Windows Phone users still excited over Nokia, warm up to HTC and feel cold about Samsung

Our poll results show Nokia still riding high

Windows Phone Central conducted a poll over the weekend about which “hero” Windows Phone 8 device readers were yearning to make their own. And although carrier offerings will ultimately affect user choice, word on the street is that a lot of these flagship phones will be widely available on launch in early November.

With this poll, we had the largest turnout of respondents, resulting in some solid data. The question of which is the most desired Windows Phone 8 device is quite stark and will make for some interesting discussion on Windows Phone 8, OEMs and where the market is headed.


The poll question had three choices that included the Nokia Lumia 920, the Samsung ATIV S and the recently announced HTC 8X. All are considered "top of the line" by their respective companies.

With just shy of 10,000 respondents (repeat voting blocked by IP and browser cookies), the results are astonishingly clear with 8,224 respondents (82.34%) declaring the Lumia 920 as their desired next phone.

HTC with their well-received 8X was in a distant second with 12.77% of the vote (1,275 respondents) and Samsung was dragging way behind in third with just 4.9% or a tiny 489 votes.

The results are interesting since we can compare it with an earlier pre-HTC announcement poll. That data was collected when the 8X was all-but-confirmed but still not being official unveiled. Many people thought that perhaps HTC could still surprise us with a rumored ‘Zenith’ phone although that never happened.

Previous poll

Previous WPCentral Poll results showed HTC far behind

Still, HTC did make a good impression with people, as nearly 40% of voters were highly impressed with HTC’s Windows Phone 8 selection post-event, another 33% who thought the PR event “served its purpose” and only 10% who were disappointed.

During that previous poll, Nokia still had just shy of 82% for the Lumia 920 and HTC was way behind in 4th with 3.41% of the vote (results were watered down with the inclusion of the Lumia 820). Samsung though was riding higher with 7.44% of the vote, showing a sharp decline in user preference between the two weeks when HTC announced their 8X.


From this data we can come to some fairly strong conclusions, especially since nearly 10,000 votes and the wide margins making the results quite significant.

First of all, there is little doubt that Nokia did and still does have all the Windows Phone 8 momentum behind them and their flagship Lumia 920. The Windows Phone audience appears to be most impressed with their dedication to the platform, hardware ingenuity and their device designs as significant differentiators to stand behind as consumers.

Latest WPCentral Poll Conducted week of 9/20-9/23/12

Though HTC revealed the 8S and 8X to overwhelming praise from tech pundits and consumer audience, especially for their eye-catching design, it did not really cause a significant drop from Nokia’s Lumia 920, who’s high-end features (larger 4.5” screen, PureMotion HD+ screen, PureView camera and wireless charging) has clearly set the bar.

The silver lining here for HTC though is they seemed to have lifted some of the Samsung ATIV S potential buyers and convinced them to go with HTC instead. Indeed with HTC’s innovative new design and bold colors, it does make the gunmetal grey ATIV S look quite boring, even if the ATIV S has some stellar hardware specifications to back up its super thin design.


Samsung's ATIV S is solid spec wise, but boring on the outside?

Samsung’s in trouble

Interestingly, some in the tech press think it is Samsung who will “save” Windows Phone 8 due to their success with the Galaxy S3 and their global reach e.g. ZDnet:

“The reality here is that HTC and Nokia are bickering over which company is the real Windows 8 phone, but the reality is Samsung is likely to be a more valuable partner to Microsoft's mobile ambitions.Repeat after me: Scale, marketing and branding. HTC just doesn't have it. Nokia used to have all three. Today those qualities are debatable for Nokia. The smartphone market in the U.S. is saturated and will become saturated in Europe and Asia in the not too distant future. Is there really room for HTC, Nokia and Samsung in the Windows Phone 8 device race (assuming Microsoft's branding gives the mobile OS a push)? Probably not. As a result, you'd have to place your Windows Phone bets on Samsung. Nokia lacks the U.S. clout and is losing ground around the world."

We fervently disagree.

First of all, Samsung has one phone versus the two-each by HTC and Nokia, which clearly will have deeper market penetration due to simple variance of price ranges.  Second, Samsung is not new to Windows Phone. With the Focus, Focus 2, Focus S and Focus W, all on AT&T and well received, Samsung has had very little impact on the Windows Phone ecosystem.  HTC had much more Windows Phone market share than Samsung ever did and Nokia quickly supplanted that within just one quarter of Lumia sales.


Samsung will not change the tide with the ATIV S

With Samsung’s ATIV S, which has admittedly impressive specs, it is clear that consumers are bored with their design when compared to Nokia or HTC. (The fact that Samsung themselves are doing little build hype behind their flagship phone certainly does not help with that perception).

For those reasons we think the ATIV S will have low to mild sales when compared to the HTC 8X or Lumia 920, even despite potential positive hardware reviews. But make no mistakes, they won't be leading the Windows Phone 8 charge nor "save" Microsoft's mobile ambitions.

If Samsung cannot even convince the current Windows Phone audience of the value of their next flagship phone, what chance does it have with the non-Windows Phone masses?

HTC has made a nice impression with the 8X

Wrapping it up

Nokia appears to have hit all the right notes with current Windows Phone users with the Lumia 920. What remains to be seen from them (and HTC too) is execution of launch: wide availability with carriers and regions, fair prices. The quicker the better.

HTC is also in a better position as people are now taking their designs seriously. The Taiwanese manufacture has had its ups and downs over the last few years but with the new 8X and 8S, they could potentially change course.

Samsung, on the other hand, appears to be getting comfortable with their Galaxy design and not thinking outside of the box. Their evident non-enthusiasm to the platform is also clearly having an effect on consumer perception.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Nokia FTW!
    Screw Samsung they can stay on Android.  No way I want them to be top dog on Windows Phones.
    Now Nokia please make a 4inch screen with the 920 camera...plz.
  • +1 To everything but the 4 inch Lumia.
  • A 4 inch Lumia with the Pureview camera is gonna be difficult to pull of. You have to understand that the bulkiness of the 920 is as a result of the camera, so squeezing that into a 4 inch smaller device will lead to something really bulky.
  • "You have to understand that the bulkiness of the 920 is as a result of the camera"
    Not sure there's too much evidence fot this. Sure the sensor is wide, but clearly the coils need for the wireless charging take up waaaay more room in the 920 than the sesnor. The sensor is the same size as the 8X's, it just has some more "stuff" around it for OIS.
  • Ok, then Nokia please make a Note sized device.
  • Daniel, this is off subject, but do you this cell carriers are really going to make a push to market WP8? I would like to see ATT, Verizon, and T-mobile setup a really nice section displaying WP8; it should have a Nokia 920 section with a device of each color, HTC - 8X/8S in the same format as mentioned for Nokia, and I guess the lone Samsung ATIV S with will detract people I thinks because it all alone. I believe that if these carrier place the devices properly, people will be attracted to them and buy. If you know any cell reps, it would be nice to know if they really are going to push them an make eye-catching displays or are they going to simply push Apple & Android hiding WP8 in the rear.
  • Fancy displays and signage will get WP nowhere if they do not get the sales reps at the stores to buy in. Instant upgrades and $25 credit for the WP Marketplace, or larger Marketplace credits / discounted hardware for personal devices would generate more momentum for WP8 than anything else that I could think of. Its would seem like a good move on Microsoft's part to find room in their marketing budget for something similar. Typical consumers need to have their hands held when venturing outside the realm of iPhones and whatever Android device is being advertised at the moment. Retail sales reps are the best way for MS to steer them towards WP8, as outside of family / friends, they have the most influence on these consumers. Most of the time, the launch materials for a new phone consist of alot of signage that is a pain in the a** to put up, 1 demo phone, 1 dummy phone, and a spec sheet. Not alot for reps to get excited over. Implement some of the above suggestions, and Microsoft would start to see the pendulem shift from the current iPhone/Android duopoly to something resembling a more respectable marketshare. WP is already a hit with the tech press, they just need to get more handsets in peoples hands to generate marketplace momentum and recommendations from the aforementioned friends / family.
  • I read that the camera unit on the 920 is 7mm and this accounts for the "bulky" 11mm 920
  • Here's the article: and here's the CNET article it references: So a 7mm thick camera module plus the thickness of the screen and some material to house it all and hold the pieces together apparently =10.7 mm
    Maybe designers wanted to avoid the camera bump and used the extra thickness to build in the wireless charging
  • you do realize that the camera module for the lumia 920 is almost at large as the 8x.  I do not think that it is the same size.
  • I would sacrifice just about every feature for a 4 inch model.
  • I think that's called the 820 :) But i get what you mean
  • Yup I don't like this trend of "huge phones". My brother has a galaxy nexus and the screen is nice but the phone is just way too big big for daily use. My dream phone would be a Lumia 800 with 4" HD display, micro sd expansion with an "good" camera. With that I'd be the happiest man of earth!
  • I think you should get the Longphone then :)
    What a joke!!! Thses BIASED IDIOTS don't deserve to be in the presence of these beautiful windows phones!!!!! Especially since apple is the one building beautiful phones. "WHAT A JOKE!!!"
  • Everyone should go to youtube and leave a comment on this video letting them know just how one sided and ignorant they are,,,FFS they had the nerve to say that apple is the only ones doing something different in the smartphone industry,,,,,UTTER NONSENSE.
  • Video not found.
  • The title is- HTC windows phone 8X on the verge.
  • +1,000,000 to a 4 inch high end Nokia.
  • +1,000,001
  • +1,000,002
  • Agreed!
  • Apple - came up with an awesome idea, keeps copying themselves. ; Samsung - copies everyone, android phones recycled into windows phones ; HTC - in desperate need of sales, windows phone is last resort ; Nokia - comes up with totally cool ideas EVERY time.
  • +1
  • Nokia Lumia 920 for me.
    Features, software support and apps. Something HTC really can't beat with their scale. Samsung could be there if they would spread more to WP. 
  • Its simple for me. Nokia looks like the only company willing to support the devices after they leave the door, so in a draw they win. Now factor in the 920 has yet to be beat in any spec other than size perhaps, and you get a clear choice.
  • To some people a smaller screen is more desireable,,and the 8X has the 920 beat in audio and screen ppi and shutter speed. The Ativ-S has the 920 beat in terms of onboard storage along with micso SD support.
    The 920 does have some great specs but its not the best in ALL the specs and some are more important than others to different people.
  • This. You still have to give credit where credit is due. In terms of overall quality, I'd have to say the Lumia 920 will be the pinnacle of smartphones, but not quite in every aspect. The advantages far outweigh the disadvantages for myself, however.
  • Lumia 920 has Dolby Digital Plus. It's hard to tell Beats will sound better. 8X has little bit better PPI but I doubt people could tell the different. Screen on the Lumia seems to be better because it works with gloves and any kind of pen. It should be better than 8X at outdoor visibility. Puremotion screen on Lumia is also 2.5X faster pixel response time than standard IPS display that is in the 8X.
  • Nice im glad to see Nokia sparking excitement. I wish HTC and Huawei the best of luck as well as Fujitsu and coolpad. I love Nokia but I also don't want another Samsung, I believe that's what will happen if others don't step up their game.
  • I think these polls are a little misleading because although many people want the lumia 920 how many are like to leave there current service provider and incure a early termination fee to get a new phone not to mention the initial cost of the phone when opening a new contract. If all the people that voted actually end up getting the 920 NOW would be a good time to but up AT&T stock because there going to be getting a lot of new customers soon ;-)
  • Partially true, although it's still about desire not what will actually happen. We did phrase the original poll questions as if carriers didn't matter for that very purpose.  Still, desire does drive demand and that is inescapable. Fact is, even given a choice regardless of carriers, Samsung is so far behind HTC and Nokia that actual availability won't matter. 
  • I expect the 920 to show up at Verizon and there's a lot of pent up interest over there for a good WP8 phone. Most of those people probably won't need to jump ship. If T-Mobile was smart they'd get the 920 as well, but it appeared from the specs that the 920 didn't support the cell bands T-Mobile operates in.
  • I'll likely terminate early if Tmo doesn't get the 920. Penalty isn't THAT big at this point and the micro usb plug on my DVP is failing. I worry it won't make it to February when my term expires. As an aside, the shoddy plug on this phone really makes me look forward to wireless charging. 2 years involves a lot of plugging in.
  • So you're willing to give up unlimited data just for a Nokia that has worse sound?
  • We only have an edge network out here at that, I should add. All 3 other networks have 3/4 g all around my home area, but I have to drive a half hour to reach an area which has faster internet. Worse, I've talked to Tmo reps who have no idea when it's coming. I'd rather live with data caps than wait for EVERYTHING to load. If Tmo gets broadband out here, I may change my tune, but I'm leaning toward "screw 'em."
  • Good idea.
  • Really? What do u mean worse sound? Do u mean call quality? And most people now jump carriers if a certain phone doesn't go on their carrier.
  • My guess is that he is referencing the 8X with it's Beats Audio, which is definitely coming to T Mobile, as opposed to the L920 which has inferior audio playback, and most likely will not come to T Mobile. Nice as the sound may be however, it's a feature that's won't sway me from what I want.
  • Ah
  • To me Samsungs design externally is boring. It does not stand out at all compared to the Lumia 920 and HTC phones. It looks like an Android device, boring. I'm glad were getting something fresh from Nokia and HTC.
  • +1
  • Of course they are. I mean, it's Nokia.
  • +1
  • I hope that Nokia does not sue HTC over the 8X and 8S designs   they are enough different  case wise to distinguish themselves from the 920 and 820.  More rounded and the curved back is  much more than the 900 back.  I like all of the designs I will mlore likely than not get the 920  but I like the design of the 8X  but the ATIV S with the possibility of 32GB and a 64 GB microsdxc card at 96 GB  is pretty compelling as well.  I like my focus  and its still my backup.until my son in law's surround bites the bullet. 
  • I doubt WP supports 64gb sd
  • My guess is that Nokia already knew about the design of the 8X before it was revealed, as MS would have been aware early on about the similarities. All three companies likely came to an agreement that for now it is most important to solidify WP's place in the market with this colorful general motif. However, I'll bet that HTC is going to be required to move away from such Lumia-esque designs over time. The 8S too is gorgeous, and looks nothing like a Lumia, so they have it in them to be more original and look good (though it does resemble a Zune HD).
  • Word on the street is that Nokia may be gearing up to sue HTC over the design of their new 8X and 8S.
  • Nonsense. Word on my street is that won't happen
  • I've owned HTC pretty much exclusively since the PPC 6600 (with my only non HTC phone being an XDA Flame). However, for this round I'm going to go with the ATIV S. Here's why: 
      Slimness is near the top of my list of desirable features because I only want to know my phone is there when I need it (this is essentially the beauty of Windows Phone OS right?) I currently have the TITAN coming from an HD7 and I can't fathom going down in screen size especially since I don't own a tablet... yet (surface!) This is the only of the 3 with an optional SD card-slot giving an available 48GB of space (admittedly this is not that important to me when you consider SkyDrive and the Zune pass… actually it's almost irrelevant until you consider the ease of getting  music on the device that can't be found in Zune, hopefully Albeit plastic (which I hate the feeling of), this device is the sexiest thing to me since the HD2. 90% of my decision is simply the phone and screen dimensions and any of the other choices are a downgrade in those categories relative to my TITAN.  I sincerely hope the Zenith is released soon!
    You could throw in this SD:
    SanDisk 64GB Mobile Ultra microSDXC
    Available at WPCentral store for a mere $100
    ~96gb onboard should keep you busy
  • Don't forget about the physical home button. That's huge for me. Easy to wake up phone and no accidental home presses
    The physical home button is definitely a unique feature but for me the jury is still out on that.
    -I hope the physical home-button reduces the possibility for involuntary button presses
    -Can it really be used to wake up the phone? If so, that's FREAKING GENIUS! Because the placement of the power button on larger devices is usually in the most non-ergonomic location. This on the other hand.. isn't (no pun intended).
    -However, I can see the physical home button being a burden if it requires too much pressure to engage, and for such a commonly used function this would be a deal-breaker.  
  • Yes the physical button on all samsungs including the focus flash (WP) wake the phone up. The physical button on the Lumia 710 I believe also wakes it up.
    The buttons really don't take much pressure to press. I wish they would make all the buttons physical. I despise capacitive buttons.
  • Oh damn, I didn't even think of that!  This whole time, I never noticed that the Nokia and HTC phones don't have a physical Home button.  I pretty much use that exclusively for waking up my phone and I will have a hard time adjusting to something else.  And even if the touch-screen Home "button" can be use to wake up the phone, it still won't be the same because it wouldn't be particularly useful in the dark.  I was all set on saving up money for a Lumia 920, but now I am seriously second-guessing that plan.  It may be an awesome phone, but most of the fancy features are just "wow factor" the end, simple functionality is the most important.  I guess I'll just have to test drive each phone when they finally hit stores.
  • No comment about the 920?
    -I believe the 920 is the most ground breaking device since the original iPhone released in 2007 (and I think that says a lot). The 920 is jam-packed with incredible features.
      -Polycarbonate body: Freaking awesome! It’s the best compromise between plastic and aluminum! It feels great, scratches are barely noticeable, light weight, durable, and conducts temperature better than plastic and almost as good as aluminum (which is partially why it feels great in the hand). From what I know its only flaw is that you can’t make it too thin or it becomes unstable. -Screen technology: The quickest refresh rate, polarized layer for outdoor viewing, amazing pixel density, deep blacks, bright colors, and the dome shape makes the graphics pop-up to the surface which improves touch accuracy. -Camera: It’s incredible!!!! Need I say more? -Wireless charging: I love this feature! Less wires, less hassle -NFC: they’ve, so far, implemented the most practical use of NFC and they’ve done it in an elegant way. Drop the phone on a speaker and then it becomes Bluetooth paired, and it charges!! WTF it’s so simple, but no one else is doing it for some reason.  
    -However all this amazing technology creates an inevitable situation where the phone becomes inflated and for me that’s a dealbreaker unfortunately. Over the years I’ve noticed that phone dimensions are the most important thing for me as a user.
    -I don’t blame Nokia, because if they were to make the phone <9mm and keep all those features it would probably drive the price of the phone up 100 bucks or so. Me personally, as hardcore enthusiast, I would gladly pay $200 more for 920 < 9mm, but I can totally understand why the average consumer wouldn’t. 
  • I currently have Titan and enjoy its 4.7 screen for all activities including reading, but am leaning towards 920. Here's why: 4.5 screen is still large plus all its new tech including camera and Nokia's support and dedication. It's thicker than the Titan, but given that I use a casemate protective case currently, which makes Titan look much thicker, I think I will be fine.
  • 920 is definitely tempting me currently though want to get hands on with the 8x before I commit as it looks nice. 
  • +1
    I'm getting the 920 for sure, but the 8X is pretty good too.
  • To me, the Samsung ATIV S looks too much like an iPhone, with the single button centered at the bottom.  We want something unique.
    With HTC, I like their phones and hardware, but the 8X doesn't offer me enough to pull me from my Lumia 900.  Sure, a better camera, but other than that, the 900 offers more in terms of support and Nokia-based apps (Maps, Drive, Music, etc).
    Now the 920 offers more to pull me away from my current 900.  Better camera, even better than the 8X.  The Super-Sensitive display has me up here in Chicago, it would be great to wear gloves and use my phone.  Wireless charging is interesting, and I would probably have it next to my bed at night, otherwise I'm still fine with plugging it in.  Hardware-wise, its just more of an upgrade for me, and I would be willing to drop more money into it because I would feel like I'm getting more in return.
    Not to mention, Nokia still has some of the best RF for phones out there IMO.  Its signal is on-par with the iPhone.  I rarely drop calls compared to how many I did on HTC and Samsung.
  • +1
  • Why all the HATE for Samsung?  I've never owned one, but they were in the WP game long before Nokia ... and Nokia had to be paid/bribed/given preferential treatment by MS to join WP.
  • Who said anything about "hate"? This is purely about design and which phone users want. People aren't thinking "gee, I really want that awesome ATIV S, but to hell with Samsung!" They're thinking "ATIV S has solid specs but it's a dud compared to the 8X and 920..." Big difference.
  • Maybe it was the guy at the top that said "Screw Samsung" made me think that. Though it is a persistent general tone among commenters.
    Yes, HTC & Nokia did more work on differentiating their WP8's (though in all fairness the Nokia's 800/900 are ripped off N8's, not much different than the re-purposed Galaxy phones).
    That being said, I like the Trophy - but a little choice (any choice) would be nice.  And no, I will not leave Verizon.
    If available to me I'll probably go with the N920 because of iOS...I mean OIS. All of the guts of these phones is almost perfectly identical, the OS we already like, now I want a good, fast camera - I have kids, I want pics.
  • I see. I read the "Screw Samsung" tone as one of disappointment, not visceral hate of the company. I mean, if Sammy came out with a stellar phone that wowed people, everyone here would be singing its praises...and that's the real test.
  • But how does the ATIV not wow people? Most available storage, largest battery that is also removable, thinnest, big screen. Everything I want is in there. Unless the 920 is just far better for some reason, I'm going with the ATIV. I'm sure a lot of Android users who want to go with WP will be looking at the ATIV.
  • It also has the lowest ppi, least interesting hubs and apps. Pentile display, no beats audio or great camera, wireless charging. No wow factor. But definitely still a great phone and very functional with real home button and great storage capacity. I have a grandfathered unlimited LTE plan with at&t and took advantage of the original 25GB available on SkyDrive so I can stream and put music on the cloud with no problem. Same with pictures on SkyDrive to show off at lower resolutions. Nokia is the best device to evangelize and shoe people this great platform. I'm also a Microsoft store employee and know these phones in and out.
  • The design is boring.
  • Some phones just have the "X"-Factor - while others are stuck with the "HTC One X"-Factor - I found myself stifling a yawn every time I saw the same old beige droid displaying the usual goggle-eyed clock. Similarly, Samsung Galaxy S3 = exciting, Samsung Galaxy S3 reheated for WP = deadly boring. Kudos to HTC for completely overhauling the design for their 8 series.
  • @dinod...Passion/excitement for Nokia Lumia 920 (and other Lumia devices) or HTC devices doesn't translate to 'hate' for Samsung (at least, not from what I gather by reading comments around the internet).
    Some WP users are simply fed up with getting Android's 'sloppy seconds' from Samsung; WP is a fresh, attractive UI and experience, yet Samsung (and even HTC before the introduction of the 8x/8s) basically just slapped WP on a Android shell; it was a 'sea of sameness' aesthetic - no individuality or attractiveness.  Sure, their screen tech may have been good, but basically their designs are just black plasticky slabs, and the ATIV-S is a silvery, plasticky slab.
    Samsung still has WP fans, albeit not many according to polls across the internet; but the 'hate' for Samsung, I'd wager, comes from Apple fans, not WP fans.
  • Because windows phone would have been long dead if nokia chose to go with android. Htc and samsung was only building wp phones to keep their royalties low on android. Nokia is all in with wp...
  • If Nokia was all in for WP they would not have even made/released the 808.
  • The 808 was necessary to create buzz for its 41MP PureView camera. The use of the name in the 920 would have just skidded off people's mind if not for the the 808 PureView buzz.
  • I love my Focus, but as of late, Nokia for me.
  • Personally I don't think they said they "hated" Samsung.  I don't have any interest in their offering because it just appears to be a knockoff of their own GS3 which is a knockoff of an iPhone.  I give Nokia a lot of credit for bringing originality and innovation back to the game.  Even Apple's lawyers acknowledged that much in the patent case with Samsung.  When Samsung stops taking the copier approach to products, I will give then more attention.  FWIW, I actually think their next Windows Phones may be more interesting, since they will have had more time to do more than just rebrand and re-tool over-hyped Android devices.   They are not going to win the patent suit appeal and at some point will have to start to diversify, or at least go back to a company (Microsoft) whose legal agreements will protect them from some litigation; something Google does not offer. BTW, while I think Nokia devices are innovative, my next phone will be from HTC since I prefer smaller and thinner devices and have been quite happy with the HTC Trophy....  
  • The SGS3 and ATIV S are nothing like the iPhone. How are they knockoffs of the iPhone? Because they have a physical home button? How else are they similar? Nothing else is alike.
  • I don't get it either. From the three flagships shown, I'm probably getting the ATIV S with the 920 a close second. 8X no way.
  • To be fair, Samsung sold very well just being on 1 carrier. Let's not forget HTC was available on all 4 carriers. I'm sure if given the choice, a lot of those people with Trophy's and Arrive's probably would have went with Samsung if it were available on their carrier
  • I think most Arrive owners wish there was an Arrive II (Revisit?). Samsung never made a hardware keyboard Windows Phone.
  • Love my Arrive. Some of us like the option of a physical keyboard. Since the Arrive has the highest user satisfaction rating of any phone on Sprint, including the iPhone, there would probably be a market for it.
  • I never said no one would get the Arrive. My point was some people didn't have a choice. It was the only WP phone offered on Sprint
  • I would love an Arrive part deux.
  • I got one comment that should some up Samsungs chances: "ATIV" are you kidding me WTH is that even mean??  I even have a hard time saying it not alone hyping it up.  That name feels uninspired and lacking it does't even sound catchy. Sounds like a new bike than a phone.
    Samsung, sigh, I went from owning a Focus, to a Titan, to a Nokia Lumia 710, to a Nokia Lumia 900 and soon Nokia Lumia 920.  Not turning back now unless your design and dedication has some $$$ behind it.
  • ATIV is VITA backwards. It means life, though Sony has already used that name for their portable.
  • Sony's VITA spelled backwards is ATIV! Hmmmm, how original. NOT! And they were super excited too when they presented Ativ S to the public. NOT!
  • What does Lumia mean? HTC's don't even have a name other than the generic "Windows Phone 8X"
  • Generic my ass back off you stupid muthafúckin hTC hater
  • Dude... We all are different. Some like Nokia, some HTC, and some Samsung. Yes, sometimes we all talk fanboy, but at least we are all supporting this OS. No matter what WP u buy, u are still supporting the ecosystem. But enough with your language and cruelty. Don't be mean to people.
  • +1000
    These are are all just different branches of the same Windows Phone tree.
  • I'd imagine "Lumia" is intended to draw on the words "luminate, luminous or illumination," evoking a sense of something that is perhaps a beacon of light in the darkness of all those other boring black and white slabs. An idea perhaps. As foe 8X, well, HTC did the One X on Android, so 8X falls in line with the rest of their naming scheme, only made for WP8. The fact that they got permission to call the phone the "Windows Phone 8X" is pretty cool for them as it seems to imply to the consumer that this is THE Windows Phone. ATIV on the other hand is fairly boring, however. Vita backwards. Whooptee freakin' do. Would be a cool-ish name had Sony not made the PSvita. However, that approach seems to sum up Sammy's treatment of WP pretty well. The least effort possible. Shows through in their design. When I look at that phone, nothing about it says "special" even if there are some specs that are impressive.
  • The HTC 8X is good enough that I wouldn't switch carriers to get the Lumia 920.
  • Htc 8x is a piece of shit compared to lumia 920. Samsung ative is even much better than the 8x
  • Its comments like these especially when you havnt even tried the phone that are useless in a forum like this.
    And what exactly are you basing your opinion on that you came to the conclusion that the 8X is a piece of sh#&t?
  • Look at any table that compares the 3 flagships. The Lumia 920 and ATIV S whip the 8X on every spec. The 920 and ATIV both have advantages over each other so which is best depends on what is important for the user. Do you want a really nice camera or a microSD slot? Thin phone or do you not mind a thick phone? Removable battery or wireless charging?
    8X is crap.
  • Not really. 8X has the fastest shutter speed, beats audio with the loudest speaker thanks to an audio amplifier, a great equalizer, and the highest ppi. Samsung's Pentile display is why it isn't even in the running for me.
  • Wireless charging? Really? Does the 920 come with a wireless charger?
    Sure the ATIV is thinnest but the 8X is the lightest.
    ATIV has the biggest screen and also has the worst resolution with horrible pentile display.
    8X has the smallest screen with highest ppi and resolution.
    8X has best front facing camera with 2.1 MP with 88 degree wide angle lens that also incorparates the dedicated imaging chip.
    8X has best audio with Beats audio and intigrated 2.55 volt amp for line out and rear speaker.
    8X has 8MP rear camera with dediccated imaging chip for good low light pictures and high shutter speed.
    Doesn't seem like crap to me.
    Maybe you should rethink your criteria for calling something crap. =)
  • The Lumia 920s display is way better than the 8Xs...
  • Depends on your meaning of "better".
    If you live in southern california like me then the super sensitive is meaningless.
  • ATIV is just a standard spec WP8 phone without any innovations to speak of.  8x is a standard spec phone plus better audio and decent display.  2.1 mp front camera may not be a plus.  The video chat could be sluggish in the poor signal area.  That's why even iPhone 5 only choose to use a 1.2 mp front camera for this reason.  920 is a crown jewel with a long list of innovative features.  I won't trade Pureview camera for anything.  :) 
  • That's your opinion and your welcome to it.
    My opinion is that the 8X has more features in a phone that I'm looking for.
    So I guess the jewel in my crown is a different color,,,most likely being HTC 8X highlighter yellow :)
  • +1
    Coming from a Nokia fanboy.
  • Peace WP each his own choice...
  • Really? Are you kidding? None of these are a POS. Not to mention the fact WP users have been begging for these screen sizes and specs. The HTC looks to be a high quality phone. Why the heck do I need a phone I can use my gloves with? Also, its a phone. I don't need a dslr in my pocket (because I know you're going to bring up the 920 camera even though the HTC camera is still pretty awesome). To each his own, but all of these phones are solid.
  • You'd need gloves on if u lived in the northeast region of the USA from December to March, not only that but it also caters to women with long finger nails. It's a definite no brained to go with the L920 for me. The overall design (power button on the side was genius on the L900, hopefully it'll carry over) and software should be enough to win u over. 32gb is more than enough memory. Why the hell would i need 10,000 songs on my phone.
  • I'm pretty sure the button placement will be the same as on the L900
  • I have a suggestion for the next podcast.
    I suggest that each of the guys choose one of the 3 top phones and make a case why that phone is the best. Hardware vs hardware and "known" specs vs "known" specs. And just to be fair Daniel has to choose something other than the L920 and also leave out nokia's exclusive apps and support,,,,just focus on the phones.
  • +1
  • +2
  • Is there no word if the 920 is going to be on T-Mobile?
  • Pretty positive only 820 at tmob. They will also be getting ativ, 8x and 8s.
  • No word on the Ativ...
  • It looks like WP users are all for the underdogs. Samsung can suck a duck! :P im getting the 920 too.
  • Meh, the Samsung is the nicest in my opinion and I'll probably be getting it. I take on average 30 photos with each phone I own. Hardly an important feature for me
  • If only the Nokia had a bigger screen and expandable memory. 32 is better than 16 at least...
  • Bigger than Tue 920 ?! Wow, I don't want a phone I need to hold with both hands or can't fit my pocket, not to mention how awkward it looks to have one huge thing by one's ear.
    The 820 is perfect !
  • It's more like obsessed with Nokia rather than being excited.
  • Nah. If you want to see meaning of word "obsessed", go check some Apple forums. Compared to them, what I see here is like couple of Victorian era gentlemen idly discussing weather during the afternoon tea. Since I had 3Gs from 2009, I was frequenting some of them, trying to be part of the community. My “I’m user, not a fanboy” attitude brought me couple of troll titles from - I’ll try to be polite - heavily biased majority. There is often no middle ground there, you get shoulder pat if you wave right flag, and you get stoned if you dare express opinion that is not to liking of majority. I still go there for some news, but I have pretty much stopped posting comments. It just doesn’t make sense.
  • I'm getting whatever is cheapest because I refuse to be a corporate fanboy loser.
  • So you're just a cheapskate with no actual inclination to decide based on specs or quality? ;-) Not sure that's "better" than being a "corporate fanboy loser". Having a preferred brand for certain commodities is a sane position to hold. It's simple logic: you buy something and you're happy with it, you're most likely to buy from that company again. That's not magic or ideological. 
  • Meh, all these phones do more than what I require. All are known for solid devices so you can't go wrong with any of them. Only thing I will be losing is less money.
  • That's not very clever, you might end up buying a piece of crap.
  • Personally I'm looking to be a corporate fanboy winner.
  • I'm a Nokia cheerleader and proud of it
  • +1
  • I don't think any of the phones I saw thus far fall under the piece of crap category. I still say support after it leaves the door is important. HTC may put forth more effort this go around, but it seems only Nokia really cares since they have the most to lose.
  • Yes I want a Nokia 920 but cannot resist the super thin design, 4.8 screen and the thin bezels on the ativ s. The bottom bezel on the nokia lumia 920 is a deal breaker for me, even though I want to stay with nokia.
  • The bottom bezel of the lumia 920 is there for a very good reason, namely to stop you from accidentaly clicking the homescree/search/back button . Believe me I have a 900 and it happens often enough when i´m playing games and if I hand the phone over to someone who is not familiar with it, it happens even more often. Besides how much are you going to care for the super think design or 4.8 screen (which by the way is almost the same size and not as good quality as the 920) when you drop the phone for the first time and it breaks while a lumia will be fine?
  • I agree with you. We have a few Galaxy S3 in our office, and while it is great phone, combination of size, thinness and very low positioned control buttons are making it a bit awkward to single-handle (and I do have long fingers). Of course I’ll have to wait and see/try/compare 920 handling with S3 or new Ativ, but just by looking at images, my impression is that 920 will be more comfortable.
  • +1
    Don't forget microSD and removable battery, often dropped to "make the phone thinner"
  • No one knows if its going to TMO?
  • Really, I voted for Nokia more on the merits of software than hardware; my ideal WP8 phone would probably be the hypothetical 4" high-end phone a few of us want but nobody seems to be building just now (and I'd kind of like to see at least one phone with a physical keyboard, too).
  • Don't understand the desire for a 4" phone. What's wrong with 4.3"? Stop the iPhone envy.
  • My Focus is a bit bigger than I'd like ideally; I'm disappointed that all the phones with better-than-WP7 screen resolutions seem to be at least 4.3".
  • So? Who gives a fuçk? The vast majority want larger screens so that's what's being produced
  • Obviously he does or esle he wouldn't be mentioning it.
    And sure there is a market for 4 inch screens with high resolution,,,,,,,,one example would be the bazillions of iphones sold over the last few years :)
  • U know, many phones have had 4" screens for a while. Some like it...
  • I second 4 inch phones and physical keyboard. I love my Arrive: size and keyboard perfect for me. I also have hands on the smaller side, that, coupled with lugging around some huge phone, smaller gets my vote.
  • After going from a Lumia 900 to a Focus S, I can't go back to Nokia until they lose some weight.  Glad to have options on WP.
  • I am with you I am not a fan of Nokia they really do need to loose some weight lol! Samsung is by far the best phone for me because its slim and Nokia is kind of ugly & fat to me.. That's exactly why we have choices..
  • Really? I have the focus s too and I want to switch to the Nokia 900. Can't find one I find reasonably $. I came from Nokia to Samsung and want to go back. I don't want ativ s b/c it looks like the focus s plus I don't like how the windows button looks. I do understand what you mean about the weight though, really light.
  • I understand your point about Nokia needing to lose weight. I''m a recreational endurance cyclist and put a lot of money into buying the lightest bike, clothes, and cycling gear. As such I currently own a Focus S, almost primarily for its low weight. When I have it in the back of my jersey I hardly ever get reminded that its there. The ATIV S attracts me for these same reasons, and I'm terrified of the 920's weight. With that being said, I'm throwing my weight behind the 920 and will purchase it for the following reasons:
    1. I am extremely envious of Nokia's software, customer, and platform support and cannot in good conscience pass it up for Samsung/HTC who doesn't care a hoot once you've purchased their device.
    2. Though I'll be carrying more weight on my bike with the 920, I will also have the option of taking far superior video and stills than with the Ativ. A reasonable trade off in my mind. Still wish that 920 was lighter.
  • You do know the 8X is the lightest of the three and takes pretty decent pictures and video aswell.
  • My HTC Surround and Samsung Focus were both early buys, still no tango. My Lumia 900 has been shown lots of love, two 920s coming soon.
  • Just use cabsender and push the cabs. It's really easy, just download cabsender and the cabs from the huge list into one folder and run it. Boom phone updated.
  • What about 7.8? I know this is possible and have dabbled, but that's not the point. It is about support. If HTC or Samsung cared to upgrade my phone in the 18 months I had it I would care about them. I've had many HTC phones and many Nokia phones, the Focus will be my only Samsung phone for the foreseeable future.
  • I didn't really like the design for the Lumia 920. The 8X looks better for me. I would really like it if it was a bigger screen like the One X. And maybe the design of the One V. :3
  • Truth be told, if Nokia didn't have yellow (and I guess if HTC didn't go with yellow yellow instead of lime yellow) and if the prices were the same/comparable, I'd probably pick the Samsung.
    Anyway, I don't think you should really say Samsung isn't taking WP seriously just based on design. Their Galaxy series is pretty popular in Android and, looking similar, there's a chance some uneducated customer might see it and like it a little better than a Galaxy S and then inadvertently get converted to Windows Phone. :-p
  • Samsung only releases one phone with wp8 and the phone looks almost identical to the S3. furthermore they do little or nothing to promote the phone.... yeah I think its safe to assume that samdung cares very little for wp8
  • So what? It has the best specs.
  • Pentile display = practically cut the resolution in half. Plus it has a bigger screen so it has the worst pixel density. It has the worst track record of support for updates as well. How about those specs? This isn't an android forum. People choose what they like based on preference not on bragging rights on processor speed and hoe many cores.
  • +1000
    If you want specs I can write a bunch down on a peice of paper and sell you that. ;) lol
  • Honestly I hope all the phones do well. That way the companies keep innovating. Look at Apples iPhone. They have exclusivity to iOS and the newest iPhone is basically the same phone with some minor upgrades. Nokia, HTC, and Samsung along will keep each other busy and that only means good things for us.
  • 2 things. 1) results of interest are not results of buy. Good indicator, but the biggest difference for me is that the 920 and Ativ will not be available on all carriers in the U.S. The 8x will. More shelf space should mean more potential for sales. 2) this survey was taken by those already interested in WP or already have one. The big numbers will come when the potential customers who do not know about the options go and see the phones. That will be the perfect example of shelf space. You go to T-Mobile or Verizon (neither getting the 920) and see the 8x having never even heard of the 920 or ativ, if WP piqued the interest enough and the sales person did they're job talking about the +'s or wp they're going to get that one.
  • so for sure 920 not going to tmo?
  • That news makes me cry whenever I think about it. I believe it was already confirmed that the 920 is AT&T exclusive.
  • Umm, you must have missed the Verizon getting the 920 news: It can't be an exclusive if Verizon is getting it. Unless it's exclusive to Verizon :P
  • Fair enough. Point still stands about shelf space. Also this would be the first Nokia phone on verizon (ever?) in a long time. OEM name does mean something as people may still flock to Sammy or HTC instead.
  • (rumor)
  • Verizon maybe.
  • Seconded. We don't know a lot still. They are keeping WP8 OS under tight wraps until the release so who knows what will be in it aside from what we know. My guess is they have more cool stuff up their sleeves, microsoft, that is. That being said, I'm more interested in hearing actual reviews of use. IMO, the 8X is a great phone. I'm vacillating between that and the 920, the dealbreaker for me is the audio and that big front facing camera on the 8X, meaning it's swaying me towards it. It's an excellent device with great specs, different from the 920, but still excellent. I need to touch and try all these phones before I buy anything.
    EDIT: In addition to all that, I think we haven't seen all the phones there are to have for WP8 and there is still a solid month left til release/launch.
  • I wanna see the side by side comparison first... By looking Lumia wins...
  • personally, i am a little upset at all the samsung negativity.  so what ifnthat samsung is a reuse of the gs3. the htcs are reuses of the one x and one s. the 920 is the same as the 920 with the same insides as the 8x and ativ s. 
    niw to color.  so because the samsung is grey, it automatically sucks.  would you say the same thing if it was the white, pebble blue or red like on att.  i but you woukd dislike it just as much.  i think that samsung will surprise us all when they officially release. but maybe they jut wanted to brink the most simple design they could just to prove they are in the game.  
    as mean as this sounds, you all should stop bitching and just wait and see. 
  • The Ativ S looks nothing like the Galaxy S 3. Looks more like Galaxy S 2.
  • It's just about something refreshing or not. It's not only about the color but the design language is the same with their previous Android line. In fact the ATIV S looks like a iPhone 3GS. It gets boring to see the same design over and over and over. That's why the iPhone 5 is getting hit hard too. It's selling well just for trend, and people buy them to sell them away for a higher price.   The GS3 is ugly as sin. "Designed for Humans" is their catch. Really? No shit right? Samsung can't innovate.  Only ride the trend with bigger screens and best internals to sell. 
  • As excited as I am about WP8, Im still stuck on choosing a phone without having to switch service provider. Im with T-Mobile and I have no other reason to switch from them other than the fact that we get stuck with mid range phones. I wanted the Lumia 900 back when it came out but had to stick to the 710. I would do ANYTHING but switch providers for the 920, and that seems to mean that I might as well settle for the 8X. Its really frustrating.
  • I really don't think its settling. I think the 8x will surprise you. I understand some of the pulls to Nokia is app support. I've been testing one of the new nok phones for a bit here, its just personal but there are no apps they offer that is make or break for me. As far
  • Daniel, you assume people ate giving Samsung the big yawn over design. I'm going to suggest it might be build quality and feel. The Samsung WP owners I know all say never again to Samsung, because they think the phones look and feel cheap, and all indications are that the ATIV will be carrying that cheapness forward.
  • You may be projecting your feelings about the relative value of low weight phones here. Most users I know of that have Samsung phone actually like/love the low weight. I don't believe there's much data to support that most people consider Samsung phone to be low quality just because they are made of plastic and are light weight. Conversely, I think the huge sale numbers of the GSIII suggest otherwise.
  • Also although both HTC and Nokia use the term Polycarbonate its really just another word for plastic.
  • 32gb and wireless charging are driving me to the 920, and I'm gonna quit Sprint to get it! I'm a former Palm Pre (currently HTC arrive) user and have been waiting for a windows phone device with wireless charging.
  • Wow. You're one of the few people here that will be satisfied entirely. The pre and webos was great.
  • When I answered this poll I chose the Lumia 920, but after a closer examination I've changed my mind and will be getting the 8x. Main reason is the bulk of the 920. My Lumia 900 weights 160 grams and already is heavy compared to most phones. The 920 is going to be 185 grams (vs. the 8x 130 grams). That's just too heavy for a modern phone. Also, I’m really not into the 920's color selection.   It’s a big mistake they are skipping the cyan model this time around.  I’m also not into the new shinny finish and prefer the matt colors.
    When it boils down to it, the 8x has the same processor,  just as good a screen (less some new tech I don’t need), a camera the critics love on the X one, and a more appealing design.  Oh yeah and it weights a whole lot less than the Lumia 920.  I know the Lumia has the coolest tech and I was really looking forward to the wireless charging, but when it boils down to it the form factor is trumping all that great stuff in my case.
  • +1 (not to the heavy as I don't really care, but to everything else)
  • Anyone who doesnt get that 920 is gonna really regret it. I must say though, that Sammy is starting to appeal to be a bit more. i kinda wish the 920 was 4.6".
  • How can you make such a broad statement like that? There is no way you can know everyones personal preferences in cell phones.
  • Because I can dakken, because I can...
  • I guess MrVol84 speaks for all us future 8X owners,,,were all going to regret purchasing our shiny new awemome 8X's =( lol
  • lol - it's still not too late to do the right thing. 
  • I'll keep that in mind as I'm handing over my money to T-mo for my new 8X haha
  • lol - in all honesty I just want WP to do well.. so purchasing any of these devices will be a good thing, especially because they are truly all great. I just think the 920 has the edge on the rest, just my opinion. Mainly due to the screen/camera tech used. Another important factor will be pricing. just waiting on that for now..
  • AMEN to that!
    We all have different needs and preferences for our phones,and as long as these phones take market share away from iclone and scamdroid that's fine with me lol
  • *
  • Not even, I'm going to enjoy my 8X with a dedicated amp and stereo recording while you have your Nokia with bland sound and mono recording.
  • How is Dolby audio bland? and the mono recording issue you mentioned is only applicable to demo devices. That's not suppose to be the case with actual retail units that get the final build of the software/firmware.
  • It's bland sounding on my HD7 compared to SRS.
  • I don't think I'll regret my 4.8" screen, microSD slot, and removable battery which lasts longer.
  • Ooo! .1" more!!
  • To me, .1" more is better than .1" less.. 
  • I think Samsung really don't care much about WP I like the Ativ, so I tweeted the mobile page afew times about app and support and they never reply.
  • Oddly enough the 820 is getting my attention. Can't wait for the reviews and testing. Patience.
  • I'm testing a phone right now that although isn't called the 820 (code names and such) I'm pretty sure it is. The screen is actually pretty impressive given everyone was upset its not "HD. " its a little thick, but good weight. I don't want to comment too much about it because it's still in testing and I'm sure there will be updates but all in all pretty solid.
  • We need all these companies to do well and extend the WP brand. It benefits us all in the long term
  • My wife is up for an upgrade and not sure she wants iPhone 5 even though it's better than her 4. So I showed her the pic comparing the 3 high-end windows phones. She says ' a choice between 2 Nokia phones and one Samsung?' I said ' 2 nokias? No, the one in the middle is HTC.' Her response was ' who the heck is HTC and why did they copy Nokia?' Now she doesn't follow the market like I do and she thought that. I told her it doesn't really matter, that its Nokia and HTC problem, your the end user so which one do you like? She picked Nokia, but I'm sure it will be heavy for her due to her nerve damage and would choose 8x because of size, weight and design.
  • I am torn between the 920 and the 8x. Like the 8x more from a design perspective. On the other hand there are those Nokia exclusive apps. Let's see prizing first. Then i'll decide. Who wrote this dreadfull article about Samsung saving WP 8? I didn't see a reference and don't agree at all. Sure the Ativ S is very well speced phone. But you know who concerns himself with these things. The ones that need to know if there device will run fluently and have developed an almost maniacal attention to specs. Android users. So sure the Ativ S is a well speced phone, but thats not what a usual (usual meaning not engaged in tech forums) consumer concerns himself with. My guess is, that when the Lumias and 8 x start showing up in stores around the world we will see people coming in to buy a Galaxy S3 and getting out with a 8x. I mean they are gorgeous.
  • If HTC want to get better traction, it's either with lots of Lumia screw up getting blown up by the media or they can start at Windows Phone 8.5
    Windows Phone user is still minority, and thus (probably) has higher proportion of enthusiasts in it. Nokia has won lots of goodwill by showing they're focused on Windows Phone and keeping more things coming even after getting the money from sales. In the other hand, HTC and Samsung showed they still prefer Android during the Windows Phone 7 period.
    Maybe not as intense as a hater, but to say it... Samsung and HTC is not that close, so why should we choose them now ? They could be abandoning us again when sales are not enough to put smile on their stockholders' face; and that hurts more than getting no OS upgrade.
    Personally, I'd be disappointed if HTC repeats another Titan (nice flagship phone, but then used and promoted more with Android inside).
    If they can show better support to Windows Phone 8 despite the lack of popularity, then maybe the enthusiasts will warm up to them when Windows Phone 8.5 models came out next year.
  • +1
  • First of all, the screen in nokia is great, and the camera plus ofcourse the cute cordless charger  and then we have nokia Maps, Musik, Drive and cityguide that software is awesome.
    Then when you look at samsung it looks like galaxy, there is nothing wrong with that more then the fact that it looks like an android phone and i guess people would assume it is and not a Windows Phone, you can even change the look in android so that it looks like WP. That means that people would assume that it's an android phone.
    HTC however is good, slightly different design from there androids.
    But Nokia will always feel and be the BIG guy on WP, it is extremly important for them that they sell good on WP since they don't have Android to fall back on. And Nokia is still one of the biggest cellphone companies in the world.
    And then ofcourse it's nordic and you have to help your little brother sell phones (im from sweden)
  • Ha. Good on you calling out your country. I may not buy the 920 or the 820 but I know how much that company means to Finland and wish Nokia nothing but success.
  • Yes to Nokia. I feel good about the future outlook because WP7 had nothing like this at launch. Finally some powerful hardware to run the beautiful OS. I'm studying to develop my own apps. I'm excited. :D
  • My wife thinks the Nokia is a bulky box. She likes the 8x because it's "sexier".
  • HTC 8x!!
  • I'm going with the ativ. All of these phones are nice but I need expandable memory. I play lots of games and play lots of music so a 64gb micro sd will do me nicely!! With wp8 the games will get better and I want them all without worrying about storage space
  • Samsung is going to produce a daddy WP8 hardware.
    BTW Can anyone assure me that WP8 has true multitasking? Can I email PDF files along with other documents in WP8? Can I use Bluetooth for file transfers, because many out there dont have NFC or Wi-Fi Direct. Do I get USB On The Go? Can I get a nice slick utility tool for conversions, currency, weather...blah blah..many other simple tools in just one utility? Can I now save SMS's on WP "SMARTPHONE" (LOL, I was surprised when i didnt find this on Mango)? MS - you restrict your OS, not people.
    I think I am gonna sell my WP Mango device and get myself a Nokia 701. I truly wish Symbian gets a metro makeover =(
    I'd be glad if someone cared to answer my stupid queries, Thanks!
  • Real multitasking but limited on how many are gonna run to save battery, Bluetooth file transfer is a go, about pdf's I don't know but you can email links to pdf's in SkyDrive. Makes email more secure. You cannot use your phone as a mass storage device without special software (already out) or you can just use your sd card on the phones that have them. SMS can be saved to the cloud now too (leaked via SDK)
  • Im not at all cold about the Samsung. Huge removable battery, and extra memory. If this goes to t-mo, im getting it.
  • One of my problems is that Samsung didn't say much about the ATIV. There have been many comparisons (camera, screen, speed) popping up between the GSIII and the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5 has been winning. I fear that Samsung has not made improvements in those areas to make the ATIV better than the iPhone 5. Maybe they have and didn't announce it, but it remians to be seen what the advantage is other than the size and battery. Nokia L920 for me, please.
  • According to digitaltrends "The 8X and 8S will both be available in November on AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon."
    Is this true? Everyone is getting the 8x?
    I think it's sad to see that t-mob will once again get mid range WP device... I like t-mob rate and service but I really want to get a lumia 920... Maybe I'll stick to my HD7 a few more month and get a surface pro instead...
  • if the 8X goes to T-mob, it could by a alternative but not a Lumia 920...
  • Taking the carrier limitations out of the equation, I think the reason so many would go with Nokia is the app support. Nokia going all in means they're working just as hard as Microsoft to get great apps on the platform. Love my HTC Arrive but they never released more than a token worth of apps.
  • That headline describes my thoughts exactly
  • I don't think it's "hate". I think it's apathy. If Samsung can't even show excitement over their announcement of the Ativ S, why should I. I'd rather buy the Lumia 920 or 8X, thank you.
  • I saw the iPhone5 today... Men I wasn't impressed at all... The hype is dying on the mighty iPhone..its kinda like when blackberry hit its peak**
    The lumia and HTC x/s are the new thing.. APOLLO IS ABOUT TO LAUNCH...I'm getting the lumia magic yellow..
  • I seen an IPhone5 today also. I was extremely underwhelmed. Nothing about that phone got me excited and think to myself "WOW,,,I GOTTA HAVE THAT PHONE!"
  • thats true. and 2 people in my family already have one so I see it everyday. but you know what the iPhone 5 is out. you can go to the store and get one. I tell people just wait til the windows 8 phones come out, but theres still a month to go.
  • I was unimpressed as well but somehow they sold 5 million over the weekend.
  • One word,,,,,SCRATCHGATE.
  • I actually liked the iPhone 5 and its super big list of apps. If Windows Phone doesn't get better with apps, I'll sadly have to move to iPhone.
  • So 100,000 plus apps with more being added everyday just isn't enough for you huh? So I guess your gonna switch to an iphone and download all 500,000 apps and use them all on a daily basis?
  • Yeah, really. What is with the whole more apps thing? I don't get why that, of all things is such a dealbreaker to switch to a new phone and OS? Between games and apps, I have maybe 25-30 on my Arrive, half of which I don't even hardly ever touch. Someone explain this to me please.
  • And we probably don't know how many phones each of them has YET, I doubt they told us every phone that the OEM's are releasing
  • I need some color in my life. The 8x and Nokia shows promise. Samsung seems content with grey slabs of plastic and saying "Hey since the GS3 was popular were just going to give you the same crap." differentiation is key in marketing IMO and to me it seems Samsung is lazy with their designs. I'm leaning towards the 8x since I'm familiar with HTC phones (Titan, Titan 2) and my first impression of Nokia was sub-par (purple hue, bad camera). But it's a 2 man race to me. Samsung is a Non-Factor.
  • I don't want to try and sway you from buying the HTC, but the bad camera/screen issues were fixed, and done so relatively quickly. The camera, with the fix, is actually great now. It pales in comparison to the L920 or the 8x, but it is really very nice.
  • My wife recently dunked her HTC Surround, in water. So, off we went, to the at&t store to buy a replacement (I get a generous discount, off retail full price/no contract, of all at&t phones.) The rep greets us, and as soon as I say, "We want to look at the Lumia 900," he goes, "Oh, you don't want that! I can show you some a
    Androids!" I smiled, coyly, and flashed my HTC Titan at him, and said, "Android is for tinkerers, and I'm done playing. So, where are you're Windows Phones? He continued to talk up the android/iphone angle, because surely my wife wouldn't want a ghastly WP! I told him, "She had a Surround the day they were released! I had an iPhone 4 until a full year later!" he finally relented, but this is the uphill slog, that WP will have to navigate, for the time being. I am quite sure that its not a good sales practice, to tell a customer, that "these are not the Droids, you're looking for..." *pun intended* and, yes, as large as my local at&t store is, the Windows Phones were, in the darkest, dankest, corner, of the joint, in the rear...
  • You should have just walked over to another rep and asked if they would help you. That would teach the first rep to try convincing you otherwise.
  • I would honestly put a complaint in on this employee.
  • Or deck him/her. That makes me mental. Ida gone to another rep or another at&t store altogether.
  • I would've gone for Lumia 820 if it had an HD screen.
  • 920 by far for me (love the design, camera and haac in particular) but its good we have a few choices right out of the gate. The fact that Nokia is the more innovative at the moment will not only reward them with more sales but will hopefully inspire other companies (as it seems to have HTC).  
  • Part of the issue with Samsung is that we don't really know what they are bringing to the table with the ATIV, unless I am missing something. We just know that it is WP8 wrapped in a GSIII body. The GSIII is a nice phone spec wise, but when I hold it, it feels cheap to me. Samsung can not half-ass their support of Windows phones, Nokia and HTC will simply knock them out. However, I do like that they are at least in the game.
    I really like what HTC is bringing to the table. They are simply not timid with WP this go round, they are bringing some serious hardware to table. I really love to see this.If it wasn't for Nokia, I would be seriously interested in the 8X. The fact that MS is fully supporting HTC is great. I understand that Nokia is probably a bit disgruntled, but the reality is that WP needs as much backing as possible to start to gain momentum. While this might take some sales away from Nokia in the short run, it will only benefit them in the long.
    In the end, I am a Lumia fan. They are creative and progressive. I own the L900, and absolutely Love it. While it has a few shortcomings, overall it is great experience. Nokia brings the following to the WP platform:
    Very impressive hardware - I have to say, the 920 is the best overall specced phone on the market, with the 820 right behind it.
    Focus and Comitment to WP - unlike other OEMs, their attention is not split, which helps them bring the full monte to the platform.
    Ecosystem - while the WP ecosystem has some room to grow (and you are going to see this Rapidly happen with cross Windows platform compatibility), Nokia is putting a lot of resources into creating its own ecosystem with its own apps.
    Ultimately, the sucess of WP is going to be in the marketing. All three of these OEMs, and Microsoft, need to bring it and bring it strong. Windows phones need to become a part of the people's collective pysche, and the only way to do that is to advertise. Samsung has already shown what it can do with marketing. Their ad campaign for the GSIII, including recent Apple poking humor, is great. What will they bring with WP? Nokia can do seriously better this round. The future of the company depends on this, so they need to drop a pretty penny and give it their full attention. Same goes with HTC. Microsoft needs to help build the image of the plaform any way it can. Quantity and quality in marketing, it is a must.
  • I said above that I want the Lumia 920 but after looking at the specs I'm afraid about the weight--it's even heavier than my Arrive (185 grams vs 181) and I thought that was already way too heavy!!! I was really looking forward to a lighter phone that wouldn't feel like a friggin' brick in my pocket.
  • You're bitching about a few grams? Really? 
  • It's not the amount of grams, really, it's the fact that it's heavier at all. Have you ever used an Arrive for any length of time? The weight is really quite annoying.
  • Aha, who would have thought the Fins and Taiwanese would overtake the Japanese and Koreans
  • The thing with the samsung ativ s is that it looks just like the samsung focus s of early 2011 ! so i'll stay with my lumia 920 black matte !
  • +1
  • The reason why I got a Samsung Focus and Focus S after that was because they were both light and portable. The new ATIV grows to a 4.8 inch screen though. I'll either get the HTC 8S because of the size or a Lumia 920 if the camera lives up to the hype.
  • It's simple really. Nokia's been trying to differentiate from the crowd since Lumia 800 and it's paying off.  Nokia: Lumia line with fresh design / upcoming pureview technology.  HTC: Good attempt but is a knockoff of Sony Xperia + Lumia. It's good looking but people can see where this comes from.  Samsung: Boring. No innovation. If they don't copy anything off Apple they can't design a phone by themselves. S3 is a perfect example that phone is ugly. They can't even think of a good catch. "Designed for Humans"?? No shit Samsung my dog uses a smartphone too.  Most of all I buy Nokia's attitude towards providing something NEW for us and not just enlarged screens with internal improvements that are all monotone. 
  • +1 Samsung doesn't care about us, they just want to have a cheap phone to sell to maximize profits. They'll never give support to their users like Nokia willl. Also I have the original Samsung focus and I will not buy from Samsung again even if their phones are way lighter than the new Lumias and have micro sd card
  • +50000 to a high end 4" Nokia. (or any high end 4" windows phone)
  • +50001
  • phones like that are coming they just had to go flagship first
  • Two issues with this poll:
    It seems that it is limited to the US, am I correct?
    People are speaking missing a crucial information: prices.....
  • Who told you that?
  • Sorry Bro, i m in South Africa and i voted L920
  • I don't think features are what's driving the Nokia appeal, its support. After years of Android fragmentation and lack of updates to Mango devices people realize that a manufacturer who supports their devices after purchase is worth more than a good spec sheet. That coupled with exclusive apps is a winning combo. I like the 920s screen and the potential of the Pureview technology but if I was sure that I'd get all the updates and the same apps the 8X would be the clear choice.
  • I'm going with the Lumia 920 because it's a great high end phone and Nokia is all in with Windows Phone. Even Stephen Elop bought 1 million shares of Nokia. So you can be sure they are looking to have success and be the best leader for this OS
  • A galaxy note 2 running wp8 would be best for. And of course adding in both HTC and Nokia's design cues and software to round out my perfect device.
  • *for me
  • Samsung design is completely boring..
  • For me, it's the 920 on the top and the Samsung 2nd, the HTC I dont have any interest in unless they release the "Zenith" on WP8 release. If they wait, my Trophy will be the last HTC I will own for at least 2 years.
    The 920 hit's the note, I even picked up a QI charger (ebay $15) to be ready for it. The Samsung is rumored to have QI charging in it as well.
    920 but, the Samsun hits higher notes than the HTC for MicroSDHC card (up to 64gb), removable battery and bigger display but, slimmer case.
    I wont even look at the 8X due to it having only 16gb, just too limited and I wont look at ANYTHING unless it has 32gb or more...
  • Go Nokia, I'm dying to have the new sexy lumia 920
  • Seems like a lot of current windows phone users don't like Samsung. Not sure why. The majority of new phone buyers do. Since they're the #1 seller. If Samsung jumps on the W8 bandwagon they could easily own W8. It's gonna be Interesting to see what Samsung does.
  • I am pretty much sold on the Lumia 920, however the HTC is starting to creep in as a contender. A lot will depend on price, and which one I can get for cheap on amazon when they start offering their insane on-contract deals. The most important thing is how the 920's camera performs. We already know the HTC One X has the best camera on the Android platform according to most reviews. Let's not just hand this victory to the Lumia 920 when the 900 was nowhere near the top of the cameraphone heap. While it is becoming clear that it will have the best low-light performance, there is more to a camera than that. The 900 suffered against competitors on many other criteria, which would have to be cleared up to compete with a camera like the one on the One X or iPhone. Of course we know Nokia has produced the two best cameraphones ever made in the N8 and PureView 808, however it has yet to accomplish this on the Windows Phone OS. I am hoping that the camera is as good, top to bottom, as promised.
  • True.
  • All three look gorgeous
  • For me, its looking like the Ativ is my only viable choice.  My needs are:
    * 32GB of storage (eliminates HTC)
    * Expandable storage (eliminates HTC and Nokia)
    * Removable battery (eliminates HTC and Nokia)
    My current HD7 has 16GB and I'm constantly having to uninstall apps and delete music to keep it from running out of space.
    I also find the HTC and Nokia look like toys with their bright colors.  I want a phone to look professional.  I think the Ativ actually does look nice.  And yes, I know the HTC and Nokia will be available in black, but they still look like a toys... just in black.
    Only being HSPA+ is a bit of a downer, but considering I generally spend most of my time in WiFi (and have an LTE iPad that I can tether to), it isn't a deal breaker.  I'd rather have expandable storage, a removable battery, and an OLED screen than LTE. 
    If the 920 had expandable storage and a removable battery it probably would have been my next phone.  But, that remains an unfulfilled wish.
  • Not sure how different the design is from the old PalmPre but the coils in the back of that cover weren't thick at all. The wireless charging replacement back's only different was its matte finish.
  • Samsung can put out more phones in a matter of months than both Nokia & HTC combined. At the end of the day what really matters is how the phone works not how it looks. Can you see many executive types pulling out a bright yellow phone from their $1000 suit pocket? I can't. These brightly colored phones, while visually appealing, are marketed to the young. Not many "adults" will want a bright neon yellow or orange phone. It just looks juvenille. 
    I would personally get the 920 if it was available on my carrier t-mobile. But I think we'll only get the 820, both HTC phones and the Ativ S.
    If Samsung really gets behind WP8 they will quickly become Mocrosoft's premiere partner as they have the muscle to take over the phone biz. Just look what they did with android. They have the $$, the know how and most importantly the supply chain to kick it into high gear and turn out phone after phone for WP8. And they are also looking to diversify from their android position.
  • To put things into perspective and to be a little objective under all this the lumia hype:
    Samsung ATIV S is not bad at all. It is actually a good phone. It's sibling in android world (galaxy sIII) is actually the best selling phone in the world.
    Ok. here's my 2c:
    +1 for the ATIV S: 
    When I bought HD7, it was the biggest phone and I like it. So I'll go for bigger now. I found the bigger the screen the more comfortable to use, and the more I use it without needing to go for my tablet.
    +1 for the ATIV S:
    With my HD7, the battery is an issue. So I'd have to bring a 2nd backup battery. both Lumia and HTC can't replace battery.
    +1 for the ATIV S:
    My HD7 only has 16GB, which is currently full.  I start to look for apps to uninstall now.  Made worse by WP7 inability to show me which apps are taking the real estate.  Both 920 and 8X don't have microSD
    And I understand why people say ATIV S looks boring, but it looks pretty good to me. I love all three, nokia, htc, and the ativ. They all look very good in their own way. The ATIV is actually the most professional looking phone of all 3.  Not all people will buy colorful phone, especially business person.
    Also spec wise, it is a powerful phone. DOn't let any blog's or someone opinions tell you otherwise.  It should be enough for everyone's need.
    So I havent made up my mind which one to buy untill I hold them in person. May be all three :)  
    Stay objective guys..