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Windows Phone Marketplace hits 9,000--right on schedule

Time for our usual punch-in-the-arm reminder that growth in the Marketplace is a steady as a ninja's hand, hitting the 9,000 mark today. Like clockwork, the addition of 1,000 new apps and games comes exactly two-weeks after the last mini-milestone.

We noted in early January that if the trend keeps up, the Marketplace will hit 10,000 by mid-March. We're now certain that will happen. The big question we have is will the 500 per week number ever increase? (Oh, regarding the's a silly 4Chan meme. 'Aww Yeah Guy' will be back in two weeks)

Source: Windows Phone AppList

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  • Because it needs to be done
  • lulz, now I'm seriously contemplating changing the title...can't believe I missed thatEdit: re-did the image. I win at the internet.
  • This image rocks, that's Napa from DBZ just being told Goku's power level! Vegeta rules!!!
  • I bet that number will go up, the 500 per week, after they open up and or add some new APIs in.
  • you do have to realize that one of the limiting factor is in the approval of these apps. if the certification team is operating at capacity, you can't expect the number of new apps to be approved to increase unless microsoft brings new folks in.
  • That explains the pretty flat trend I've been seeing. The current average since Marketplace opened is roughly 16.3 days per 1000K, or just over 61.2 apps/day.Now we have seen over 100 apps/day, but looking back, many of the apps released now are considerably more complicated than the early birds. Hopefully Microsoft can streamline their approval process, add staff, or both.
  • Very cool. Oddly, though, the app count seems to have dropped back down below 9K, but it'll probably rise above 9K again sometime today. Also, I think we are closer to three weeks for this last milestone to milestone jump.