8 Wondrous Ways to Create the Ultimate Game Room

We love playing video games. You love playing video games. But gone are the days when you'd just grab a controller and collapse on the couch. Having the right space is serious business.

Here are some great ways to turn your gaming room up to 11!

1. Comfy gamers are great gamers

GT Omega Racing Pro

GT Omega Racing Pro (Image credit: GT Omega)

Your body and your mind will thank you for putting your behind in one of these brilliant racing-inspired gaming chairs.

They even come in colors to match the rest of your room!

2. Make sure you're refreshed

Black & Decker mini fridge

You need snacks and you need beverages. You'll also need a place to keep them cool, such as this mini-fridge. It looks pretty good too!

3. Caffeine, caffeine, caffeine

Keurig coffee maker

Gaming long into the night? Let's throw some caffeine into the mix with this awesome blue coffee maker! (Also available in black. Or red.)

It's at least 200 percent better than leaving your game to go find coffee outside.

4. Set the mood with some fancy lighting

Philips Hue

Don't sit in darkness. That's just not good. But don't sit in bright daylight, either, because you don't want nasty glare.

Instead, pack your game room with lighting that can be any color you like. Set the mood!

5. BIG screen


Whether using it for HDR gaming or just chilling and watching Netflix, you've got to have a big screen TV.

Sixty inches at 4K big enough for ya?

6. And, relax


You need to take a break, maybe to watch that big screen TV. Maybe even to just get 40 winks and get ready for the next fragging session.

So get yourself a nice comfy futon that also folds flat, and give yourself that quality down time.

7. Pump up the jam

Sonos Playbase

Music without moving from your game. That's what it's all about, after all. (Who has time to move?)

Sonos is music without wires, without discs, without fuss.

8. Got to have the best surface

Azozzi gaming desk

You need multiple screens, right? Of course! That means you need a place to put them, so they look awesome and are right in front of your eyeballs at all times.

In other words, you need a desk like this that can happily accommodate three displays. (No one needs more than three!)

Richard Devine
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