The Winner of the Treo 800w Rumortastic Giveaway is...

What a long, strange trip it's been to the official release of the Treo 800w. We were initially worried that there wouldn't be enough Treo 800w rumors to keep up the interest over the many (many) months it took for the official release to happen. How wrong we were. Truly, these past few months have been rumortastic. But, like all silly seasons, this one too much come to a close. To celebrate, we're giving out winner:

  • A Treo 800w after it is officially released. If they end up calling it something else, well, let's just say we're giving away the next Windows Mobile device Palm releases for the Sprint Network. Got it?
  • An 8 gig microSD Card. Yeah, the WMExperts Store has 8 gig cards now.
  • Any 2 software titles from HobbesIsReal's excellent “Must-Have Windows Mobile Software” article. Sure, Palm will include some “secret recipe” stuff on the 800w, but you can always make Windows Mobile a little better. We believe in the software in Hobbes' article, you should too.

To recap, we had our members make their guesses as to what the official release date would be and we would pick the winner randomly from amongst all the correct guesses. You couldn't guess dates less than 2 weeks out and your most recent guess cancelled out your earlier guess.

So out of over 1000 posts we had 28 members guess the date exactly -- though 7 of them sadly changed their guess later on and cancelled it out.

Ok ok, enough preamble. The winner, chosen at random, is.... after the break. (Sorry, we couldn't resist)

Drum roll.....

Congratulations dslunceford!!

Your late guess on June 26th came in just under the wire and spot-on for accuracy.

Thanks again to EVERYBODY for participating! Now... here's a question for ya: we've let the Sprint folks have all the fun. It's AT&T's turn, we think. So: are you feeling Xperia Rumortastic or Touch Pro Rumortastic?

WC Staff