WMExperts Podcast, Episode 4

In this week's podcast, Dieter takes another look a the BlackJack II - part of his ongoing love it / hate it / love it saga with the device -- this time with with the added bonus of a bum unit that needs replacing.

Read on for some brief show notes and links about the BlackJack II!

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A couple hints in this podcast that are worth knowing about if you have a BlackJack II:


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  • Dieter, I really have to wonder as how you have gone soooo long doing this and not known about the water damage "TAG" inside of the devices....they have been there for the longest most cases they actually turn pink rather then turn black...heck I remember having a motorola v220 that had it...and I know for a fact the "tags" go further back then that device lol...Maybe I'm just a little more privy to the information but I dunno..Guess ya learn something new everyday eh dude?