WP7 security patch due out May 3?

Back in March we reported on some fraudulent SSL certificates that could make WP7 users vulnerable to phishing/spoofing attacks, and the possibility that MS would be releasing a security update to fix it. According to SlashGear, sources have revealed that MS plans to roll out the update on May 3. It is still unknown whether the patch will come in the form of an OTA push or through Zune software updates.

The fake certificates were brought to light by Comodo, who issued them without fully verifying their validity, and affect nine different websites. Comodo has since revoked the certs in question, while Microsoft posted a bulletin for desktop users of Internet Explorer. The sites affected are:

  • login.live.com
  • mail.google.com
  • www.google.com
  • login.yahoo.com (3 certificates)
  • login.skype.com
  • addons.mozilla.org
  • “Global Trustee”

Source: SlashGear; Via: PocketNow

UPDATE: Bruce Cowper, Group Manager of Microsoft’s Trustworthy Computing, has told WinRumors that users will be notified of the update's availability over the air, while the update itself will come through Zune.  He could not confirm the release date, but simply said, “the Windows Phone team is actively working with mobile partners to develop and distribute a mitigation update.”

Seth Brodeur
  • Saw this earlier today. Glad to see MS is acting quickly.
  • Hopefully there is more in this patch then just the security fix. And let's see if it actually comes on the 3th of may.
  • Microsoft needs to stay away from talking about "dates" it just makes them look bad when they don't meet them. I foresee, another apology blog posting coming up from Microsoft.
  • This will be called the May 2011 Update.AT&T will release it to customers around Halloween.
  • AT&T was 1 month behind the March update. May 2011 update would then be June. I am not completely impressed with AT&T, but no reason to make comments like that.
  • That's because you don't own a Surround. I am sticking with Halloween.
  • and then they will change the name to mango
  • I sure hope the carriers stay out of the way this time.
  • This update when it came was smoother than expected IMHO so I would rather wait than have a rushed out update with more bugs than fixes.