Windows 10 Timeline support comes to Microsoft Edge for iOS and Android beta

Microsoft Edge on Android
Microsoft Edge on Android (Image credit: Windows Central)

The Microsoft Edge mobile apps for Android and iOS have picked up support for one of the cooler new features coming in the spring Windows 10 feature update: Timeline. Both the public release of Edge for iOS and the Edge beta for Android have received updates today adding integration with Timeline, along with bug fixes and more.

Timeline integration will allow you to see your mobile browsing history in the timeline on your PC alongside other apps and websites you browsed on Edge for desktop. That can help you easily get back to something you were browsing while on the go, going back for a period of 30 days. In addition, those using Edge on an iPhone or iPad will now be able to move and rename their favorites, while both versions have picked up a batch of performance improvements. Here's a look at what's new:

Edge for iOS

  • See mobile browsing history in your PC's timeline
  • Rename and move favorites
  • Performance improvements

Edge (beta) for Android

  • See mobile browsing history in your PC's timeline
  • Performance improvements

To get started with sharing your mobile browsing history to Timeline, you'll want to make sure that you've turned on the "Share history" setting within the mobile app's Settings menu.

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Everyone on iOS can grab the latest update with Timeline integration now. If you're using an Android device, you'll have to be a beta tester to dive in. You can easily enroll in the Edge for Android beta via the app's Play Store page on your phone.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • How do we download Edge Beta on Android? Have a Link?
  • From memory, I think you search for Edge in the play store and at the bottom there is an option to sign up to the beta.
  • You should just be able to search in Microsoft Edge
    Than there a sign up for beta on the listing page
  • sweet
  • This is actually brilliant, and we'll see Edge usage on Windows at least double because of this. Just think of all those extra hits being generated from Windows when a user alt-tabs. *** for tat for Google's monkey business of preloading sites and pages in Chrome.
  • Although I agree it's great news I am not sure it will have such an impact. Microsoft kept the "e" logo to keep it familiar, but the problem is too many people associate it with Internet explorer and that has a stigma attached to it. Also aside although I love timelines it could be neater, personally I'd like to see the tiles stacked until a date is scrolled to.
  • The setting that MSFT wants me to turn on for this on my phone's edge is downright creepy. "Share your browsing history with Microsoft" or something like that (last time I saw). Even Google that collects stores almost every damn thing I do on the internet and phone isn't this blatant.