Would you 'upgrade' your PC to Windows 10 S?

We've published many stories about Windows 10 S already, even though it's not currently available and will first ship with the new Surface Laptop, which is expected to be available starting on June 15. For a general primer read, "6 things you need to know about 'Windows 10 S,'" or for more detail, jump over to our Windows 10 S review.

There's a lively thread in our forums right now, discussing Windows 10 S and the reasons why you might want to upgrade to it if you could, as well as the reasons why you wouldn't.

Hi everyone, I'm wondering if Windows 10S will be made available to those currently on Windows 10 Home? If so, would there be any performance benefit for low-end, 2-in-1 type devices? Cheers, Mitch


What say you, Windows Central reader? Are you interesting in Windows 10 S, or do you simply see it as a "crippled" version of the OS? The whole locked-to-the-Store aspect could be limiting, for sure, but we're also intrigued by the new software and can't wait to start kicking around in there. Hit the link below and let us know what you think in the forums.

From the forums: Windows 10S availability on existing devices

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