WP7 on Fox 5 DC Smart Phone Zone [Video]

The Smart Phone Zone over at Fox 5 D.C. have just covered the Windows Phone 7 with a quick look at what the platform offers. Dave Wolf, Vice President of Strategy at Cynergy, runs Lauren through the multiple hubs, Xbox Live, apps, the Marketplace and more.

Yes, it's painful to watch the continuous stream of "Windows 7 Phone". Funny how he couldn't wake up the iPhone on first attempt. They also mention how the Samsung Focus out-did the iPhone on AT&T, so when the local mainstream media chooses to cover our platform, it's not all dim and negative - good to see.

Source: Fox 5 D.C., thanks Martin for tipping us (opens in new tab)!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • I wouldn't concider Fox News "Mainstream Media" by any stretch of the definition. I love how MS is really getting devices on shows the average person watches here in the US.
  • Haters gonna hate. Fox News (Cable) has more viewers and both CNN and MSNBC combined. Local Fox Affiliates more than hold their own against ABC, CBS and NBC.
  • Here in the UK a good few of us pin all news channels as "mainstream media", regardless of affiliation, reliability or status.
  • This isn't the cable Fox News. This is the local morning news on Fox channel 5 in DC and they are very mainstream here.
  • Nice to see an excellent, favourable (albeit quick)review of WP7! It's quite balanced/unbiased too, definitely a first for Fox news. :)
  • Very true but this is not FOX News perce....its an affiliate in Washington, DC and this FOX 5 is nothing at all like FOX News. I'd definitely be surprised if Channel 9 (the CBS affiliate) were to demo a WP7 device because she is completely and totally all about iDevices.
  • Really, I personally thought that guy could of been a little more enthusiastic about the whole thing. He wasn't really covering all the good topics (i.e. zune subscription, fluidity of ui, badass Metro Gui, Minimum Spec requirement, MANGO Update!, or the fact that you dont have to open apps for everything!)
  • @AtitddI think he might be trying to sound as neutral stanced as he can so ppl don't brush his comments off as a marketing attempthopefully that will work in favor for wp7
  • to be fair, this isn't fox news...its fox 5 news, an affiliate. im guessing this is fox 5 new york? i work at fox 5 san diego and we are a bunch of clowns over here, nothing like fox news. i assume this station is the same.
  • You are right about them being nothing like FOX News but this is a Washington DC affiliate.
  • final;y a review not ALL about freaking Iphone. every time i change the Chanel to some thing talking bout cell phones , its always Iphone this, iphone that ,, who gives a BLEEp about the freaking Iphone , we all know what it does ,, unless you have lived under a rock for the past 3 years.go wp7! WoOT! hopefully this will help more people see its potential.
  • 20 Hours of heavy use? GTFO. Nice review though. That screen looks awesome on TV.
  • i'm gonna say its Washington DC since, you know, there is a big graphic of the capital building behind the anchor desk ;)
  • Nice review and without the automatic Apple bias that we usually see. In fact, he actually pointed out battery life and replaceable batteries and that Apple's recent announcement seemed to be playing catch-up. I loved that. On the other hand, a Facebook friend of mine just posted how she returned the Windows Phone she had purchased because it would not sync with her desktop Outlook. I wonder how many other potential sales have been lost because people hear the name "Windows" and just expect it will work with Office like they expect it to. Sadly, she bought a damn Android instead.
  • well it is Kinda dumb that u cant sync with outlook. considering every smart phone does it . and considering outlook is a MS product. kinda doesnt make sens. ah well
  • I agree that it makes no sense to not support the old (valuable) method, but, after getting Outlook 2010 installed on my computer and finding that I could not sync my Touch Pro 2 with it I just synced everything with my Live account. Once I got my Windows Phone, before it ever touched my PC, I logged in and contacts flowed down. I haven't missed the reliance on Outlook since then but I was fairly upset that seemingly basic function wasn't included. I've even shut down the Exchange server I was running at home since I do it all in the Live services now. As with a change from Rolodex to electronic storage, sometimes a leap has to be taken before it can be appreciated. Not everyone is ready to do it yet and that's why there are options.
  • 20+ hours battery hour my **** Windows 7 phone my **** But this isn't a biased review either and i wish the guy could have showed glance and go heavily and how smooth the interface is.