Windows Phone Game Review: Escape from Heaven

Escape from Heaven is a nice looking game for your Windows Phone where you play the role of Hedgy, a hedge hog that doesn't like Heaven and yearns to make it back to Earth.  You navigate over obstacles, jump from platform to platform working your way through the various levels of the game to make it home.

Escape from Heaven has a minimalist feel to the graphics, simple game play but Escape from Heaven is a challenging, entertaining, well presented game for your Windows Phone game library.

Escape from Heaven's main menu has options to play the game, access the game's settings/options and view the game's credits.  Settings cover sound/music on or off as well as your scores for each level pack.  Speaking of which, Escape from Heaven has sixty levels where you bounce Hedgy along series of platforms, avoiding obstacles and collecting what appears to be canaries for points. As you would guess, each level is a little more challenging than the last.

You control Hedgy by double tapping the screen to get him rolling and then tap the screen again to get him to jump/bounce over obstacles (cactus plants) and over gaps between platforms. If you miss a jump Hedgy is toast and you start the level again. Each level is replayable so you can try to best your previous score.

Again, the game progressively becomes more challenging requiring perfect timing of the jumps.  Then you have the added twist of having your hedgehog reverse direction and navigate down multiple levels of platforms to complete the level.  You do have tickets that are earned along the way to skip the harder levels.

All in all, Escape from Heaven is a fun, challenging and nicely presented game for your Windows Phone. The graphics are nice and remind me of the minimalist wallpapers we've seen.  Bottom line, Escape from Heaven is a fun game that looks really good. 

Escape from Heaven comes in two versions. A free, ad supported version that you can find here and a $.99 ad free version that you can find here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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George Ponder

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