Windows Phone Leaf: A concept to improve the user interface

A concept, created by recent French graduate Ferid, has been published online. The concept goes into some detail about possible improvements that could be implemented to make it easier and more convenient for consumers to carry out standard tasks on a mobile phone. 

It's definitely worth checking out. One slide that caught my eye was an idea that our Daniel Rubino and I lightly touched on in London this week. Utilising the Windows logo on each device as the notification light, with pulsating or flashing animations to alert owners when notifications have been saved on the lock screen, etc.

WP Leaf Notification

Microsoft will be throwing in new features with its batch of updates, so it'll be interesting to see where the company takes its platform. We'll not cover each and every element from the resource, so be sure to head on over to MonWindowsPhone to check out all the slides - quick heads up: it's in French so have your translators on standby.

Source: MonWindowsPhone

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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