Windows Phone Marketplace Top Apps

We haven't tossed this one around in a while and with Verizon customers coming on board soon with the HTC Trophy, it was suggested (thanks Sam) that we touch on the top apps over at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

We've got two sources to draw upon (actually there's more but we decided to settle on these two). First there's Bing's Visual Search (as depicted above) that lumps free with paid apps in their list. Then there's the Marketplace top ten that breaks things down into a list for free apps and a list for paid apps (see below).

Follow the break to read what apps stood out from both lists.

The two lists are based on downloads and with over 17,000 apps now in the Marketplace, it's hard to compile a top ten listing based on quality or "must have" status. There are countless apps in the Marketplace that we would recommend to new (and seasoned) Windows Phone users but here are a few apps from both the Bing and Marketplace Top Ten Lists that stood out for me.

Youtube (free): This is Microsoft's version but if you want more in a Youtube app, check out LazyWorm's version.

Adobe Reader (free): Yeah... I know. Not the most exciting but comes in handy and it's free.

Mars Runner (free): A space themed racing game that has you dodging obstacles on Mars. A fast paced, enjoyable game with exceptional graphics.

Shuriken Ninja (free): tackle targets with your ninja shuriken stars (stay in the works).

Juice Factory (free): Toss your meat cleaver to see how much fruit you can slice up. A multi-level, challenging game.

Fruit Ninja ($2.99/free trial): Test your ninja skills with the sword as you slice through fruit as it is thrown up on the screen. Fantastic graphics.

Super Monkey Ball ($2.99/free trial): Navigate your monkey, who is encased in a transparent ball, through a variety of obstacle courses before time runs out.

Deer Hunter 3D ($4.99/free trial): Hunting may not be for everyone but if it's up your alley, Deer Hunter is worth a try.

Harbor Master ($2.99/free trial): Similar to Flight Control, Harbor Master has you guide boats to dock, have them unload and then direct them out of the harbor.

Thumba Photo Editor ($.99/free trial): It's actually #14 on the Marketplace List but if you need a photo editor for your Windows Phone, it's hard to beat Thumba.

Again, there are countless other apps out there that we would gladly recommend (check out our Apps and Games Sections). Krashlander, TVShow, Shift2, Shut the Box, Trine's Hangman, USA Today and ESPN ScoreCenter all come to mind.

So, are there any apps you would suggest to our friends over at Verizon (or any new Windows Phone user for that matter)?

George Ponder

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.