WP7 team working on 'market disrupting' project?

Microsoft has posted a new job opening for a Software Development Engineer in testing for Windows Phone 7. In the brief we see "DISRUPT THE MARKET" being used, indicating some potential big plans for the platform for end-users. 

This could possibly have something to do with Skype? Or is it to do with the US army trailing smartphones (opens in new tab) for deployment? We could take this even further and tie in the recent augmented reality license Microsoft signed (opens in new tab). What do you guys think of this job posting and the project? See the post after the break and sound off in the comments. 

Software Development Engineer in Test - Windows Phone (761356) JobDate: Jul 17, 2011Location: Redmond, WA, USJob Category: Software Engineering: TestLocation: Redmond, WA, USJob ID: 761356-46474Division: Windows Phone DivisionWish you were part of a team whose charter is to create experiences our customers simply can’t live without? Are you excited when you see a user experience that delights customers? We are a team working on a top secret project inside the Windows Phone division. Our mission…GO BIG! DISRUPT THE MARKET!We can’t give you many details on this JD, but I can assure you we have a passionate group of engineers charged and ready to take on the challenge. It’s a v1 feature set and we are completing planning in 1 month, so timing is perfect. We are looking for an experienced SDET to play the role of product line customer advocate. In this role you would be on point to work with product planning, design, UX research and the feature team to glue pieces of feature together and build delighting user experiences. As an experienced SDET you will be guiding the team towards the key set of scenarios and technologies we should be using to innovate and go beyond the typical feature testing. Come make our product sing to customers! It’s a chance to see your work showcased by millions of customers for years to come!WPEJOBS; WPECtri.RWWPD.WPE.EF Nearest Major Market: SeattleNearest Secondary Market: BellevueJob Segments: Developer, Engineer, Engineering, Government, Research, Security Clearance, Software Engineer, Technology, Test Engineer, Testing, User Experience

Source: Microsoft, via: WMPU (opens in new tab)

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  • Probably the argumented reality plus yell deal I think.Imagine a native app with the full listings from yell on the phone...Could also be a lot of other things but its a good first stab ;)
  • 6 months late....
  • Why?? For what? What are you on?
  • They havent managed to give us simple features like backup for game data, SMS, internet favs, call history, all which are lost if you have to hard reset. Typical MS, leave a job half finished then off to the next latest and greatest.
  • All those items are coming with Mango.
  • All? I don't think I heard about anything from that list, except game saves.
  • Wouldn't it be interesting if MS bought T-Mobile or Sprint for their own network? Now that would truly be Market Disrupting. Or better yet, ATT or Comcast? Could you imagine having unlimited IP TV via unrestricted bandwidth to your XBox and Windows Phone? That could truly be interesting.
  • Maybe starting work on the two piece phone? http://www.wpcentral.com/new-microsoft-patent-dual-screen-phone-futurtasticThere is some ideas in here too... http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=microsoft+future+&view=detail&mid=17...Also... one of the guys on Windows Phone Dev Podcast was at the WPC last week and was talking to one of the Execs at Microsoft and the guy hinted that Microsoft has some AMAZING things coming and kept telling him to be at BUILD in September. We already know Windows 8 is going to be revealed in more depth there... What else?
  • Windows Phone 8 will be based on Windows 8 ;-)
  • it says "Software Development Engineer in Test - Windows Phone (761356) Job" is 761356 windows phone 7.6.1356.0 just saying.