Wolfenstein 2 developer believes Xbox One X "will set a new standard for games"

Luckily, the Xbox One X version achieves native 4K 60 FPS. It seems that the developers are proud of the work they've done on the Xbox One X. An interview between the Official Xbox Magazine and the game's Executive Producer Jerk Gustafsson revealed his thoughts on Microsoft's new console. Gustafsson statement, compiled by WCCFtech, reads as follows.

It's a super powerful machine and Wolfenstein II runs really, really well – it looks fantastic on the Xbox One X. The focus has been to make sure we can present the game in the best possible way and use the console and the power that the new console provides. And of course, everything from lighting and graphics overall – in terms of visual quality it's a lot closer to the high-end PCs than the regular consoles... If you have the possibility to develop and deliver games that run in 4K resolution and look that fantastic, of course you want to take that opportunity. It will set a new standard for games moving forward.

It's great to see developers taking advantage of the 1.8 TFLOPS advantage the Xbox One X has over the PlayStation 4 Pro. However, the most important statement has to be how Gustafsson believes it's going to set a new standard for games moving forward. However, it's difficult to imagine how much innovation can take place when developers still have to make their titles run on the standard Xbox One.

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus is the sequel to the critically-acclaimed Wolfenstein: The New Order. The game is currently available on Xbox One, Windows PC, and PlayStation 4. This time around you fight Nazis in iconic American locations, equip an arsenal of insane guns, and unleash new abilities to blast your way through legions of Nazi soldiers. The goal is to trigger the second American Revolution.

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Asher Madan

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  • On my Xmas list. Enjoying the heck out of battlefront 2 and still haven't finished gears 2 or ffxv
  • Grab the game now (if you mean that and not the One X) as it's about £25 and a real bargain in the black Friday deals
  • "it's difficult to imagine how much innovation can take place when developers still have to make their titles run on the standard Xbox One." seems like it should be no more difficult to innovate when devs make their game run on highest video card as well as low end video card.  it doesn't run nearly as well on the low end.  but the low end card doesn't hold back the high end one from having games that look amazing
  • I thought they said it was easier to downscale games rather than upscale?
  • By the author's logic consoles could be accused of slowing/stalling PC innovation.
  • Sadly the CPU is now a huge bottleneck.
  • This seems to be the common problem that gets mentioned. I wonder, since Directx 12 is suppose to optimise CPU thread usage, doesn't that mean CPU bottlenecks shouldn't be too much of a problem on Microsoft consoles at least?
  • "Luckily, the Xbox One X version achieves native 4K 60 FPS." Asher Madan trying to mislead his readers once again. No mention of dynamic resolution and drop in framerate...
  • Does it hit 4k60. Yup, so I guess it's a fact isn't it? Why do you even visit this wite if you have so much hatred for it?
  • People definitely worry too much about specifics - Fact is games look great on the X - I am loving mine and I was one of the people who was worried after pre-ordering whether or not I would be happy with it....I genuinely am. The differences can seem subtle at times, especially if you aren't looking at them side-by-side but the overall experience is just more immersive, it's difficult to explain but if you do go back to the original One after playing enhanced games on the X you can see and "feel" the difference
  • Yet even with dynamic resolution and a drop in framerate it's still higher resolution than the PS4 Pro!!!!
  • Great game.  I’m at the base of the Empire State Building right now.  The One X graphics look great on my TV and I have zero complaints.  So, I’m not sure what issues I’m supposed to be seeing??  The realism is surreal, especially in the cut scenes.  At times, I forget that it’s not real footage! COD WWII is similar in graphics and is a heart pounding  rush when storming Omaha beach.  The only downfall I had was it crashed a couple times.
  • Great except it’s not native 4K and the frame time issues make the game feel less smooth also the FPS dips are annoying . I would have rather they’ve just lacked the resolution to 1800p or 1440p if it meant a smooth 60fps
  • 810p on the One? Sounds like they should have put more effort into optimizion.
  • For god's sake, enough of this "Xbox One is holding Xbox One X back" nonsense. It literally doesn't make sense on any level. You're acting like because of the Xbox One X devs now have to make two versions of every game instead of just maxing out everything to reach the game's ultimate potential - NEWSFLASH, geniuses; they already DO that. That's ALWAYS been the case. Most games release on consoles AND PCs, and the PC versions run to the max. They make their games for PC first and then they downgrade them for Xbox One and PS4 - that's the way it's worked for literally decades. They're doing any gargantuan amounts of extra work for the Xbox One X - all they're doing is porting the PC version running at its max (or near max) settings to the Xbox One X. So it doesn't make sense to say the Xbox One is 'holding back' the Xbox One X. Development for both systems has virtually nothing to do with each other. You might as well say Xbox One has been holding back the PS4, or the PS4 Pro, or the PC. It's a nonsensical statement made by people who don't know how to think.
  • They're NOT doing any gargantuan amounts of extra work....*
  • Well I for one am happy with the X so far and glad developers are trying to get the best out of machine. I would imagine 6-12 months down the line games will be locked at 60fps and with native 4k by nearly all developers once they have got used to the new hardware.