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WPCentral 137: Wilcox, Tango x2 and crapps

We're back this week with a special guest, Microsoft's Jeff Wilcox. Listen in or watch the HD video after the break!

Guest Interview

Talking points

Software news

  • Our app picks this week
  • Facebook v2.3
  • Carbon finally hits the marketplace
  • Reinstaller
  • So... can Chickens fly? - not according to the game now Live in the marketplace
  • Your Deal of the Weak is Gravity Guy
  • Sonic's Jewels pulled

Hardware news



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  • No connection here but Microsoft stock crosses $ 31 mark!
  • Amen brother
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  • Good for MS
  • Jay, get a windsock for your microphone.
  • Very interesting subject, appreciate it for putting up Dora Games.
  • It's good to hear about progress on Sonic's Jewels, or rather Blue Tomato.  But does anyone know if Blue Tomato hits the marketplace, will it update/overwrite Sonic's Jewels, or will it be a new app to download?
    Edit: Nevermind, got the update already.
  • I know this gets asked a lot but what is happening with old Xbox live games. Are they getting fast app switching added? I know I saw a demo with angry birds doing this yet still I have to reload every time I want to read a text etc. And it isn't quick in starting up so its a bit of a pain.