WMExperts invades iPhone Live tonight!

In case you hadn't heard, yours truly is going to throw himself to the wolves and join the boys and girls tonight on iPhone Live! (that's their exclamation point, not mine) to talk about the Zune HD and what it may mean for the future of Windows Mobile.

So here's what we need from you: Join us in the chat room at 8 p.m. EDT (get there early) and show your WinMo support. There's bound to be more than enough FUD flying around, and I'm only one man.

  • Time: 8 p.m. EDT tonight. (That's 5 p.m. for you guys on the West Coast.)
  • Topic: Zune HD, iPhones, and everything in between.
  • Where: Click here.

See ya there. And tell 'em WMExperts sent ya!

Phil Nickinson

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