Windows Phone Game Review: Yaht 3D

Yaht 3D is a simple yet entertaining game for your Windows Phone that is patterned after the legendary dice game Yahtzee (opens in new tab). If you're familiar with Yahtzee, Yaht 3D will be an easy game to pick up and the game is a great way to pass the time with.

The graphics and animations are very nice and the game of Yahtzee always has its challenges. Yaht 3D supports single player, multiplayer or you vs the computer games. So you can pass the time to yourself or challenge your neighbor to a game.

The layout is simple with options to play the game and access Yaht 3D's options resting on the main page. Options cover the rules of the game, settings as well as the customary about/contact/rate the app type screens.

Settings offer options to turn on/off the sound, fast dice rolls, fast computer play, location services for ads, and the shake to roll feature. You also have two dice systems to choose from. The New Dice System (which I like the best) leaves the dice where they land and you tap on the die that you wish to hold. The old system lines them up at the bottom of the screen after the roll and you tap the ones you wish to hold. I like the New Dice System because it gives the game a more realistic feel to it.

The shake to roll feature is nice but I'm always concerned with these type options. Too great a risk of your Windows Phone flying across the room.

When you launch a game, you will be presented the options on how many players will be competing. You can have up to six players or as few as one. Players can be human or computer and you toggle between the types by tapping on the icon next to the name field. Once you have your players established tap Start Game and you're in business.

The game play is just like Yahtzee in that you are given a score card with a defined set of goals (full house, four of kind, total number of fours rolled, etc.) that you try to match with the dice. You roll your dice three times, holding on to the die that will go towards matching one of the goals. After the third roll of the dice you choose which goal you want to score (tap it) and then tap the Score banner to move on to the next player. You can only match a goal once and if you don't meet any goals, you have to choose a goal to take a nil score on.

Players take turns until the all the goals are met or scored nil on.

The only thing really missing from Yaht 3D is a leaderboard, either online or local. You also lack the ability to pause the game (so that's two things). You can hit the back button and while that pauses things, it serves as a prompt to end the game. I can see someone accidentally ending a game and would have rather seen a menu pop up when you hit the back button. And while I'm thinking about it, you really need a way to save your game's progress (okay... that's three) and resume it when you have the time.

While there may be room for improvement, Yaht 3D is a fantastic game for your Windows Phone. Animations and graphics are nice and the game has always been a favorite. If you're looking for an enjoyable game to pass the time with, take a look at Yaht 3D.

Yaht 3D is a free, ad supported game that you can grab here (opens in new tab) at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

QR: Yaht 3D

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • Thanks for the reminder. I installed that and haven't tried it yet.
  • Ok, I can see why this game might require access to my location, advertising.  But why does this game require access to my music and video library and phone identity?
  • This is again likely due to the advert controls being used. Phone identity will be used in advertising to collect usage statistics, the music and video library is a bit of a puzzler, could be a video or music hook in somewhere in the game I've missed. Or could be something used in the XNA physics library the dev used. Either way, I met the developer in person at WPUG and am quite certain he won't be collecting anything about you. He was a very friendly guy with an excellent product he's clearly poured plenty of time and energy in to.
  • Yep, like JayTBennett says, phone identity is related to the adverts. The app doesn't use the music and video library for anything so i'll investigate why it's asking for that and remove it in the next update. Online leaderboards are also coming!
  • And there's the friendly developer now. Great job kelbicom, since I discovered one game of Yaht lasts roughly the length of my underground commute home I've become addicted!
  • Really glad you like the game, those underground commutes can be a drag :-) 
  • I didn't suspect anything 'wrong' but given the recent Apple address book fiasco the music library part just seemed odd.  I had thought the identity part might be tied to advertising as well.
    My dad just got rid of his BlackBerry for a Windows Phone so I may load this up for him.  After saying he just needed a phone for calling, email and calendering, his first question once the basics were set was, "where are the games?".  I knew it!
  • Cue Hasbro's lawyers in 3, 2, 1...
  • The QR Code is soooo small. (*^*) I can't scan it. 
  • Just use your brower's zoom, then try again. :)
  • Or click on it for a larger view of the image
  • I would have loved this game if it were ad free. I rather would have paid up to $5.00 rather than having to stare at those ad banners. As nice as it looks, I'll pass! Drop me a line if you ever consider throwing out a paid / ad-free version. :)
  • I second that. I really want a choice to remove those awful banners. I hate them.
  • Thanks for the feedback, look out for a paid / ad-free version in the coming weeks :-)
  • Cool! Will check frequently. :)
  • The 3D dice are really cool and it's a fun game. Although, I'd like to see the straights thing go back to the 'normal' rules. Having essentially two large straights is too tough... :-)