Windows Phone ZX Spectrum emulator MetroSpec hitting beta and needs more testers

It's on! Well, nearly anyway. MetroSpec, the ZX Spectrum emulator for Windows Phone we previously covered from the recent WPUG meetup in London, has almost hit beta. Lead developer Glenn Edwards is now on the hunt for eager testers who wish to take the app and run it through its paces to squash possible bugs and provide feedback on functionality and features.

MetroSpec enables Windows Phone users to load up homebrew or other Spectrum titles and enjoy a smooth gaming experience while on the go. Game states can be exported to SkyDrive allowing users to continue on the larger screen from a different platform / emulator, games can be imported from both SkyDrive and a known web server, and a number of intuitive features ensures the UI is efficient and easy-to-use.

So we don't repeat ourselves in this article, Edwards gave us a quick run through of the app in action at the WPUG event. The video (accompanied by a feature list) can be found below to get you up to speed with what's included in MetroSpec.

  • Download compressed titles from webservers and SkyDrive accounts
  • Features sound emulation
  • Configurable game controls
  • Landscape and portrait mode support
  • Save / load game states with export functionality
  • Pin favourite games to the home screen for convenient access
  • Code in Spectrum BASIC using the provided console
  • Virtual keyboard included (excluding rubber keys)
  • Bundled with Homebrew titles
  • Supports 'pokes' (cheats)

Be sure to head on over to the MetroSpec Beta thread on our forums for more information if you're interested. Beta is expected within the next few days. Free and premium (£0.79 / $0.99) versions will be available on the Marketplace once testing is complete and a final version submitted.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • A Timex Sinclair 1000 with the 16k expansion pack was my first computer!
  • My was DIDAKTIK M (Slovak fully compatible copy of ZX Spectrum). 48k RAM :)
  • This is starting to sound a bit interesting, seems like there is some serious and good thought in this project.
  • My first computer was a Psion zx spectrum 48k :) costed me $800!!
  • A Psion ZX Spectrum..hmm no such thing lol. Sinclair ZX Spectrum maybe :-)
    Psion were a software company mad some of the launch games for the Spectrum such as, Spectrum Chess
  • Announcing that MetroSpec Beta V1.1 is coming very soon to all registered beta testers
    The exact timing is dependent upon Microsoft's schedule, but I'll send an email out with all the details, changes, known issues, and the all important installation link as soon as I have it etc.
  • Psion were predominately a hardware company, making some of the world's first handheld organisers as well as developing some software for the Sinclair range of computers.
     Really looking forward to Metrospec, is it likely to be available in the UK does anybody know?
  • Hi Wolvesblogger,
    I'm the developer of MetroSpec. I guess you missed the beta registration? I have a few slots left if you want to become a beta tester for beta V1.1, which is with Microsoft at the moment.
    Should be live within 24 hours or so.
    MetroSpec will be available worldwide, not just the UK :-) I think everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy the pleasures of playing their favourite Spectrum classic, as well as coding a few programs in Spectrum BASIC if that's their thing ;-)
    Beta V1.0 came out on Sat, and i've been working really hard to add more features that I wanted to add, fix bugs, and implement things, improve performance etc.
    MetroSpec works best on Gen 2 devices with a faster CPU, and does also work on slower devices, but you may have to either lower the sound quality, turn if off altogether, or lower the frame rate to achieve acceptable play.
    If you want to register for the beta, please email your liveid that you use on your phone to :-)
  • Thanks for the reply Glenn, I'll pop through my details.
    I write for a couple of websites and have fond memories of the Speccie as you will see above.
    I have a HTC Trophy at the moment, but I'll be upgrading to the Lumia 900 in a couple of months.  The Trophy doesn't seem to have many problems handling most programmes.
    I'll give MetroSpec a bit of a publicity when it comes out, I'm sure I can always find an excuse to write about something.  Maybe tie it in with the Olympics and the fantastic Daley Thompon's Decathlete which used to wreck many a keyboard membrane!
    I'll get that email across.
    Cheers Nathan
  • MetroSpec Beta V1.1 is live....
    All registered beta tester should have an email right about now :-)
  • Hi Everyone,
    Just to let everyone know that the MetroSpec beta registration is now closed. MetroSpec has reached 100 beta testers, and unfortunately cannot accept any more.
    For those of you who didn't get into the beta process, look our for the full release in the coming weeks. It's not far off now...
    Starquake Mobile