WMExperts Podcast 26

Interview about SPB Day, Sprint News, and the Motorola Atila. (...and yes, we recorded before all that Treo Pro craziness hit. :) )


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Dieter Bohn
  • Dieter, I'm going to Estonia tonight so I'm gonna get that Skype muttaf[REDUCTED]ers right in their nest!!!! AGRRRRRR!!!!!!
  • I was going to mail you to ask you to turn up the volume of the podcast. The volume of the last few episodes was too soft compared to all other podcasts, I can't hear anything in the subway. Had to turn off the volume limit on my iPod just for this show, and occasionally cover my hears for some bits.
    However, this seems to be fixed in this podcast, it's much louder compared to the previous episode. So whatever you did... keep up the good work.