Wireless Chargers from Duracell and WildCharge

Wireless options offers convenience, portability, and sometimes consolidation. We've stumbled upon two charging solutions, that while they may not be technically "wireless" they have the potential for being convenient, portable and should consolidate all your charging needs into one package.

The Duracell myGrid and Wildcharge's Wildcharge are "wireless" power stations that eliminate the three foot charging cord and possibly the need for multiple wall chargers. The myGrid and Wildcharge are strikingly similar and are two piece charging solutions. You have the charging pad that you plug in to the wall outlet and the power clip or charge pad that you plug into the phone. The charge pad is fitted with double sided tape to connect to the back of your phone and contacts on the pad/clip connect to the grids on the charging pad and the current is fed to the battery. Simply lay your phone on the charging pad and your recharging your battery.

I really can't proclaim the myGrid or Wildcharge to be a wireless charging solution because with both you have to plug in the power clip and then there's the wire to the wall socket. It's likely the closest thing to wireless charging we'll see.

Duracell hopes to have the myGrid on the market by next month and will be offered with adapters clips for the iPod Touch, iPhone, Blackberry Curve and Pearl as well as some Motorola and Nokia products.

The Wildcharge is currently available for the same devices but offers a PowerDisc Bundle with PowerLinks that has seven different charging connectors. Wildcharge claims the bundled version is compatible with over 150 devices.

While not entirely wireless, these charging pads will reduce the number of wall chargers scattering the household. It would be nice if my son's Samsung, my wife's iPhone and my Fuze could all be charged from the same source.

[Via: Phonemag.com]

George Ponder

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