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Windows Phone Central Game Roundup: Platformers

Now that Fitness Month has passed, we'll return to our regularly scheduled roundups for the other various games and apps available in the Windows Phone Store. This week we revisit platformer games.

We grabbed a handful from the "Top Free" platformer section of the Windows Phone Store that includes a bouncing ball, a lost space traveler and a hedge hog.  As with all our roundups, if you've got a favorite platformer game sound off below in the comments with your recommendation.

Paradox Exit

Paradox Exit (free): Paradox Exit is from Windows Phone game developer Elbert Perez and the Occasional Gamer studios. You play the role of Toby, a curious chap who finds himself transported to a series of giant boxes in space. Toby has to maneuver his way through the boxes to escape.You are equipped with a jet pack and an assortment of weapons to defend yourself from a gaggle (over fifty different monsters) of space monsters set on spoiling your day.

Weapons and space suits can be upgraded to improve your chances of survival with the cash you earn after destroying a monster. Some boxes can be destroyed to pave the way to the exit and some conceal bonus items.

Game play is fairly simple. Work your way through the maze of boxes, wiping out monsters and collecting warp stars to use once you find the exit to the next level.

Paradox Exit is an enjoyable, nicely animated game for your Windows Phone. It's a free, ad-supported game that you can find here in the Windows Phone Store.

Fastball 2

Fastball 2 (free): Fastball 2 is a simple yet entertaining game for your Windows Phone where you guide a bouncy ball across 130 levels of play.

Game play calls for you to tap the screen to make the fastball bounce over various obstacles. The levels start out on the easy side but quickly become more challenging. The pace quickens and at times the direction of travel will change. Miss a jump and the game ends.

Levels can be replayed and tokens can be earned and used to skip those levels you just can't find a way past. To help give the game a unique appearance, you have five different ball designs to choose from the Store option on Fastball 2's main menu.

Fastball 2 is a fun way to pass the time with and is a free, ad-supported game. You can find Fastball 2 here in the Windows Phone Store.

Escape from Heaven

Escape from Heaven (free/$.99): Escape from Heaven has you playing the role of Hedgy the Hedge Hog who is trying to escape from heaven and make it back to Earth.

Escape from Heaven has sixty levels that progressively become more challenging. Game play is much like Fastball 2 in that Hedgy rolls up into a ball and you have to tap the screen to have him jump over various obstacles. It sounds easy but the timing is really tight and if you're a hair off, you'll miss the jump and the game ends.

Along the way you collect what appears to be baby chickens for points and you earn tickets that can be used to skip levels.

Escape from Heaven is nicely animated, has a decent soundtrack and is challenging enough to keep from getting boring. You have the free, ad-supported version of Escape from Heaven here in the Windows Phone Store. You also have an ad-free version of Escape from Heaven that is running $.99 that you can find here in the Store.

Super Jumping Mike

Super Jumping Mike (free): Super Jumping Mike is one of the newer platform games in the Windows Phone Store. The game has cartoonish graphics and a little attitude.

You play the role of Mike and have to race through twenty levels of play, jumping over obstacles and collecting coins along the way. The coins are important in that you'll need a set number to advance to the next level.

To get Mike to jump, just tap the screen and to get a little elevation you can jump off some of the smaller platforms. If you haven't collected enough coins, you'll have to replay the level again before advancing. Miss a jump and Mike goes crashing off the screen.

Game play is challenging but after a while the "Come on!" and "What are you doing?" sound effects get a little annoying. Luckily you can mute Mike and his sound bites.

Super Jumping Mike is a free, ad-support game that you can find here in the Windows Phone Store.


Pendulous (free/$.99): Pendulous is a momentum based platform game that has you swing and toss a displaced gear through a maze of obstacles. The gear is attached to anchor points that you swing to and from by.

You control the momentum of the gear by tapping the left or right corners of the screen to get the gear swinging. When the timing is just right, tap both corners simultaneously and the gear sails through the air. Hopefully landing safely at the next anchor point and eventually to the exit portal that takes you to the next level.

Pendulous is a challenging game and the only real downside to the game is that it only has sixteen levels (that includes the bonus and tutorial).

There are two versions of Pendulous available in the Windows Phone Store. You have Pendulous Free which is ad-supported and Pendulous which is ad-free and running $.99.

Platformer games can be a great way to pass the time with whether it's for short bits of time or to satisfy the need for marathon gaming sessions. There are a ton of platform styled games in the Windows Phone Store and if you have a favorite, feel free to share in the comments below.

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