day in my shoes, supporting the platform other then the negative spin in a forum, I would say your negative opinion of the good efforts App Studio is bringing to the new developer and WP8 growth is the minority.
  • Cool story, bro.
  • I feel like I lost a substantial number of brain cells from reading that drivel.
  • Sounds like you probably didn't have very many to begin with, so I'm sure you won't notice.
  • Except that's not the focus of the general population. People dismiss WP8 mostly because of number of apps available, much more often than quality of apps (it's a much easier argument to say "hah, you only have 200k of apps and we have over a million!"). If in someway the number of apps is catching up to the other two platform, then we will hear less bad reviews of WP, and WP will sound better and become more popular, only then would most developers really put in effort and give you the "quality app". Sad reality, but true. 
  • You're right about that. I'm aware of the reality. Just like MOAR CORES on processors is better, MOAR APPS is a sticking point for some people, even if 90% of them aren't worth downloading. I just remember all of the blog posts about "Windows Phone now has XXXX apps" that would come out every few weeks and yet we still didn't have some of the most basic apps. No Flipboard (still), or Instagram (then), etc. Even if you don't care about those apps, it says a lot when they're not available on your platform.There are some GREAT third party alternatives, like MyTube, but they aren't as numerous as I'd like. We'll get there eventually, but we'll always be the fat kid who gets picked last.
  • Gravage you are stating to sound more like Garbage instead. Be patience brother. At this pace that WP is moving even Google will come to WP.
  • Have you actually searched the iOS or Android stores? Your comment is crap, as all the stores are like that with garbage apps building the numbers.
  • @Shantek +NL 925. Thanks
  • Agreed.
  • Its better now. ,
  • I've developed apps and games in my Java computer class. I've tried visual studio before and it was just hard to learn. I might look into app studio here in the next few days.
  • Nice one, Good Luck too...
  • You really should take the time to learn it if you have a windows PC. VS is hands down the best IDE I've used. Hated eclipse, and have only worked with a couple other minor ones.
  • I worked/working with jcreator and eclipse. And I have a PC with windows 8 installed
  • Sam, approximately how many apps are in the WP store now?
  • Looks better, but I was hoping for more data services and true html support.
  • I made a few apps for myself. Haven't bought access to put it on marketplace though.
  • for some reason  it deleted my apps in the proccess  
  • Thanks for the heads up Sam... I've been waiting for a sim city game!!! Even windows mobile had sim city 2000.
  • We made our corporate app with it. Turned out great.
  • I was playing around with it a bit again and the layout is much better now, but certain features are a bit too limited and there is still a lot of limitations of custumizing even a simple app. Also some things simply don't work right, but that is probably why it's still in Beta, hopefully Microsoft invests more to make it the perfect tool for people that don't have Visual Studio programing skill yet.  
  • does anyone know how to edit the code for an App Studio app through Windows 7? I can't find a Visual Studio that works with it.
  • You can only edit code for WP7 apps on Win 7 i belive, Thatss why I had to forcce myself to upgrade to Win8.1 pro to work with the new visual studio for WP8. It sucks to have to upgrade to Win 8 if you dont like it(I dont) but its whats necessary.
  • I created an app. Everything is going well, but is almost impossible, actually in my case it is impossible to publish the app.  I have already the dev. account, but no way to upload the file. So why i would create an app that I cant publish in the windows store?