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WPCentral Contest: Win your choice of Windows Phone 8 device!

Windows Phone 8 Launch Day Contest: Leave a comment to this post letting us know which Windows Phone 8 device you want and you could win it courtesy of Windows Phone Central!

It's been a huge day for Windows Phone fans. Windows Phone 8 was officially lauched by Microsoft, and over the days and weeks ahead we'll see a number of next-generation Windows Phone 8 devices hit the market. Further adding to today's excitement, here on WPCentral we unveiled a newly updated site design! We have lots of contests planned as the Windows Phone 8 frenzy continues, but we're going to kick things off right now with a device giveaway to celebrate both the official launch and our newly updated site. 

How To Enter: Leave a single comment to this post letting us know how you're liking our new site design and what Windows Phone 8 device you want to win. Lumia 920? 820? 822? An HTC 8X or 8S? Or maybe a Samsung ATIV? Let us know and you can win it! Full contest details below. If you're not yet a member of Windows Phone Central, today is the day to join! Good luck!

Contest Details:

  • Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Winner will be announced next week.
  • Contest is open worldwide.
  • Depending on what phone you choose to win, we'll buy it and ship it to you as soon as it becomes publicly available.

Having difficulty posting a comment?

Following our site relaunch there was an issue where some members were having difficulty posting comments to articles on the blogs. This issue has now been fixed, both via the website and via our app. If for whatever reason you find yourself unable to post a comment, please logout and log back into the site. If you're still experiencing any issues, please let us know on this forum thread. Be sure to let us know what browser you are using and how you are visiting the site.

Daniel Rubino
Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • Samsung Ativ S
    Just to be totally different, I've had Nokia and HTC so something new :)
  • I do not like the site actually. I guess that will prevent me from getting a 920 but so be it.
  • Well, i like the site.. But i was wondering if they'll make a new mobile website also or not, as for phones i guess I'll get 920 or 820 .. Nokia rocks here in Middle east plus.. I am the only one in the country holding a WP :D
  • Yep, updated Mobile Site template is coming today.
  • wooo :)
  • Must say I do actually like the new site, easy to navigate and looks nice. Also love the competition as my HTC Desire has just decided to brick itself a little sooner than I would have liked. I think the phone I would like has got to be the Nokia Lumia 920 (in Cyan or Black)
  • I like the Nokia 920 it's a beautiful thing. The yellow matches my Ferrari. Nice site layout, I like the new windows 8 look
  • What,s the best phone made "nokia920"
  • Lum1a 920 Cyan
  • I think the site looks great! It reminds me of my wife's sorority colors and I'd say she would love it too!  Keep it rockin' WPCentral!!!  By the way, I could REALLY use a free Nokia Lumia 920!  Thank you guys for all of the hardwork and great articles!
  • Lumia 920
  • me too!
  • yes! Lumia 920 in yellow for me.
  • Yes, I‘d like to get a lumia 920,please. Thanks.
  • I pointed out that this didn't work in landscape mode to the Nokia engineer during one of the Nokia release parties, September maybe?  He was shocked, made a big fuss about it, said it was a pre-production model and that he would personally make sure it got fixed before production.  Now maybe 'fixed' means as soon as possible and there were already production models being built with what I consider a DEFECT or an engineering FAIL.  Whichever.  Combined with the labotimized NFC, this whole idea seems half-baked.  That said, I'd rather have the broken upright model than the flat model, but apparently AT&T and Nokia think that sending me a yellow phone three weeks after I order it is just dandy.  My daughter got the in-stock red 920 to replace her 900, and hasn't put it down yet.
  • A yellow Lumia 920 would be wicked! New site design is awesome - easy to read and navigate! Thanks for improving!
  • Nokia Lumia 920 in Red! I have been waiting for this day for the past 4 months!!! Lets go WP!
  • Same seeings how in canada we get no choice of colour... o what will i do:(
  • This
  • and the site is beautiful:) can Jay make his wonderful app this colourful???
  • Must be red
  • i like the new design and perfectly timed for the launch of WP8. HTC 8X...
  • I'm loving the new site design. So far from what I've seen, I'd really like to get a Cyan Lumia 920 on AT&T.
  • Stuck on Verizon so the Lumia 822 is my currently desired device.
  • New site = me gusta. And I'll take a red 8X on Verizon
  • Cyan Lumia 920!
    Thank you WPCentral~
  • I want a Lumia 920 too please!!
  • 920 red
  • I would love to win a Cyan Nokia Lumia 920, please! Thanks 
  • I am loving the new site design! And I'd love to win a Cyan Lumia 920 even more! =D
  • The new site is much more functional. As for WP8 phones, Lumia 920. There's no other phone I would get.
  • Absolutely loving the new redesign guys! It is super clean and easy to navigate.
    Would love to get one of the LUmia 920's in grey. Thanks!
  • Liked the old site, love the new one.  Want a Lumia 920 to give to me mum so she can rock out with me ;)
  • New design is looking good guys.
    Put me down for a Lumia 920!
  • Forgot to mention that I also like the new site design.  Love the "Live Tiles" for comments on the top of the main page.
  • Gimmie an HTC 8X on Verizon, please! <3
  • Cyan Lumia 920, because of Nokia Music, Maps, the camera and the colors/design. 
    The new design of the site looks beautiful, I just have to get used to it.
  • Great contest guys! I would like to win a Lumia 920 (hopefully in red)
  • I would love a HTC 8X Black... thanks!
  • The Lumia 920 would be absolutely awesome to get.
  • Im loving the Lumia 920! Cant wait for it to be released!
    And the new site is nice and fresh. Initially i was a bit unsure about it but it's really growing on me and feel's very Windows Phone/metro
  • Site is clean and fast.  HTC 8X
  • Very slick redesign. Lumia 920 looks sexy...
  • I love the bold colors used in the new site. Keep it up!
    I want a yellow Lumia 920! :D
  • Nokia Lumia 920. Any color :)
  • The website is looking amazing!!! It is just faster.. And with IE10 and W8 everything is just smoother!!
  • Website as well as Lumia 920 looks awesome. I am looking forward to having one.
  • The site is beautiful, the whole microsoft ecosystem is coming together and I want the phone that Jessica has ;)
    Lumia 920.
  • A Black 8X for me thanks!
    Also, wesbite is lookin' good!
  • This new Website is very well accomplished! Easier to find what you want and best of all, metrofied! ;)
    I would like to win a Nokia 920 Cyan! (Seems to be the favorite here!)
  • I've Tweeted and posted about how much I like the new site already, but I'll say it again; It's fresh and effiecient and I especially like the front page. Awesome. Now, if I were lucky enough to win, I'd take ANY of the devices, but my #1 most-favoritest-choice would be a red Lumia 920.  (I might also need a new laptop as I've drooled on my keyboard)  
  • Very cool the new design! A great day for Windows phone fans!
    My choice Nokia Lumia 820
  • I really like the metro influence in wpcentral site...would love to see a switch color button (black theme) :)
    My choice is a Samsung Ativ S (plan to purchase an Ativ tablet...)
  • I have been waiting and waiting for a Lumia 920 in Yellow.
    I gave up the iPhone 5, went back to my old LG Quantum, and now I just want that 920! I actually pre-order at Best Buy before they took everything down. So here is to hoping
  • I like the new site design and the mobile nations functionality. It would look awesome on a new HTC 8X!
  • (After long thinking) would have to the ATIV S. Keep up the great work with the site, guys!
  • A Lumia 920 Would be amazing! Thanks!
  • HTC 8X, have had my HTC HD7 for 2 years now, figured I'd stick with HTC.
  • The new site is what I call the Modern UI......extremely Metrofied excuse me to use the word and I want the HTC 8X PLEASE.
  • Lumia 920 gray please or cyan if that color is not available
  • I would love a white Lumia 920 please for my beautiful wife who is switching from years of iPhone.
  • <p>Loving the new design,</p>
    <p>i WANT the <i>Lumia 920</i></p>
  • I like the new site design. It has a Metro Microsoft design language feel to it. Which obviously fits in to what's happening right now with Microsoft. Nokia Lumia 920, please!
  • Lumia 920
  • I do like the new design of the site - I noticed it's more tablet friendly now, resonating inspiration from metro UI. But strangely though, its taking more time to load than previous site design. I know it's supposed to be faster but I'm not seeing it. I want Red lumia 920!
  • Yellow Lumia 920. Such a hot phone. Sucks to be stuck on an HTC Titan. I need an HD Screen!
  • Liking how the new design seems inline with the Metro Design UI, angular, neat and "live"
    Would love a Lumia 920
  • Like the new design. Obvious tie-in to Metro but abit brighter. Loads quicker than previous design.
    Dream device is the Nokia Lumia 920 (Gray or Black)
  • Samsung ATIV
  • Even though the 8x looks amazing, I'm still wanting the Lumia 920. My focus has been good to me, but I can't wait to upgrade. I wish grey was available on ATT though! The new site is looking super fresh, WPCentral is my new homepage!
  • HTC 8X T-Mobile USA
  • Since I'm on T-mobile, I'd love an HTC 8X in blue. If it's unlocked though, I'd love a red or white Lumia 920 even more!
  • Love the changes!
    Yellow or cyan Lumia 920 would be my pick
  • the new site looks fresh and the lighter theme makes it much more friendly
    Cyan Lumia 920 :D
  • Lumia 920 please :)
  • Loving the new design
    i WANT the Lumia 920
  • New site is great. Really bright design echos the new Windows Phone 8 hardware.
    I'd love to win a Nokia 920.
  • The Lumia 920, of course.  I love HTC's stuff but Nokia has really impressed me with the WP7 devices and I really can't wait to get my hands on a WP8 phone.  Hell, to be honest I'd be happy with any WP8 phone!
  • Windows Phone user since day 1... great OS I would love to have a Lumia 920.
  • The new design looks great. Looks like the Metro UI, which is very appropriate, and always appealing. I'm on T-mo so I'd say Nokia Lumia 810 if that's an option.
  • Otherwise an HTC 8X for t-mo.
  • The new design is beautiful!
    I would love a Black Lumia 920!
  • Love the new site outside of a few login issues it runs really smoth and looks great!
    Lumia 920
  • I love the new looks on the site, much cleaner (in accordance with the Windows Phone UI) and faster to load which makes it aces in my book. I would love a Lumia 920 to finally put aside that Optimus 7 that I'm currently holding...
  • clear and simple, I love the new site!!!
    Lumia 920!!
    pura vida!!
  • I would love and unlocked Lumia 920 in Gray or Yellow or Red or... any color... since you are nice enough to offer :) 
    You guys Rock at WPCentral so keep up the great work! Can't wait for WP8
  • The new site is definitely a lot easier to navigate.
    I would like the HTC 8X. The hardware design is just too great and not too bulky compared to the Lumia 920. Also the screen size on both the Lumia 920 and ATIV S is just too big for my taste.
  • I have always been a HTC kind of guy, but the new Lumia 920 looks pretty amazing.  I would go for the 920.
    The site upgrade is amazing!  Nice and clean, and follows the theme of the content nicely.  Keep up the good work!
  • Your new site is stunning! I'd love a yellow Nokia Lumia 920 :D
  • The new Windows Phone Central design fits well to the new Windows Phone 8 home screen. Looks elegant and different. If I could win a new Windows Phone 8 device, it would be a Samsung ATIV.
  • The new look is awesome! Nokia 920
  • Loving the new site.  very similar to the formerly known as metro ui. 
    If I were to win, I would love a Lumia 920 in the color black.
  • Lumia 920
    Like how how the new site looks as its similar to the ms design. I still see some balloon styled buttons that can be changed so the whole layout looks more in line.
  • Definitely the Lumia 920. I LOVE IT! 
    Windows Phone 8 + Lumia 920 makes the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 look like JUNK.
  • Changes are great, but the mobile version of the site has gone missing??
    Lumia 920!!
  • I love being able to see discussions and articles easily
    Would love to upgrade to an 8X. Any color I don't discriminate ha ha
  • Lumia 920, of course. Why would anyone want anything else? ;)
  • The site is most certainly reminiscent of the afore-named Metro UI. A most fitting design in symbolism of the Windows Phone platform. If you would be so kind, I would love to own a Nokia Lumia 920.
  • I'll take a Cyan Lumia 920.  Love the image stabiliization, NFC, and the flat cyan is the perfect color. New site looks good.
  • Enjoying the new site design so far. At first I thought I would have trouble navigating, but I have actually found it easier to keep up with the latest articles. I would love a black Lumia 920, really looking forward to the wireless charging and excellent camera. 
  • HTC 8X.
    So far liking the new site.
  • Nice and clean design!
    A white Nokia Lumia 920 please.
  • Cyan Lumia 920 would be awesome! My 1st gen Focus is on its last legs. BTW: really digging the new site design!
  • Site looks OK on my aging galaxy s, but would be much better on a new Lumia 920.
  • I would love an HTC 8X!
  • In blue ofcourse
  • HTC 8X yellow! Would be a nice upgrade from HTC 7 surround
  • I check the twitter feed for WPCentral like 6 times a day.
  • Loving the new design. Nice and clean, sharp, square lines that I love seeing.
    I would love a Lumia 920 (any color really) as it's not available on Telus up in Canada :(.
  • I think I'd love the Lumia 822 in grey. The 8X seems too big and the lack of an sd slot puts me off.
  • I love what you did with this place!!!! It's more user-friendly for me and more  visually appealing compared to the previous incarnations of the site, good job guys;  I would love to get a Windows Lumia 920 either Red or Black
  • Love it!  HTX 8X
  • the site design is great, tho this comment section is cluttered, and would rather have seen you use disqus instead of requiring me to register :/
    that being said, while I would love a Lumia 920, they brilliantly decided to make it AT&T only. so I guess I'll have to settle for yet another crappy HTC device!
    at least make it the 8X! Please!
  • Looks amazing, gives a refreshing feel from the typical layout of sites :)
    Lumia 920
  • New design is fast and efficient just like Windows 8. I could go for any phone really as all I want is get my hands on the software but I guess Pureview and 32GB storage make the Lumia 920 the best choice.
  • Like the new site look! Samsung ATIV
  • The redesign is great, although I'm not a great fan of the pink logo. 
    A lumia 822 would be a great successor to my lumia 800! 
  • Red Lumia 920, but id be happy with any!
  • All I need is a black or cyan Lumia 920 or Black or Blue HTC 8x and my future Windows Tablet will not be lonely.  
    Nice site by the way!
  • Lumia 920
  • Cyan/White Lumia 920:)
  • By the way the design of the website is great especially on Windows 8, feels like a Metro App
  • Love the site and would love a 920.
  • New site layout looks great, guys.  I like the tile look to the headlines, and the toggle between latest stories and latest discussions.  Cheers.
    PS. Nokia 920 in black, gray, or cyan would be my preference.
  • New site is much more inline with current trends, thus it feels modern and up to speed with where the web is at. No more mobile site?
    Would like the Lumia 920 for AT&T. 
  • Love the site design! Very elegant ;) Would love to win the Lumia 920
  • The site looks fantastic! Very Metro, err, Modern , err Microsoft Design language-ish. Thank you so much for offering to purchase me a new Stormtrooper White Lumia 920 for At&T! Keep up the awesome work guys...
  • The new site is so vibrant and really modern LOVE IT!  I personally would choose the nokia lumia 920, going for the white because it justs pops for me, and the camera is unmatched.
  • HTC 8X would be nice
  • I think the new site looks good! There are some things that seem a little out of place (on the forums with IE10) but all in all I like it. I will say that it can look like a "wall" of text on the frontpage. The seperators for each article may need to be better defined. As for the device I would like, I would love to win the HTC 8X!
  • Nokia 920
  • The new design is really more "WP8"-like.. and I really would like to enjoy it with my brand new red Nokia Lumia 920 :-)
  • Love the redesign. HTC 8x 
  • New site looks awesome! Would love a black Lumia 920. :) Thanx WPCentral!
  • Lumia 920 in red :)
  • Verizon Ativ S! I have a Galaxy SIII and have always dreamed about a WP8 on the same hardware. As for the site, clean and fast just like Windows Phone!
  • Gotta be an HTC 8X (california blue - that shit is amaze balls)
    Really liking the new site as well, really clean and the colour is very windowsesque. Kepe up the good work :D (always first site i check in the mornings for new happenings in the tech world :D)
  • The new site blends very well into the Metro/modern-design of the new Windows/Windows Phone 8.  Thanks for reporting the fresh WP-related news! As for the phone?  Well I like them all!  However where I live only the Lumia 920 is confirmed to work with 4G, so a black Lumia 920. :)
  • I'd love to get an ATIV S, and about the new design I really love it, it's much better to read and load, good work!
  • The new site looks great, with your own take on 'Metro' giving it a strong connection to WP while still having a strong identity. 
    A Lumia 920 in Cyan will be nice. The international version one, naturally.
  • Intuitive, simple, amazing, colorful, just like Windows Phone 8.
    Better when I check the WPCentrak news from my White Nokia Lumia 920.
  • The new design/layout of the website is great and it is very metro-esque which is a big plus! I would like the Nokia Lumia 920 in yellow that would be amazing! Keep up the great work guys
  • I'm really digging the new, dare I say, metro inspired site. I'm new to the Wpcentral scene so wasn't too attached to the old version. But love the cyan and pink. Big and Bold! Especially since I want the Lumia 920 in Cyan.
  • Love the new design, goes perfectly with Windows 8, Surface, and WP8.  The phone I'd love to win - Lumia 920!
  • yellow lumia 920 of course! the best design, the best camera, the best display and the best ecosystem of all oems :DD
  • I think the clear winner in the initial WP8 batch is the Lumia 920 which would be my choice.  Site design looks great btw, it's very "Modern Style UI" ish.  Nice job.
  • Nokia Lumia 920 - best or nothing. 
    Much better site...does'nt like it was made last century
  • Love the new look, very easy to read, especially loving the Win 8 Inspiration. Nokia Lumia 920 in Yellow :-D
  • Great competition, thanks :)
    Lumia 820 please.
  • Love the new design, photos seem to pop, articles are more attractive, and has a flatter clean disign, similar to the new office.
  • The new design is quite spiffy. Definitely more playful and in keeping with the interface-formerly-known-as-metro UI paradigm. Like the one spotted by that there Lumia 920 I'd oh-so love to win here from you swell chaps.
  • The site is visually pleasing, very clean and easier to understand.
    Lumia 920 is the choice... grey or black! Hope i get it!
  • White Nokia Lumia 920 would be amazing! Love the new look site. :)
  • Lumia 920 in Yellow. Please & Thank you.
  • I like the way the new design of the site matches the aesthetics of WP8. The colours, the tiles and the clean and uncluttered nature of the site gives it a real identity that matches the content. I wish for an HTC 8s. :) 
  • A red Verizon HTC 8X would be great!
  • Red Lumia 920 please! Im so excited for this and felt cheated when i missed out on the 4 hour best buy preorder, and been chomping at the bit to pre order it though at&t. I have been without windows phone for 2 months since i accidently broke my arrive =( i am in withdraws lol
  • Love what ya'll have done with the site! I personally think the whole metro, or um windows 8, interface is so gorgeous. A new Red lumia 920 for AT&T will go along with all the new changes quite nicely ;)
  • A black 920 to update the day 1 900 that updated the day 1 Focus.. :D
  • Sorry, didn't read the rules before commenting, definitively the site loads faster and the new look is the proper way to get along with the new WP8. I want the 920 because is the one with the most astounding specs.
  • The new site design is pretty slick, I've got to say.  Looks especially nice whilst using IE10 on Windows 8!
    Nokia Lumia 920.  If there's a colour choice, yellow or red!
    I'm Canadian, btw.
  • Hi there - Lumia 920 in Cyan, please! Can't wait. Thanks for running such a great site.
  • HTC 8X please WPC team! I've been using wpcentral for awhile now without an account and I have to say...your new site design is great. There's less clutter (don't hate me for saying that :D) and I'm digging the headline topics section on the front page. Keep up the good work you guys! (Written using my Nokia Lumia 900)
  • I have AT&T by the way and color doesn't matter to me. I'm not picky.
  • Hey guys!!  Loving the layout of the new site, plus all the Windows Phone 8 Twitter updates!!  Keep it up!  I would love a Nokia Lumia 920 (bright Yellow please)  
  • I like the new site design, feels pretty fresh. I'd love a Nokia Lumia 920, hope I win! :D
  • HTC 8X - Verizon
    I'm enjoying the site redesign and specifically the change in how the top stories are displayed. Changed from a cycle to large "tiles"
  • I think the new design is actually a nice fresh look. The pink was a little weird at first. Nokia lumia 920 in black :)
  • Nokia Lumia 920 in Yellow
  • I'm likin' this new site design and I'm all about that Lumia 920.
  • I'm on verizon so the Nokia Lumia 822
  • Love your new design, just as the new Windows Phone 8 devices...
    I wanna have a Nokia Lumia 920 in Cyan! If Cyan is not available I wanna have it in yellow :D
  • Love all the bright colors! I would love to win the ATT Lumia 920 White version!
  • All I can say about the new site is that it is a Windows into a whole new world. Hopefully, this open the Gates into my first smartphone.
    Lumia 920 (Cyan) is my top choice :)
  • Lumia 920
    The new update looks fantastic, and the reporting is tops!
  • The new site is great - loving the colur scheme - not many sites make pink look good...
    Also props on making the competition world wide. Very use to missing out here in NZ
    Lumia 920
  • AT&T Nokia Lumia 920 in Black!
  • Yellow or red 920. A game changing device for both Nokia and WP.
    Of course we all like the new site. I was all over the compliant in the Forums. Fun, eye catching design.
  • The new site design - it's so Metro!  :)
    Would love a Nokia 920!   Thanks for running this give-away.
  • A cyan lumia 920. The new site design is looking awesome.
  • Black Nokia Lumia 920 please, it's so classic.
  • I'll take a red lumia 920 please! I'll also buy a good otterbox case for it if wpcentral store stocks one next week :)
  • Nokia Lumia 920
    Awesome design. Easy to navigate
  • Nokia Lumia 920... black, grey, whatever... i'd even put the money i'd save towards a WPCentral shirt for our baby due in December...
  • The New site is great I especially like the Colours, I'd Maybe give each castegory across top their own Square tile though instead of one long Bar either way its gorgeous.
    Would love a Lumia 920 if Iwas to get Lucky
  • The new site is a definite improvement.  Looks very clean and user friendly.
    Love the Lumina 920 in red.
  • The site redesign is very welcome; it's bright, fresh, fits more with the image that Microsoft is trying to convey, and is still fast. I would want to win the blue HTC 8X!
  • Black Lumia 920 please. Could really use the upgrade! Loving the new metro styled site. A day doesn't go by that I don't check this site out
  • Nokia lumia 920 please! Make it easy for me to make the switch from android!
  • Nokia Lumia 920.
    Site design looks great. What a surprise to have finished installing Windows 8, to be in awe of its design and simplicity, followed quickly thereafter to discover the WPCentral has made similar changes. Looks stunning.
  • Lumia 920, im liking the new site!
  • Nokia Lumia 920 :)
    Love the new metro-ish new site design !!
  • 920 in black! So good with a purple theme
  • MS should thank you for the redesign. It only adds to the appeal of WP. If by chance I won, I'd go for a white 8x on Verizon
  • Nokia Lumia 920 and yes I love the colorful design of the site.
  • Love the new site layout...  Looking forward to many great articiles this site has moving into 2013.  Would love the opportunity to win a new Windows 8 phone as well.  Will still come to the site regardless if I don't win.  Thanx for all your hardwork, time and effort giving us all Excellent Windows Phone / Windows 8 news :)
  • The Lumia 920 on AT&T would be awesome. I personally love the new layout. Its clean looks great on my Surface, and totally exemplifies why I love the Microsoft Design style. The balance of large beautiful images with crips clean text makes it easy to digest the latest headlines quickly, while presenting the information in a bold and distictive fashion. Well done!
  • I've been leaning toward an ATIV S, but it doesn't look like that is coming to the US, so I'll go with a Nokia 920
  • Overall I really like what you guys have done with the site. The only piece I am not sure that I like is the background image with the translucent squares at the top of the pages. Sorry to be anal but you asked :)
    As for the phone, I would love an Verizon HTC 8X, PLEASE!
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  • I like the new site, just as I like the design of WP8 :)
    I would love to win a white Nokia Lumia 920 :)
  • I would love to win an Nokia Lumia 920
    The new site appeariance fits the new Windows 8 and WindowsPhone design. i like it
  • I would really love the Nokia Lumia 920.  It would really make your awesome, newly-designed website pop!
  • I love the new site.
    I also absolutely love the Lumia 920.
  • I want a lumia 920 because I love to just snap photos and I need a camera decent enough to snap the pics as well as the fact that i love the new design of the website, much easier to navigate and reply to comments. gimme my 920 in white please! :D
  • Lumia 920 Red
    The new site design encompasses everything Windows Phone is about. Smooth, clean lines and information at our fingertips. I enjoy WPCentral for my WP happenings because you keep things simple. Rumors are now called right out and 'ranked' on the reliability of the source and not just 'treated' like news. It's actually one of my favorite things about the site. Keep up the good work!!!
  • Loving the new site! Would also love a Nokia Lumia 920!
  • The site looks good. Clean. 
    Nokia Lumia 920 please
  • Stellar redesign. As someone whom helps run online websites, not only did you do a great visual user experience job, but the rollout seemed seamless. I know this because it occurred while I was refresing your site with excitement ever two minutes!
    If you experienced problems, it was likely my Surface refreshing constantly! jk
    I would love a Lumia 920!!!!!
  • Verizon Samsung "Odyssey"!!
  • Love the metro look to the site. HTC 8x 
  • A Black Lumia 920, Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 is a tataly new experience in our world of technology and, like WPcentral's new design, it's for the better ! ;)
  • Cyan Lumia 920 please.  I can't wait much longer! Thanks!
  • I don't think my comment section works, but I am going to try and see now if it is fixed! I love every bit about this new design other than this comment section. The colour theme has swayed me away from Lumia 920 and attracted me towards HTC 8X! So, yes HTC 8X it is! But am not a fussy one! If you had only a Lumia 920 or HTC 8S left, I would happily take that! :)
  • You're making me choose colors? aah. A red Lumia 920 would be my choice. Not because of Jessica Alba or anything.. but when standing out might as well choose a standout color! I can't wait to get my hands on one.
    I'm really enjoying the redesign with all the bright colors and super-clean fonts - even the login page looks great. Keep up all the great work!
  • Cyan Lumia 920
  • Lumia 920-grey ...i like the new design ,It's perfect ......Thnx  WPC team
  • I like the redesign! Very metro. And I would love a Verizon HTC 8x
  • new site design looks great on windows 8. seems to just flow into the rest of the ecosystem,
    id love a nokia 920 as i was born and raised in the uk where the phone would cost me a few limbs on contract lol. keep up the good work
  • Longtime reader, first time poster. Love the new site design, new log will complete it of course! I snatched up a L900, early upgrade to 920 would be amazing!
  • Loving the bold colors ala Nokia/HTC's new phones, and how easy it is to see the top news articles in a "Windows Phone Tile" format. I'm jumping ship from Android to WP8...and I'd love to get my hands on a Lumia 920!!! Looks like an amazing piece of hardware. 
  • Love the website, it looks like Windows 8/WP8 to me.  I would like the Nokia Lumia 920, if I win.
  • I also like the metro influenced site design. A lot cleaner than before. I'm not too sure about the color choices though. I feel that neon pinks, baby blues and olive greens bite eachother somewhat.
    Lumia 920 (Black) please.
  • Samsung Ativ S would be swag.
    I bet with that phone i can get bitches and hoes.
  • I'm really enjoying the new site design. I would love a Lumia 920.
  • Yellow HTC 8x would be clutch!  I love the new layout of the website.  It is clean in crisp.  
  • Lol, was this a Jessica Alba reference.  Nice!
  • Love the new site, much more clean.
    The Nokia Lumia 920 (Red) is my phone!!
  • Verizon HTC 8X, my dream phone!
  • Nokia lumia 920 in black. About time to change from the great lumia 800 to the perfect lumia 920. The greatest thing ever happen to humankind. Thank you Nokia and Microsoft.
  • Windows Phone 8X by HTC on Verizon! I'd honestly take any color! Edit: The edit button wasn't working yesterday, but is now. I wish I could now delete my other post, though. I really enjoy the new layout of the site. The colors aren't my favorite, but I love how square and borderless everything is.
  • I really enjoy the new layout of the site.  The colors aren't my favorite, but I love how square and borderless everything is.
  • Keep up the great work. You are my numero Uno app:) I would love a Stormtrooper 920 from a galaxy far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far away:D
  • I like the new site too:)
  • As I said on my first posting on the new web design very slick very smooth. But then isn't it always. I like the Nokia Lumia 920 Red Or blue.
  • Samsung Ativ S. As for tbe website , I visited it on my laptop specifically to see how it's changed and I must say it's quite nice, especially love how it shows how many comments are on a post when it's highlighted above the list of headlines.
  • HTC 8x
    Because I am currently using an HTC Trophy which has had a cracked screen for the past 10 months. (Broke it the day after I used my upgrade and can not afford a non-upgrade price or repair cost)
  • Love how bright the new site is! I'd love the Lumia 920; camera does it for me!
  • The new site design is cool, beautiful and simple, just like Windows 8 and WP8.
    Nokia Lumia 920 Cyan.
  • The new design is really sharp, though my inner web developer wishes it were responsive. I'll take an 8X if I win, please and thank you!
  • Lumia 920
    I love how the new design really pushes W8's and WP's "metro" qualities. You guys did a great job
  • Lumia 920
    // kasper
  • I like the design and layout, very nice!.  Looking forward to the color customizations you mentioned though (not as happy with the green) =)
    black Lumia 920
  • Site looks great, esp on my 57" using my Xbox! And of course, black 920 for me, Ta very much!
  • the new site design is very pleasing. I use the app as well, but the site looks nice and easy to navigate. Nokia lumia 920
  • Also love the new site ;)
  • Definitely would like to get my hands on the Lumia 920.
    Btw loving the new site update.
  • Nokia Lumia 810
  • Wanted to test out the in-site reply (the first reply was with my phone) to see if it worked, but other than that annoying bug, I'm loving the site, and can't wait to see the finished product!
  • I would like the Lumia 810. Excited that t-mobile was part of the spectacular windows 8 launch (unlike sprint ). Love the wireless charging and nokia exclusive apps.
  • Like the ability to collapse the articles and scan via the headline view! I'll take a HTC 8x since I am ditching Sprint and going to Verizon. Thanks!
  • I would REALLY love a red HTC 8x for Verizon please! Thanks!
  • The Lumia 920 of course! I want that super sensitive screen, the great camera, and the awesome apps.
    And Jessica Alba said so...
  • true !!!
  • I like that the design looks a bit more modern and a bit more professional.
    Verizon HTC 8X for me, please! Preferably in black.
  • I love the new site design. Love the colors and layout. Red Lumia 920 please!
  • The new site is awesome!! I'm liking the "metro" feel. Keep it up guys!! I'm wanting a Red Lumia 920.
  • Or white ;)
  • Big, bold modern UI-esque.  I like it - it's pretty clean and straightforward in design.  Intuitive.
    I'm going for a Nokia 920 - it has a checklist of everything I want in a phone.  I'd be grateful for life if you choose me!
  • It was a nice surprise to load up site this morning.  Big leap forward, especially from the mobile site.
    I'd personally love a Lumia 920 :)
  •   Sorry if someone else already asked this question (tooooooooooooo many replies): are you also updating your WP 7.5 app?   Site looks great, so now it's time for the mobile app (and it would looks great on my Yellow Lumia 920 :P)
  • I am liking the design its fast, slick, and easy to navigate. I see that Microsoft is not the only company who had something up their sleeves. I love the distinct feeling of all the phones..maybe not the ATIV so much but I would have to chose the HTC 8X. I rearly take photos or video so audio "Beats" out Nokia this round. 
  • #ISeeWhatYouDidThere but the 8X only has 16GB of storage U_U
  • read the reviews - turnes out beats on htc 8x is a gimmick
  • I like the way information is shown. A lot more cleaner and brigth than before! No more gloomy site. :) Black Lumia 920!
  • Nokia Lumia 920 in yellow :)
  • I am loving the new site design it looks great and easy to navigate. Nokia lumia 920 for me.
  • My Lumia 610 works so well, I can't imagine what a new 820 or 920 would run like with WINDOWS 8!!
  • Lumia 920
  • Lumia 920
  • Lumia 920
  • Nice improvements to the site--and a white Lumia 920 would be great!
  • A red Nokia Lumia 920 for me please. Thanks WPCentral! Windows Phone FTW!
  • Can't wait for the Lumia 920! 
  • By the way, I like the site's new minimalistic approach. I am eargerly waiting for the current WP app to be updated as well :)
  • site looks great! i'd love a lumia 920
  • Loving the new design - its much brighter and more defined than the old version - similar to the new improvements from Microsoft.
    A new 920 would be awesome, the pureview camera really sets it apart from all other phones (includuing Android and iOS).
  • I have been waiting for WP8 to upgrade from my Samsung Focus. The Lumia 920 certainly has more features--Nokia Maps, better optics, etc. I will be ordering it as soon as AT&T gets it out there.
  • The design is amazing, but I wish that you would bring the squares in the background all the way down.
    Nokia Lumia 920 please
  • That's the first hing that caught my eyes as well was the background.  They should make it repeat all the way down.
  • Lumia 920
    Advertise department should be totally do this. :)
    ".....................B R I N G   I T........................."
  • Nokia Lumia 920 Please!!!
  • Lumia 920
  • Nokia Lumia 920 - because it's the best looking one.
  • Nokia Lumia 920 been wait for this one since it was announced. Loving the new look to the website also.
  • Same for me, 920. Currently using the 800 & I had the HTC Trophy before that...
  • Lumia 920
  • Definitively i would like to win a Red Lumia 920!!! and i like the new tipe of logos in this new theme, the most obvious is the page logo but in your "Follow WP Central" Section the RSS, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and G+ icons are very cool too. 
    Regards! =)
  • The new design will take some getting used to as I really loved the old design. Will perservere though and still love the site just as much.
    Loving the Nokia Lumia 920, miles more advanced than any other WP8 Device...
  • Like the redesign.  Looks a bit more Metroish (or Windows Store App-ish using MS' terminology).  The old design was okay, but looked a bit more common.  This looks much more vibrant and the look sets it apart.  Like it so far.  I'd want a VZW version of the HTC 8X.  Always go to make sure I can get one with that pesky CDMA2000 band.
  • First impression - even slicker and easier to navigate than before! Good - since i visit this site on a daily basis. Btw - i would love a Nokia 920 Grey! ;)
  • The website is well designed and looks really nice. You can easily find the things you are looking for. I would like Nokia Lumia 920.
  • i would love the Nokia 920 or HTC 8X as everybody else :D :D
    i currently own the Samsung Focus which i got since it came out and i would love to change it ;) :D
    i was shocked with the new desigin (in a gd way :D) , it is so colorful makes u feel like a true windows 8 app and is rlly fluid and fast!! 
  • Lumia 920 is great :) I'm a game devloper and I want to release my games on Windows 8 platforms. So I need to buy tablets, desktops and phones. So a free phone could help :)
    By the way, I like the new site style, closer to the metro style :) I read and follow your news every days in every place :)
  • New site layout is clean and feels 'right' now I'm using Windows 8.
    Make mine a Lumia 920 please, in an colour but yellow!
  • Forgot to mention the phone I would like to have...LOL... I would love a Lumia 920 Windows Phone 8 since I have had a HTC Trophy from day one and would really love a better camera and Lumia exclusive apps.  Once again, I love the new layout of the site and look forward to more great articles going into 2013+... Keep up the great work!!! :)
  • Yellow 920 svp!  Loving the new site, look and feel as it emulates what MS are looking to do with their Windows ecosystem .....and succeeding in my opinion.
    Loving smartglass from my WP7 Titan on the xBox.
  • Ahh I can't decide! Grey Lumia 920 (if they are available) else a Black!
  • Nokia Lumia 920
  • I would get a Lumia 920. Why?
    Because it is a BEAST of a phone that everyone else is going to be jealous of for the next 12 months. Samsung and Apple can spend a buttload of money in R&D and they will still end up short of the 920.
    It has the best apps. It has the perfect size screen. It has a scary DPI. It has an awesome "glove compatible" capacitive layer. It has wireless charging. It has NFC. It has optical image stabilisation. IT IS FRICKING YELLOW.
    This is Nokia pulling out ALL the guns, firing on ALL cylinders, going ALL in. If Nokia goes down, they should be proud they launched the Lumia 920. And I will be a proud owner of one.
  • #next_pages_container { width: 5px; hight: 5px; position: absolute; top: -100px; left: -100px; z-index: 2147483647 !important; }
    I love your new site design.  Especially the top part with it's "metro" influence (I'll never called it modern UI) and the wider area for articles.  I also like the home page design where it features different articles. I can't wait to get a Nokia Lumia 920, but hopefully you'll be buying it for me = )  
  • <p>I wish I knew why all my comments have the HTML in the beginning.</p>
    <div id="_clearly_component__next_pages_container">
  • I like the new design very much since it follows the Modern UI concept which is familliar with every WP user. 
    Nokia Lumia 920.
  • nokia lum920 ftw
  • My favorite part of the site redesign is how the stories are easy to see and the info is easily spaced for reading.
    It'd be nice to have a Lumia 920 of any color to go with my windows 8 computer.
    Lumia 920 cyan!
  • I really want the Nokia Lumia 920... Unless a wild surface phone appears!
  • Like the new site design...a refreshed look. Would want a Lumia 920 for sure.
  • Red AT&T Lumia 920! That would be amazing.
    Love the site redesign, and I don't trust any other news site for accurate news.
  • Lumia 920 in Cyan, The site is great I like the new "modern" style. =P
  • Love your site! Read it every day on my Cyan Lumia 900. Please send me a Cyan Lumia 920 so I can soak up your Windows Phone news twice as fast! :-)
  • Lumia 920. Good optics and Dolby
  • I love the site, love the app, love my titan and i would love htc 8X in my hands ;)
  • love the bigger picture embeds for articles
    HTC 8X - california blue
  • Id love a lumia 920, definitely the best wp8 in terms of innovation imo
  • Now that I posted for the contest. it's nice of you guys to do this, but you don't have to as WPC has always been the best WP7-WP8 information center.
  • I'm liking the new design so far.
    Please put me down for a Verizon HTC 8X.
  • The style is more fitting with the rest of the platform like matched luggage. Please keep up the good work on the site.
    Black 920
  • Love the new design because it's more "modern" and less stale :) Nokia Lumia 920 for me!
  • Upgrade my Lumia 900 to the Lumia 920
  • AT&T lumia 920 cyan, winning would be awesome!!
  • The new site is fresh, clean and makes me want to view it everyday (as well as using the app every day). I would like either a Lumia 920 or WindowsPhone 8X by HTC (phew) in any colour other than red as I hate red phones and would be chuffed being one of first owners in the UK. Thanks
  • Nokia Lumia 920!!!! its the best WP ever!
  • A Lumia 920, naturally. The site redesign looks great. That logo needs to go though. Can't wait for the change.
  • The site design maches my Windows 8... And i like it... 
    I want Nokia Lumia 920... 
  • really cool new site! great on large screen and also on a 7 inch tablet. I love the big image above the articles title.
    lumia 920 (black)
  • Looks great! Desperately need a Blue HTC 8X!!!
  • I really like the design except for one thing: it's kinda hard to notice the seperation of like/share, previous/next article, current article and comments. But other than that: great work!
    Lumia 920
  • Gotta aim high ..... A Lumia 920 in grey ....please :)
    great contest!
  • presentation was great, devices are great, OS is fantastic. 
    Lumia 920
  • Lumia 920 - Black please.
  • Loving the new site,was lurking for long long time before registering and im glad I did.great site and if possible would love a Nokia 920 as my current network isn't getting it :-(
  • I really appreaciate how the new site ties in to that Windows 8 /Windows Phone look. While the old site was great on a tablet, this new one is just great.
    Been wanting Lumia 920 since it's announcement like no other gadget. 
  • Nokia Lumia 920. It has been a while since I last own a Nokia.
  • New site design is a great way. Only thing that would make it better would be viewing it on a Yellow Lumia 920! Keep up the good work!
  •  Red Lumia 920
    Definately loving the new site i like the whole Modern UI Candy look its got to it and much improved and revamped space usage its definately a really nice upgrade, hopefully the windows phone app gets a similar cool update, not that it needs it to be honest still my favorite WP news app ;P
  • Nokia Lumia 920. It would be a definite upgrade from my current Lumia 800.
  • Love the new site very Metro...sorry, Modern...Lumia 920 of course!
  • I'd love to have a Nokia Lumia 920 in black.  Of course I'd take about any color if it means winning a 920 but yellow might make me rethink that.  
  • Yellow Nokia Lumia 920. I love this site and the layout. :D
  • For sure the Lumia 920.....Nokia is awesome
  • The site design reflects the new windows 8 interface, gone is the large headline and now we have a medium and two small tile headlines. I really like the number of comments and new font. If i had a choice i would choose the Nokia Lumia 920 (any color).
  • The new design looks super fly! I want to get a Lumia 920 in color Cyan to match my Surface RT with Cyan Touch Cover!
  • A Lumia 920! Site refresh is great team, keep up the good work!
  • Yellow Nokia Lumia 920 please
  • Nokia 920 (not pink) Love the site.
  • Loving the new site! Similar to Metro, it's clean and nice to look at. If only I could have a Red Nokia Lumia 920 to read it on! :) Basically I just want a phone that takes nice pictures at night. I'm sick of noise in my photos!
  • Site looks very WP8.
    Lumia 920 in black.
  • The Red Nokia Lumia 920 is what my heart desires!!!
  • A Yellow Lumia 920. My Focus has served me well, but is due for a replacement and with expecting our first child, finances are tight. Winning a new device would be a very welcome stroke of luck.
  • New site is awesome.
    Red Lumia 920.
  • The new site is wonderful! I'd choose the Nokia Lumia 920. 
  • I love the new website design. The layout of the home page makes news more pleasant to read and the colors are a nice refreshing change of pace. I also like some of the more subtle features such as the new UI to the login/sign up forms.
    My choice of a Windows Phone 8 device would be the Nokia Lumia 920 due to the design, the NFC, and the wireless charging.
  • I want a red Lumia 920... and yesterday would be nice :)
  • Verizon 8X in red!
  • Htx Windows Phone 8x here :) wish the umia 922 Watson Verizon though..
  • Site redesign is amazing, would love to see it from a Lumia 920 in Red or any other color. 
  • The new site is awesome!! Yellow Nokia Lumia 920 please!!
  • I like the new tile like webpage: each to their own size, color, and design; very specific. Although there's the app, I hope the site gets mobile optimize soon, plsnty.
    Ohh, love me a cyan Lumia 920.
  • Samsung ATIV S (I'm on T-Mobile USA, so if there's one that'll work with their LTE & new HSDPA frequencies, that'd be good for me)  I like the new layout as it looks very "Metro" with some nice eye candy & easy to read. The background could use some form of scrolling of the imagine so the squares don't disappear.
  • I'm a relative newcomer to your site, but I love how it is designed to resembele the colours and overall look and feel of Windows Phone 8.  But even more than that, I'd love a Nokia Lumia 920!
  • New layout is AWESOME! (Equal the Lumia 920 yellow ;-) )
  • Lumia 920!!!!!!
  • The new site design is more ''Metro and full of colors and I like that, very nice job!
    If I had to choose between these amazing phones, I would prefer the HTC 8x because of the Beats Audio and the 4,3 inch screen.
  • I just love wpcentrals forum and daily news about mobile platform, development & tweets. I like nokia lumia 920 because of its design,pureview technology and specially nfc+wireless charging. I would love to it.
  • Yellow Lumia 920!  My Focus isnt doing too well lately...
  • The redesign looks great, guys. I'm happy to see the modern UI get it's day. Nicely done, team. Feedback? I can't wait to see the forum redesign.
    You know, I'd really appreciate a Nokia 822, only because I believe that it may be an underestimated phone. You're right, it's not top of the line, but I think for many, it would be just fine. I'd liket to test that out with people I know, including myself.
  • New member to the site, but long time lurker. I really like the overall UI change. I was a little worried at first, because I thought it would look messy like The Verge's site when I saw the metro-style page header, but it is vastly different. You've kept it clean and simple. Hopefully the next update of the app looks the same. Also, the regitration page was nice and simple to use.
    As a recomendation, an addition of a gallary to be able to view all the pictures from events (especially at times like today) would be great.
    If I got to choose a Win 8 phone it would most likely be the HTC 8X!
  • Site is very nice looking. It speaks the Windows Phone 8 and Metro UI design language :).
    I would like to win the Samsung ATIV S please.
  • Nokia Lumia 920!!! Lumia's are the best, I've been dying to get one ever since they came out!!! I'm loving the new site, go metro, ahem... Modern, all the way!
  • Nokia Lumia 920 - I am on T-Mobile and it would be great not to have to switch. The new site is more professional to me really enjoy it on my windows 8 pc!
  • Congrats on the redesign! It feels a lot more Modern and nice to ready. The colors and spacing are perfect, although I'd reduce a little white space on individual comments. BTW, a black (or any color really) Lumia 920 would make my holidays perfect.
  • If this works, I'll be a happy man - I'm able to post comments to the blog AND I'm winning a new Lumia 920!!  :)
  • Lumia 920! Such an incredible phone!
  • I love the design, it's just so Metro Modern!
    I'd like to have the HTC 8X as I already preordered my Nokia Lumia 920.
  • The new site design is pretty sleek. Definitely more  of a "modern" look.
    I'm crossing my fingers for a Lumia 920.
  • HTC 8X for me. Not going to leave Tmo for the 920
  • the new site, is just, ostensibly LOL (at my language) amazing, i gotta say it flirts well with the metro design or should i say 'modern design'. let me end this by saying : the new site is RETRO, because it got a hint of METRO <3
    NOKIA 920 in amber RED
  • I want a Nokia Lumia 920 please!! :D
  • Had a hard time deciding. Cyan or Red. Been using a Surround since a little after launch...its been a long road, No-Do, to Mango... but I decided.
    Red. A red Lumia 920. Cyan is nice, the 900, looks great. But that Red? That's the one. Having one would make a helluva Christmas gift! The site is great. Very W8. Solid design, colors and easy to navigate. Big, big improvement.
  • Lumia 920!!!!!!
  • That's an easy question. The site is vibrant, alive, and a joy to look at. The new design is one of optimism and a hopeful future.
    Much like my peers, I'd take a Lumia 920.
  • I want a blue nokia 920 ;-) ;-). ...omg i just cant wait for this phone....i like the site improvements is nice to always have new ways to do things good job wpcentral.
  • New site is colorific. HTC 8X
  •   I love your new Design! Ist's simple, it's elegant - but most of all, it fits into the Windows Phone designe sheme. The whole site looks cleaner and is now better to read. Now, i prefer your site even more. All other WIndows Phone sites look cheap and outdated. Thanks a lot, for putting so much effort in Windows Phone!!   The phone i'd like to have: White Lumia 920!   Greetings from Germany!
  • I love the color scheme. It's so cheerful!
    I wouldn't mind having an 8X.
  • Cyan AT&T Lumia 920 I love the new metro style
  • Very nice re-design.
    And the Cyan Lumia 920 please! ^0^
  • It's got to be Nokia! I'll take a Lumia 920 please, I wouldn't be picky on color either :D
  • Hey all...
    oh I definitley want the Lumia 920...  
    thing is, I don't know that I can wait for this contest to end before I buy one...
    ever since I first heard of Windows 8, phone, tablet or OS, I've been just sooooooooo stocked about it...
    I can't wait to get my hands on the Surface Pro and the Lumia 920...
    I wish nothing but the best for Wiindows...
    I hope it blows away Apple and Android...
  • I love everything about the new layout and Rubino is like a more handsome Zach Braff.
    Loved the ney site! Kidda reminds me of windows metro U.  Really cool!
  • Cyan Lumia 920 :D
  • Love the new site changes! Fits perfectly with the Modern UI and feels much more natural using it. I am also a heavy user of the WPCentral app so can't wait for the changes coming to it. Keep up the great work.
    Lumia 920 (cyan preferred but would be happy with any color)
  • The new website looks very modern, just like a Windows Phone! A Cyan Lumia 920 would be great :)
  • Loving the new site design with elements of the UI formerly known as Metro. Looking forward to custom color options for site! If I won I'd want the Lumia 920 for AT&T!
  •  The look and feel of the WPCentral site rocks! It's very intuitive and it feels same as the Modern UI of Windows 8. A black HTC 8S with blue strip seems somethings for me 
  • Cyan Lumia 920 FTW! 
  • Loving the thought of giving my iOS-hobbled wife a beautiful new cyan Lumia 920! The new site is beautiful, although I have to 'fess up to being mostly an RSS subscriber.
  • The new design makes my experience on this site even better. I would like to win a red HTC 8x!!!! Thanks!
  • Yellow Nokia 920 for me, or Nokia 822 for my wife on Verizon.  I've been waiting to upgrade her for a year.
  • Site looks great, perfect fit for the new window 8 look.
    Nokia 920 would be sweeeeet!
  • I like the new layout. Very flat, simple, yet informative. I really would like the Nokia Lumina 920 in black or grey.
  • The new site is really a great change. Not too much changed so it feels alien, but still a good change and modernization to an already good site. And if I win, well a white Lumia 920 would be amazing (but really, any color is nice...but the white is just a bit more elegant than the rest)
  • Overall I like the new design. However, I feel like the article titles and images are way too big, seems like a waste of space. That said, thank you very much for the list/headline view! :) Can't wait to see what you guys have in store for the forums.
    Oh, and if for some insane reason I end up winning something for once, I would pick the Lumia 920 out of the WP8 launch devices. Purely due to the PureView camera and PureMotion HD+ screen :)
  • Lumia 920
  • Nokia Lumia 920 (at&t)
  • Lumia 920 - OF COURSE ;)
  • The new site is very nice. Clean and easy to use.  I want a  beautiful Yellow Lumia 920.
  • New site design is really great. It's fresh, clear, easy to navigate and when I'm reading articles here my eyes are happy  I would love to have Nokia Lumia 920. I have Lumia 710 and I need something fresh, just like this site 
  • Love the Apps menu. Give's a good run donw of cool new and noteworthy app to look for.
    That being said, I'd love the Lumia 920, but I'm not signing up with At&t to be able to use it. I would settle for the Lumia 822 though!!
  • Love the new site, great interactive info & easy to find exacly everything I need for my phone!
    I'd love to have a black HTC 8X (since Verizon decided not to get a Lumia 920 from the start...argh) and replace my HTC Trophy
  • Nice layout and colors.
    I would like a Lumia 920!
  • Lumia 920 please!
  • I want to win an HTC 8S. I know it's the little brother of the very impressive 8X, and it doesn't have the features that the amazing 920 boasts, but I have to say the two-tone colored case really caught my attention when i first saw it. It's very beautiful and it shares with its bigger siblings the most important part, WP8.
  • The new site is way better than the old one, making better use of the real-estate in my screen.
    And a Nokia Lumia 920 for me, preferably in red ;)
  • AT&T Lumia 920 (Black)
  • Nokia Lumia 920, obviously. Why would anyone pick anything else? :)
  • This is my first ever comment. New site, new start.
    Hello all.
    If I could win a phone, I'd love it to be the Nokia Lumia 920. For the camera and all the other Nokia goodies.
    If not, then I'm happy for whoever does win!
  • I Love the fresh new site look of the Site... It matches the colorful design microsoft is doing. great job guys.
    I love all the windows phone 8 devices & would be trilled to win any of these devices.
  • A cyan AT&T Lumia 920 would be awesome.
  • Also, as a Web designer myself, nice job on the redesign.
  • Red Lumia 920 (ATT or unlocked).  Been waiting since before the 900 was announced..  3 year android user and ios before that.. was pumped for the lumia 900.. even switched to ATT for it from Verizon (giving up my unlimited data).  Really dissapointed with the hardware of it but I fell in love with the software.  Would love to get the 920 as it's a huge upgrade in every aspect.
    Also loving the new site design.  Really matches with the metro theory in general.  One more note though.. I'd love to see you guys officially take on at the very least windows RT (Windows 8 may be a bit much) in combination with WP8.  Kinda like how imore handles their phones and tablets and so does android central/crackberry.  You guys could officially cover windows phones and tablets.  
  • This is nice idea, just the win RT
  • If I could ask for anything, it would be a Lumia on Verizon but more equivalent to the 920 whenever something like that comes out (interested in the camera!).
    Outside of that...I suppose anything on Verizon would have to be an improvement on my Trophy :P
    Site looks good!
  • Love the new design! The colors, headings, how you display latest news in tile view, and  etc just makes the site screem "Modern UI" ! PS you guys are the best at keeping up with the latest and greatest news and I look foward to reading up on my new "NOKIA LUMIA 920 CYAN"
  • I'm loving the new site design, especially now that comments are working!!!! :) I'm looking for a Red Lumia 920 on AT&T.
  • HTC 8X please
  • Lumia 920 please!
  • The new website is really amazing and shiny! I love it :) I would be really, really happy if I won Nokia Lumia 820 :)) I simply fell in love with the phone, when I first saw it on the net! <3
  • The design of the website looks nice but seems a little bit heavier and not as clean as WP8.
    Lumia 920
  • Nokia Lumia 920 any day
    and new site design is awesome
  • I really like the site redesign. It made me realize how much Windows Phone has developed my tastes for simple clean interfaces. If you guys choose my I swear the WPCentral app will be the first app I install on my Verizon Nokia Lumia 822. Even if I don't win one from you it probably will still be in the first five apps since I'll need to keep up with WP8 news.
  • Absolutely love the new site design you all have done a great job, always loved the site, loving it even more now, I would like a gray 920 but would settle for yellow if gray is not available, keep up the great work guys
  • Great improvement on the site!!! Looks beautiful... put me down for an unlocked cyan Lumia 920 or a T-Mobile Lumia 810. Thanks!!!
  • The site redesign is awesome guys. Keep up the great work. I'd like a Lumia 920 if I win and I don't care what color it is.
  • Great design for the new site. Waiting for the ATT Lumia 920 in Cyan as my next phone please.
  • Oh man, that's easy, but yuh gotta pick ME!  A yellow, Nokia 920 please
  • Site looks great. I read through RSS, took me a while to realize the articles were much longer after the click-through.
    Lumia 920, any color.
  • HTC 8x!!!! Any Color! Loved my HTC Arrive but time to move on to Win8!
  • Nokia Lumia 920 in red
    Love the new look of the site, so fresh so new :)
  • I love the new design and a Lumia 920 would be awesome! :)
  • New design is really good, looks very cool. I will definitely use your site more often now. I would love to win the black lumia 920
  • Loving the new design. No complaints....yet. ;-) I'd love a Lumia 810.
  • I love lumia 920!
  • Great new look. I check it everyday.
    Can't wait to swithch from my iphone4. 
    Lumia 920
  • Loving the look of the redesigned site. I'd also love to have a Lumia 920.
  • While I liked your new design but your WP has have me hooked. A yellow lumia 920 is the best from all wp8 out there...
  • Really like the new Metro-influenced design of the site.
    My love goes out to the elegantly matte grey Lumia 920.
    Love your enthusiasm about the WP-platform, Daniel.
  • The new site layout looks great nice and clean. If I had my pick I'd like a red HTC 8X. I don't need all the other things the 920 has and the Samsung just doesn't have the flare the others have.
  • Absolutely the Lumia 920. Its design is stunning and has the best smartphone camera on the market. And it's windows phone 8.
    by the way, I loved the look of the new site.
  • A new Lumia 920 rocking the new WPCentral colour scheme would be great, especially to show up all the iPhone 5s down the pub!
  • The new site design is great! Not just because of the new layout because it's so much faster than the previous! The pages load so much better. The layout is my favorite. Much more pleasing to the eyes and "Metrofied" so it truely matches all other Windows applications. Amazing job guys!
    If I were to pick a phone it would be the Nokia Lumia 920 because I want to continue to support Nokia for all the efforts into putting WP on the map!
  • The new Design is cool and fresh. I like it :)
    I would choose the Lumia 920 in black, because optical image stabilisation is very cool and useful :)
  • HTC 8x for sure! Currently own a first gen Titan, loving it. My dad's a Director of Technology, so I want to show him what Windows Phone 8 can do. The site is great, too. Navigation is easier, and it's more fun overall, especially using Windows 8 IE10!
  • Red Nokia Lumia 920 please!
  • Beautiful, WP8 friendly design! A kickin' HTC 8X!
  • userfriendly. metrostyle. perfect. thanks for improvment :)
    lumia 920
  • So far I like the new design - it looks great in IE 10 in the Metro modern whatever interface in Windows 8.  I'm waiting on the Nokia Lumia 920.
  • Lumia 920
    Also, I'm loving the new website. I feel like it fits the Metro, erm... Modern UI theme well, and is just overall more aesthetically pleasing!
  • Love the new site design. Would love a Lumia 920 even more :), a little out of my price range though :(, pretty please?
    EDIT: I literally just dropped my lumia 800 into a bucket full of steaming hot bleached water, not making this up, not only do i have a sore hand where i grabbed it out, but also no wp goodness, pretty please, anything will do :'(
  • lovin the new site look
    I would love an HTC 8X for Tmobile plzzzz
  • Why can't big red man up and get the good Nokia? The HTC 8x is a pretty solid compromise.
  • I'm really loving the new "headlines" feature to get a quick glance at anything I may have missed. It was especially helpful with all the news coming out today!
    I'd love a Nokia Lumia 920 and I would treat it like the precious gift that it is (instead of poking at it with forks like those crazies in all the videos I've been watching).
  • Overall, I like the site design. A few suggestions:
    1. The blue background with the floating tiles is a little cluttered. I think it would look better (and be more in-line with Windows Phone UI design) if it was a simple flat color, or if the pattern was a bit more organized. The current blue is also a little too bright.
    2. The top blue header that says "Windows Phone Central" is nice, but the "Windows phone Central" text gets in the way. It looks a bit awkward sitting right next to the magenta tile that says "". If there was a way to expand that Magenta square tile and fit "Windows Phone Central" into it, it will clean up the blue header a lot.
    3. It would be cool to have the current Magenta tile with "" switch colors every day.
    Willing to discuss more suggestions upon request.
    Dream phone:
    Black Nokia Lumia 920 (European version without AT&T branding) please :)
  • Lumia 920 (Red) The new WPCentral site looks amazing!  Color me surprised when I went on to check out any new stories this morning.  Much easier to navigate, and brighter in color too.  I also like the tabs for "Latest Stories" and "Latest Discussions".  Not sure if it was like that before as I never did pay attention to that, but it caught my eye this time. 
  • The new look is much better. Great work!
    I'll go for the Lumia 920, of course, to replace both my Lumia 710 and my current digital camera 
  • First time on this site so don't know ohw to compare to what you guys had but it looks great! New to the smartphone world and my friend said I should get a windows 8 phone so what better way to try it out with a free one right? he recommended the HTC 8X so thats the phone I'll go with!! :)
  • Cyan AT&T Lumia 920
  • Nokia Lumia 920, grey ;)
  • New site design is much easier on the eye and pictures now load first time after the update, good job!
    Like most, I'd love the Lumia 920 in any colour.
    Cheers for the competition!
  • I like that the the popular posts are at the top with counts.  :) 
    I also am in serious need of an HTC 8X  ;-)
  • Like the new design. It gives a great Microsoft UX feeling. Although I would say the logo isn't as exciting as it should.
    Thanks for the contest. Red Lumia 920 would be great.
  • I am loving the new site design!
    But not as much as I'd love winning a Lumia 920!
  • new wpcentral = sick!
    name should change to wpcentro - kickin with the metro!
    HTC 8X Red please for me
  • Nokia Lumia 920. I love any color!
  • I would love to get the HTC 8X in California Blue! But I'm only fifteen, so I can't get it myself! And I love this website! I use it to read up on everything about windows phone!
  • I first wanna start off saying that th new site design is awesome, not trying to get brownies points but if it works ill take it. The nokia lumia 920 would be the windows phone 8 device i would absolutely love to have. im stuck with a  first gen galaxy s and hate every moment i have to deal with it. ive always been a big windows OS geek and would to have that in my pocket and show it off to everyone. 
  • Nokia Lumia 920 (black) would be my choice.  The 920 because of the amazing camera and wireless charging (also because the 8X has a paltry 16GB of storage) and black because I much prefer the matte finish to the shinny yellow and red.  (I hear the blue is also matte so I'm a little on the fence but black is a tad cooler.)
    BTW I do like the new look to the site. I assume the logo is pink to remember our dear departed friend, Zune.  : )
  • Nokia Lumia 920 Please!
  • The new design is awesome, just as the Lumia 920. :)
  • Device: Lumia 920 (really any color would be great, cyan and red is preferred :P)
    Site: I really like it, only two suggestion i may make is if the background (blue part) and top bar can stay static when we scroll through the news item would be great (even if it's just the background, looks cooler :P) the second one is if a break can be created between news item in the front page so it's easier to see if u've scrolled past a news item onto the next one, heck, that would make it even more in line with metro theme (and yes... i won't stop using metro...)
    over all though, love the new layout :)
  • Nokia Lumia 920
  • Site looks modern and fresh. My pick would be a cyan 920. Thanks.
  • HTC 8X is sleek. Loaded with Dre beats that's the one for me!
  • White lumia 920. I enjoy showing people how amazing WP is
  • Cyan lumia 920
  • Lumia 920 !! woulsd love to get my hands on one!! woooo
  • Cyan Lumia 920, Please
  • I like some of the new stylyings, it will take a little getting used to though.  As for me I'd love a  Nokia 920. Ive had samsung phones the past 3 times and want something new and different.
  • Site is great and a 920 would be just wonderful.
  • It's so Metro style!!!
    like my future black Nokia 920 !!!
    Time to switch, you've got that right
  • the new design is pretty handsome, it feels like the new internet explorer should interpret every site. I want the Yellow Nokia Lumia 920
  • HTC 8X please!!
  • Hey WPCentral,
    Well Done on the new site look. I seen it this morning when I first logged in. I think its looks amazing and has a good metro feel to it! I'm looking forward to your mobile App update! If you choose me as a winner I would love the Nokia Lumia 920. Either red or cyan(blue). Thanks :)
  • Lumia 920. Site is amazing.
  • oh and i love the new site desiugn as well very nice!!
  • New website looks great! A HTC 8X would be nice :-)
  • I like the colorful and elegant headers on the website. The links are clean and very visually stunning...just like WP 8.
    I would love to have a Nokia Lumia 920.
  • A Lumia 920 would be magical!
  • Lumia 920, also could you post it now? I'd like it to arrive before my birthday in November :-)
  • I love this new site, I like how it's been atuned to the evolution of windows phone. the boxes , streemed llines and array of colors seem to extend our windoes phone experience quite well ;) This has always been and will always be my favorite site for the latest and greatest windows phone news. I'd love to get my hands on the Ativ-S the hardware is absolutly beautiful, and with a 2300mah battery I can keep drooling at it all day haha
  • New web site design looks nice overall.
    Considering that the Lumia 920 isn't coming to Verizon, I would love a Verizon HTC WP 8X.
    Enjoying your new site design quite a lot, actually. Most noticeably when I was asked to log in. The bold colors and implementation of minimalistic tiles is beautiful. Good work.
    And I'd sure love a Nokia Lumia 920.
  • The new design on the site is as beautiful as a yellow Nokia Lumia 920 :-)
  • Nokia Lumia 920 in white!
    Please!  As a Canadian, Rogers is only offering the 920 in black!  Such an injustice!!
  • The site has a very elegant design. Simple and easy to read. The Lumia 920 in White is my dream phone.
  • See how upsetting "black 920 only" is? I forgot to post what I love about the new design!  I love the layout for the forums, so much easier to navigate.
  • Loving the new site design. Very fresh and even has a metro feel to it which is very appropriate considering the newly released Windows 8/Windows Phone 8. 
    Totally want the Cyan Lumia 920. Been drooling over that phone ever since the reveal.
  • Cyan lumia 920
  • Lumia 920 grey
  • HTC 8x is the Best choice... Yellow and Black! Nokia yellow is also very nice phone. Windows Phone 8 is the best phone. I love it!!! I'm just amazed for the metro UI design and different color of the handsets. Job well done Microsoft!!! It's fast and easy to use!!!! ;)
  • This site matches the artistic beauty,functionality,productivity, and connectivity of the Lumia 920. I dig them both.
  • Nokia Lumia 920 but I would be happy with the 8x or the Ativ if I was honest as they are all superb phones. Not expecting to win but I did recently win an American Football Signed by Marshall Faulk (NFL Wembley visit) so maybe I am on a roll
  • Easily the Nokia Lumia 920. Red of course. With the great screen, awesome camera and support of Nokia apps, it's hard to want anything else!
  • Bright and shiny
    Just as the HTC 8X ;)
  • Lumia 920
    I don't waste more time at work on any other website!
  • Nokia Lumia 920, OF COURSE !
  • new site design is awesome! cant wait for the revamped wpcentral app. also cannot wait to ditch this samsung focus. would love a Lumia 920 or a HTC 8x. i want the 8x because it has a headphone amplifier in it and im kind of a pro-sumer audio nerd, however the 920 and its awesome camera and nokia apps have me a bit conflicted. either way they both look like amazing phones. 
  • I like the updated site. I would love to check it out on a Nokia Lumia 920 (grey or black if I have a choice).
  • I think the new design is the best best way to say hello to WP8 its totaly clear and beautiful
    my dream phone phone is absulotely the Lumia 920
  • Nokia 920.
    Site looks great. Very HTC'ish.
  • I love the new design so much I went and purchaced the app....HTC 8x T-Mobile California Blue :)
  • Lumia 920 for the amazing camera, wireless charging and Wallet!
  • I like the new design.  But when are you going to change the name to just "Windows Central".  With Windows 8 going Touch, you will be covering it just as much.
    Oh, and I would like a Cyan Lumia 920.
  • I love the new layout it's the best site for touch, been using my surface all day keeping track of the event...may I say the best site for a tablet..just saying...oh yes make mine a Lumia 920 please.
  • liking the new site design, looking forward to the logo reveal! I lust after an illustrious yellow Lumia 920 on ma bell. thanks!
  • Not really digging the new site layout, but I'd sure love to get a new HTC 8X!
  • Great Re-design. I'll have my lumia 920 now please. Thank you.
  • Love the new design! When are you going to update the WPCentral app? Oh, and Lumia 920!!!
  • I would love a cyan or red Lumia 920, im desperate to try out the pureview camera! Im currently phoneless too after dropping my HD7 :-( 
  • Nokia lumia 920 in white please!
  • Great work on the site design.  And debuted right on time with WP8!  Didn't see Lumia 810 for T-Mobile listed, but that would be great.  Otherwise HTC 8X.  Thanks gang!
  • The new design is great, easy to read and find things. Fantastic set of colors.
    A Lumia 920 would be great! I have had an eye on one since they were announced!
  • I would kill for a Nokia Lumia 920. I'm suffering with a pantech burst I bought on eBay to replace a broken 900
  • Also, I do really love the redesign. I usually hate it when my favorite websites (a list you sit atop) redesign cause its almost always bad. You, my friends, have nailed it. Btw, I've changed my mind. I think a red 8x on att (yellow if no red) would be the perfect complimentary device to my Vivo tab. I've been with windows phone, and windows phone central since I had a pre no-do HD7 and can't wait till WP8 drops in the US.
  • im digging the new site new site design   Samsung ATIV
  • White lumia 920 and the new site design is lovely on my windows 8 notebook!
  • A red Nokia Lumia 920!
  • I totes want a CYAN LUMIA 920!
  • The site looks nice.  The colors work well together, and I'm looking forward to the theme picker that you guys are also working on.  Overall, it's a great job!
    My choice would be a Nokia Lumia 920 (Cyan, if we can also choose the color).
    Keep it up!
  • Nokia Lumia 920, I never knew what the old design was like as only found you on facebook a day ago but what i can say is your new design is awesome running in IE10 on Windows 8, inact chrome and firefox to! I use the touch screen on my Dell XPS L702X laptop and navigating is a breeze using touch, no clutter, clean lines, chunky menus, navigation and buttons, so using on Windows 8 using touch screen is fantastic! some sites buttons, menus etc are to small and sometimes i end up pressing the wrong thing, i also like the clean square lines like the Windows 8 UI, blends well with  Windows 8 and design feels like the future just like windows 8 nw overall design and ui
  • Love the site design. didn't get to see the old so I have no comparison, but the way it is now is great.
    I'm looking at a RED Nokia Lumia 920
  • NOKIA LUMIA 920! in black for AT&T..The site is now just as elegant and pure as the Windows Phone platform itself! I love it,  simply amazing! bravo! 
  • A definite improvement, slick, clean reflects the metro style! And easy to use and navigate. I'm really excited to see the #wp8 app as well :) 920 cyan
  • Definitly Lumia 920.
    I was playing around with Lumia 800 and loved it for everything except battery life. Now, since they changed it for bigger one, i hope that phone will last full day at work.
    @ Windows Phone 8
    I just watched Belfiore's WP8 presentation. Damn. I must say im impressed. My HTC Mozart with XDA-made 7.8 custom ROM looks like a toy in comparison to WP8 :)
    Well. I hope i get enough luck to win! Good luck to me and everyone!
  • Nokia Lumia 920
  • I love the desing, makes me feel like im in my WIndows Phone.
    NOKIA LUMIA 920 :)
  • No comment.
  • Red Nokia Lumia 920!!!
  • Black Nokia Lumia 920! Good look everyone!! :)
  • I am really liking the flow of tiles on site. I like the consistent look from all aspects of W8, WP8 and now wpcentral. 920 on att in black. Windows is going to dominate in 2013.
  • The new design of the website is totally boss. I <3 Metro Modern UI! If I could get my hands on a Nokia Lumia 920, I would be in love with WPCentral for absolutely ever. 
  • I love the new design of the sites! The colors are much more vibrant and I also think the "live tiles" telling how much comments is also pretty cool. My choice would be a Nokia Lumia 920, preferably in yellow :-)
  • The site looks great. Very Windows 8ish. I want the HTC 8X on Verizon because I desperately need to be rescued from the iPhone.
  • Please upgrade my Nokia 900 to a Nokia 920!
  • Black Nokia Lumia 920
    New site is great, something about it is reminiscent of windows 8. A thoughtful design to usher in the new windows and windows phone OS.
  • Hey!! I really, really, really, really, reaaaallyyyy want the Lumia 920!!! Love the new redesign of the website. Thumbs Up for That! Really clean and fresh looking. Keep Up the Great Work! The best WP Blog out there. Better Watchout!
  • The site looks great.  It looks like an official WP blog!
    As I have small kids and need a sturdy phone:
    Nokia Lumia 920
  • I love the new site design, it's very eye catching, colorful, and well organized, all while maintaining the same feel of the previous version of the site. I check this site every day for updates on WP, mostly keeping my eye out for what Verizon will get. I would love a black HTC 8X for Verizon (well, I would really love a black 920, but I'm sticking with Verizon). I have been waiting for a worthy Windows Phone for years... literally. I've been rocking my current phone, the LG Env3 dumbphone, since March 2009. I've had my upgrade available for nearly two years, but I've been putting off using it specifically out of hope for Verizon grabbing some new Windows Phones. It looks like that time is finally here! Will WPCentral make my smartphone dreams a reality?! Thanks much team, keep the good info coming!
  • When i first saw the new site i thought i was on the wrong site, it look amazing and very Metrolized. Also i would love to Win the Nokia Lumia 920, i think it the best of the best.
  • Lumia 920 please! Site's looking real nice
  • Love the new layout. It's clean and uses more space for displaying articles. Keep up the great work! And, I would love a black Nokia 920! Thanks, and great work, guys!
  • Nokia Lumia 920
    Love the redesign
  • New site is big, bold and easy on the eyes - just like metro!
    NOW GIVE ME MY 920! :D
  • Red HTC 8X - because I already pre-ordered the 920 in cyan
  • also I like the new web design and am looking forward to how the app improves with WP8
  • Kinda miss the old look (it usualy takes more time for me to adjust to changes), but the new look is really nice and really hits the spot for metro UI :) As for the phone, a Lumia920 would not go amiss, gray would be the best :)
  • I love the new site. Looks much cleaner, and to me it goes perfectly well with Windows Phone UI. It also works better than the previous design on the phone's browser. Good job!
    I want a Lumia 920! :-D
  • Like the site, would really love a yellow Nokia Lumia 920.
  • I'm loving the new site design because it allows us users to see all the latest news and the latest discussions in one place on the home page and I love all the different colours and the tile-based logo, its just so much better and so cool and actually really simplistically beautiful, the metro/modern UI inspiration really shows Windows Phone's individuality and vibrancy :) after saying all that I feel quite bad asking for a phone of you guys, haha :L anyways, I would LOVE to own the Lumia 920 in red please :), wireless charging, pureview, puremotion HD+, the beautiful unibody design, its just the perfect phone and I would love to own it and would be EXTREMELY grateful, I will even make and upload a YouTube video with my thank you message :D this is my most viewed site and most opened app on my phone I love it so much and the new design is brilliant thank you so much for bringing me all the latest Windows Phone news!! :D I know Im just a needle in a haystack and you probably won't see this comment but I love this site and would love to own the red Lumia 920 I've entered loads of competition for things before but never won anything it would be awesome to win my dream phone from my all time favourite website!! :D
  • Always loved the site. Nokia Lumia 920
  • New site design is much easier to navigate then the old one, and slightly more attractive.
    Black Nokia Lumia 920, or maybe a red one.
  • The new fresh design is pretty good. Well done with the timing. 
    If I get picked, a Cyan Lumia 920 would be awesome! Thanks for giving us the chance.
  • Lumia 920 of course! That's a no-brainer!
  • HTC 8X
    The new site is far more visually appealing, good work!
  • I love the use of images and color. Looks familar from somewhere hmm... If you guys could get some Segoe in here I'd be head over heels.
    I'd love a Lumia 920.; it fits all the needs I need in a smartphone, plus I could use a device to debug and test on.
  • The site reflects metro UI and is far simpler and more Intuitive than before. if you guys change wpcentral logo to new Windows 8 logo within circle everything will be perfect (and segoe wp font).
    My choice is Lumia 920 in RED (or yellow)! Pleeeease..... Loooooooks so awesommme
  • The site's new design is simply awesome!! It's easier to read contents.. My WP8 of choice will be the Lumia 920 international version... Greetings from Paraguay! :)
  • New Sleek and fast!!! Loving it. Windows Phone news in metro like sleek style....
  • I'm really liking the new look. It's more enjoyable to look at and seems more modern. I am thinking I want a red verizon 8x so hopefully I win
  • The site overhaul is looking good, I'm excited for the new emblem! HTC 8X plz ;)
  • Lumia 920 Love the new wpcentral face-lift! Very clean, user friendly and appealing to the eye!
  • Love the new design! Would love to view it on a Nokia Lumia 920 (any color is great but I love red yellow and black)
  • Would love to win the Nokia Lumia 920.
    The new site goes well with the timing of Windows Phone 8, the home page shows the Metro Design that goes perfect with all Microsoft Products and the I also love the bright colors. It reminds me of all the brand new devices from HTC and Nokia its not dull like the most of the other tech news site.
    Love it!
  • I really enjoy the new homepage. However, I wish I could directly jump into comments after reading the article (I never use the author, previous/next stories and "more from wpcentral" sections).  I would like a Lumia 920. Many thanks,
  • A grey Nokia Lumia 920 because the phone is so different compared to other phones. It's include wireless charging, LTE in Europe and much more!
    WP8 is a new an innovative OS and will give us a lot of new features!
  • Yesternight, I was doing my daily blogreads when I noticed this site was down and figured it was just my internet or something, but when I saw the redesign this morning, it looked great. It openned quick and, as always, does its job.
    I'm hoping the 920 I ordered at BB ships in the very near future, but if I was to win something... I'd probably have to ask for the HTC WP8X on AT&T in whatever variant of black that they have. Wee!
  • Its a nice Metro adaptation, i had a few issues logging in from my Titan II. I would prefer the logo color to be the blue accent color of Windows Phone though. I need Nokia Lumia 920 in pure black in order to make an in depth Titan II vs Lumia 920 camera comparison. Thanks for the worldwide contest!
  • Lumia 920 FTW :)
    HOPEFULLY I,m first person from Malaysia get lumia 920
  • first of all the new resign of this website looks AWESOME! just like windows 8 apps! fonts are big bold n clear n picture looks very nice above so good job on redesigning it. The best feature that i like about windows phone 8 that was revealed today is the new live lock screen. I am a huge football n formula 1 fan and new espn apps let us add our favotire team n shows updates on them! so i cant wait to those features to come!
    i really really want htc windows phone 8x :d
  • HTC 8x please!
  • New site is very slick especially for navigation
    Lumia 920
  • A Nokia lumia 920 would be great!
  • Absolute love the new site design and it was at a perfect time to launch it.  Great planing.  Lumia 920 if it's not too much trouble. :)
  • The site has been "Metrofied"! haha, I love it. Would sure love to win an Lumia 920!! Thanks and good luck to everyone out there!
  • Dont go on the site much, as i use the app, but from what I have seen looks good and works great. If I win I would love the Lumia 920 in black.
  • All I want is a Lumia 920!
  • Just to be different, Lumia 920
  • I like your new design, because it followed Windows (Phone) 8 and is now less boxy and more lightweight than before. Although I mostly visit the site via WP7 app anyway, so I don't get many chances to enjoy it :-) By the way Nokia Lumia 920 would be a WP8 handset of my choice. I like the colors, especially the yellow.
  • The new design looks particularly great in Metro IE. If by any chance I win, I would really like a Lumia 920 :)
  • Hmmmm I want the Lumia 920 any color will do.  The like the "Metro" like look of the site.
  • Like the site, I would love to win a blue HTC 8X :-)
  • I would really, really love to get the Nokia Lumia 920 in Red! 
  • I'm enjoying the clean, simple interface of the website.  I like reading the forums to read what others I have to say.
    HTC 8x - Blue - AT&T USA!
  • I'd have to say a Nokia Lumia 920 in blue please :)
  • first the site is so cool! so "Metro" (Sorry MS lol)
    Second: I'm obsessed with the new HTC 8X it is the most beautiful phone!! Colombia is waiting for this HTC phone coming from WPCentral
    btw Blue would be just perfet ;)
    Good Luck every1
  • Would love a grey or cyan lumia 920! The new site is awesome. Nice colors, easy to navigate, windows phone inspired, it's perfect!
  • Samsung Ativ S Because it is good looking phone :D
  • I like the old site better. I want the Lumia 920 or the HTC 8x
  • The new design loads faster and is better, I love it.
    Red Nokia Lumia 920 please ! It would be so nice with my red surface I'm waiting for :-)
  • A Nokia Lumia 920 would make me exponentially happier;
  • I love the new web site design! I'd go for the Lumia 920. Gotta have that camera!
  • Verizon HTC 8X. As for color... Surprise me! The site looks great on my desktop but too intense for my trophy:(
  • Nokia Lumia 920 I have been watching and waiting for this phone to come out so I could get it
    I am enjoying the new look of this spectacular website and also very nice job on the new design
  • I like this look, its a lot more streamlined, and information can be accessed a lot easier.
    Nokia Lumia 822 (Verizon) would be a nifty little gadget please and thank you!
  • Cyan Nokia Lumia 920 pretty please!!!!!!!!
  • The new site looks great.  It's similar to Windows Phone in style but has a distinct look.
    HTC 8X on Verizon (in blue if possibe).
  • Not a fan of the pink logo in top left, but otherwise dig the live tile like layout.  As for my ideal phone, Lumia 920 in black would be dandy.
    Thanks for all of the coverage of the event today!
  • Liking the new site look.
    Being on Verizon, I would like a 8x in red.
  • Htc 8S
  • Nokia 920 in Cyan!
    The comments are too spaced apart. I'd prefer them to be closer together - that way I'd see more without having to scroll. That said, I guess its easier on the eyes for some folks.
  • Lumia 920 in black please. ;-)
  • Beautiful web design. Also, I want the Nokia Lumia 920!
  • HTC 8X
    The new site is awesome! Its refreshing and its good to see that this is the new way windows is being presented in every way possible.
  • I will be honest. I do not know what your previous design was for this site for I just heard about you from a friend and I am planning on switching to a Windows phone as soon as I am either able to aford one or my contract is up with AT&T, but I do like the look and feel of it.  Very crisp and sharp; it has the feel of a Windows 8 device. I have added this site to my favorites for updates and news.  Thank you for the effort.
    I am definitely interested in the Lumia 920.
  • I love the new metro look of the website, and a HTC 8X would be fine.
  • I think the new website layout is great and your coverage is second to none!  Keep up the great work!  I would love to try the Nokia 822.  Verizon is the only carrier with good coverage here in the sticks of Pennsylvania!
  • Nokia 920
  • I'm definitely going for a red or yellow Lumia 920. Love the desing of the phone, the camera is a big one for me, also the Nokia Drive app is a must have for me as well.
    I'll be getting a Luma 820 for my sister, she's bugging me all the time when will the phone be available. :) Also trying to make my gf switch to a smartphone, she's quite impressed with WP, but she just loves physical keyboards, but we'll get there. :)
    So far I'm quite impressed with the site redesign. Love the Metro inspired tiles on the front page, also the more width for the articles is a great addition, much more pleasent for reading. I've always appreciated good desing, but as I'm currently developing my first app (finally got the time) I really see how hard it is to come up with good desing.
    Keep up the good work guys.
  • The new website design is a good step forward but the colors softens the whole look. While scrolling through the home page the colors don't effect the design due to the layout and the images but when you click on a post, it looks a bit dull. Reminds me of Easter, not the "metro" design language. But overall design , i.e. layout, font, is great but it needs to be tweaked. As for what phone I would like, it would be the Nokia 920 preferably in a matte grey, cyan, or red.
  • new site is great! Verizon HTC 8X is likely my next phone.
  • New design is great even if the images/tiles at the top are a little big in my opinion.
    Yellow Lumia 920 pleaaaase :-P
  • Daniel, 920 please :)
  • I want the Lumia 920, it leads the Windows Phone pack in terms of innovation and design!
  • Bloody Red Nokia Lumia 920 :)
  • the Nokia lumia 920 !
  • i've been waiting for Lumia 920 since it was first announced - i follow your site on my windows 8 Laptop and my Windows Phone and realy dig the clean, fresh new look. Thanks
  • Verizon so thinking the HTC 8X in blue. 
  • I would love that Samsung Ativ Odyssey, then again the 8X is awesome as well.
  • I'm digging the new site and would love to get my hands on a Verizon HTC 8x in limelight yellow =) 
  • I'm excited about the new Nokia 920. I'm disappointed to hear that AT&T was beat by Rodgers in Canada. Canada? Come on. I'd love you to hook my up with that one. Go Windows!
  • Nokia Lumia 920. Why? It is just AMAZING! Beautiful, simple, easy, totally rocks! Windows Phone 8 is a new era!
  • Loving the site (apart from the pink) and got to be a Lumia 920 because of the camera ;)
  • The new design of wpcental web site reminds me of Nokia Lumia 920 ;)
  • a cyan 920 would be awesomeness squared plus i love the new site. its very clean and modern
  •  HTC 8X (in blue by preference)...I'm hoping it's cool and desirability will spread to the rest of my life.
     Loving the site, Steve.
  • Lumia 920 for me! Black please! (I reckon I can always slap on some sort of thin case/skin if ever I get bored ith the color as opposed to getting stuck with a real bright one haha)
    Awesome site. Much love all the way from Asia!
  • A Lumia 920 please Mr Rubino! Love the new design, it helps make the articles more interesting I think. Keep up the great reporting!
  • Nokia lumia 920 in cyan please guys! Site looks awesome, ready for new era
  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new site design. It's so Windows Phone! Classy and stylish yet simply beautiful, nice job guys :D
    I'd love to win a Lumia 920!
  • I LOVE the new design. It is easy to use. 
    Lumia 920 (Grey or Black)
  • Nice clean UI! Nokia 810.
  • The new site design is good. Simple and good and I like it simple and good!
    And about the dear Windows Phone! I'm in love with Lumia 920, specially the black ones!
    Thanks for giving us this chance!
  • Love the metro  windows 8 style look to the site!
    I would get an HTC 8x on Verizon
  • Loving the new site!   Nokia Lumia 920. 
  • The new site is a perfect complement to W8/WP8.
    A AT&T Samsung ATIV S (hopefully) has me the most intregued right now, but the Nokia 820 would be a solid second choice. :)
  • Nokia Lumia 920 in any color since its the most wicked phone on the market - wp8 completely rocks the Nokia.
    BTW, loving your oh so modern central look :)
  • Love the site redesign....would love a lumia 920
  • Beautiful new site design, really loving the navigation and I had always silently trawled around here before but this competition has given me the motivation to actually sign up! Brilliant! A Yellow Nokia Lumia 920 if possible please
  • Love the design, big improvement !
    Always had a heavy phone, curious about the HTC 8X
  • Congrats on the new site. Cyan Lumia 920. Thanks.
  • Your site is a real Metro site now. i only dont like the pink logo on top :) but all the other changes are great. If i would choose i would choose the Nokia Lumia 920 :) let the best win
  • Been a member and daily viewer of wpcentral for a few years now, im pretty much obsessed with checking the site from my desktop and my windows phone. I sometime tip on some articles when I can but I have to give all of you guys props on the new web design and layout! It certianly fits with the "Modern" design. I actually thought that Microsoft would even show the wpcentral app as a tile during the conference today... oh well :)
    I'm entering to win the Lumia 920! 
  • I want a Nokia Lumia 920. It is certainly a big day for MS, Nokia and WPC. So, I joined today. I like the new design, but I think you can still improve based on the metro design guideline.
  • Lumia 920 best phone ever!
  • Love the new site design guys. I'd love a red Lumia 920.