Windows Phone Central Game Roundup: Gone Fishing

WPCentral's collection of Windows Phone fishing games

There are a handful of fishing games over on the Windows Phone Marketplace that might help you get through the days when you can't escape to your favorite fishing hole. These games may not replace the relaxation of being in a boat on the water trying catch that trophy fish brings, but they can be decent time wasters.

These fishing games stood out from the crowd and we think they would be nice additions to your Windows Phone gaming library.  Still, we may have missed a title or two and if that's the case, it shouldn't reflect poorly on that game. If we've missed something, feel free to share with the crowd in the comments below.

iFishing (free trial/$2.99): iFishing offers a more realistic approach to the Windows Phone fishing games. In many respects it's more akin to a simulator than a game. There are two game modes, practice and tournament, with forty real life backdrops. There is a realistic feel to iFishing from racing across the water in your boat, casting and landing the fish.  You even have a fish finder to help you find the best fishing spot. iFishing is likely the most challenging of the fishing games available for your Windows Phone.

You have fifteen unlockable lakes to fish on, tons of lures, freshwater fish ranging from bass to musky, and a realistic casting control. To cast, tap and hold the cast button and the fling your Windows Phone forward, as if you're casting. Release the button while your casting to send your lure out into the lake. Just be careful to have a firm grip on your Windows Phone so it doesn't sail across the room.

iFishing does have a free trial to let you try things out with the full version running $2.99. You can catch iFishing here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Fishing Girl (free): Fishing Girl is just a fun, time waster of a game from Elbert Perez and the Occasional Gamer studios. Minimalistic graphics, easy game controls, and challenging game play makes Fishing Girl a good choice for those looking for a relaxing fishing game.  Dare we say Fishing Girl is En Fuego?

Fishing Girl is a career oriented game where you try to catch as many fish as possible during your daily fishing outings. You earn points based on the size of the fish and bonus points for daily challenges. You can also earn additional points for fishing out the garbage the is drifting about.

As you progress through your career, you'll earn points that can be spent at the local bait store. You can buy special lures, upgrade your rod/reel and buy stronger fishing line.

Fishing Girl is a free, ad supported game that you can land here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

CrazyFishing (free version/$1.99): CrazyFishing is a nicely animated fishing game that puts a twist on landing your fish. You play from a small boat that can move back/forth along the water by tilting your Windows Phone. As fish pass by beneath your boat, tap the screen to lower the hook and tap again to hook the fish or reel things in for another cast.

Once hooked, the fish is pulled from the water into the air and it's your job to move the boat under the fish to catch it. Otherwise, the fish falls back in the water and swims off. You are trying to catch a quota of fish under a time limit and if you're successful you'll move to the next level. Having to essentially catch the fish twice gives CrazyFishing a bit of challenge.

There are two versions available for CrazyFishing. You have CrazyFishing Free which is a free, ad supported version. Then there's CrazyFishing that is ad-free and is currently running $1.99.

Grow (free trial/$1.99): Okay... so Grow isn't your traditional fishing game for your Windows Phone but it involves fish catching fish and it's a fun time waster. It may be a stretch but we added it to the mix anyways.

Grow is a fish-eat-fish type game where your job is to eat everything in sight and... well... grow. You face 6 types of enemies in 78 levels, 7 different underwater environments and 7 endless survival levels. Throw in 5 power-ups and 17 upgrades to unlock and Grow has plenty of fishing gaming to keep you busy.

There is a free trial version available for Grow and the full version will run you $1.99. You can gobble up Grow here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Bluboo Fishing (free): Bluboo Fishing is a multi-level fishing game of timing. The game has multiple venues to fish from and the goal is to catch a certain number of fish before time runs out. Do so and you can advance to the next level, earn cash to spend at the bait and tackle shop, and unlock new fishing holes.

Once you've chosen your fishing hole from the map, you can steer your boat back and forth across the screen by tilting your Windows Phone. Tap the screen to lower your hook in hopes of snagging a fish.

While Bluboo Fishing is a nice fishing game for your Windows Phone, there are a few hiccups. First, your game progress is not saved. If you make it to level four and leave the game, when you return you start back at level one. Your coins are saved but the gaming progress is not. Next, once you drop your hook, unless you hook a fish, it has to travel to the bottom before being reeled in. On the plus side though, you can hook multiple fish on a single cast.

While Bluboo Fishing has room for improvement, it's worth a try. Bluboo Fishing is a free, ad-supported game that you can find here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

WP Central's Fishing Game Roundup

While there are plenty of fish oriented games for your Windows Phone, there aren't that many fishing games. These stood out to us and are worth a try if you're hunting for to spend a little time fishing with your Windows Phone.

If we've missed a fishing game that you've found entertaining, feel free to let us know in the comments.

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