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Flying Tiles

Sometimes the simplest games are the most enjoyable. The Windows Phone game Flying Tiles qualifies for both. It is a Windows Phone game that is simple to play, has simple graphics, has a simple object and is most enjoyable to play.

The concept has a series of flying tiles racing across your Windows Phone screen. Your job is to catch the colored tiles and avoid the black tiles. The more tiles you catch, the more points you earn. Along the way you have bonus items that appear as question marks. The bonus items include slowing the tiles down, speeding them up, shrinking the size of your catcher, turning all tiles into color, and applying gravity to your catcher to pull the colored tiles to you.

Flying Tiles' main pages include the Game Menu where you can customize your player name (as it appears on the leaderboard), load your high scores, play the game, view the About info, rate the game on the Marketplace and access the help/how-to page. Swiping to the right you will find your gaming statistics, and one more swipe to the right will send you to the settings page.

Game controls are simple in that circular catcher will appear on your screen. You tap/hold the screen to control the catcher by moving your finger about the screen. Move it over a colored tile or bonus item to "catch" it. The circle hovers just above your finger tip to avoid your finger from getting in the way. Again, the object is to catch the colored tiles (that happen to match your Windows Phone theme) and avoid the black tiles.

While there are the colored question marks that serve as bonus items, there are also black question marks that will make your life a little miserable. They speed the tiles up, reverse the tiles direction, and my favorite, make the black tiles invisible.

All in all Flying Tiles was an enjoyable game to play. It's simple, yet challenging and somewhat addictive. Flying Tiles is a fun way to pass the time with or satisfy the need if your just in the mood to play a game. It is marked as a Beta so you may still find a few bugs in the game but the game ran really smooth for me.

Flying Tiles is a free, ad-supported game for your Windows Phone and you can find it here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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